Chapter 5

That night Jack fell into a deep, contented sleep after such a busy day. He had had fun till the end and staying for a few days no longer seemed like the worst option in the world though his stomach still clenched uncomfortably that he wasn't completing the duty he had undertaken.

Jack didn't know what he wanted anymore. He wanted to be a good Guardian, the best that he could be and if that mean sacrificing eating and sleeping then so be it. It didn't matter to him that he wasn't having any fun. Who could think of fun when a child was trapped underwater, desperately hammering their tiny fists against the cold, impenetrable ice, oxygen so close and living so far away as cold water rushed into their lungsā€¦

Jack gave a start as he lay on the bed and clenched his eyes shut and gripped the blanket tightly. Not a child, he thought, him. HE had died, HE had felt that terror and he swore quietly to himself, determination set in, while he was around, no child would feel that terror. Calling for help when none could come and leaving a family broken behind. He took a deep breath and sat up. It was difficult, he didn't want to leave the sanctuary of the bed, to leave the warm feeling inside him.

Jack got up and made his way to the open door and poked his head out, the coast was clear. Everyone was probably asleep like he should be. Jack felt guilty that the Guardians had gone to so much trouble for him but they just didn't understand where he was coming from. The logical part of Jack's mind thought that he should sit down with the Guardians civilly and explain is perspective in a calm manner while the childish part of him thought it would be best to sneak out the back door.

Jack did precisely that and made his way on foot, in his new pyjamas. He didn't think he could travel by wind and didn't fancy trying. He was still extremely quick footed and travelled quickly. The food and rest had helped and he felt stronger as he darted through the woods, he wouldn't like to admit it but Bunny and North had a point. Food and rest did wonders, he would try and work more of it into his busy schedule. It didn't take long for him to come across a pond, the water encased in a thin sheet of ice. Jack tapped it tentatively with his foot and despite his light weight, it immediately cracked beneath his feet. He eyed the spiderweb thin lines and nodded to himself. This was exactly what he had meant! Imagine if an inquisitive child had come across this death trap. Jack dropped himself to his knees and slammed his hands against the ice and there was a blue flash as the ice thickened beneath his hands. He wouldn't be as quick as he was with his staff and it took more energy to focus his element but he would do this, he had to do this!

Tears welled up but he blinked them away angrily. He wasn't that surprised when he heard a sad voice behind him, "Oh Jack." He looked over his shoulder and saw Tooth staring at him with a crestfallen expression on her face. Behind her was the large shape of North.

"What, no Bunny to drag me back?" he asked aggressively and then stopped himself and sighed.

"Jack, you're hurting yourself." Whispered Tooth, taking in the boys shaking arms and hunched shoulders.

"It would be a lot easier if I had my staff." Grunted out Jack as he slammed his hands on the ice, checking the thickness.

"Oh Sweet Tooth." Said Toothiana and flitted forward and knelt next to him and placed a reassuring hand around his shoulder and then leant in, placing her head in the crook of his neck. He wrinkled his nose as the feathers tickled him but didn't move away, didn't say anything. A few fairies buzzed around, crooning sadly.

After a few minutes North came forward, "Come Jack."

"I cant, you don't understand." Said Jack.

"Help us understand, come back and talk to us Jack."

Jack was silent and North readied himself in case he needed to move quickly if the boy ran away but all Jack did was sigh and nod. "Yeah maybe that's a good idea."

North and Tooth sighed and looked over the defeated boy's head and smiled at eachother.


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