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Chapter 25: Farewell.

Dimension Doomsday hovered above the earth. Its body was invisible to hide from any detection, especially from the Justice League Watchtower. Ever since Trigon was defeated, every villain was hunted down by the heroes. Several government agencies had joined with the superheroes to put all the villains to jail. It had even got to the extent that Nefarius and his ship stayed out of earth.

A cry of rage suddenly emerged from the ship. All the crews, both the soldiers and the villains from different worlds, cringes their teeth and held their ears. The cry came into the throne room of Nefarius. The evil dimension crosser grips his throne hand rest so hard that it left marks. He sat on his throne, glaring down at four villains bowing down.

"Vilgax, Plasmius, Crocker and Slade, you have disappointed me." Nefarius growled, "How is it possible that we failed by a single teen? You four are suppose to be the greatest villains but yet you've failed."

Plasmius shot back at him, "Maybe you shouldn't have given Goddess those powerful items!"

"Silence, fool!" Nefarius shot up from his seat, "We leave to another universe. Plasmius, you and Malware will recruit a man called the Shredder from another universe. I've heard about him and think he will make a good addition if he wants to take over his world and have vengeance. Tomorrow, we'll be going to a different universe; a universe that has what I need."

****************************************(LINE BREAK)************************************************

In Titan Tower, the Teen titans were in the living room which also was their briefing room. There were no villains causing trouble in Jump City, even the small time criminal. Since they were no crime everyone tried to keep themselves busy with what they do next. Starfire and Robin were in the kitchen where Robin is trying to get his girlfriend to cook. Raven sat on the couch, reading her book, while Beastboy, Cyborg and Juniper were playing video games.

"Seriously, can you get any louder?" Raven rolled her eyes. The constant noises coming from their witty banter at each other and button pressing was beginning to annoy her.

Juniper kept her eyes on the screen as she was winning, "Sorry, Raven."

"Yeah, sorry." Cyborg and Beastboy apologized.

Raven groaned to herself. They were too into the game to even say a proper apology. Before she thought about leaving, the door slides, revealing Dani Fenton and Ben standing.

After the fight against Goddess, Ben introduces Dani to the other titans. The only ones absent were Jenny, Sarah, Jane, Dionne and Amber, since they already got introduced to her and left for their various home. The titans, other than Beastboy, were surprise about it, considering Dani used to be the Goddess, the villainess that beat them all. When Ben explained everything it became clearer and welcomes her into Titan Tower.

It had been two days since the battle with Goddess. Since then Dani had settled down with living in Titan tower. Her clothes has changed since then as now she wore a blue shirt that shows her midriff, red pants and a green necklace that had the DP symbol. Along with that, she allowed her hair to flow down to her back and wore blue goggles over her forehead.

"Morning, everyone." Ben greeted, entering the room with Dani.

"Hey, fellas." Juniper replied. She pause the game which annoyed Cyborg and Beastboy, but she paid no attention to them.

Beastboy shot a glare at Juniper, but turned it down as he looked at the couple, "So, Ben, what have you two been up to. Perhaps making some magic huh?"

"Yeah, go on like that and I'll make you disappear." Dani replied with a glare. Beastboy yelped at the thought, even moving back from Dani. Cyborg laughed at him, while Raven and Juniper rolled their eyes.

"So what are you guys doing?" Ben asked, changing the subject from Beastboy.

It seems to work as Cyborg answered, "Well we were playing video games, but someone…" he glance at Juniper, "stopped that."

Juniper crossed her arms over her chest, "Keep looking at me like that and I'll make you cry."

"Okay." Cyborg stepped back from her.

Suddenly, the alarms went off that instant. Robin rushed out of the kitchen with Starfire right behind him. Everyone turned to the leader as he ran to the screen. The large screen changed from the game and to a map of Jump City.

"Listen up, everyone." Robin said, "There's been a sudden power spark at Jump City local TV network. I believe Control Freak is up to something and though he isn't much of a threat we'll have to take him down. So let's move it."

