Imaginary Romance

by She's a Star

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. The whole story is very lightly based on my faaavorite TV show of all time, I Dream of Jeannie, as I was desperate to write a story about two people who live in the same home and are attracted to one another, but never really act on it. Anyway, 'Jeannie' belongs to Sidney Sheldon. Some of the plotlines may be similar, but all in all I'll try to keep it original. Also, the song 'You Don't See Me' is from the Josie & The Pussycats soundtrack (heehaw.), so...yeah. It's not mine either.

Author's Note: Ahh, so you get to read the history. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth one day and pondering how I could write a story about the above plotline. "But who?" I asked myself, and then it CAME TO ME: Harry and Ginny! I suppose it could have been Ron and Hermione, but H & G were the first two who came to me, so H & G it is! And now you know! Wasn't that valuable information?

Chapter One: The Beginning

Ginny Weasley had been in love with Harry Potter for as long as she could remember.

It wasn't that she enjoyed being in love with him. No, not at all. Rather, it was like constant torture, a dismal cloud hanging over her and reminding her that he'd never care about her in return. She was aware how pathetically she behaved, and couldn't help but laugh bitterly at the perfect stereotype of a lovestruck schoolgirl she displayed herself as when around him.

Honestly, Ginny, she constantly lectured herself, You're twenty-one years old. It's been eleven years, for God's sake! Just get over him.

Easier said (well, thought, if you wanted to get technical) than done.

And now they were living together.

It wasn't the least bit romantic, of course. Both hadn't been able to pay their rent on their salaries alone, and Harry's flat was much nicer than her own. Period. End of story.

It was painfully clear that there would never be a happy ending for Ginny where Harry was involved.

"Don't think about it," she muttered to herself, pulling open a cardboard box full of framed photos. "You'll just make yourself more depressed."

Smiling slightly, she pulled the first picture out of the box. It was of herself and Hermione a few years back, at Ginny's Hogwarts graduation. To think that they could look so happy, when only year before the Dark Lord had torn apart their world...

"Don't think about that, either," she snapped aloud. "Cheer up, for God's sake."

Next came the family photos: assorted snapshots of herself and her brothers grinning from ear to ear. She smiled down at them, mood lightening slightly, but her heart sunk once more when she came across the picture of she and Percy. Tears welled up in chocolate brown eyes as she lightly ran a finger across her beloved brother's face.

He was gone now.

"Stop it," she lectured herself, voice a bit shaky. "You're turning yourself into a complete emotional wreck."

Sighing, she set the picture on her dresser with the others and pulled the next photo out. As soon as she did, she shoved it right back into the box, face down. It was Harry, grinning broadly as his green eyes sparkled. She'd taken the photo from Ron a few years before and slept with it beside her bed each night. Well, she certainly couldn't do that now.

Besides, she had the real Harry to make up for it.

It would be so amazing, to live with him and hear him breath at night and make breakfast in the morning and to have the thrill of always being around the man that she'd loved for the last decade. And yet....

He would never be hers to love.

She would always be just a bystander, watching him intently and loving him with every fiber in her being, and yet never amounting to anything in his eyes.

"You don't see me," she sang, her voice light and barely audible. "And you don't need me...and you don't love me...the way I wish you would, the way I know you could."


Oh God. It was him.

"Harry," she responded brightly, fixing a smile on her face before turning to see him. Immediately her heartbeat quickened. She didn't know quite what it was about him that intoxicated her so; or perhaps she knew everything, but it was too much to describe all at once.

He was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"D'you like the room?" he asked, casually placing his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, yes," Ginny replied, forcing herself to stay calm. After all, she lived with him now, and it wouldn't be fitting to practically hyperventilate each time they were in the same room. "It's wonderful. Thank you so much for letting me move in."

"Thanks for moving in," he said. "I like it here, but they pay me about nothing at the Three Broomsticks."

"I know what you mean," Ginny replied. "So, are you working tonight?"

"No, actually," Harry said. "Susan and I are going out."

"Susan?" Ginny repeated weakly.

