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Music Familiar

Chapter 1

Kuro Kagami was an 16 year old girl who liked playing video games (touhou, halo, ect.), watching anime, and listening to music from anime and games being original or remixed versions.

She was walking down the street minding own business listening to some music though ear-buds when she heard a voice, "To my familiar who lives somewhere in the universe...", Kuro didn't understand the language but now noticed a glowing turquoise oval in front of her.

Kuro didn't want anything to do with it and tried to walk passed it but as she walked passed it the oval shifted and caught her arm and was slowly dragging her deeper into itself, "No, let go of me!", Kuro yelled trying to pull her arm out to avail.

She heard the voice once again, "and so with the bottom of my heart come forth!", and with that she was dragged kicking and screaming into a world of darkness.

Change Scene

Louise didn't know what went wrong she made the summoning circle correctly she said the chant clearly as well but in the end all she got was a explosion, in her eyes all she was is a failure but she's going to let her classmates see her cry, no, but this was last chance on showing them that she had magic but now she's going to be expelled and there's nothing she can do about it, she couldn't see though this dust that got kicked up during her summon.

All of a sudden she heard a noise coming from the direction of the summon circle, she now had a glimmer of hope that she did summon something, she didn't care if it was a dog, cat, or mouse, just as long she had something to prove she was a mage, so she picked herself up and walked to were the sound was coming from.

Kuro couldn't see, first she was in a pitch black world, then a glowing light appeared in her pocket which was her mp3 which she pulled it out and something strange happened, first the whole mp3 player was glowing, second it floated into her chest, third a hole of light appeared underneath her and she fell into a dust cloud and now was in this predicament.

She couldn't get up, it seems she sprained her ankle when she fell, her eyes started to well up knowing she didn't have a clue about what happened or where she is, and she could do nothing about it, that was until she saw a shadow of some one getting closer.

Louise made it to the noise but didn't expect about what, or whom she met, the girl had long brown hair tided into a pony tail and azure blue eyes and she was wearing a loose fitting black shirt, with a white jacket on top, a red skirt with what seems to be black shorts underneath, black knee-high socks, and black boots, but what got her attention was the black/ red metal ear warmers on her head.

"Who are you?", Louise asked but got a 'huh?' As a response from the girl it seems the girl could not understand her language or just ignored her, so Louise decided to repeat the question, "I said who are you commoner.", The girl responded with gibberish that Louise couldn't understand, 'so she can't understand me then.', Louise thought as she noticed the dust clearing revealing her classmates and teacher.

Kuro noticed the shadow appeared to be a sakura colour hair and wore a white shirt and black skirt with thigh-high tights and black dress shoes with a black mantel held with a circler pin with a pentagram, one thing she knew is that she didn't understand what is happening at the moment, but when the dust cleared she noticed that there was more people looking at the pink haired girl then the laughter started.

"She summoned a commoner! This is so rich its so funny!", the hecklers started as the laughter started to grow louder she then looked at the teacher, Mr Colbert hoping if he would let her try again but all he did was shake his head "Ms Vallière you need to finish the ritual if you please.", he said as she grimaced but she gave up and crouched down next to the girl.

"I Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière bless this creature to be my familiar." and tapped the girl on the head with her wand and kissed her on the lips.

Kuro didn't know what's going on first the girl taps her on the head with a stick and then kissed her on the lips, but now she feels a burning sensation on her left hand as strange markings appear on the back of her hand the pain becomes unbearable and falls unconscious.

Change Scene

Kuro wakes up in what appears in a modest but well furnished room as she looks around and finds the pink haired girl brushing her hair in front of a mirror, "Your awake good go and clean my laundry and wake me up at dawn."

the pink haired girl said in which Kuro responded with, "You do know I still don't understand you.", In which the girl turned round to look at her with a frustrated glare,

The pinkette then pulls out a wand waves it around and points it at Kuro in which a explosion envelopes her, when the dust settles Kuro then said "That hurt, I hope you don't do that to everyone that you don't understand.", in which she pick herself up and brushes off some dust herself.

