this is my first fanfic, It will be a harem, I've pretty much got a basic idea who will be in the harem, but I will probably have polls so that I can get Imput into how many girls will be in it, I know it won't be any less than 8, that being said I will probably have pulls to decide which girls will be in it. This is a Bleach x-over, but the only characters from bleach your likely to see is Uruhara, maybe the people that work at his shop, and Ichigo, Kisuke is going to be the only one who gets any real screen time, Ichigo wil probably only be mentioned in passing, other than that you'll only see the zanpakuto's. there will be Sakura/Sasuke/Civie Council bashing in this story, Sasuke is NOT getting a zanpakuto he'll basically be what I believe he should've been in canon a slightly talented ninja who is way too arrogant but in when put against others isn't really anything special(Basically what he was before Kishi played favorites and started giving him power up's every dozen episodes while keeping Naruto a weak idiot) so needless to say Naruto will be very strong(not god-like) and very smart, now that that's out of the way

Read and enjoy



Chapter 1: Prologue, BLAZE SAMSARA EYE!

An orange glow fills the night sky as fires blaze in Konoha, the bodies of fallen shinobi litter the battle ground, and over it all an fifty story tall fox with nine-tails flailing about. It's red slitted eyes are locked on the red-orange toad with a blue haori and a yakuza knife at its waist.

On top of the toads head stands a figure with spiky blond that is short in the back with two long bangs framing his face on either side. He is wearing a white cloak with the kanji for 'Yondaime Hokage' and 'Yellow Flash' on it, basic shinobi pants taped at the shins, and a sweatshirt with a jounin flak jacket over top.

This was the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. In Minato's arms there is a bundle.

"Alright boss, I need you to deal with the fox while I make the handsigns." the figure says. "Are you sure Minato, do you really have to use the Shiki Fujin?" the toad asks."I'm sure Gamabunta, it's the only way, I'll seal half its power into myself and the other half into my son Naruto," said Minato before continuing, "I have a feeling that he will need it in the future, something was not right with that masked man, and I don't know about you but I can think of only one man with a sharingan that can control the Kyuubi, do you see the look in its eyes?" asked Minato.

Gamabunta squinted his eyes and looked at Kyuubi intently. "Yes I see it now, it's eyes are vacant, like its under a genjutsu, its being controlled." Gamabunta concluded.

Just as Gamabunta finished his sentence the Kyuubi body shuddered, and its eyes cleared up, it looked about itself in confusion before locking it's gaze back on Gamabunta and the Hokage a look of desperation and urgency in its eyes before it recognized what Minato was holding and what that must mean.

It's gaze hardened and filled with determination as it began to speak in a booming gravelly voice. "Well ningen we both know what you intend to do, so get on with it before I lose this brief control I have gained." it said in a serious tone.

Minato gave a short nod "Very well, Gamabunta, when the sealing is complete I want you to get Naruto to Sarutobi, I left him instructions he'll know what to do." Minato ordered. "Don't worry gaki I will." Gamabunta assured him.

'Kushina-chan, forgive me for what I am about to do, and protect Naruto, shower him with all the love you can give him, as only a mother can, do your best to make the people see him as the hero he is, I will always love you both' Minato thought as he began a complex chain handsigns.

- Namikaze Mansion -

Unbeknownst to Minato, inside their home, Uzumaki-Namikaze Kushina was coming up with a plan, she could feel her life force fading slowly, she had at best half a day before she would die from the extraction of the Kyuubi, had it happened at any time besides after child birth it might have been fine, but that wasn't the case.

She knew that she had to do something to help her child in any way she could. Slowly a plan came to mind. The plan was certainly not perfect, but it would have to do, it was necessary to protect her baby, and anybody who knew anything about mothers knows they would do anything for their babies.

Kushina hurriedly began writing an immensely complex seal formula she had been working on for years, she came up with the idea after meeting a old kunoichi from Suna, and a special jutsu she had come up with, Finally done with the formula, she sealed the piece of paper into a storage seal on her wrist.

After doing that, she went to her room she shared with Minato, she hurried over to her dresser where a picture hung, she took a moment to admire the picture. The picture was of Minato's team and her together, before things had begun to go wrong and they lost Obito and Rin all in the same year. To the left is Kanako, at this time she still had her regular eyes, she had an lazy expression in place; To the right is Obitto, with his usual goofy smile in place; In the center is Rin, she was smiling happily leaning down and hugging her from behind is Kushina, sticking her tongue out at the camera, she was wearing her Anbu uniform without the mask, her long red hair is framing her slightly round face, and her violet eyes were shining; And finally is Minato, his hand is on Kushina's shoulder and he is wearing a standard Konoha Jonin uniform.

Brushing away the tears that had started running down her face, Kushina swung the picture away from the wall, revealing a safe with a blood seal. Kushina quickly used chakra to sharpen her tooth and bit her thumb just enough to draw blood, she proceeded to swipe it across the seal, she reached in and brought out a phial of blood.

"Now to Anbu confinement cells" she muttered to herself. Having found what she was searching for, she hurried out of the room and to the front door. As she walked out of the mansion, her thoughts were whirling and she had a sense of trepidation about what she was going to do.

'Grand Uncle, please forgive me for what I am about to do, but I am afraid for the good of my family, and our clans future, I must use your most forbidden jutsu.' She thought.

- With Minato -

After five minutes the Hokage completed the final hand seal, and a tall robed figure with an oni face, wearing a black haori with spiritual beads around it's neck, and a sword clenched between its teeth appeared behind him.

"Why have you summoned me mortal." the figure asked. "My apologies Shinigami-sama, but I required your aid in sealing the Kyuubi into my son." Minato said imploringly. 'Well we know someone who's not going to be nominated for father of the year' the Shinigami thought with a little humor.

" Very well, I assume you know the price?" The death god asked.

"Hai Shinigami-sama I do, I want to seal the yin half of it's chakra as well as its body inside your stomach, and the yang into my son with the Shiki Fujin and an Eight-Trigrams Seal on top of it." said Minato.

"It shall be as you say mortal." replied the death god. The Shinigami reached an arm forward and it shot through the bodies of Minato and Naruto, and towards the Kyuubi. Kyuubi struggled briefly so it could speak before being sealed.

"I shall remember your bravery ningen, and rest assured, when I deem him ready, I shall tell the boy what transpired this night, and about the masked man with that cursed monkey-eye." the Kyuubi vowed. "Arigatou Kyuubi-sama, I am going to add something into the seal, you shall find out what I mean soon enough, ." declared Minato. "Very well ningen, now complete the sealing before I fall under the genjutsu once more." commanded the Kyuubi.