"My girlfriend, Susan Bones," Harry elaborated. "You know her, right?"

Ah yes, Ginny knew her. Indeed she did. And there wasn't a single moment when she didn't want to yank her perfect blonde locks from her perfect head.

She was definitely perfect, Susan. Perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect skin: perfect. But, from what she'd heard from Ron, she was also a drama queen with about as much sense as an emery board.

Harry and Susan had broken up and gotten back together approximately thirteen and a half times in the last year. (A half because at Harry's twenty-second birthday party, they weren't quite through breaking up yet before they got back together again. Ginny had witnessed the whole thing.)

Yes, Ginny kept track.

So sue her.

"Well, great," Ginny said, forcing a frighteningly cheery smile. "I hope you have a nice time."

And do make an attempt to push her off a cliff while you're out, will you?

"Yeah, I'm sure we will," Harry said, giving her a knee-weakening grin. "Well, I hope see, we kind of got into an argument a few days ago."

Make that fourteen and a half.

"I'm sure you'll get things settled," Ginny said supportively, praying that they wouldn't.

"Yeah," Harry said, looking a bit awkward. "Well, I'd better go start getting ready. I'm supposed to meet her at The Golden Watch in a half an hour."

"Super," Ginny said, struggling with all her might to keep sarcasm out of her tone. "Have fun."

"I will," Harry said before leaving her room.

As soon as the door shut with a soft click behind him, she buried her head into her pillow and let out a shriek.

For the love of God, Virginia Marie Weasley, when will you stop obsessing over an imaginary romance??


Ginny had never operated a television before.

To tell the truth, she'd never even set eyes on one before now.

But Harry owned one, and she was determined to sit around moping while watching a video. After all, what else was she going to do with her pointless existence??

Now, all she had to do was figure out how to turn it on.

"This isn't that difficult," she coached herself as she pressed the power button. "Muggles use them all the time."

Immediately, a couple locked in a passionate embrace filled the screen.

"Oh, gag me," she muttered, pulling the video she'd selected from its case. It was Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hermione's favorite film of all time. If she was going to watch anything, it may as well be that: she and Hermione had similar tastes.

But there was one problem: where did the video go??

"Aurgh," Ginny mumbled to herself. "This is foolish."

Biting her lip in determination, she shoved the tape into the machine below the television, but nothing happened.

"Oh, come on," she groaned. "Go in there, you stupid thing."

Unknown to her, Harry stepped into the living room and silently observed her fight with the VCR, which grew more and more violent by the second. About five minutes later, her face had turned as red as her hair, and she screeched, "Go in there, you Goddamed son of a bitch mother fu-"

"Ginny," Harry interrupted, feeling that he shouldn't let her little cursing fit continue.

She turned around at once, hand at her heart.

"Oh," she said weakly. "Er...Harry. Hi. Um...yeah...hi."

"Having trouble?" he asked gently.

Dear Lord. Why? Why did she have to be humiliated like this??

"A bit," she responded delicately.

"Yeah, I guessed that," Harry said, smiling. "Want some help?"

"Um...yes, please."


Harry came over and sunk down onto the floor next to her, and Ginny couldn't help but sigh inwardly at how close he was to her. His presence warmed her heart in a way nothing else could, and it was at fleeting moments such as those when it felt worth it to love him so deeply without ever being given the least bit of his affection.

He removed the tape from the VCR, switched it around, and put it back in again. This time, the VCR swallowed it at once.

"See?" he asked. "You have to put it in with the label facing towards you."

"Oh," Ginny said weakly, feeling her cheeks flush a deep crimson. "Thanks, I'll remember that."

Amusement still lingered in Harry's features, and Ginny felt embarrassment pulsate through her.

Good God, I'm such an idiot!

"Well, I'd better go meet Susan," he said, a bit awkwardly. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, Harry," Ginny said, yet another uncontrollable Kill-Susan-Now urge running through her.

And she sunk down onto the couch quite morosely, wishing passionately that she could be the one going out with Harry to The Golden Watch while Susan sat at home watching Audrey Hepburn films.