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Arthur was watching Merlin, he was he had entered the small gathering of trees that separated him from the Camelot Castle and his friends, he had been in the Camelot boarders for a while now and every time he saw a Camelot Knight he made sure he was out of their way if they knew who he really was they wouldn't spend time talking, Merlin was sure of that. He needed to see the Queen first, he and Gwen were friends but he was still unsure if she'll let him stay. He had even thought of keeping his magic a secret again, he didn't know if Gaius had told anyone but he had decided to be truthful because he wasn't even sure if he wanted to go back let alone hide who he truly was again. Arthur's words stuck in his head, he told him to always be himself. Merlin would never disobey the Kings orders.

He trampled over dead twigs and leaves, they crunched under his feet. He knew the way very well, he had come round these paths many times with Arthur. Merlin had never realised how many memories he and Arthur had made. The time when Merlin had dropped all the weapons off the Horse making the Doe, which was nearby, run away. Arthur had slapped him pretty hard on the head, Merlin had been annoyed with him but now he could just laugh about that day now.

Elyan had just come in. the sound of his footsteps distracted Arthur, the vision went hazy and Arthur planned to return to it later, it was just Merlin walking through a forest after all.

"I see you've returned to the vision." He said.

"Yes." Lancelot said.

"How was your father?" Gwaine asked.

"Good, he's well as long as Gwen is." Elyan told.

"Ah, good to know," Arthur smiled.

"He talked to me about meeting you soon." Elyan explained.

"I would to meet him as well but my father did kill him." Arthur said.

"You are his son by law." Elyan defended. "You made Gwen happy, that's all he cares about."

"Well, when will I see him?" Arthur asked.

"You can decide when." Elyan said wisely. Arthur nodded.

"Well, I'm not sure if I should now, I need to get my act together." Arthur said.

"Of course, I understand." Elyan smiled.

"My father and mother hardly know me. They died when I was young. I have always loved them but I can't look up to them, being alone had changed me for the good." Gwaine expressed. Arthur smiled and said

"We all need to make sacrifices in our lives."

"Of course," Gwaine agreed. "And it has paid of greatly."

"Shall we return to the basin?" Lancelot asked.

"Yes," Arthur said. They turned around and faced the watery surface.

Merlin was just about to enter the gates of Camelot.

"Wait," Arthur said. "Merlin was miles away from the castle when we saw him a few seconds ago, how did he get there so fast?" Arthur asked.

"As I have said before, time is different here." Lancelot said. "In the mortal world it has been about an hour since Merlin had entered the forest. In both worlds none can travel at the same time, this world doesn't have a time rate, this time is suited to you because it is when the people you care most about are alive but for others it could be hundreds of years in the future."

"Ok," Arthur said slowly. "Will we always be travelling faster than Earth?"

"Not in all cases." Lancelot said. "But you will find out soon enough." Arthur found it easier not to question this again, Lancelot never made the answer as clear as he wanted. He just continued to watch Merlin.

Merlin wanted no attention but it was harder than he expected, as soon as the Guards at the gate saw him pass they arrested him.

"What are you doing?!" He spat.

"We're taking you to then Queen, her orders." The unknown Knight explained.

"I can go to see Gwen of my own will thank you." Merlin said rudely as he tried to get out of the Knights grip.

"We cannot let that happen." The Knight answered.

"Oh well that's just great, isn't it." Merlin muttered.

Arthur laughed; he had never judged Merlin by his attitude.

Villagers looked at him some stared at him their eyes turning narrow, some even hurried their children away, did they know that he was partly responsible for the Kings death?

A few seconds later Merlin lost all his strength to fight against the two Guards holding him. He had lost all of his strength in the last view days at he wasn't going to use the rest of it up on a losing battle between him and the protectors. He also remained silent, he felt like he was going to dread this meeting with Gwen, they had been friends but she had ordered the Knights to arrest him.

They got to the throne room and one of the guards let Merlin's arm go and knocked on the door quickly then resumed his grip. Merlin heard the muffled sound of Gwen saying

"Come in." they entered the throne room and Gwen was standing in the middle of the room when she saw Merlin she started to walk towards him, her expression stayed plain but Merlin suspected she was not that angry. "Thank you." She said. "You can leave now, resume your duties."

"Maybe we should stay, My Lady." He suggested.

"I think I can manage a meeting with Merlin on my own, it is personal." Gwen explained. The Knight nodded but said

"We'll stand guard by the door." The Guards compromised. Gwen rolled her eyes but the exited and closed the door.

Once the Knights had gone Merlin said "My Lady," in a plain voice but before he knew it Gwen had him in a firm hug.

"It's good to have you back Merlin." She whispered in his ear. They broke apart. "You must be tired." She said.

"I am not as alert as I could have been." Merlin explained.

"Me neither." Gwen admitted. Merlin tried to smile but failed.

"Arthur is dead." He said sadly.

"I know." Gwen said bowing her head. "I would only like to know, Merlin please tell, me, I would like to know if he died a peaceful death?" Merlin sighed.

"He did." He said slowly. Gwen smiled widely.

"Thank you Merlin. I know now."

"Know what?" Merlin said quickly.

"You don't need to worry, Gaius told me. I know you have magic." Gwen said. Merlin breathed heavily.

"I was born with it."

"I understand," Gwen smiled. "I know all that you've been through and I know that you are not an enemy of Camelot but a friend."

"Thank you." Merlin said but looked at the floor. "Have you told the Knights?"

"No, I wouldn't want to go behind your backs. Do you want to tell them?" Gwen asked.

"Yes I suppose I should." Merlin said.

"I will make sure they respect you for who you are, they will listen to me." Gwen protected.

"They are also my friends; I think they will also understand." Merlin said.

"I would like to know if you gave him a proper burial." Gwen asked changing the subject. Merlin knew she was worrying about the matter.

"As good as any man would want." Merlin said. "He is now at peace in the depths of the lake of Avalon."

"The lake of Avalon… oh yes I've heard of it." Gwen remembered. "You have done well Merlin."

"How are you finding it, being in charge of all of Camelot?" Merlin asked.

"The town's people of Camelot have welcomed me but the Knights are trying to over protect me, they are not used to a woman being in charge, they probably think it will be more dangerous."

"Do they ever change?" Merlin asked.

"No probably not." Gwen said, trying to smile.

"What will I do?" Merlin asked.

"You don't have to do anything." Gwen said. "You could be… a protector for Camelot, help us fight in the battles to come."

"Of course," Merlin said uncertainly.

"You must be hungry." Gwen said. "You can dine with me if you wish."

"No, I think Gaius would like to cook for me." Merlin explained.

"Gaius, of course," Gwen nodded. "He has missed you, you are dismissed."

Merlin nodded and was about to leave when Gwen said

"I would like to thank you, for coming back, you are Camelot's greatest friend and my greatest friend." Gwen said. Merlin smiled and said

"Thank you, My Lady."

He left and when the room door was closed the Guards came up to him,

"Where do you think you're going?" one said.

"Going to see Gaius of course,"

He walked off and the guards quickly went into the room to see if the Queen was alright, Merlin walked in the direction to the chambers of the Court Physician, to see Gaius but also to get some sleep.

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