This is my second fanfic so please, give me your worst! I need to know how I can improve!

Does it look like I own Inuyasha?

Summery: Set in modern times, Kagome is a singer in a band called Darkness. One day, her band is set to play with their biggest rivals Shadow. When Kagome meets the head singer of Shadow, Naraku, and sparks fly, will their relationship soar or burn? Naraku X Kagome, Sesshomaru X Oc, Kouga X Oc, Inuyasha X Kikyo, Bankotsu X Oc, Miroku X Oc.


Kagome's pov

I sighed. Yet another set back. Do people actually think we want to stay as table dancers? Do they actually think I'll let them force us to stay there? If only for my friend's sakes, I'll get us out of here.

"Hey Kags!" Bree yelled, running into our small apartment. Bree is one of my best friends. She's extremely small at a height of 5'0 at 21, but she makes up for it with the rage of King Kong and strength to match. She has long curly brown hair and her eyes change color depending on her mood. It's actually pretty cool. She's the youngest of the group but can drink us all under the table. It's really funny. The oldest of the group is Kikyo, my twin sister, she's older then me by a minute, but according to her, it counts. That leaves the second youngest, Blake, a playful sweetheart, who has long wavy red hair and bright green eyes, the 'middle child' Nana, who has short green hair and lime colored eyes, the flirt, Seri, who has waist length blond hair and dark purple eyes. Kikyo and I have shoulder length raven hair with blue brown eyes. Bree and Blake are 21, but Bree is a few months younger then her. Nana is 22, Seri is 23, and Kikyo and I are 24. We live together in this teeny, tiny apartment, but one day, that ALL will change. We all want to be singers. We've wanted that since kindergarten and one day, our dream will be a reality. I know it. We will be able to pay off our debt and be able to escape from club Shikon no Tama. One day…..

I hope.

so... hows the prologue?