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"I don't get what Aubrey's problem is," Beca complained, tossing herself into her bed face first. It was the same thing every day. No deviation and absolutely no attempt at hearing anyone's, particularly Beca's, opinion on how to better their chances for the ICCAs. There was no point in even bothering. She wasn't even sure why she was.

"She's just a bit old fashioned, Beca." Hands gripped onto her shoulders, massaging the tension out of her back. Oh, right. She's why. Beca groaned and mumbled inaudibly into her pillow. "Oh, don't be like that. Look, I know Aubrey can be a bit much sometimes."

"Sometimes?!" Beca asked, incredulously. Chloe ignored her and continued on.

"But she's my best friend, Beca," she said, unintentionally sending a pang of guilt through the girl below her. "And it would mean so much to me if you two would at least try to get along." The smaller girl scoffed at the seemingly simple request.

"Tell that to her. I swear she has it out for me."

"No she doesn't." Chloe dropped her hands from Beca's shoulders. She received a small sound protest from the brunette until she balled her hands into fists and pressed them into Beca's back. Her knuckles kneaded into Beca with just the right amount of pressure to relieve her of all the stress that she's had to endure.

"Oh, yeah," Beca mewled. "Right there."

Somewhere deep down, Beca knew that she should feel at least a little uncomfortable about their current position. Something about it felt so wrong, and yet Chloe's hands felt so good. A moment later Chloe tossed her leg over Beca, straddling her. And normally, Beca would have seen the action as an invasion of her personal space especially considering that the redhead wasn't exactly straddling her waist as she would have preferred. She normally would have politely asked Chloe get off, but she didn't.

Perhaps it was Chloe and her bubbly personality. Her megawatt smile and her sparklingly bright blue eyes which made it close to impossible to deny her of something she wanted. Or maybe it was her overly affectionate nature which Beca had become accustomed to. Beca had quickly learned that sometimes Chloe typically wasn't even aware when she was being a bit too touchy.

And Chloe was sure being touchy right now. Not that Beca minded. Those hands working on her back were heavenly, massaging out every knot and kink. Beca so needed this. If only her top wasn't in the way and the Chloe's hands would have direct contact with her skin and, oh that would feel so good and… wait what?

Okay that sounded a little wrong. That sounded a little…

"What are you doing?"

Beca's body went rigid. She knew that voice. Even she had only heard on occasion, she knew to whom that voice belonged to. Beca was very grateful that her face was hidden from view because she was certain her face was completely red even if the only thing dirty about all of this were the thoughts in her head.

"Hey Kimmy Jin," Chloe greeted, her hands momentarily ceasing their ministration and settling on Beca's lower back. "I was just giving Beca here a massage," she explained. Chloe beamed at Beca's roommate, her fingers idly tracing patterns on her sides. Beca squirmed under her touch. Those delicate digits danced along her ribcage, eliciting tiny squeaks from her lips.

"Stop, I'm ticklish." It took Beca less than a second to realize that those wrong words to say. Although she couldn't see it, she knew that Chloe had a devious grin upon her face. Her fingers gently trailed down to the hem of Beca's top, gripping it. "Don't you dare," Beca warned. Chloe's hands immediately snuck into her top, tickling the brunette relentlessly.

Beca thrashed underneath her. In her laughter, any attempts to pull out from underneath Chloe proved to be futile. "Chloe stop!" she shrieked through her joyous cries as Chloe continued her assault. Barely there touches that seemed to just glide over her skin; Beca couldn't take it. She tried to grasp onto Chloe's wrists to pry her hands off but the girl above her quickly evaded her attempts. "Chloe," she whined. "Pl- haha, please."

"No," Chloe giggled.

"I'll do whatever you want, just please stop!" Beca cried in desperation. Chloe's hands ceased any move and withdrew from her top, giving Beca some much needed peace. She took a few deep calming breaths to regain her composure. She soon felt Chloe shifting above her and then a hand on her hip that was gently trying to flip her over. Beca complied with Chloe's request and rolled over so that she was lying on her back. Chloe settled back down on top of her.

"Anything I want, huh?" she mused aloud, pursing her lips and bobbing her head back and forth as though weighing her options. She had a look on her face that Beca didn't like. She was certain that Chloe would ask her to do something horrific, like being nice to Aubrey. "Sing for me."

"Sing for you?" Well that shouldn't be too hard.

"Yeah, sing for me." Chloe eased off Beca and settled on the edge of her bed as the brunette got up into a sitting position.

"Um… okay. Any song in particular?"

Chloe took her lower lip between her teeth. She idly twirled some of her hair around her finger as she thought. "Surprise me," she said after a moment. "What you did back at the Riff-Off was really cool… and pretty sexy." Beca felt her entire face heat up and buried it her hands for a second.

"I'll come back later," Kimmy Jin cut in before promptly exiting the dorm.