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Blessed with beauty.
Blooming with naivety.
Ensnared in affinity.
Engaged to insanity.

She's falling for him; she's destined for disaster
Yet she still obeys him, a dog to her master.

She feels he and she should be romantically united
Little does she know that love is unrequited.

She hopes he'll catch her, should she fall
She's always there at his beckoning call.

She's with him at every twist and turn
She gives him the love he'll never return.

Without him, she'd be nothing at all
Her dependence will be her downfall.

The dragon led her to his lair
She's caught up in his sneaky snare.

He's gone. He's dead. However will she fare
Without him and his so-called care?

The world below looks so small
She plunges into a fatal fall.

To her, life didn't feel right
Without her trusted, lovely Light.

AUTHOR NOTE: I used RhymeZone to help with some of the rhymes.