Chapter 2

It was when Jack was visiting the Tooth Palace that he had a chance to use his newfound skills. The visit had started pleasantly, lots of idle chit-chat and catching up, a tour around the grounds and individually greeting each mini fairy as they zipped back and forth. Jack enjoyed the constant energy that emitted from the Guardian of Memories and her fairies. While it was always busy, it was rarely a stressful kind of busy that made a visitor feel unwanted or uncomfortable or had the host snapping. Tooth handled any mishap with efficiency and kindness. Even if a mini fairy made a mistake, she was quick to give an alternative order and a kind word.

Toothiana was flying from one end of the palace to the other, overseeing and directing when she went from flying mode to foot mode. "Ow" she cried as she landed what she thought was lightly on her feet. She shook the offending ankle and tried to put weight on it again and was rewarded with fresh pain and a grimace.

Jack was on her in a second, "are you alright?" he asked.

"Its fine," she said, her pinched expression showing up her lie, "I'll just fly."

"With a hurt foot? Not a good idea," said Jack and brought over a small stool he had been preoccupying. He looked up, the fairies swarming around them, visibly upset. Jack took over as he sat Tooth on the stool.

"Fairies that have teeth to collect, fly to it. I need you two to go and get me something sweet for Tooth to drink, I need you to bring me a bandage and the rest, want this space empty and need you checking and doubling checking entries. Got it?" There were multiple twerps and high pitched squeaks and in seconds, the place was empty. Jack bent down and began to gently run his hand lightly over the foot. "It looks like you stepped on it wrong so its sprained." He explained. He gripped the ankle firmly and held on even as Tooth tried to jerk it away. "The ice will help reduce and stop anymore swelling."

Tooth nodded and looked up as three fairies came along with a small bronze goblet with nectar. Toothiana gave her fairies a smile of gratitude and whispered, "thankyou" as they passed it to her. They watched till she gave them an assignment and they buzzed off quickly. The other fairy had arrived with the bandages and Jack made some ice and packed it around the ankle and began winding the bandage around and securing it. The bandage was not too tight but wouldn't come off easily. When he was done he stood up and nodded at his handiwork. "Keep off it for a few days and you'll be fine. I would say use crutches but I think you have something better." He smiled as Tooth fluttered her wings and brought herself off the ground.

"Thankyou Jack," she said sincerely. She was pleasantly surprised at how well he had handled the situation, very responsibly.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" yelled Jack jumping back and digging through his pockets and pulled out a wrapped lollipop that looked like it had been in there for awhile. He removed a piece of lint and what looked like a leaf and handed it to her, "for being a brave Guardian."

She laughed and took the offered reward for her bravery and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

He left soon after that, really pleased with himself. He didn't know that it would be a couple of weeks before he had his own impromptu nurse patching him up.