All work and no play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull point.

After the battle with Pitch, the Guardians celebrated, rested and went their separate ways. They kept in contact with each other and queried on any absent members. One member became far more absent than the others were comfortable with, namely one Jack Frost.

The last time Bunny, North, Sandy and Tooth had seen the Winter Spirit he was brimming with eagerness, energy and determination. Since Sandy was out in the field most, he was able to keep some sort of tab on the boy and it was what he wanted to convey to the other Guardians. Jack seemed to be taking his duty as a Guardian very seriously and that was the problem, it was all serious. Jack had taken it upon himself to freeze every lake in any area that had snow in the world and any pond that was more than a few feet deep. He froze it with a thick, thick ice that would not crack even if a baby elephant was tap-dancing on it. Which was fine and good and Bunnymund nodded approvingly that the boy was taking extra precautions, as over-protective it might be. He frowned when Sandy signalled that he checked the ice every month and refroze it. Thousands of lakes and ponds, some of the ice having been broken by fisherman who needed to fish in the icy waters or by natural causes. It was a constant, never-ending job. Jack still gave a snow day here and there, still twirled his staff around to give kid's ammunition in a snowball fight but he rarely hung around to have fun with any of them.

North took the news very seriously. If he didn't keep his gift alive in himself and shared that gift with others, he would slowly lose the magic that made him a Guardian, that made him immortal. He looked to Tooth and Bunnymund who also realized how grave the situation could be.

"Is Jack not having – not having any fun at all?" asked Tooth nervously.

Sandy shook his head.

Tooth pressed her delicate hands to her mouth with a small gasp and looked at Bunnymund in alarm. Bunnymund flexed his ears, trying to think when he had last seen the boy. His eyes widened in alarm when he realized it had been months. He turned to Tooth, "no worries, we'll find Jack and give him a day or two to take some time off."

"It's the memories." Said Tooth sadly, "he remembered his sister nearly dying on the ice and he-he-he remembers dying." She said, choking up as she began to cry.

"Enough, enough of this, we find Jack, he spends a couple of days here, has fun! No problem!" yelled North in his booming voice. Tooth nodded eagerly. "The Baby Tooth fairies will be fine for a little while on their own."

Bunny shrugged, "chocolate will keep for awhile."

North turned to Sandy, "I know you have a lot to do and we know time off is very difficult for you so whatever time you can spare for Jack will be appreciated."

Sandy gave a thumb up. North looked around and yelled, "Phil! I have urgent matter for you!"

"No worries mate." Said Bunnymund, patting the larger man on the back, "leave Jack to me. I'll have a talk with him and have him back here in no time at all."

North nodded appreciatively and Tooth flew off to instruct her fairies on what to do in her absence. The Guardians had a new mission. Get the Guardian of Fun, having fun!"

Cool so small chapter just for a small story I didn't quite want to make one-shot. Soooo enjoy! This morning I woke up and when through my facebook and saw a posting on the Emma Overland – Jack Frost sisters page. Titled "Jack and his shiny teeth". OMG OMG OMG I have watched it at home and work like five times so far. My day could only be good, brilliant, FANTASTIC after watching it! Whenever I have a bad day I will watch it so I urge you all, go to Youtube and watch that thing! It's a fan cosplaying as Jack singing an dancing to Chip Skylarks song about teeth! So watch it and maybe PM or leave a message in my reviews for this story on HOW AWESOME AND FUN IT IS!