Natsu and Gray both watched the blonde 6-year-old run around and laugh with Asuka as they were seated not so far away. They were both exhausted from babysitting the small celestial mage for long enough and decided that they should at least have a small break before playing again. It was fun at first but now, it just got real tiring.

They promised to each other that they will never have kids; unless their wives promise to keep them in bay.

Natsu's and Gray's eyes both followed the two children as they played with their small dolls, watching as one jumped up and the other ran.

They both became alarmed and shot up in their seats when they saw Lucy fall but relaxed when they realized somebody caught her.

They noticed it was Loke.

"Princess, you are clumsy as ever!" The ginger spirit gushed as he placed her back on her feet, the blonde giving him a pout. She turned and ran away from him to go play with Asuka again, leaving him to sulk about it.

He came all the way from the spirit world just to see her and she rejects him... again.

"Yo, Loke, over here!" Gray called out to his former partner, the celestial spirit raising his head to look. His face stretched into a smile as he walked on over to the two Fairy Tail mages, sitting down next to the fire dragon slayer.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, just to see how my lovely Lucy is progressing! It's been 5 months since that day—why is she still 6?"

"That's what we were just wondering about too." Gray sighed, looking back at the child who was playing family with Mirajane. He looked back at the spirit and the dragon slayer to see them both gazing at the child lovingly.

It was kind of cute to watch.

"Hey you two—done fantasying yet?"

"Shut up!" The two snapped as soon as the words came out of the ice mages mouth, a smirk making its way to his pale face.

The three males started to argue and tease each other back and forth until Lucy came running over towards them, a huge smile on her face.

She tugged on Gray's cloak and smiled as he looked down at her expectedly. "Gray, let's go to the park."

"What a magnificent idea, princess! Let us all go!" Loke yelled, startling Lucy and grabbing Natsu's scarf as he shot up in his seat. The pink-haired male choked when he yanked the scale-white scarf, Lucy gasping when she noticed her favorite dragon slayer was in distress.


"Ah—sorry," Loke snickered, letting the material down. He smirked at the glaring fire user and quickly scooped Lucy up in his arms before he burned him. "Come, Natsu and Gray—we're going on to the park!"

"Why's he so happy?" Natsu grumbled, pulling on his scarf to adjust it once again.

Gray shrugged and gulped down all of his liquor before he got up and followed the lion spirit.

"You know, we look like a gay couple with a blonde child?"

"We also have that one retard tagged along with us."

"You know you guys just admitted being gay for one another?"

"Guys! Look at this! This leaf looks like a star!" Lucy shouted as she came running to the three males, holding the green star-shaped leaf to them. All of them smiled sweetly at her and watched as she ran away again, wanting to go find more fascinating things.

"Why are we even being like this?"

"I don't know—all I'm waiting for is Luce to be 18 again,"

"Why? So you can mentally and physically rape her again?"

"You dare touch my precious master?!"

"Oh shut it, cat. I would never harm Lucy and you guys know that," The male rolled his eyes, grabbing the ends of his scarf to play with them.

He found them more interesting than the two males next to him, wondering why he even tagged along in the first place.

"Natsu! Look—I found a leaf that looks like a flame!"

"Really? Show me!" The dragon slayer leaned in close to look at the orange-ish leaf. His eyes widen when it actually did look like a flame.

"That's so cool!" He exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. He looked like a child being shown magic for the first time. "Natsu, up!" Lucy suddenly said, raising her arms up like a child wanting to be picked up. The fire user bent down and picked the girl up, placing him on his lap. He flashed a grin at her smiling face and left her to play around with the ends of his scarf.

"Wow, I didn't know Natsu could be the fatherly type."

"He isn't but Lucy over here had given him child experience since 5 months ago." Gray snickered as he pointed at the two. "At least I survived and Lucy did too,"

"She only survived because Erza made sure she did. You could have been turned into ashes if she knew Lucy was hurt or gone missing—"

"Why don't you shut your whore mouth—"

"Now guys, let's not fight with a child here—"

"Stay out of it!"

Loke raised his hands up in reason as he was yelled at the fire and ice user at the same time—looking away from them. It was staring to get heated and some were even staring at them. Not like he didn't like the attention—he actually really liked the attention he received from the public because it's not Fairy Tail without the usual attention—but this was getting embarrassing.

"You're just jealous that I'm going to be a better father than you one day!" Natsu said smugly, smirking at the outraged ice user. "Ha! Like you'll ever become a father! Nobody would want you reckless flame shit to even reproduce!"

"You're just saying that because the only girl you can get is Juvia,"

"Well the only person you can get is—"


"Lucy! Wait—what did you just—"

"Lucy!" Natsu shouted making Gray look down at the blonde child on his lap. He noticed how frightened and pale she looked. "N—Natsu, my body . . . I—I can't move..!"

"Paralyzed?" Loke asked as he looked at Lucy with a worried expression on his face. He looked at Natsu and Gray to see them both looking at one another. "We need to get her back to the guild!"

"Yeah! Wendy can help!" Natsu shouted as he was about to stand up when suddenly he felt a large amount of weight on his legs. "Shit, Luce, you feel like you just gained a thousand pounds!"

"Idiot! You don't tell a girl that!"

"No, seriously—!" He started to say but yelped in surprise when Lucy also let out a shriek. Before they knew it, Lucy was growing before their eyes.