Everyone immediately agreed and ran through the door. Robin stayed back at the door, but for a reason. He waited for Ben and Dani to come before halting them, "Sorry, Ben and Dani, both of you will have to stay back."

"Why?" Ben asked, almost sounding like a whining sound.

"You and Dani have been through so much lately. Ben, you helped saved the universe more than worse and Dani, you were controlled by Nefarius, its best that both of you stay back."

Ben wanted to protest, even opening his mouth. He would have, but Dani placed her hand on his shoulder. He knew everything Robin said was right. Maybe he should leave out of a fight for then. Besides from what Beastboy and Raven told him, Control Freak wasn't much of a threat, he wasn't even on their list.

Soon, Robin left with his team and Juniper, leaving Ben and Dani as the only two.

"So what now?" Ben asked, breaking a short silence.

"Now is the day to leave." answered a male British voice. Confused, both teens turned to their right and watched as a flash of light appeared. It died away, revealing a man with a genuine smile. He had black hair and wore a lab coat, goggles on his forehead and khaki pants.

"Paradox?" Ben stared at him confused, "What are you doing here?"

Dani had a step back, "Wait, you know this guy?"

"Yeah." Ben nodded, "He helped me get to this dimension and told me about Nefarius plan."

"So you're a good guy?" Dani asked, facing him.

"Yes. Think of me as Clockwork to Ben, except I'm immortally human and I don't watch the time stream in one place." Paradox chuckled at the last part, "So young Danielle, how are you feeling after your ordeal as Goddess."

"How did you-?" Dani sighed. Sometimes she hated it when time travelers tend to make people confuse. Clockwork did the same thing and no doubt Paradox has done his own as well. She shook the question off her mind before continuing, "So why are you here? Obviously, you're not here for small talks."

"Indeed, you're right." Paradox nodded, "Come with me to the kitchen, being a Time Traveler is thirsty work." Ben and Dani gave each other confused look, but followed the time walker. He went to a kettle and put water in it before setting it to boil. While it did, he turned back at them, "I can understand that you are curious about my visiting, but we must wait for the Teen Titans, especially Juniper."

Ben became worried when he mentioned Juniper. He couldn't contain the curiosity and asked, "Why Juniper. Is something wrong?"

"Well I…" He was interrupted by the kettle whistling. He smiled and took it off the fire being offing the fire. He took a cup and poured it in a cup and began prepring the tea. Eventually, he finished and took a sip.

"Paradox?" Ben began to get impatient, "Weren't you going to tell us something?"

"Oh." Paradox kept the tea on a table, "Very sorry about that. Yes, I was going to say Juniper should be here to listen. I approximate they should be here right about…right."

At that instant, the door slide open and voices came from the living room, mostly Beastboy complaining about an electric shock. Ben and Dani looked through the kitchen and watched as the titans and Juniper were in the living room.

"Wow that was fast." Ben said

"Shall we?" Paradox motioned to the door. The two teens nodded and went out with the door with Paradox following from behind.

Meanwhile, the teen titans and Juniper were doing their various things. Robin and Starfire sat on the couch, talking to each other. Raven sat away from them as she read a book. Juniper, Cyborg and Beastboy were playing video games. All their attention was taken away to the kitchen door as it opened.

"Hey, Ben how…" He began, but stopped when he saw Paradox.

The entire room became silent as everyone laid eyes on Paradox. The time walker only response was his usual smile which brought question marks to some of them. If the man had come out by himself the titans would have attacked, but since he was with Ben and Dani they didn't need to.

"So, Ben…" Robin said, breaking the silence, "Who's your friend here?"

"His name is Professor Paradox. He's a time traveler from my universe, though I don't know what time period." Ben answered.

"That's so cool!" Beastboy exclaimed excitedly.

Paradox chuckled from the humor, "Indeed it is young Garfield. But I didn't come here to meet you and your friends, though I've aided you all in future dilemmas."

"Garfield?" Ben muffled his mouth from laughing.

