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Music Familiar

Chapter 3

The moon is high in the sky when a shadowed figure is jumping from the battlements of the academy and sprinted across the field to make it to the main tower, "Ha, no guards patrolling, do they think they're so good they don't need them?", the figure whispered to itself.

After managing to get into the main tower she walked up to a large set of doors that lead into the treasury and pulled out a wand, "Now lets see about opening you up.", the figure said as pointed her wand at the lock, it knew it was a futile effort to break down the door so it was just seeing the enchantments where, "Damn they really set it up, anti-magic seals, preservation spells, and a alarm system spell, it seems I'll have to do it the hard way but it'll have to wait two days if memory serves it's the familiar exhibition and there'll be a royal attending.", then a smile crept on the figure's face, "Excellent.", and then walked away.

Change Scene

It's morning of the day of void, and the light floods though a crack in the curtains to reveal two people on Louise's bed, which the first one is the pink haired girl herself curled up into a ball sleeping next to a slightly taller brown haired girl called Kuro, who is hugging her like a teddy bear.

Kuro was the first to wake up and got out of bed, she was wearing only a white shirt that she borrowed from Louise and a pair of panties, she yawned and wiped her eyes as she got ready for the day, taking off the white shirt for her black one, putting on her black shorts and red skirt, and pulling up her socks and lacing on her boots, "Wake up Louise you don't want to be late for breakfast do you?", when she asked all she got was grunt and some shuffling from under the covers.

Louise was having a dream about what would happen if 'Dust' did turn her into a boy, at first it was ok but then Kirche happened, first by dragging her into her bedroom, then taking her back to her land and nether being heard from again, the last part sent a shiver up her spine, "Wake up, or I'll get Mr Bucket again.", when she heard that she woke up quickly yelling.

"Don't get Mr Bucket again!", Louise yelled, sitting upright and breathing heavily, she then cast her eyes on 'Dust' who was chuckling softly.

"Come on Louise you have classes to go to don't you.", 'Dust' said, "Hurry up.", then walked out of the room not forgetting her white jacket.

"But today is the day of void, I don't have classes today!", Louise shouted and flopped back into bed, "Grr, now I can't get back to sleep.", so the pinkette got out of bed and got dressed.

Change Scene

Louise was in the dinning hall having breakfast thinking about how to get back at 'Dust' for the whole 'dropping her into the dinning hall completely naked', she wanted revenge but was unsure on how to go though with it, if she just went up to her and and tried anything it may backfire badly, 'You know what, my pride has been damaged and she will pay.', Louise thought then a evil grin appeared on her face, 'Now how to do it, hahaha~MWUHAHAHAHAhahahahaha...', the thought continued as she got up and walked out of the dinning hall scaring some passer bys with her mad expression.

Change Scene

Kuro was sitting under a tree when a shiver went though her spine, "I just got the worst feeling that something is going to happen and I'm not going to like it.", she said to no one in particular.

"Not going to like what?", a voice from behind her said.

"GHAA!", Kuro yelled and then turned and breathed out a sigh, "Could you not sneak up on me Siesta, your going to give me a heart attack.", then she remembered something about Louise yesterday, "Siesta, has Louise done anything today?".

Siesta put a hand on her chin while she thought, "I think I heard she went into the nurses office earlier Ms 'Dust', why?", the black haired maid replied.

"I don't think Louise is sick, anything else?", Kuro then asked.

"I also heard from the students that this morning she was talking about getting even... you don't think she still wants revenge on you do you?", Siesta said.

"Most probably, if you want you can keep an eye on Louise if you want.", Kuro said with a shrug and standing up, "anyway I'm going, I'll see you later Siesta.", then walked away.

Change Scene

Siesta decided to shadow Louise around to see what she is up to after 'Dust' left to do something, 'I really do wonder what Louise is planing to do to Ms 'Dust', I feel I must do this because she did stop that noble from hurting me.', she thought as the maid noticed the pinkette walking suspiciously towards the kitchen.

"Siesta, can you come over here please.", called a voice, she looked over to where it came from to reveal the head maid, "Could you go take this laundry to the girls dorms please.", the head maid asked.

"OK but could I do it later there is something for me to do at the moment.", Siesta answered while looking to where Louise walked off to.

"Sorry but I need someone to do it now, so could you get to it?", the head maid replied.

"Yes head maid.", Siesta said and with one more look down Louise's direction went to do her job, "I hope it isn't as bad as it may be.".

Change Scene

Louise's plan is coming together, she got what she needed from the nurse's office, politely (forcibly) asked the kitchen staff to put it into the food meant for 'Dust' and now she had to get her to join her for lunch, so the pinkette is going to where she is.

Making her way to the Vestri court and spotted her target under a tree, "'Dust'!, I need to talk to you.", she called to the strangely purple haired girl called 'Dust', when the girl turned to look at her she was wearing a blue jacket with a pink shirt underneath, a matching pink skirt with black shorts, and pink socks and red boots, but what she noticed was a floating red eye connected to different part of her body with cords.