As it said this it ceased its struggles and allowed its soul to be dragged from its body, the soul shot into Naruto's stomach where an eight trigram seal with a swirl in the middle appeared, before it continued to Minato where a similar seal appeared. " Fuinjutsu: Shiki Fujin, FUIN!" exclaimed before the Shinigami sliced through the soul and swallowed it, it glanced at Naruto before saying one last thing before it left "This child will be interesting to watch, he carries a power never seen in a human since THAT man." It declared as it disappeared leaving a confused Yondaime.

Shaking off those words Minato looked down at his son as he felt his life drain away slowly. "Naruto, I wish I could be there with you and your Kaa-chan as you grow up, teach you to be an awesome shinobi, watch as you become a genin, then chunin and jonin, and maybe even Hokage, I want to be there to see you find a beautiful girl," 'or several more likely, after all, you will most likely be put in the CRA, I wonder if he and Kanako-chan will end up together' he added to himself with a slightly perverted giggle worthy of his sensei, " and give me a few grandchildren to spoil, but I'm afraid I won't be able to, so I guess its just gonna be you and Kaa-chan, make sure to take care of her for me, and remember your Tou-san loved you" He finished as his eyes started to close.

" Bunta try to get a hold of the ero-sensei of mine, Kushina is gonna need help with the council and I don't know if that old monkey Sarutobi is going to be able to do it alone." He said weakly as his eyes closed and his breathing became even more labored. "You got it gaki, don't worry he'll be in good hands." promised Gamabunta.

"Thanks boss, I think this is it so listen up, I know what Kyuubi insinuated when it talked about the cursed sharingan controlling it, but it's not the person he was thinking of, tell Jiraiya, 'It was the Uchiha who lost his light in the elder days' he'll figure out who I mean, now I think I'm gonna take a nice long rest..." he trailed off as he finished. 'Naruto, Kushina, take care, I love you' was his last thought as his breathing stopped his face relaxed into a peaceful smile.

'And so passes the Yondaime Hokage, you were a great summoner gaki, I'll miss ya.' thought Gamabunta before his thoughts shifted to the blond bundle on top of his head, 'better get this gaki to Sarutobi, Uzumaki Naruto, I'll remember you'.

- Inside The Seal -

Behind its cage inside the seal the Kyuubi was going over the memories left by the Hokage when suddenly it sensed something deep within its host. "So, you hold the power of THAT man, you shall be interesting to watch Naruto" it said to itself before lowering it's head and falling asleep, but before it could lay it's head down it felt an sudden intense chakra spike. "This chakra, Kushina-chan?" it questioned before it got a better feel for the jutsu's being used. "Ahhhh so your using that jutsu, naughty naughty Kushi-chan, things will be interesting indeed." the fox grumbled it then began searching the seal to find what it was Minato meant, what it found shocked it, and could think of only one thing to say, "Well this is...unexpected"

- With Kushina, Outside Training Ground 44, 10 minutes earlier -

Kushina had just finished the preparations for the jutsu when she felt something, and became certain Minato had finished the sealing, she let a single tear fall from her eye before stealing her resolve and began running through handsigns.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensai!" she shouted while slamming her hands on the ground. A coffin rose up from the ground.

The lid fell forward as the occupant became visible. Stepping out of the coffin, the person looked around before their eyes locked on Kushina. "Kushina-Oneechan, was it you who summoned me?" questioned the figure.

"Hai, I did, I summoned you because I need your help, the Kyuubi was ripped from the seal, and even now Minato is sealing it inside our son, Minato hopes the villagers will see him as a hero, but I know better, with both of us gone, Sarutobi-Ojisan will have no choice but to hide his identity, and word of his status will become public knowledge whether he likes it or not, so I wish to completely revive you, because of the cost of the seal, you will be placed in stasis for six and a half years, at which point your body will start to slowly release from stasis, then it will take another to use your own chakra to slowly artificially restore you to perfect health." Explained Kushina, "Will you do it?" Kushina asked worriedly.

The figure didn't even pause to think, "of course I'd be delighted to Oneechan, I just wish you could be there to see him grow up, what is his name by the way?" The person asked curiously. " His name is Naruto, and he will look like a chibified Mina-kun, although I suspect he might have some of his grandfathers features mixed in too." Kushina laughed. the figure couldn't help but giggle as well.

"Very well Oneechan, lets do this, the sooner I'm in stasis the sooner I can see Naru-chan" the figure said excitedly.

"Alright, you'll be transported to the Namikaze mansion when it's done and I will have sent a scroll to Sarutobi-Ojisan explaining my actions." said Kushina as she pricked a finger and swiped it across a summoning seal Minato had given her to summon messenger toads. A puff of smoke erupted and from it appeared a small toad.

"Sup Kushina-sama, what's the occasion?" it questioned. "I need you to deliver this to Sarutobi-Ojisan for me." she said holding out the scroll. "Sure thing" it said before puffing out of existance.

Kushina turned back to the figure before taking out the seal and building up the last of her chakra. "Alright, let's do this dattebane" she said.

'Naru-chan, Kaa-chan is sorry she couldn't be there for you. but she is doing everything she can to protect you, grow up to be a handsome young man, make Tou-chan, Kaa-chan, and your clans proud, don't let that Ero-Kyofu corrupt you, and when you discover your legacy, remember who you are.' She thought as she slammed the seal into the figure's stomach.

- Hokage Tower, 4 hours later -

Wefind a weary Sarutobi Hiruzen sitting in the Hokage's office with a bundle on the desk in front of him.

'Dammit Minato, why did you have to die you selfish bastard, now I have to take this job again, I'm to old for this shit' he thought to himself as he gazed at Naruto. 'I do not have as much confidence as Minato did that Naruto will be treated as the hero he is, I know the life of a jinchiruuki, it is best if the public does not know of his status, but I shall still have to inform the council' he pondered to himself, his thoughts turned to Kushina's scroll

'And you are even worse Kushina, I could swear you were busting into hysterics knowing how much paperwork it would cause' He mused. He stopped as an female Anbu with a wolf mask shunshined into the room. \

The Woman had messy silvery colored hair that framed her face (Kinda like Kurenai's), the hair went down past her shoulder blades. She had a figure that most kunoichi would kill for, even with the Anbu armor ob you could tell she had C-cup breasts. Her waist was slim and led to curvy hips and her heart shaped butt, obvious do to the tight Anbu pants she wore, and long legs that seemed to go on and on. As she bowed to the Hokage, through the eye-holes of the Anbu mask two fully matured three tomoe Sharingan eyes. She then spoke in an angelic solemn voice

"Hokage-sama, the council is assembled per your request, and there is confirmation, Kushina-Neechan's body was found near the forest of death, what was she doing the -" she broke off as she noticed the bundle on the table.

"Is that him? Is that sensei's son?" she asked in a slightly more happy tone than he had been using.

"Hai Kanako-chan it is, this here is Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto." replied the Sandaime cheerfully.

