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It was a normal day in Fairy Tail, Gray was stripping and Juvia was drooling, Mirajane was tending people at the bar, Cana was getting drunk, and Natsu Dragneel was trying to balance himself on a stood with his hand, his while body wobbling back and forth. He was going to show Lucy his new skill he has been practicing on. She just needed to arrive and bam, he was going to amaze her with all the flips he could do in the air.

He was excited and couldn't wait to see her priceless face.

As he started to wobble back and forth, his sensitive nose picked up Lucy's scent and an instant grin came on his lips. He jumped up and flipped, landing on his feet perfectly. He went on over to the door to greet the blonde first but when her scent was coming closer, he smelt another scent mixed along with it. Whose was that? He smelt that scent before and when the door opened, his question was answered.


"Natsu, oh god, Natsu, please help me."

"What happened? Did something happen to Lucy?" His face darkened and her put on his serious face, the guild now quieting down as Gray approached the two, standing behind Natsu. "What happened to Lucy?"

"Lucy . . . she . . ."

"She what? Is she hurt? Where is she?"

"Where's Lucy?" Loke sighed and took his glasses off, pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked frustrated; annoyed even. Natsu and Gray exchanged glances as they were preparing for Loke to say something bad.

As Loke was about to explain, they heard a small sweet voice coming from behind Loke, the two leaning to either side of Loke to see who it was.

"Loke-Nii! D – Don't leave me alone!" Natsu's and Gray's eyes widen, looking at the little girl who was approaching him, Plue following the small girl. Loke covered his eyes and sighed, shaking his head back and forth.

"Lucy turned 6 again."

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