Dani caught him off by throwing a punch to his shoulder, "Says Ben Kirby Tennyson."

"Kirby." Beastboy almost laugh if not Raven shot a small dark spark at his ear, causing him to yelp.

Paradox watched all this happen, waiting for the right moment to step him. When he saw it, he step in, "I don't wish to be a bother, but we have a schedule to keep and a cross-dimensional madman to stop." Paradox brought out his pocket watch and pressed the top, sending a engulfing on everyone. In a flash of blinding light, everyone was gone.

They reappeared back on top of Titan Tower, a bit taken back from the sudden teleportation. Paradox didn't pay attention to this, keeping his cheerful smile and he worked forward, "Now, now, we must get this moving."

"What are you talking about?" Robin asked.

"Nefarius, Young Grayson." Paradox looked back at the skies, "By tomorrow Nefarius will be heading to another dimension, a dimension that is more remarkable than yours."

"Then what are we waiting for. Let's head to that universe and kick his butt." Cyborg said, and to emphasis his point punched his fist at his open hand.

Paradox turned back, this time with a small smile, "I'm afraid you and your friends won't be allowed. This is solely for Ben and him only. Also, I've come for Juniper Lee, her world is in crisis."

"What do you mean?" Juniper sounded scared, as she felt her heart almost skipped a bit.

"That I cannot say, you and some friends will have to go and find out for yourself."

"Friends?" Juniper asked.

"Yeah friends." confirmed a voice. Everyone turned to the edge of Titan Tower and found Jenny, Sarah and Jane standing.

Jenny smiled and waved at them, "Hi, everyone. I can see you've already met Paradox."

"You know him?" Beastboy pointed back at Paradox, "But how."

"It started a few months ago…"

**************************************************************(LINE BREAK)************************************************

Few months ago, Terra POV

I woke with a gasp as I stood up from the ground. I noticed I stood on a rock stand and below me some roses. The first thing that came to mind was where I was and why I was here. The last thing I remember was saving Jump City from being burnt by the earth's lava. I would thought more about it, but got caught off.

"Hello." Greeted a man with a lab coat and goggle.

I've seen this man before so I got clutched my fists, activating my powers, "Who are you? Are you with Slade?"

"No, but I know much about you, Princess Tara Markov."

Wait, he knows?! How did he know? It doesn't matter because he might be worse than Slade. Quickly, I powered down my powers and ran to the only way outside. Sometimes, I look back but didn't see him coming. When I got outside I was greeted by the night skies and the warm breeze.

"Thanks goodness I lost him." I sighed in relief.

"I wouldn't say something like that."

I gasped and looked to my right and found him coming towards me. Quickly, I reacted and began sending rocks towards him. Amazingly, none of them touch them. He somehow dodged the rocks with speed that outmatches the speed of light. As he came closer, I stopped and turned to run. However, I hit a flat chest and fell on my butt. The person with the chest turned out to be the man.

"I apologize for that. Let me help you up." He reached his hand to me, but I slapped it away. The man took back his hand and chuckled, "I can see I need to introduce myself. Very well let me start. I am Professor Paradox, an immortal that walks through eternity. In layman term I'm a time traveler."

"So what do you want from me?" Jenny asked.

"To help, do you mind making some seats for us, Tara."

I got off the ground and shot a glare at him, "It's Terra, not Tara. I ran away from that life a long time ago."

"Really and what has it accomplish you?"

I fell silent too lost at words. He was right even if he didn't say it. He's a time traveler so he might have known about me, including my secret past. Realizing this, I looked down on the ground with a sad look on my face. Too sad to think, I took a seat on a nearby rock.

Paradox sighed as the smile disappeared, "You shouldn't be hard on yourself."


"You have a destiny in the future."

"Isn't that against some kind of time rule?" I looked back at him with a question look.

Paradox chuckled, bringing back a little smile and took a seat on a rock near me, "How would you know? Besides, even the most confused person has hope and you my friend have a lot of it, isn't that what you've always have?"

"Yeah, I guess." A small smile formed on my face.