"I understood that!", Louise replied happy that now she can order her to do the laundry now, "Now my name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière and I am your master, now you are going to wash these...", she said as she began to strip down to just her panties and puts on a semi transparent pink negligee and then jumps into bed then proceeds to discard her panties as well and throws them on the pile.

"Well then you can call me Dust then, its also not my name but it'll do for now." Kuro said as she picks up the clothes then proceeds to the door, "Also I'm not telling you it even if you order me." as she exited the room.

"That insolent familiar.", Louise said before going to sleep.

Change Scene

Kuro sighed as she got outside and started to walk around she found a maid and gave her Louise's clothes to be cleaned and delivered to her room so she's walking around she already knows she's on a different world because no one can make explosions appear out of fresh air, so she walked to the middle tower and went straight to the top of it.

She looked out to the horizon wishing she could listen to her music to calm herself down she closes her eyes, that was until she noticed there was something on her head, she realises that its a pair of headphones, she tries to take them off she couldn't, then she realises that their attached to her head practically being her ears, she remembers that she can hear everything clearly as well.

Then she has a idea maybe, just maybe she can still listen to her music, she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes and focuses for a minute until she feels a bit of weight on her left arm, when she opens her eyes and looks on her left arm she has a arm mounted screen that goes up half her forearm and she starts flicking though her song until she found the one to listen to.

Song: Touhou: Fall of fall~Autumnal Waterfall

she close as she listens, she slowly starts to fell strange as if her body is changing to the music, when she opens them she finds grey hair obscuring her vision until she remembers she has brown hair, as she feels her head she finds she has wolf ears protruding off her head she turns her head and feels at the base of her spine and finds a wolf's tail,she also feels a solid object strapped across her back and shield on her arm.

"Holy Crap! I became Momiji do I have the ability to become others?", she said as looked at her appearance, she is wearing usual attire but the colours and patterns have changed, her skirt has become longer and now has an autumn leaf pattern running along the bottom, and her white jacket's sleeves have detached and now showing her black shirt shoulders.

She was about to change into an other when her new senses picked up someone flying above her, she looks up and spots a blue dragon flying high in the air which seems to have passenger on its back, "may as well say hi I think.", and with that she kicks off the tower and flies up to the dragon and rider.

Change Scene

Tabitha didn't understand what happened as she watched the human fly up to her at a alarming speed, faster than a mage could go with there levitate spell, she was about to fly away be the girl she was watching managed to get to her, "Hi my name's Dust, what's yours?", the grey haired girl asked.

"Tabitha.", the bluenette replied, "what are you?", she then said.

"A wolf tengu at the moment, why?" the grey haired wolf girl replied, "Also nice fake name, mine is too.", Tabitha was shocked, not by that this familiar knew her name wasn't her name but that she hides her name from her own master.

"Why?", Tabitha asked out of bewilderment, wasn't a familiar meant to obey and listen their master until its dying breath.

"It's because I don't like her, first thing she did when I woke up was blow me up with an explosion, I don't know if you think that's ok I think that's a not a good way on getting people to like you, I'd rather be your familiar than hers if you don't mind me saying.", 'Dust' said to Tabitha then thought of a idea, "I like you, tell you what I'll tell you my name if you give me yours, and I promise that I won't tell anyone as long you don't tell anyone mine, OK?", 'Dust' asked which to her surprise Tabitha accepted.

"well...", 'Dust' twirled in the air, "My name is Kuro Kagami, or to some people the black mirror.", and then she bowed, "and your name is?", she asked.

"Charlotte Helene Orléans de Galli.", Charlotte said, "Sylphid.", as she pointed to the dragon.

"And now we're friends, I'm going now so I'll so you later and I promise I won't tell anyone your name, bye." and with that Kuro flew off in to the direction of Louise's room.

"strange girl.", Tabitha said then decided to do the same.

Change Scene

Kuro turned back to normal and made it back to Louise's room and noticed a clean pile of clothes in which she picked up and brought inside and placed it on the table and laid down on the pile of hay, 'I feel like I'm a bit stronger than I did before I changed into Momiji maybe I gained a bit of yokai blood from the change?', Kuro thought to herself and then fell to sleep.

Chapter 1 end

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