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This is actually my first Merlin Fanfiction. I have thought about writing this as soon as I watched the final episode. I was so unhappy after it finished and the ending was so tragic that I wanted to give Arthur a bit more of a story of his heart breaking death. I felt really sorry for Gwaine as well so I am putting him in the story and you can see how he feels like he betrayed Arthur in the story.

This chapter is basically about Arthur finding himself in a new place and not really sure to believe if he is dead or not. It also describes this place looks like and Elyan and Lancelot explain what happens there and they also know a bit more of Merlin's past.

I hope you enjoy the story and it's a new project so there will be plenty of more chapters

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Arthur took a deep breath, yet it didn't feel like he was breathing at all. He wasn't sure where he was. The last thing he remembered was saying something to Merlin, he wasn't sure what though. Then Arthur recalled Merlin's truth. He was magic. Arthur wasn't sure if he was mad or grateful for Merlin's true identity. He had killed his murderous sister but he had lied to him all this time but then again, peace to Camelot was more important than his knowledge on servants. He sat up. Where was he? A cave, had Merlin brought him to a safe place? Well what was the point, Morgana was dead. The walls were a sapphire blue, glowing and dripping with a sort of liquid. Arthur stood up. Where was Merlin, he would be here by now by his side using magic to get them back home. Magic. Should he trust it or ban it forever more? He couldn't bear to leave Merlin on his own. He had said that he used his magic for only him. He had been a loyal servant and how could he abandon him after he saved the future of Camelot? He still couldn't feel a feeling of air filling his lungs. He opened his mouth and tried to take in gulps of air. Even the atmosphere felt dry, the air didn't have a scent. It didn't even smell like air, whatever that smelt like. Arthur might have feel more relaxed if the place smelled of trees and woodland, this was the fragrance Arthur came to love. Not the clean, fresh smell of the castle or the palace meals of ham, cheese and bread, but the smell of damp wood or fire smoke. The sound of horse hooves stamping over twigs and snapping them in half, the laughing sound of knights when he mocked Merlin, not in a mean way though. Well, not always.

He walked over to the wall holding the leaking an unknown substance. He stroked the walls. They sparkled even there was no sun for it to reflect on. They were smooth and Arthur suspected they were crystals. He was amazed, he had seen crystals before but none like these had shone so bright before. His hand went through the liquid; it did not spill on the grey floor that Arthur suspected was rock. The liquid was buried deep into the rocks. Arthur couldn't touch it. Every time he got close an icy chill filled his fingertips making them bounce back. Arthur knew what was going to happen, he reached out for a second time but as he reached into the rock crease his fingers went numb and felt like they were going to fall off but as soon as they were far away they went back to the normal temperature. Arthur stumbled back clumsily and fell onto the rock. Instead of falling on his back and damaging in his spine it just felt like he fell onto a mattress. It was comfortable. He lay there and looked up. The sky was sprinkled with stars. Millions of them, Arthur had never seen so many. "A room with no ceiling." Arthur thought.

He got up and banged on the crystal wall. "MERLIN? GAIUS? GWEN?" Arthur yelled. Why was his voice not hoarse, he hadn't breathed in God knows how long. Why was he like this, was it a dream? It must have been because after he had banged on the wall one last time he started to feel dizzy.

He woke up to Merlin. "ARTHUR!" he heard him shout. He was back. A smile flickered on Merlin's face. Arthur gulped in air, it felt sweet but he regretted it, it did the opposite, it made him feel like he was suffocating. He felt his eyes flicker. No he wanted to stay. Where was he going to go? He felt his eyes flicker and the last thing he saw was the smile fall off Merlin's face.

He woke up on the soft rock again but now he was people, they were pale and looked faint. Gwaine, Lancelot and Elyan, his closest friends. But where were the others, Leon, Percival? "Gwaine, Lance-"he said. His voice fell quiet, he felt tired. "How long have I been here?" he asked a few seconds later.

"An hour." Lancelot said. He looked at all of the Knights. Elyan and Lancelot looked relieved to see him but Gwaine's eyes were watery and he had bags under his eyes.

"An hour?" Arthur said confused. This was definitely a dream, how could he be here with Lancelot and Elyan, they were dead, Gwaine was there, where were the others? Surly they were important enough to be there as well? He was probably tired, Merlin had healed him with some sort of magic and he was asleep in his room in Camelot. "So, what's wrong with you, Gwaine?" Arthur smiled.

"He's punished himself," Elyan explained. "He's come here in regret so his soul has used everything against him."

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked.

"Elyan and I have trying to convince him ever since he got here." Lancelot explained.

"Convince him to what?" Arthur asked seriously.

"Convince him that it is not his fault you're here." Elyan completed.

"But where am I?" Arthur asked. He wanted to wake up now.

"My friend, welcome to the world of the dead." Lancelot smiled.

"The world of the-" Arthur started. "No, I can't be,"

"But you are." Elyan said. Arthur couldn't believe his ears.

"But heaven doesn't look like this." Arthur said.

"It's been made for you; it's like your personal room, the place you will stay forever." Elyan explained. "You can visit anyone who has died, we chose to spend the rest of our time with you." He smiled.