"And are you going to let past mistakes ruin that?"

I smiled fully, "No, I won't. Thank you, Professor."

"You're welcome, Terra. Please, call me Paradox. Besides, I have something that will aid you to that destiny." Paradox said and put his hand in his lab coat. When he brought it out, he held a file, "This is everything you'll need for a new life."

"A new life, why?"

"You'll know when the time is right. If you accept this file, you'll be known as Jenny Gomez. I've dealt with any possibility the government will find your new name, so basically you'll be a new person."

"Okay, assuming if I accept, what about the teen titans? I have to run into them eventually."

"You'll have to pretend you don't know them. If they find out you're yourself instead of Jenny, you'll be back to where you once got into.

I fell silent at this revelation. His conditions sounded good, but will I have to deny my friends like that. They've helped in some much and brought me in. I've only met Paradox for a few minutes, so why should I trust him. For all I know he could be like Slade and worse for that matter. Besides, what should I do? If he's right I'll head back to my old life of always causing trouble and I won't do that. Not anymore!

"I'll do it." I nodded with a confirm nod.

"Alright." He stood back up and gave me the file, "Everything you need to know about your new life is in it."

I opened the file and saw everything. It all seems okay and sounds safe. As Jenny, I'm the only born child of my deceased parents that died in a car crash. I will be attending a school called Murakami High school. In order words I'll be living a normal life, something I've since wanted for a long time.

"Thank you, Paradox." I smiled happily as I got up and embrace him in a hug. I noticed Paradox seem a bit taken back, maybe he didn't expect this to happen. He pats him on back as a response and I let go.

"You're welcome. Well I must be on my way." He said and began walking away.

"Wait." I ran to him. He stopped and I said, "Will I see you again?"

Paradox glances back at me, holding a pocket watch, "In due time, Jenny." In a flash of white light, he disappeared out of sight.

I remained where I was for a few minutes, thinking about everything I went through to this point. Like how will I get to this new life now? What about my friends, the teen titans. Until then I'll have to be new me, a 'me' that's a normal teenage girl.

With that in mind, I walked away and headed to Jump City to begin my new life.

*************************************************************(LINE BREAK)*************************************************

Everyone remained quiet, even after Jenny finished. She didn't seem bothered about it, considering she knew this would happen. The only detail she didn't include was her monarchy heritage.

"Well that explains a lot." Beastboy said, interrupting the silence.

"Yeah, but why are you here?" Robin asked.

Jenny dug into her pocket and held out an envelope, "A day go I was going through the file when I notice this glowing." She looked back at Paradox, continuing from where she stopped, "You put this thing in an unnoticeable place of the file. In it was letter you gave me. According to your writing you told me to say goodbye to everyone, pack up and leave. The thing I don't thing I can't figure out is why."

"You're right, Jenny. I brought you all here for special reason. While Juniper resided her, her world is on the brick of collapsing. The evil magical creatures are slowly taking over and if nothing is done her earth will fall."

"Then what are we waiting for!" June yelled angrily, walking straight at Paradox, "Send me back so I can kick their butt."

Paradox held up his hand, gesturing her to stop, "If you head back by yourself you'll be killed in a day. That is why I brought the others here."

"So we're going to another universe? Awesome!" Cyborg fist pump the air.

"Actually, the titans are staying back."

"Why?" Robin glared at the time traveler.

"You're world may seem safe but don't be fooled. Nefarius may be done with your world for now, but they are other threats hiding in the shadows. By the meantime, Jenny, Danielle and Juniper will head to Juniper's universe. That is if they wish to?"

The three girls glanced at each other with puzzled faces. None of them could come to term of teamwork. Juniper wanted to go alone, Dani wanted to help but be with Ben and Jenny seems unsure to help.

Ben could sense the tension and pulled Dani away to talk. Everyone glance at them, but eventually turned their direction back at the time walker. Ben took Dani to the almost to the edge of the building.

"Do you really want to do this?" Ben asked, looking at her unsurely.