"May I hold him Hokage-sama, and can I ask what will happen to him now that Kushina has died?" Kanako queried in a hopeful tone, it almost broke the Sandaime's heart knowing he would have to crush that hope.

" Hai you may hold him Kanako-chan, and as for what will happen to him that remains to be seen, most likely he will be placed in an orphanage." Replied the Sandaime. Kanako, who had by now lifted her mask revealing that she was no older than 13 or 14 years old, she had an angelic heart-shaped face that was hardly marred by the vertical scar over her left eye and was holding Naruto her luscious red lips pulled down at the corners in a frown.

"But Hokage-sama could I not take care of him, he is sensei's son after all." said Kanako, The Sandaime sighed knowing what he said next might break her heart.

"I'm afraid not Kanako-chan, with Kushina gone it is vital that no one knows who little Naruto's father is, if Iwa were to find out who he is I don't know if Naruto would be safe, and if you were to adopt him, with that and his looks, rumors will spread-" the Hokage paused as he saw Kanako's downcast look, "-However, I suspect that rumor of his jinchuuriki status may get out, in that case I will assign your Anbu squad to protect and watch over him, and when he enters the academy, I shall make you a regular jonin so that when he graduates you can have him on your genin squad, is this acceptable Kanako-chan?" he asked.

"Hai I guess that will have to do Hokage-sama, will you be taking Naruto to the meeting Hokage-sama" Kanako queried. "Yes I shall, they will want to see him and the clan heads will probably wish to see the seal." he sighed. With that he took Naruto from Kanako before shunshining out of the room, Kanako replaced her mask before following.

- Council Room -

The council room was a large circular room with a long raised table for the three parts of the council, on the right of the Hokage's seat, the civilian and elder councils were grouped together, on the left sat the shinobi council.

The elder council was made up of the Sandaime's former teammates, Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura, as well as the old war hawk and 'former' commander of ROOT, Shimura Danzo.

The civilian council was made up of various merchants and shop owners, they along with the elders dealt with the civilian side of the village affairs .

The shinobi council was made up of various clan heads, as well as the head of Anbu, and various elite jonin, the shinobi council handled all things that dealt with ninja affairs, and held a deep dislike for the civilian council who were always trying to stick their noses in shinobi affairs.

Inside the council room, the civilian and shinobi councils were talking amongst themselves, wondering what this meeting was about. All heads turned as the council chambers doors opened and the Sandaime walked in carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket, he was flanked by the female wolf masked Anbu.

Sarutobi strode to the Hokage's seat and sat down. He waited for the room to quiet before speaking;

"As I'm sure you've all heard by now, our dear Yondaime died giving his life to defeat the Kyuubi no Kitsune." he started before continuing knowing his next words would cause an uproar; " What you don't know is that he did this to seal the Kyuubi into a child using the Shiki Fujin."

He had barely gotten the words out before half of the civilian council started yelling that they needed to kill the child to 'finish the demon before it can take over and escape'.

This continued for several minutes, all the while oblivious to the killing intent (AN: from now on this will be KI) leaking off the shinobi in the room, especially from the Hokage and female wolf masked Anbu, which seemed even more potent than the hokage's, simultaneously all the male shinobi council who knew her paled

'Uh oh she is pissed' they thought at the same time. They were interrupted by the voice of the Hyuuga clan head Hyuuga Hiashi.

"Would I be correct in assuming that child you are holding is the jailer of the Kyuubi Hokage-sama?" he asked; putting extra emphasis on the word jailer which no one failed to notice; but before the Sandaime was able to reply a screeching voice cut in.

"HEY I DON"T REMEMBER US SELECTING HIM TO BE HOKAGE AGAIN!" screeched one Haruno Sakuna, a pink haired banshee who no one really knew why she was on the council, her high pitched tone made everybody else flinch.

The Nara clan head Nara Shikaku was the one to reply;" And who else would you suggest? With Minato gone that leaves only a few viable candidates, Sandaime-sama; Jiraiya or Tsunade of the Sannin; and Hatake Kanako-" he paused here as he saw the female wolf masked Anbu stiffen, he smirked slightly before he continued in the same bored tone, "- Let's start with Tsunade, she hasn't been in this village for a few years now and is unlikely to return, so she's out; next is Jiraiya, he would be a good choice if we didn't need his spy network at the point in time to safeguard against other village's taking advantage of our temporary weakness, so he's out as well; Finally is Kanako, and while she is powerful and a genius, she is way to young at 13 years old; this leaves us with only Sandaime-sama, he is our best and only choice so please sit down and be quit being so troublesome you troublesome woman." he finished with a yawn.

Sakuna was seething but could not refute his logic so she sat down with a huff.

Seeing that being out of the way Sarutobi turned to Hiashi to answer his question. "To answer your question Hiashi, yes this is indeed the Kyuubi's jailer, Uzumaki Naruto-" he started before pausing upon seeing several of the clan heads stiffen at the name; Hiashi and the Inuzuka clan head Inuzuka Tsume in particular regarded Naruto with a more critical eye as if searching for something.

Inuzuka Tsume was a feral looking woman of about 24 years old, she had spiky dark brown hair with two red fang-like markings on her cheeks, slightly slitted eyes and larger than average fangs. Overall she was a beautiful and wild looking woman.

'I wonder if that's Kushi-chan's pup? He certainly has Minato's hair.' she thought to herself. Hyuuga Hiashi was having similar thoughts, he was a regal looking man with the typical Hyuuga stoicism.

"As I was saying this is Uzumaki Naruto and he is now an orphan, the Yondaime's final wish was that he be seen as a hero for keeping the Kyuubi locked away." he said gauging everybody's reactions.

The Shinobi seemed to accept this, but some of the civilians seemed to be plotting the child's demise or some such nonsense. After the Sandaime had finished Tsume decided to speak up,

" Hokage-sama, if I may ask, what is going to happen to the pup now; if I may make a suggestion, the Inuzuka clan would be happy to adopt him." she said with a hint of hope in her voice. Before the Hokage answered a couple other people decided to speak up; "The Hyuuga would also like to adopt him Sandaime-sama." said Hiashi, anyone who realized who Naruto was were not surprised by the first two, but the next person to speak up surprised them a bit.

Uchiha Fugaku was an arrogant looking man, and clan head of the Uchiha clan. 'That must be Kushina and Minato's kid, I don't really care. but Mikoto wouldn't forgive me if I didn't at least try to adopt him, not to mention he could be a valuable asset to the Uchiha, ' he thought before speaking up.

"The Uchiha clan would as well" he said.

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at that last one. before he could answer them a round of protests came from the civilians. Having enough of this Sarutobi turned to the clan heads before answering; "I'm afraid not, to let Naruto be adopted by one clan would give them a bit too much power." he said causing the civilians to smirk and getting understanding looks from Hiashi and Fugaku, Tsume's look was less understanding but she left it alone.