Her height started to grow until she was the regular height she was, her boobs doubling the size along with her ass—her hips shrinking. Her hair started to grow towards shoulder-length and her face looked twice as mature as it did couple of seconds ago.

And suddenly the only thing that was different was the way how everything looked to a caring father holding his daughter into his lap to some naked woman straddling his hips.


"O—Oh my god..."

Immediately Gray, Loke, and Natsu in perfect unison got a nosebleed.

It took half a second to realize Lucy was back to her 18-year-old self and another half a second to realize she was straddling her partner 90 percent naked in public.

Her whole face flushed at the thought and gripped the male's clothes. "OH MY GOD—GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES!" Lucy half-screamed, half-shrieked.

She almost ripped Natsu's clothes apart during the attempt but she successfully got the shirt off and wrapped it around herself before anybody else got a glimpse of her treasures. She whimpered and hugged herself as the three mages were desperately trying to wipe the blood off them as people around them stared even more. "S—shit..."

"That was so unexpected—"

"I'm glad I came today,"

"You p—perverts!" Lucy screeched, throwing a fist in the air back and forth while she looked at them. She glared at them with the most embarrassing look on her face that it almost made them get another nosebleed.

"Take me back home! And Loke, go home!"

"But princess—"


"Bye guys!" Loke quickly said as he disappeared, leaving the ice and fire mage to deal with the angered blonde. "Gray, go tell the guild about me and Natsu—take me home."

"A—aye sir!"

Natsu plopped himself on Lucy's sofa as the celestial mage stomped across her room and towards her underwear drawer, pulling out a matching pair of underwear. She grabbed the tiny skirt that was just above her waists that was stuck and tried pulling it down, groaning in agony when she realized her hips were far too wide to allow it to slide down.

She went on over to her desk and grabbed her scissors, cutting it open along with the small tight shirt that only wrapped around her large breasts.

She disposed the garments and slid on her panty and bra, turning to look at the pink-haired male. "You can go back to the guild now—"

"I don't want to,"


"You still have my shirt,"

"Fine!" Lucy snapped as she unzipped his shirt and threw it at the fire mage. He skillfully caught it but raised a brow at the exposed woman in front of him. "Why are you so angry?"

"Well because I was almost seen naked in public, the three idiots who took me to the park just sat there with nosebleeds and didn't even dare cover me up, and my stupid clothes are missing!"

"That isn't a reason to get so angry about it—"

"Shut it, Dragneel! Just go back to the guild—tell them I'll be coming once I cool down." Lucy grumbled as she walked on over to her closet. She found an over-sized t-shirt hung on a rack and took it out, putting it on her slim matured body.

The key user glanced on where her pink-haired partner was and furrowed her brow when she noticed he was still there staring at her. "I thought I told you to—"

"You're beautiful,"


It almost sounded like she spat those words out but she really did have no idea that would come out of his mouth. That was the most unexpected thing to come out of Natsu Dragneel's mouth.

"I said you're beautiful,"

"Since when did you think I was beautiful?"

"Since the day I met you. I just didn't feel like saying it till now—"

"What kind of dumbass—"

"Look, just hear me out for a moment." Natsu cut her off making her huff and stare at him. She crossed her arms over her busty chest and cocked a brow at his direction. "After taking care of you for 5 tiring months, I realized how badly I wanted you to become 18 again and be with me. Not in that, 'I-want-you-to-go-on-jobs-with-me' way but the, 'I-like-you-and-want-to-be-by-your-side-forever' way. You know what I'm talking about?"

"..Are you confessing to me?" Lucy asked, blinking and blushing in process. She stared at him as he nodded, a small un-Natsu like blush appearing on his cheeks. "Look, I understand if you don't feel the same way but I promise you one thing," He looked her straight in the eyes, a serious look plastered on his handsome face. "I will never leave your side until the time comes."

Lucy stared at him in awe as the last 5 minutes of him confessing his love to her was the best 5 minutes she has ever witnessed in her whole 18 years of living.

Before she knew it, she was hugging him. "Yes!"




"Yes! I accept—anything! Natsu, I will be by your side till my time comes so please keep your promise and stay with me too." Natsu stared at Lucy for a good second before a wide grin stretched across his face. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up, spinning her in a whole 360 degree circle.

He set her down on her feet and grinned at her smiling face, hugging her tightly. "Thank you for taking care of me..."

"Hey, don't worry about it. It was fun taking care of you. It gave me fatherly experience so I'll know what to do with our future kids one day."

"That's good; I thought I was a real pai—wait, what?"

"Nothing—man! I think we should head to the guild now! I bet everyone wants to see you again! Come on, Luce!"

"Wait, what did you say earlier?!"

"Okay, fine, meet you there!" Natsu laughed nervously as he ran towards the window. Lucy watched as he gave a small wave and jumped out the window, the blonde running on over towards it to scowl at him.

"Use the damn door, Dragneel!"

She watched as her partner run down the street towards the guild, a small smile spreading across her face.

"You better know what you'll be doing to our kids one day... or I promise you, you will never be able to reproduce again."

Are you proud of me or what?! I know it isn't as great as others and the ending was a bit rushed and stuff but—gah. Sorry. I stayed up late to write this and tried my best! I hope you guys enjoyed it, I put my hard(yeah right!) work into it. ;3;

Love you all! Thanks for reading and supporting me all the way through the end! (: