Chapter 5

December 1968

There were a few weeks left until Christmas, and the two men were enjoying the last trip of the year. It was cold up here, but throughout the week they had found ways of keeping warm. They barely left the tent until the middle of the day when it was slightly warmer, preferring to have their breakfast inside. Both of them loved curling up around each other at night and waking up together; not even the chilliest winter could douse the warm fires inside them when they were touching.

They'd done some hunting in the week and had managed to bag an elk, which Ennis had skinned and they were keeping in a sack hanging from high up, where any bears that might be around couldn't get to it.

At the moment, the pair of them were huddled up inside the tent one morning, shivering slightly and moving closer together.

"Jesus, it's cold," Jack groused, wincing when a gust of wind made its way inside. "Gonna freeze my balls off here."

"Sure hope not," Ennis replied without thinking, and then his cheeks reddened. "Um..."

Jack was grinning. "That so? You wantin' somethin' over there, Del Mar?" His voice dropped a notch in a seductive way, and he moved closer. "Whatcha want?"

"Um..." Ennis looked into his eyes; he knew what he wanted to do with Jack, and it wasn't something he did often. Jack just seemed better at it. But a part of him wanted to feel Jack in his mouth and he knew it drove Jack crazy. "I, uh..."

"What?" Jack whispered, leaning in and kissing his neck. "Tell me...just us here, cowboy."

Ennis nodded. "Um...I wanna...have you mouth." He blushed again and took a deep breath. "If it's okay."

"Sure," Jack replied, running a hand along his arm. He then lay down on his back and gestured to Ennis. "Come on." Ennis followed and leaned over him, biting his lip nervously.

He straddled Jack and they kissed, their tongues finding each other immediately. Jack sensed that Ennis wanted to do this, but was still very nervous about making it good for him. He found it very endearing and just wanted to help Ennis through it.

As they kissed, Jack slid his hands down and undid his rodeo buckle, and pushed his jeans down. Ennis copied him and they pushed their jeans down to their knees. This was how they usually did it this way; one of them would give oral and jerk themselves off at the same time.

When he felt more confident, Ennis let go of Jack's lips and kissed his neck, slowly travelling down and nuzzling in the dark chest hair. He'd always loved Jack's body ever since that second night; he would never forget them exploring each other for the first time.

"Oh, God," Jack breathed when Ennis reached his lower stomach. "You're so fuckin' good at this..." Ennis was rubbing his hands over Jack's hips and stomach as he lavished attention on him, sending Jack into pure bliss.

Ennis reached Jack's groin and saw for himself how excited Jack was. He was rock hard and leaking, and Ennis couldn't help but lick up the bead of come at the end. Jack bucked his hips. "Oh God!" He started breathing heavily as Ennis wrapped his lips around him, sucking gently.

Jack tried to remain still so that he wouldn't choke Ennis, but it wasn't easy when Ennis was making him feel so good. The man was just so talented at giving him oral, and he wondered why Ennis always thought that he wasn't. He knew that Ennis didn't have much confidence, especially about sex, so he tried to let Ennis know how much he was enjoying it; he would do anything to make Ennis feel good about himself.

Ennis soon felt Jack coming into his mouth, accompanied by a groan, and he jerked himself off quicker until he spilled onto the bedroll. Jack had collapsed back once he was done, and he was panting as their brains caught up to them. "Damn, cowboy. Think you drained me good just now."

"Hmm," Ennis replied, crawling up and falling down next to Jack, eyes closed. "Was pretty okay?"

"I'm just fine," Jack reassured him, turning and kissing his cheek. "You know I'm always good after we do somethin'. I always enjoy doin' stuff with you, bud."

Ennis smiled at him, pleased that he was doing something right where Jack was concerned. "Me too, darlin'." His hand found Jack's and he squeezed his fingers. He knew that Jack liked it when they held hands, for some reason. It did feel very intimate when they did this, and it showed that what they had was more than sex. "Um...gonna miss you over Christmas. The girls are gonna be happy an'...I'm gonna try an' be the same. But I'm still gonna miss you somethin' awful."

Jack sighed. "Me too. Let's just...concentrate on givin' our kids a good Christmas, you know? Keep ourselves focused on that, so it won't be so bad." He kissed Ennis's hand. "I'll miss you too, bud. We still on for March?"

"Yeah, sure. Should be able to get away, I reckon." He smiled. "It'll be warmer...we won't hafta spend all our time in here."

"I dunno. I like bein' in here with you," Jack replied with a grin. "Sure is fun."

"Well...I like seein' the outside once in a while," Ennis told him, smirking. " hungry? Could make somethin'."

"Sure, I'll give you a hand." They pulled their jeans up and Jack re-buttoned his shirt before leaving the tent. It was very cold outside, but they stayed together as they cooked and soon they didn't notice the temperature. They were happy while together, and they didn't let a little thing like bad weather dampen their spirits.

As they waited for the food, they distracted themselves by making out on the log for a while, taking no notice of the cold; they were just interested in each other.