Seeing an opportunity and having stayed silent till now, Danzo decided to make his move. "Hokage-sama, if I may give a suggestion, the boy could be a valuable asset to the village; perhaps you should give the boy to me?" he said. The Sandaime's former teammates nodded their heads in support to this idea. The shinobi council looked at Danzo suspiciously while worrying the Hokage might accept.

They had nothing to worry about as Sarutobi had no intention to grant his request. "No Danzo, the child will be placed into an orphanage, I will not have him turned into a mindless weapon." he said sternly. "Now as for the final piece of business, I here by decree that anyone besides Naruto to reveal his status as a Jinchuriki to him or anyone else will be sentenced to death, that is all." he said dismissing the council.

It took less than a week for Naruto's status to leak out. Things were ok for him in the orphanage for the first four years until the kindly matron who was an old friend of Sarutobi's died, leaving him to a younger matron who loathed him. he was promptly told to 'get out and stay out demon'.

His Anbu guards managed to find him a couple weeks later living on the streets. Kanako had to be restrained from going and killing the young matron by five Anbu after she found Naruto on the streets.

After that Sarutobi gave him his own apartment and a weekly stipend from his parents sizable bank account(though Naruto didn't know that). It did little good as people wouldn't let him into most shops, or would overcharge him, he could only eat at a little ramen stand called Ichiraku's. over the next two and a half years Naruto would suffer several beatings when someone would manage to distract his Anbu guards, but they always managed to stop it before the civilians got to far.

- Time-skip , 7 Years Later, Appartment Building In Konoha-

The sun rose slowly over Konohagakure no Sato, it shines through the shades of a rundown apartment complex, in particular a little blond haired boy's room, he was blissfully unaware that his today his life would change forever. The boy stirred as the light invaded his eyelids. Naruto tried to ignore the annoyance that was the sun, but it wouldn't go away. He finally got out of bed grinning when he realized what today was. It was his birthday.

'I can't wait to see Inu-neechan, Weasel-niisan, and Neko-neechan, I wonder if they got me anything, maybe I can get Inu-neechan to treat me to ramen.'

Naruto was short for his age standing at just under 4', he had sun-kissed blond that was spiky and ocean blue eyes. Naruto walked out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. He dropped his sleeping clothes on the floor and hopped into the shower. The hot water felt good as it ran down his small frame. through the fog his mind went into he started to drift to the dreams he had been having recently. Always the same one.


A rapid sequence of images flash through his field of vision, fight scenes that seemed to be going in fast forward, except the scenes seemed to go backwards in time, it had started off with a red-headed woman who seemed familiar, it tugged at his mind as if he should know her, she was wearing a standard Konoha Anbu attire, with a blood red cloak over it, she seemed to be standing in a training field with Konoha in the background.

She wielded a beautiful katana, but then she seemed to say something and it changed, the blade dissolved into sakura petals.

Then the scenes started to shift . all of them depicted crimson haired warriors both male and female who were wielding various katana, but then the katana would change form and the battle would end, and another warrior would appear.

It continued, and the attire of the warriors and the katana the wielded kept shifting. the landscape shifted as did the village the battles took place in ,it had started off as Konoha but slowly but surely that shifted, it revealed at first a simple forest, that shifted to barren waste land, and so on and so on, it finally ended on a view of a strange city in ruins, but you could clearly see that it used to be more advanced then Konoha

. Unlike the other scenes there was more than one person here. There had to be hundreds of people, out front was solitary figure that had orange hair, across his back was a huge cleaver as long as his body, he was very tall. He was dressed similarly to everyone, they wore a white shitaji with a black kosode over it, they also wore black, split-legged hakama, a white obi, and on their feet they wore white tabi with waragi. overall, Naruto thought it was a pretty bad-ass style. He noticed that there were thirteen people in the front that also had on white haori.

In the center of them was a hunched old man with a ridiculous beard, he was leaning on a stick of wood with a large knobby head, then for the first time he realized that these people looked war torn, like they had just been through battle. suddenly the people all dissolved into blue particles and flowed into the man.

Then something strange happened, His hair changed color and became pitch black with highlights of red the same as the warriors he had seen before, but when he turned to the side his eyes which Naruto could have sworn were Brown, had turned a metallic purple even in the sclera, and his pupil was dot-like and surrounded by concentric black circles. A shifting sound came from some rubble and a strange sound could be heard...





The teenager couldn't resist the urge and face-palmed before muttering to himself "Of course it's him, he always shows up at the strangest times"

Naruto had no idea what he was talking about until man that was dressed strangely came into view, He had messy blond hair framing his face with a little bit of chin stubble, and he had on a green and white striped hat, green shirt and pants, topped by a black coat with a white diamond pattern, the source of the sound became obvious by the wooden getta on his feet.

"Well Ichigo it seems you've been busy, love the hair." He said in a lazy/joking voice.

"Ah shut it Kisuke, this isn't the time for jokes!" Ichigo exclaimed irritably.

Suddenly Kisuke seemed to get serious, "Your right, it's not, well come along then" He said in a much more serious tone as if a switch had been flipped.

The two men left and then the scene changed once more and Naruto was in a temple, laying there was an old man with white hair and those same eyes, with a shock he realized that this was Ichigo. He was surrounded by nine creatures. They were all strange and had a varying amount of tail from 1-9. There was a Tanuki with a single tail that appeared to be made of sand, some weird half dolphin half horse thing with five tails, but it was the last one that shocked him, it was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox! Just then Ichigo spoke.

" My children, my time in this world is nearly done, Soon I shall pass so gather close and listen to my last words..." he said. "Hai Tou-san" the bijuu chorused.

The scene then shifted again to show Konoha in the background, but there were buildings destroyed and fires raged, but most prominent was the giant toad facing off against a huge nine-tailed fox, on top of the toad's head was a blond haired man with a white haori on, on the back were the kanji for 'Yondaime Hokage', and 'Yellow Flash'. In his arms was a small bundle. Suddenly there was a big flash that dissappeared into the bundle in the man's arms.

The scene flashed for a final time, and suddenly Naruto was in a dark forest clearing, and standing in front of him was Ichigo as he had appeared when he first transformed, His strange purple eyes fixed right on Naruto.

" Naruto, you have seen the events unfolding before you, but you do not yet understand them, this is fine for now, but soon all will become clear, farewell my descendent, and no matter what, remember who you are and why you fight." Ichigo said as everything began to fade. Desperately Naruto tried to speak before he dissappeared.

"WAIT, what do you mean?" he asked pleadingly. Ichigo simply smiled before he disappeared.


Sighing, he turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. After he had dried off, he dressed in a pain black t-shirt with a red swirl on the shirt, he also had on beige shorts with blue ninja sandals.

After he was finished getting dressed he rushed into the kitchen to get some breakfast. He waited impatiently for the water to boil for his ramen. When it was finally done he quickly poured the water into the container and waited a few minutes.

After he was done waiting he wolfed down the ramen, and rushed out his door Naruto hurried down the streets, rushing through the crowds and ignoring the yells of 'watch demon brat' and 'go away and die' from the villagers.

- With Kakimi, Training ground 7, Memorial Stone -

Hatake Kanako was dressed in her Anbu attire, the only modification was the fact that she like 'Neko' wore extremely tight fitting pants that hugged every curve of her lower body. She was staring at the memorial stone, or more specifically, three names in a horizontal line on the stone, 'Namikaze Minato, Uchiha Obito, Nohara Rin'.

'Minato-sensei, Obito, Rin-chan, You wouldn't believe how much things have changed in this village since you passed on' Kanako thought.

' People scorn and spit on your son sensei, I know you, Obito and Rin-chan would be as outraged as I at how they treat Naruto-kun. I wish things had turned out differently, I've made so many mistakes in my life, if only I'd been strong enough to save you Obito and Rin-chan, you would be here to help out Naruto-kun with me.' She continued in her head sorrowfully.

' Obito, I think you might get a kick out of seeing just how much the arrogance of the majority of the Uchiha's has grown, I can only think of three that you would like, Mikoto-sama, Sayuri-chan, and Itachi, you'd especially like Itachi, he acts all cold to the other Uchiha's, little do they know that it's just Uchiha's he acts this way towards, and he loathes Fugaku-teme, seriously how did Mikoto-sama end up with a prick like him?' she finished that line of thought with an incredulous expression under her Anbu mask. 'It's to bad Sasuke took after Fugaku-teme' She thought with a sigh. Suddenly she was broken from her reverie when she heard Naruto running towards her shouting.

- With Naruto -

Naruto was ecstatic, he finally found Inu-neechan and he couldn't wait to spend the whole day with her if he could, after all, Hokage-jiji usually gave her a day off of duty on his birthday so she could spend it with him, Neko-neechan and Weasel-niisan usually got part of the day off as well so he could see them too. It made him slightly sad that he had never seen their faces as they couldn't remove their masks, but he felt better when he once asked Inu-neechan, he recalled that memory fondly


1 Year Earlier

"Hey Inu-neechan, can I ask you a question? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I wouldn't want to bother you." Naruto said shyly, after all, he had only met his Anbu protectors in person six months ago, he didn't want his new 'Neechan's' and his new 'Niisan' to leave because he asked to many annoying questions.

Kanako Looked up from her ever present orange book that none of her female friends could believe she read.

"Well Naruto-kun, I believe you just did ask a question, but yes I wouldn't mind answering a question I suppose." She said with a giggle in her melodious voice. "W-well, I was wondering how come you, Neko-nee, and Weasel-nii never take off your masks around me, I mean, you and Neko-nee must be really pretty under those masks, so why hide your faces around me, even when no-one else is around?" he said, completely oblivious that what he just said could be construed as flirting, Kanako gave an almost unnoticeable blush that never the less went unnoticed under her mask.

" Well Naruto-kun, to Anbu, our identities are closely guarded secrets, very few and only those we trust may see our faces whilst we are on duty," she started, oblivious to the expression of hurt and anguish on Naruto's face as she said 'those we trust may see our faces', suddenly Naruto spoke in a choked tone that made her immediately snap her head in his direction to see his expression, and the sheer pain reflected in it.

"S-s-so y-y-you don't t-trust me?" he said while tears started to well in his eyes, Kanako realizing her mistake, couldn't bear the look of pain and anguish he was giving, so she quickly wrapped him in a tight hug and whispered in his ear soothingly.

"NO NARUTO-KUN!, that's not it at all!" she said forcefully, surprising him before she continued. " All Anbu are usually ninja of renowned skill, even before we join Anbu, and especially after, so if someone were to find out our identity that was an enemy, they would find those closest to us and use them to get to us, we never want this to happen!" she said in a fierce but gentle tone, before continuing, her tone taking on a slightly fragile edge.

"I could not bear for something to happen to you! I have been forced to bury my teamates, and my sensei in my lifetime, in less than two decades I have lost nearly every person that was precious to me, except you, so I will not let anything happen to you because of me, I don't know what I would do if I lost you too Naruto-kun, does that answer your question?" Naruto was shocked at the sudden hug, and even more so at the words she spoke and the emotions they conveyed.

He relaxed into the hug. "Hai, Inu-neechan, it does, and thank yo, thank you for caring about me so much." he said as the tears in his eyes finally broke, but now they were tears of joy.


That had been the first time he had gotten a hug aside from the Hokage, and the first time anyone had said they cared for him in such an emotional way. Breaking out of his musings he called out to the beautiful Anbu as he ran over to her. "HEY, Inu-neechan, how's it going!".

Kanako turned around as he ran towards her and smiled underneath the Anbu mask. "Hello Naruto-kun, how are you doing?" she asked in amusement.

"Great, do you know what today is?" he asked excitedly. "Hmm, let me think, Hokage's day?" she said in a mock thoughtful tone. "Nope" he said quickly.

"Then is it buy two get one free on Icha Icha at my favorite bookstore?" she said in the same tone. "no!" he said. "Oh then it must be your birthday Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Yep!" he replied. Kanako reached into her pouch and pulled out a wrapped book, she then handed it to Naruto.

"Here you go happy birthday Naruto-kun, I'll take you out for ramen for lunch but for now why don't you go start reading that while we wait Neko and Weasel." she suggested.

"Yatta, I'll do that Inu-neechan, thanks for the book." Naruto exclaimed happily before running off to read the book while sitting with his back to the tree across the clearing.

Still standing by the memorial stone Kanako pulled another wrapped book from her pouch and tore off the covering. 'Finally I can read that limited edition signed copy of Icha Icha Tactics Jiraiya-sama sent me' she thought with as much excitement as Naruto had shown to begin reading his book.

Upon looking at the book in her hands she realized she had made a mistake, this was the book she meant to give Naruto.

'If I have the book I meant to give Naruto then that means Naruto must have my Icha Icha Tactics!' no sooner had she finished this thought then she sensed Neko's chakra signature across the clearing where Naruto was.

'Uh-oh, this won't be good, Yugao is going to accuse me of trying to corrupt him.' she thought before she turned around and started to walk slowly across the clearing where Naruto was talking to Yugao.

- With Naruto and Yugao -

As Kanako was discovering her mistake Naruto was reading the book not understanding much since what he was currently reading was meant for adults who actually understood what the scene was about. This is how Yugao found her favorite blond, sitting against a tree reading.

"Hello Naruto-kun what are you reading?" she asked still not recognizing the book yet since the cover was obscured by Naruto's knees. "Oh hey Neko-neechan, just a book Inu-neechan got me for my birthday, do you think you could explain what the characters are doing in this scene, what does it mean by when it says 'Chi chi moaned as Ichiro entered her', how do you 'enter' someone?" Naruto asked curiously, by now Yugao had a sneaking suspicion what the book was, but still couldn't believe Kanako would give a Seven year old smut.

"Naruto-kun, do you think I could take a look at that book?" she asked trying to restrain her rising ire. Naruto handed her the book and she turned it over and looked at the passage he had been reading and couldn't help the blush that spread across her face as she read it, her suspicions confirmed she was about to go over and chew Kanako out when she sensed her coming over.

"Neko-chan, Naruto-kun, I think I gave you the wrong book" she yelled as she approached. 'I guess that does make sense, she does tend to get a little spacey when she is thinking about reading a new Icha Icha.' thought Yugao.

"Oh really? Can I have the one you meant to give me?" asked Naruto. Kanako handed him the book and he took it, before he began reading he looked up at Kanako and Yugao, "But could you still explain what that scene in the other book was about?" he asked curiously.

Yugao wordlessly handed Kanako the Icha Icha and Kanako had to restrain the urge to crack it open. "Well Inu-chan, I suppose the damage is done, we'll have to give him the talk so he doesn't go to someone else and talk about it and inadvertently offend them" she said with a resigned sigh.

"I suppose I should handle this while we are awaiting Weasel, after all it is my fault." offered Kanako. "Thank you that's one talk I would rather not have to give" Yugao replied with a sigh of relief. Yugao wandered off as she heard Kanako start the conversation with Naruto. "Now Naruto, what you read in that book is what people do when they really love each other..." Kanako started in a tone which Yugao thought was much to excited for the task to come.

'Great she's probably trying to corrupt Naruto-kun and get him to read that book' thought Yugao as she lowered her head certain that her little brother figure was going to be lost to the 'perverted side'.

- 30 Minutes Later -

After a half hour all of Naruto's questions had been answered and he was blushing furiously while Kanako had gone back to reading her new book, meanwhile Yugao was huddled in the corner with a rain cloud hanging over her head while she rocked back and forth muttering things like 'I've lost him to the perverts' and 'stupid silver-haired hussies corrupting my otouto'.

This is the rather comical sight Itachi came across when he dropped down into the clearing. "Uh what's going on here, and what happened to her?" he asked while pointing at Yugao who was still huddled in the corner of the clearing muttering.

"Oh I accidently gave Naruto-kun the wrong book for his birthday so I had to give him 'the talk' and now she is despairing because she thinks I'm corrupting him." replied Kanako nonchalantly.

"I see, well me and Yugao have a mission for the Hokage, so unfortunately we won't be able to spend the day with you two today Naruto-kun, I think we'll just give you our presents from us and be on our way." he said, this seemed to snap Yugao out of her funk.

"Oh yeah that's right here you go Naruto-kun, happy birthday." She said tossing a package to Naruto. Inside were two objects, one was a book on basic chakra theory and introduction to the three basic academy jutsu, the second was a book on the basic academy Taijutsu katas.

"Thanks for the books Neko-neechan, now I can get a head start before the academy in a couple months, Inu-neechan, do you think you could help me practice?" he asked. "No problem Naruto-kun I would be happy to." said Kanako. Yugao pouted behind her mask at him not asking her for help, but she understood, out of all of them Kanako got the most time off to spend with him.

At this time Itachi came over and handed Naruto another package. Inside was a set of kunai and a set of shuriken, but the third item threw Naruto for a loop, although Yugao and Kanako understood even though they were curious why he would give one to a seven year old.

"Thanks for the kunai and shuriken Weasel-niisan, but what's with the paper?" questioned Naruto. " Well Naruto-kun, you remember how I taught you how to channel chakra" asked Itachi, upon getting a nod he continued, "Well this is what you call chakra paper, it is used to test elemental affinity, that way I will know what type of jutsu to teach you, I'll teach you a jutsu when you do something I think deserves a reward, think of it as an incentive to try extra hard in the academy, now go ahead and channel some chakra into the paper so we can see your affinity." Said Itachi.

Naruto took the paper between his thumb and pointer finger. "Ok here it goes" he said before channeling chakra. Now Itachi, Yugao, and Kanako were Anbu so there was very little that could shock them but what happened next had their eyebrows practically in their hairlines, and they're jaws dropped so far that their masks almost fell off.

As soon as Naruto channeled the chakra the paper floated out of his hand and stayed suspended above his palm which was now open, then the paper split a seemingly infinite amount of times until there remained only pieces smaller than a pinky nail, the pieces separated into four piles still floating above Naruto's palm, The first pile erupted into white-hot flames, the second completely dissolved into drops of water that continued to float, the third pile crumpled into a tiny ball while sparks of lightning kept sparking around it, the final pile turned into dirt. All three Anbu, even Itachi who was usually annoyingly stoic had the same thoughts ' .Fuck?'.

Naruto could sense the looks of disbelief, and while he didn't know what exactly happened, he had a feeling that this wasn't normal.

"Uh, I don't suppose that's normal is it?" he asked hesitantly. Itachi was the first to pull himself together enough to give an coherent reply.

"No Naruto-kun, no it's not, It would seem you have an affinity to all elements as well as an unknown element or type of manipulation, what's more the affinity's are extremely strong, basically all of them reverted to their base elements, the wind the paper, which would normally only cut it in half or at most fourths, cut an uncountable number of times; then it divided into four piles; fire usually will burn, but yours burned white hot; lightning usually wrinkles, but all the pieces crumpled together into a little ball that even had electricity going around it; water usually only gets damp, but yours turned completely to water; and earth will usually crumble, but yours turned completely to dirt, now you see what is unusual? And if that wasn't enough, it is rare to have even two affinities, not even mentioning three; but to have all affinities plus an unknown element? I have literally never heard of anything like it." Itachi finished his long explanation.

"So that means I'm really special? That's AWESOME!" he finished with a shout while jumping in the air.

While Naruto was jumping around shouting about how awesome he was, the three Anbu were talking amongst themselves about what this could mean.

"I meant what I said, I have never heard of this, what about you two?" questioned Itachi to the other Anbu. "Me either, what about you Kana- I mean Inu?" asked Yugao, catching herself before letting slip Kanako's name. " It seems familiar for some reason, but I can't place it; But more to the point, do you think it's some type of new or dormant kekkei genkai?" she said.

"I don't see how it could be anything else, I think me and Neko should report to Hokage-sama about this development immediately." stated Itachi. "I agree with Weasel, we'll see you two later." replied Yugao. "Alright, good luck." said Kanako.

"Naruto-kun, me and Neko-chan are going to report for our mission now, have a good birthday." Itachi shouted before he and Yugao shunshined away.

Kanako turned to Naruto and spoke "Well Naruto-kun, what do you say I treat you to that ramen now?" she asked. "Alright, Ichiraku, here I come" he exclaimed gleefully before they headed off in the direction of the village.

- Hokage's Office -

The professor Sarutobi Hiruzen was having a regular day, he got into his office and promptly started fighting his greatest foe to date, the bane of all Kage's, paperwork.

By noon he was begging for something to come up to give him an excuse to stop doing paperwork, and it seemed Kami was merciful because at this time Yugao and Itachi shunshined into his office and promptly bowed.

"Itachi-kun, Yugao-chan, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked in an jovial tone. "Hokage-sama I think it would be best if this conversation were to remain private, so maybe you should dismiss the other Anbu and activate the privacy seals, it is a matter of great importance." Itachi replied formally.

Taking note of his more than usually serious tone the grandfatherly air about the Hokage dissipated and was replaced with a serious one. "Very well." he said while signaling the Anbu to leave, he then pressed an button under the desk to raise the privacy barrier.

"Alright remove your masks and then tell me what this is about Itachi, Yugao?" he asked seriously. they did as asked before replying "It's about Naruto-kun-" Yugao started to speak but was interrupted quickly by the Hokage.

"What about him, has something happened?" he questioned in a worried tone. "Not at all Hokage-sama, it is simply something unusual we discovered about him." Itachi said hastily. "Well now I know nothing is wrong, you've piqued my interest." replied Sarutobi.

"Well you see, as you know today is Naruto's birthday, and we gave him some gifts, ones to help in the academy, from me he got a couple books, and from Itachi he got a set of kunai, a set of shuriken, and a piece of chakra paper to test his affinity." answered Yugao.

"Really testing his affinity, isn't he a little young?" asked the Hokage curiously.

"Maybe, but I wanted to know so that while he is in the academy he will try his hardest, so as a type of incentive I told him I would teach him a jutsu everytime he did something I thought deserved reward, and I am now even gladder I did it." he said with conviction, a hint of a smile on his face. "And why is that Itachi?" the Sandaime asked even more curious now.

"Because when he channeled chakra, first the paper floated above his palm, it promptly split innumerable times, then divided into four piles, one burst into white hot flames, another crumpled into a little ball with electricity sparking around it, another dissolved completely into water, and the final one turned to dirt." Itachi answered with an even bigger smile.

The pipe dropped from the Hokage's mouth and his eyes went so wide they threatened to pop from his head, he like Kanako felt this description was familiar, but unlike her it gave him the feeling that he was forgetting something vital, like a final piece of the puzzle, and every time he had it within reach, it slipped through his fingers, it was maddening.

Unaware of the Hokage's mental battle, Itachi spoke again, effectively breaking Sarutobi out of his musings. "We thought that maybe this was due to a either new, or dormant kekkei genkai, what is your opinion Hokage-sama?" queried Itachi.

"I believe you may be right, but for some reason that particular ability seems familiar, as if I heard of it long ago, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels I am forgetting some vital piece of information." replied the Hokage. "Yes Kanako said something similar, from that I deduce it might be a sign of an dormant kekkei genkai that may be awakening." Itachi supplied.

"Yes I would have to agree Itachi." said the old Kage. "Um, Hokage-sama, what do you think we should do with this information, in regards to Naruto-kun?" questioned Yugao. "Hmmm, I believe it would be best to keep this a secret, we don't need people like Danzo, or worse Kumo, getting wind of this, Kami know's he'll do anything to get his hands on him if he hears about this." the Hokage said with a sigh. "Hai Hokage-sama!" chorused the two Anbu.

"Hokage-sama, I would like to request I be allowed to train Naruto on his free time, I believe it would be wise to start helping him gain control of his elements right now, seeing as he has so many, with his reserves, and the strength of his affinities, I have an idea for a training method that should allow him to have complete mastery of them before he leaves the academy. I also believe that if I start drilling chakra control in as early as possible, he may not have the problem most Jinchuriki have in that they cannot control their chakra very well." said Itachi.

"Hmm, normally I would not agree to the training of one so young in such advanced subjects, but I believe this may be a good idea in this case, Not to mention that if memory serves correctly, you will have a lot less do deal with when it comes to Naruto soon enough, so yes Itachi you may begin training him next week." the Hokage replied.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." Itachi said gratefully. "I was not finished yet." the Hokage said quickly. " Before that, I want you to make sure he understand that this whole thing with his affinities is an S-rank secret, not to be told to anybody that does not already know unless I give permission for them to know, this may prove a good test to tell us how soon he can be trusted with the secret of his burden, should he prove able to keep this secret well, I believe we can tell him as soon as next year." the Hokage finished. "Hai Hokage-sama." said Itachi.

"Now, as to the mission I assigned you two today, you and later Kanako shall be patrolling the village, we have ambassadors from Kumo coming and I want to remain on guard just in case, I wouldn't put it past them to try something." he gave the order in a grim tone. "Hai Hokage-sama, I assume you will tell Kanako when she and Naruto come in to say hello today?" asked Yugao.

"Yes I think I will, I received a present from Jiraiya to give to him with my own." the Hokage said with a cheery smile. "If that is all we shall take our leave Hokage-sama." said Yugao. Sarutobi lowered the privacy barrier before replying. "Very well dismissed!"

Itachi found Naruto and Kanako on their way to the ramen stand, Naruto surprisingly understood very well the seriousness of keeping his ability a secret and took it very well.

- Ichiraku Ramen -

A half hour after talking with Itachi, we find our favorite blond going through the entrance flap of Ichiraku's Ramen, flanked by Kanako.

"Hey Oji-san, it's me, guess what today is." Naruto shouted. "Naruto is that you? I guess today is your birthday isn't it?" came the answering shout from the kitchen. Before Naruto could answer a white blur ran out from behind the counter and grabbed Naruto into a hug.

The figure turned out to be Ayame, the daughter of the ramen chef Teuchi. "Happy birthday Naruto-kun, Hold on a second, I got you something, I'll go get it." she said, and just as fast as she arrived she jetted off to get his present. about ten minutes later she came back out with a large toad plushy, it had to be about half as tall as Naruto, and at least twice as wide.

" I saw this and I don't know why but it just reminded me of you, I hope you like it." she said with a small blush. Naruto looked at the plushy for a second before yelling in delight and grabbing the plushy and hugging it tightly, with one arm, he used the other one to hug Ayame.

"Thanks Ayame-neechan, I love it." Naruto stated. Kanako and Teuchi, who had come from the back, smiled at the display. A couple customers glared in disgust at the display of the 'demon' actually being happy and quickly left the stand til it was just the Ichiraku's and Kanako and Naruto.