"With me? Why not with your father?"

"I can visit him at times but he feels like he's forgotten me, I hadn't seen him for years after all." Elyan said. "He spends all of his time watching over Gwen. He will probably want to meet you one day."

"This can't be real, I need to get back." Arthur said. He started to pinch his skin, it felt cold and clammy but nothing happened.

"Arthur, you're dead." Lancelot confirmed. "You will never return to the real world, if you ever do, you will be a shadow, like I was."

"A what?" Arthur asked.

"A person called back from the dead by dark magic." Lancelot explained.

"When was that?" Arthur asked.

"I think you remember it more than I do." Lancelot smiled. "I was called back by Morgana to interfere with you and Guinevere."

"The night you kissed her." Arthur said angrily.

"Yes, but it wasn't me. If Merlin hadn't used his magic, I wouldn't be in my right mind to stay at your side." Lancelot said.

"Merlin's been using his magic behind my back all this time?" Arthur said.

"You would be long gone if Merlin didn't use his magic to protect you." Lancelot explained.

"And you knew of his magic?" Arthur asked.

"He enchanted my weapon to defeat the Griffin." Lancelot told.

"It was Merlin?" Arthur asked.

"Yes," Lancelot chuckled slightly.

"All this time, he's been protecting me." Arthur said quietly. "And did you know of Merlin's magic?" Arthur asked Elyan.

"No," Elyan replied. "I never had any suspicions. But now I see that he only uses it for you."

"For me… but, why?" Arthur asked.

"I wondered that myself, but magic is a strange thing." Elyan inquired. "It can be used for good and bad."

"But how do you know all of this?" Arthur said.

"We watch over you and Camelot." Elyan said.

"You mean you can watch the real world?" Arthur asked greedily.

"Yes." Lancelot said.

"How?" Arthur asked.

"Turn behind you." Lancelot said, gesturing his eyes to a scene behind Arthur. Arthur turned his head behind him. The liquid in the crystals were leaking slowly into a basin sitting on a stone stand below. Arthur didn't remember seeing it earlier, although he had just woken up in a weird cave.

"What is it?" Arthur asked. The basin was producing a blue light that shimmered on the wall.

"It is a mirror way to the mortal world." Lancelot said.

"Can it show me what I want?" Arthur asked.

"It shows you what you want in your heart." Elyan said. "For me, I see Gwen the most."

"As do I." Lancelot agreed. Gwaine didn't say anything. Arthur was wondering why he was like this, he died in honour. Arthur stood up and walked over to the basin.

"My wound, it's healed." He said.

"Well, now your body is in perfect protection." Lancelot said. "You hurt your real body in the real world." Arthur gulped.

"How do I look in it?" he asked.

"We can all see it as we all care about the same things, but the image will appear at what moment is happening on earth now." Elyan said.

"Time here is different from time there. You have been here for hours and it has only been a few seconds since you moved on." Elyan explained. Arthur looked deep into the basin, Lancelot and Elyan stood beside him but Gwaine remained on the floor. Sitting motionless and looking pale. He looked into the bluish liquid, the bottom of the basin, it was covered with crystals and they showed a clear picture. Arthur had never seen anything like it, moving pictures. Merlin was sitting on the floor made of grass, clutching Arthur's dead body.

"Is that… me?" Arthur asked.

"What used, to be you." Lancelot said. Arthur nodded shakily; it was hard to look at him pale and well, dead. He continued to watch. Merlin tried to get up but Arthur's body was too heavy. He started to shout some words. Arthur was confused of what was happening but then a giant shadow covered them both and a giant dragon came down. Arthur saw a glimmer of hope in Merlin's eyes. A dragon, a real dragon, what was Merlin playing at?

Merlin heaved Arthur onto the dragon's back. And then they were both flying in the air towards the rising sun. They watched them both and a few minutes later Merlin got Arthur off the dragons back and started to drag him towards the lake. The dragon started to talk. "Merlin, there is nothing you can do."

"The dragon's talking?" Arthur said. "Wait, my father told me that there was only one dragon left, he's buried deep beneath the castle grounds.

"I think Merlin set him free." Elyan theorised.

"Why?" Arthur asked.

"Because he's the last dragon lord, it is his duty to protect the dragons as well as yourself." Lancelot said.

"Merlin, the last dragon lord?" Arthur asked, almost laughing. "How do you know all this?"

"The basin can dig in to the deepest secrets. It shows us all parts of the story." Lancelot said.

"So Merlin can talk to dragons?" Arthur asked.

"Seems like it." Elyan laughed. But the next scene was too sad for them to carry on discussing.

"I can't lose him, he's my friend!" Arthur felt depressed. Merlin saying this, Arthur had never seen him this dramatic before.

"Yours and Arthur's story will live long in the hearts of men." The dragon explained. "And one day when Albion is most in need he will rise again." The dragon did not say much, he just flew off leaving Merlin's and Arthur's corpse alone by the riverside. The vision that lay in the basin slowly turned back into the liquid was originally there. Arthur could see his ghostly reflection bouncing off the basin surface.

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