Dani sighed, allowing the cool air brush her hair, "I don't know. I wanted to help you stop Nefarius, but now I don't think I can. I also can't just back down while people suffer when I could help."

"Maybe, you should." Ben said from deep thought, "We both have to go separate, but at least you won't be in evil hands."

"How can you be so sure?"

Ben cracked a small smile, "Very sure. A girl with magical guardian powers, another with the ability to control the earth and a girl that can has ghost powers, what do you think? Not only will you and the girls be able to kick their butts, but you'll win."

"Alright." She cracked a smile, "Meanwhile, kick Nefarius butt for us and the Mutiverse."

"Will do." Ben kissed her on the cheek.

They went back to the others and notice Beastboy and Jenny hugging other, both with a sad look on their faces. While the couple left, June and Jenny was able to talk with each other. Beastboy had intervened a few times when Jenny thought of leaving. He even admitted that he would miss her. But Jenny made up her mind.

Jenny let go off Beastboy and whispered into his ear, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." Beastboy whispered back.

Jenny gave a small wave to Sarah and Jane before running to June as they stood before an open portal. Dani smiled warmly at Ben and gave him a small kiss on the lips before joining the girls.

"Hey, Ben." Jenny said to him, "Kick Nefarius butt, okay?"

"Sure." Ben nodded with a smile, "I'll make him pay for everything he did to us."

"You better." June giggled.

The girls became engulfed in a rising glowing light. Their friends waved back at them, some of them feeling like crying as they watched them leave. The girls waved back at them, even when the light became bright. Soon, they were gone, out of sight and out of the universe.

"I guess it's my turn." Ben sighed and walked to Paradox's side.

Paradox glances at the time in his Pocket watch, "I believe so, but before that I would like to give you some new aliens."

"Really?" Ben seemed excited.

The Time walker nodded, "Yes." He pushed his hand into his pocket and brought it back up. He displayed it to Ben, showing four small glowing energy balls. There were red, yellow, green and blue, "You're Omnitrix, I may ask?"

Ben gave him a quizzed face, but complied. He brought his hand forward, the one holding the Omnitrix.

"Here we go." Paradox confirmed, placing the colors on the face. The Omnitrix beeped yellow and displayed a group hologram.

"Andromeda aliens DNA acquired." The Omnitrix confirmed.

"Cool." Ben stared at the watch.

"Now that's done we must take our leave." Paradox said.

Ben glances at Paradox and then back at his friends, "Bye, guys. I'll never forget you."

The Teen Titans, Sarah and Jane responded with their own goodbyes. Though Raven wouldn't admit it, she was sad that Ben was leaving. The Titans had gotten used to Ben, even considering him a part of the team. The group looked back at Robin who smiled and walked to Ben.

"I think it's time you have this." He held a Titan Communicator, "You've proven yourself as an Honorary Teen Titan."

Ben looked at the Communicator presented at him and smiled, "Thanks, guys." He took it from Robin and places it in his pocket, "I really appreciate the kindness you've shown me and the times we shared. Until we meet again, this is goodbye."

Starfire went to Ben and hugged him softly, "Bye, Ben Tennyson."

"Bye, Starfire." Ben said as Starfire let go off him.

With the goodbyes done, Paradox looked away from his time pocket watch, "It's time we take our leave."

The Titans, Sarah and Jane nodded and step back. Paradox held Ben from the shoulder and bent down to his ear level, "Before we go to the universe, another is need of your assistance. There is a Ninja Turtle that's trying to save his brothers. He won't survive on his own unless you help him."

"Will it be short?"

Paradox nodded as response.

"Then let's do it." Ben grew a determined look.

The Time Walker went back to his pocket watch and pressed the top. Before the Teen Titans eyes, they disappeared out of sight and out of the universe. The rest of the Titans and the two girls went back inside, except Robin as he smiled, glancing at the place Ben once stood.

"Be safe, Ben Tennyson." With that said, he followed his friends back inside.

*****************************(LINE BREAK)********************************************************************************

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