"Alright Naruto, what'll ya have today?" asked Teuchi jovially. "I'll have ten bowls of miso ramen with pork!" Naruto exclaimed happily. Kanako winced at the dent that would make in her wallet, but it was worth it if it was for Naruto. " Alright sure thing that will be right up." said Teuchi as Naruto and Kanako sat down at the table, Naruto sat the toad plushy down next to himself still hugging it tightly with one arm. Ayame seemed happy that he obviously loved her present so much. soon Teuchi came back with his ramen. Naruto ate quickly and he and Kanako left for the Hokage tower.
- Hokage Tower -

Naruto and Kanako entered the Hokage Tower, waving at the secretary who smiled back at them and told them they could go right up to the Hokage's office. Kanako was going to knock but Naruto decided on a different approach. He kicked the door open and ran in, "Hey Jiji, how's it going?" he asked excitedly.

Sarutobi smiled his grandfatherly smile at Naruto's antics. "Hello Naruto-kun, I am doing good, what about you, I heard you've had an eventful birthday so far." he said. Naruto, who was still clutching the toad plushy, smiled brightly.

"Yep, first I got an all new book from Inu-neechan, then two other books from Neko-neechan, then a set of kunai and shuriken plus learning about having all elemental affinities, and then I got this plushy from Ayame-neechan, it's been awesome." Naruto said,

Sarutobi only just noticed that Naruto was hugging the plushy. "Well I have some gifts of my own to give you Naruto-kun, the first matches that plushy, I figured you could use it to keep your money in, here you go." Sarutobi said as he tossed Naruto a wallet shaped like a toad. "Thanks Jiji." Naruto said happily.

"The second thing I have for you is slightly more sentimental, it was mine when I joined the Academy, and now I want you to have it, this is my ninja tool pouch." Sarutobi told him as he handed him the pouch. The leather of the pouch was slightly worn.

Naruto's eyes started to tear up at the prospect of being given such a sentimental gift like his surrogate grandfather's weapons pouch. "Th-thank you Jiji, I'll take good care of it." said Naruto as he attached the ouch to his belt.

"I'm sure you will Naruto, now enjoy the rest of your day, I'll see you tomorrow" the Hokage replied as he turned back to his paper work, awaiting the arrival of the Kumo delegate.

-Streets of Konoha, Clan Districts, Nighttime-

Naruto walked back home slowly, he had a great day, after he had seen the Hokage he had to part ways with Inu-neechan; but he managed to get her to take the toad plushy and keep it safe at her house so no villager could break in to his place and ruin it.

After that he had spent the rest of the day swimming and practicing throwing his kunai and shuriken. Now he was headed home, then he heard the soft sound of feet hitting the ground. Turning, he saw a figure running along the street carrying a bag that was wiggling, realizing he was seeing someone being kidnapped, he decided to shout out. "Hey you! What do ya think your doing?" The Figure cursed to himself.

This was supposed to be a simple mission for Akebino Genji, go to Konoha under the guise of an ambassador, use said guise to get a chance to scout the Hyuuga compound and then snatch the heiress and be out of the village before anybody even knew what happened.

At least that's what should have happened, but it seemed Konoha was far more suspicious than the Sandaime Raikage expected, so for the past twenty minutes since snatching the heiress, he spent his time dodging Anbu patrols and slowly making his way out of the village. Now to top everything else, this blond brat just shouted out probably alerting Anbu. So he couldn't help but curse.

"I said what are you doing?" said Naruto as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a kunai. Genji set down the sack and walked towards the blond.

"Kid, I'm only gonna say this once, forget ya saw me and walk away." he said. Unfortunately at this time the sack shifted so that the blond could see the girls face.

"Hey your kidnapping her! Well I aint gonna let you get away with it." declared Naruto as he threw the kunai and reached into his pouch and got another to throw it too.

He kept throwing kunai for about a minute but Genji would always dodge it lazily, finally having enough Genji went through some handsigns before shouting out his technique

"Raiton: Denji Supia!(Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Spear)" a bolt of lightning shot forth towards Naruto, it would have struck home and killed him if a silver blur didn't streak out in front of him at the last second. A figure stood in front of Naruto just as the lightning reached them, it struck the figure right in the shoulder. Up until now Naruto couldn't see the figure because of the intense light blinding him, but once his vision returned to normal his eyes went wide in horror. "I-Inu-neechan? NO INU-NEECHAN" he screamed in anguish as Kanako fell backwards towards him.

- With Kanako, 10 Minutes Earlier -

Kanako and several other Anbu were rushing about the village trying to locate the kidnapper. It seemed the Hokage had been right to assign extra Anbu to patrol tonight, because not even two hours after the festivities had ended word came that the Hyuuga heiress was missing and the Kumo ambassador was suspiciously not in his hotel room.

So now all Anbu were searching for him. It was at this point she heard Naruto's voice shouting something unintelligible not so far away. Not even hesitating she ran towards the location. What she saw there made her heart stop, there was the Kumo ambassador and a suspiciously wriggling sack by the wall, but those weren't important, what was, was the fact the Kumo nin had just completed handsigns and was sending a Raiton jutsu at Naruto. She quickly moved to jump in front of it to protect Naruto.

'Sensei, Obito, Rin-chan, I failed to protect you, but I won't fail Naruto-kun, even if it costs me my life!' she thought fiercely just as the jutsu hit her.

- Present Time -

Naruto couldn't believe it, he had just been trying to do the right thing, and now, one of his first friends, his Inu-neechan was laying beside him dying. "Inu-neechan, why, why would you did you risk yourself to save me?" he demanded while sobbing as tears began to fall.

"N-N-Naruto-kun, good, I got here in time, I saved you." she said as she started breathing more labouredly, blood was starting to trickle from the edge of her mouth. "But why?" he asked still crying.

"My teammates, my sensei. I've lost so many people, I failed to save them, but I swore when I met you that I wouldn't fail this time, that no matter what, I would protect you, so don't be sad for me." she said gently. Genji had
remained silent throughout this but now made his presence known. "Well, well, aint this touching I think I might cry, now if you don't mind kid, I think I'm gonna finish you off, and then I might take the chick with me, I might be able to get some fun out of her before she dies" he said, smirking evilly

Naruto felt angry, angrier than he ever felt before. An intense hatred for this man, a man that first nearly killed his Neechan, and now dared to threaten to rape her. His rage and anguish, sorrow and remorse continued to build.

Suddenly he clutched his head and huddled on the ground while screaming in agony. He felt an intense burning in his eyes before. While this was going on, Genji was walking forward slowly with a kunai in hand. Suddenly Naruto stopped screaming and was knelt on the ground panting. When he got within five feet of Naruto, the blond looked up and he immediately noticed something different. He disregarded it and decided to speak, in an attempt to intimidate the blond. "Any last words gaki" he asked menacingly. "Just two.." Naruto said

"Shinra... Tensei..."



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