Song: Touhou: Satori Maiden~3rd eye

"Yes, you wanted me.", 'Dust asked looking straight at her with purple eyes making Louise feel that they're staring into her soul.

"Eh, yes I would like you to join me for lunch please.", Louise asked 'Dust', 'So I can get my revenge on you commoner.', she then thought not knowing Kuro can hear her them.

"OK I'll join you, I see nothing wrong with it.", 'Dust' replied completely lying though her teeth.

"OK I'll see you at lunch.", Louise said then walked away, 'Now all I have to do is wait and my revenge will come', came from her mind.

When Louise walked around the corner Kuro gave out a sigh knowing she can't nothing but go with the flow, "If I don't bite the bullet now it'll just get worse, all I can do is hope it isn't as bad as it could be.", she said out loud and started tapping on the console to remove the satori form, "well reading her mind helped, so she put something in my food, oh joy.".

Change Scene

Louise was waiting for 'Dust' in the dinning hall, her plan slowly coming into fruition no she just has to sit back and relax as it unfolds, 'My revenge is so close', the pinkette thought absolutely giddy with anticipation looking out to the entrance.

After a while 'Dust' walked in and after looking around and spotting her she took the seat next to her, Louise noticed that 'Dust' was not wearing her shorts, "I'm not late am I?", 'Dust' said with a small smiling.

"No not at all.", Louise replied sickly sweet tone.

'Dust' looked wearily at Louise thinking what she could be doing, she really didn't like that tone as well.

A servant came up and placed a bowl of stew in front of 'Dust' and Louise, 'Dust' looked at the servant to which the servant gave her a look saying 'The entire staff feels sorry for you'.

After nodding to the servant Louise said, "Well now lets eat.", as she started to eat.

'Dust' put a spoon into the stew and brought it up to her mouth and hesitated for a second, the pinkette glanced over and started thinking that she knew and held her breath but quietly sighed as the brown haired girl ate the spoonful.

They quietly ate for a while until a low grumble came from 'Dust''s stomach in which she grabbed in pain, looking at Louise who looked back with a all knowing smile, "You didn't.", 'Dust' asked.

"And I did what?", Louise answered back as her smile started to become more dark, she knew what was going to happen next.

'Dust' quickly got out of her chair and quickly started making her way out only to get about halfway as she fell to her knees, unable to stop her bowels from emptying onto the floor.

Louise kept looking on enjoying her revenge, 'Now just for the other students to start laughing at her so she can feel what I felt.', she thought.

"Louise!, you should have kept you disgusting familiar outside.", she heard from one of the students.

"Eh!?", Louise said not understanding why they're not laughing at 'Dust' but instead berating her.

Change Scene

Siesta tried to get the laundry to the girls dorms as quick as possible but after doing that job an other popped out of no where, so by the time she was done with it the time was near to lunch for the nobles and she couldn't find out what Louise was planing for 'Dust', sighing the black haired maid slowly walked to the kitchen that she can't do anything about it.

Opening up the door to the kitchen she heard laughter erupting in the main hall and noticed the head chef Marteau and some of the staff peeking though the door, the head chef didn't look all that happy, "What happened?", Siesta asked while gaining Marteau's attention by pulling his sleeve.

"Ah, Siesta.", the head chef turned to look at the maid, "What happened was that pink haired noble who your friend is the familiar to, barged into the kitchen and ordered us to make something for lunch for your friend but we had to add this as well.", he said as he held up a bottle saying laxative.

"Oh no...", Siesta said as she tried to peek though the crack in the door worried about 'Dust'.

"Thankfully she didn't tell us how much to put in so it should pass though her system in an hour or so.", Marteau said to try and clam the maid down, "but for some reason it seemed your friend knew something was up because she hesitated before she started eating, but still when it happened she couldn't get out in time, poor girl.".

Siesta decided to listen at what happened, "HA, Louise the zero can't teach a commoner to do their business in the right place.", a bystander shouted at Louise, "First you come in bare naked and now your familiar decided to go in the dinning hall, the Vallière family must be one giant joke and most probably started out as commoners as well, hell your worse than a zero you should be called Louise the common.", the same bystander continued as everyone there started to laugh harder except Kirche and Tabitha.

"But... but.", Louise said barely not able to speak loudly enough to be heard properly, her plan was to humiliate 'Dust' to get even but now it's gone belly up and now she's the one getting the short end of the stick and getting laughed at, then she realised, 'they don't know she's not a familiar, she said that she'll pretend to be one for me so I don't get expelled.', she also realized that the whole ''A familiar's achievement is the mage's achievement, and a familiar's failure is the mage's as well'' is was completely stupid, her eyes scanned around for 'Dust' but couldn't find her and she couldn't find Tabitha as well.

Change Scene

Kuro was getting a helping hand from Tabitha to get out of the dinning hall and to a place where she can find recover, she found it interesting that instead of laughing at her they laughed at Louise, "OK Tabitha this looks like a good spot you can go back if you want.", Kuro said at the quiet bluenette being set down under a tree.

