Chapter 39

January 1981

Ennis pulled Jack closer to him as they kissed heavily, trying to press themselves together as closely as they could. It was just like old times; when they would go at each other again and again in one night, not stopping until they just fell asleep.

"God, darlin'," he breathed as Jack attacked his neck, their hips pressed tightly together and their hard erections rubbing like two torpedoes ready to fire. They had made up after their argument on the last trip, realising that it was a waste of time to fight and take it out on each other. Both of them knew they had to stick together through this; sometimes it was the only thing keeping them going.

"Fuck, Ennis," Jack replied, squirming when Ennis grabbed his ass in two handfuls. He bucked and heard Ennis groan. "Didn't think it'd ever be like this again..."

"Me neither." Ennis rolled them both over and pinned Jack down, a fire in his eyes that Jack hadn't seen for a while. "Wanna fuck you," he whispered, and Jack shivered with anticipation. This was what he lived for, and he always loved it when they were about to have sex. "Gonna fuck you hard, rodeo."

Jack grinned and bit his lip seductively. "Don't just sit there talkin', then. Come an' get it." He widened his legs and that was all the invitation Ennis needed. He swooped down to kiss Jack a few more times before flipping him over; this was the best position when they wanted to do it hard and fast. They'd tried it before with Jack on his back, but they'd both woken up very sore the next morning, especially Jack's hips. As a result, they'd agreed this was the best position for being rough.

To try and remain gentle and loving, Ennis leaned over him and kissed his neck. "Tell me when yer ready, bud." He knew it was important to remind Jack that this wasn't just sex, so he made the effort to be gentle even in these moments. Ennis ran a hand along Jack's smooth skin and took a good look at just how beautiful he still was.

"I'm ready," Jack replied, bracing himself on his knees and elbows as he heard Ennis opening the lube. When Ennis pushed into him, he let out a quiet sigh of contentment; this was how it was supposed to be, and this was the man to whom his heart belonged. Nothing could ever change that. "Oh, God..."

Ennis pushed all the way inside and tried not to gasp at how amazing it still felt. Here he was, about to fuck another man like he had done so many times already, and all he could feel was bliss. He'd found a home within this man's body and he wished they didn't have to go their separate ways so soon.

He squashed down those thoughts and instead took his position. He held Jack around the middle and used his other to balance himself, ready to do this.

They paused for a few moments while they got used to the feeling, and then Ennis started moving. As he desired, he withdrew and pushed back in quickly, fucking Jack in short strokes that he knew would drive his lover crazy. They both liked going slowly and savouring the moment, but there was just something about having rough, quick sex that appealed to them. Jack knew that Ennis would never hurt him intentionally, so he trusted Ennis to take care of him when in control like this.

"God, Ennis...yer so fuckin' good at this," he groaned, and Ennis started kissing his back. His hips were pushing against Jack hard, and he could almost hear the slapping of skin on skin as they touched. Jack bent down lower, his head resting on his arms and eyes screwed shut against the burning inside him. There was something about the pain that was more like pleasure, and he loved feeling Ennis inside him. He no longer cared about how much it hurt; there was no way he was about to complain when Ennis made him feel like this.

"You feel good, darlin'," Ennis breathed in his ear, making him shiver all over. He then moved his hand from Jack's waist to take hold of him, stroking in time to his thrusts and knowing it would finish Jack off in a matter of moments. Neither of them lasted long when they did it like this, but it didn't matter; it was all about the pleasure they gave each other.

"Oh, fuck," Jack groaned, bucking into Ennis's hand before exploding, shooting onto the bedroll and his body shaking. Ennis gave a few more thrusts and felt Jack's muscles squeezing him; that was enough to send him over the edge as he came deep inside Jack, planting his seed and giving Jack a part of himself.

He sank onto Jack's back, making Jack collapse from his weakened knees to the bedroll, and they sighed in unison. Both had missed how things could be between them, and were very happy with what they'd just experienced. Jack turned onto his back and Ennis rested on his chest, smiling dozily.

"You okay there, bud?" he murmured, and Jack nodded, running his hand through Ennis's damp hair.

"Better than okay...think you fucked my brains out just now."

"Thought I did that back in '63," Ennis replied with a grin, and Jack smacked his ass.

"Asshole. Anyway...that was good, Ennis. Missed bein' like that with you..."

"I did too..." Ennis crawled up Jack's body as best he could and kissed him softly, one hand over Jack's beating heart. It gave him some comfort to feel that; to know that Jack was alive and well and happy. Ennis loved him so much and he knew that if they could be together, he would do it. He would have done anything for Jack if they were together, and he still hoped that it would happen. Maybe one day, things would change for the better.