Chapter 22

December 1974

It was a cold winter's morning, but that went unnoticed by the two cowboys in the tent. They were naked and under the covers, finding their own way of keeping warm.

Jack pressed himself closer to Ennis and started kissing his neck, knowing that it would drive Ennis crazy. He just knew how to get Ennis's blood pressure up. Ennis let his eyes close in pure pleasure as Jack kissed and touched his body. He loved being intimate with Jack and he wished they could do it more often. These were the moments he remembered when they were apart.

He took hold of his lover and rolled them both over until he was on top, eyes gazing down into Jack's. Ennis could feel Jack's erection, hard as a rock next to his, and he rubbed their hips together, eyes glittering. Jack bit his lip and tried not to whimper at the aching inside him. "Ennis..."

"Tell me what you want," Ennis whispered, feeling bold and horny. "Come on..."

"Fuck me," Jack groaned, lifting his hips. Ennis nodded and grabbed the lube, preparing himself while looking down at the wonderful man beneath him. He could truthfully say that there was nowhere else he would rather be right now.

"Just relax, darlin'," he said softly, and Jack nodded. He knew in his heart that Ennis would never hurt him during sex, not even in fun. They were always very considerate of each other's feelings and every time was good for them.

Ennis finished with the lube and gently nudged Jack's legs apart, starting to find his way inside. He leaned down lower and Jack lifted his hips again to help, trying to guide his lover into him. "Come on, cowboy..."

They became one and Ennis was soon nestled deep inside Jack, where he belonged. "Oh God..." Ennis leaned down to kiss Jack and then started moving slowly, finding his rhythm. Both of them liked it when it was rough and fast, but this was something else. This was more like making love, and they both knew it. Jack wrapped his arms around Ennis's neck and pulled him further down, so that Ennis was lying on top of him with their chests together.

As they moved in their slow, gentle pace, both of them just switched off their other thoughts and concentrated on what they were feeling right now. They liked to go through each of their senses and apply them to their lover. How they smelled, sounded, looked, felt and even tasted as their lips met time and time again. Jack was in heaven with how tender Ennis was being with him, and he wanted it to never end. He needed this more often, but it was beyond his reach for now. All he could do was hope that one day, it would be within his grasp and he could take it. That could only happen if Ennis said it could; he held all the cards and Jack knew it.

He just tried to forget about that when Ennis kissed him, finding his tongue. Jack kissed back with all the enthusiasm he could muster, and it did the trick. Ennis moved faster inside him, pushing his hips forward with every thrust and starting to hit the prostate. Jack groaned and buried his face in Ennis's neck. "God,'re so fuckin' good at this...don't stop..."

"Mmm..." Ennis did as he was told, thrusting quicker and harder until he felt Jack shooting onto his stomach, and he heard a low moan in his ear. A few more strokes and he was there himself, coming deep inside Jack and feeling like he'd staked a claim. No matter what else was going on in their lives, he knew one thing; their hearts belonged to each other and nobody else. He knew that, even when they were a thousand miles apart with months to go until their next trip. It didn't get any easier to cope without Jack around all the time, but he was just about managing. It was especially unbearable when there was six months between trips; that was half a year and it felt like forever.

He pulled out and sank down onto Jack's chest, breathing deeply. This was always a good moment, cooling off after some good sex. He liked talking with Jack afterwards, when they would affectionately play with each other's hair or hold hands or something. He'd always liked it, but had only recently told Jack that he did. He knew that Jack liked it when he said what he liked.

"You okay?" he murmured to Jack, running a hand along the smooth chest he was resting on. Jack twirled a curl around his finger and nodded in contentment.

"I'm just fine, cowboy. Doin' real good. You?"

"Yeah." Ennis lifted his head and smiled at Jack, who was pleased to see him looking relaxed. Ennis sometimes thought too much about things, and that made Jack nervous. If Ennis started thinking too much, then it would make Jack afraid of Ennis deciding he couldn't do this anymore. He never wanted that to happen; even if they did this fishing trip thing for the rest of their lives, he would rather have that than nothing at all. At least this way, he still got to see Ennis. If they couldn't be together for real, then this would have to do.

Jack pulled Ennis up to his lips, and they slowly kissed for a while. Ennis's hand continued to rub Jack's chest and he sighed, enjoying what Ennis was doing to him. These little touches meant the world to him, and he hoped that Ennis knew how much he appreciated them.

I love you so much, he thought to himself as their fingers interlaced on his chest. I'll love you forever, no matter what happens. I'd risk a tire iron if it meant we could be together...'cos you're worth it. We're worth it, Ennis...I hope that one day you'll see it for yourself.