"How?", Tabitha asked.

"That's easy Louise put laxatives into my food, I'm just thankful I took the precaution of taking my shorts and panties off before lunch, but I gotta say it's quite cold out here.", the brown haired girl replied.

"Why?", Tabitha then asked.

"Well my skirt can give decent cover so I can walk around in panties but does nothing for the wind and it doesn't help I'm going commando at the moment.", Kuro said back and gained a look that said 'I didn't ask that' from Tabitha, "I decided to let her have her revenge.", she answered with a shrug, "Didn't really go her way anyway and knowing the chefs they didn't put enough to truly do any harm.".

"I see.", Tabitha replied, "Revenge?".

"Do you know the morning Louise went to the dinning hall naked?", Kuro asked and received a nod from the bluenette, "Well that was me saying no when she asked me to dress her, she wanted revenge that day and you know the rest.", Kuro shrugged again as she leaned back, "Anyway I'm going to sleep it off, then later get a bath and maybe something to eat.".

Tabitha nodded and walked away, "Really is a strange girl.", she muttered as a hint of a smile appeared.

Change Scene

It was around evening and Louise was searching though the academe for 'Dust' wanting to apologise for what she did today and after seeing the rule of familiar and mage for what it is, just as she gave up hope she found the black haired maid that 'Dust' protected, "Excuse me maid", Louise called, "Have you seen 'Dust' anywhere?".

"No I haven't why do you ask miss?", Siesta replied.

"It's because I want to apologize for what I did today and I also need to do it for the kitchen staff.", the sad pinkette said.

Siesta sighed, "OK, follow me.".

"Where to?", Louise asked.

"To where 'Dust' is.", Siesta replied.

"Didn't you say you don't know where she is?", the pinkette inquired.

"I lied, because I thought you might punish her.",the maid said, motioning Louise to follow.

"I'm not going to punish her, I just want to say sorry for what I did!", Louise shouted.

"And I understand please don't shout.", the maid said calmly, "Anyway I saw her walking up to the main tower most probably gaze at the stars like she did last night.".

Change Scene

Song: Touhou: Fall of Fall~Autumnal Waterfall

Kuro in the Momiji form was alone tonight but was feeling much better from today's happenings, one thing she knew was that she felt better after her sleep, and that she was clean after that bath, full after having some non-tainted food, and warmer now she's wearing her shorts again,all she's doing now is lying on the ground looking up at the stars feeling at peace.

"'Dust'?", a familiar voice called out to her.

"Over here.", she called out the voice.

"There you are 'Dust' I wanted to talk to you.", the Voice said as it came round the corner revealing Louise, "I wanted to apologize about today.", Louise noticed 'Dust' lying down in this new form she hadn't seen before and thought the wolf ears and tail looked quite cute on her.

"Well?", Kuro prompted her to continue.

"I wanted to say sorry for today, what I wanted was revenge and what I did was unfitting of a noble.", Louise said with resolve, "So could you forgive me?".

"You don't really need to apologize, because I knew what you did anyway.", 'Dust' said sitting up and then looking at Louise was wide-eyed at the announcement.

"H-how? How could you know?", Louise asked.

"Satori.", 'Dust' just answered.

"What? Ah it doesn't matter now, but what matters is that I'm sorry.", Louise said to get things back on track.

"And I say it doesn't matter, unless you really want me to punish you.", 'Dust' said with a mischievous glint in her eye, "I can think of so many things I could do.", she continued as a evil grin grew on her face as her wolf tail wagged.

"N-no I think I'm fine.", Louise stammered which 'Dust' evil grin was replaced with a mischievous smile.

"Anyway tomorrow I would like to go shopping if that's ok, I feel like I need more clothes and maybe a sword myself.", 'Dust' said as she stood up, "you can come if you want.", she offered.

"Eh!, but I have classes tomorrow.", Louise cried out.

"Well we could go and when we come back you could say that you needed to buy your familiar clothes, don't forget I'm still pretending.", 'Dust' said.

"Oh yeah, ok I'll go with you.", then the pinkette yawned, "I'm tired so I'm going to bed.".

"I think I'll join you Louise.", she said walking up to Louise, "may as well show you what this form can do.", she continued as she pick Louise up in a bridle carry.

"W-what are you doing!?", Louise cried again not noticing that 'Dust' is slowly rising into the air.

"Going to bed.", 'Dust' stated, "We're taking the fast route.".

Louise stopped yelling and looked around and realising that they're floating above the main tower, "You can cast levitate?", Louise questioned

"No, what tengu can do is something better, I maybe a faux tengu but I can do it and that is they are capable of flight.", 'Dust' said with a smile and started flying towards the girl's dorms.

"'Dust' could I know your real name.", Louise asked.

"Hmm, let me think about it OK.", 'Dust' replied.

Then they went to bed.

Chapter 3 end

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