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Everything's An Illusion

Chapter 7

"Please, you can do what you want with me but leave my baby boy." A voice pleaded.

A laugh echoed in the darkness. It was a laugh filled with glee and absolute malice. Everything turned white as a bright flash swallowed the darkness. A scream soon followed.

Harry sat up breathing hard while sweat covered his entire body. What was that he asked himself. Looking around he saw that he was in the infirmary. Curtains blocked his view as he grasped the white sheets he was laying on tightly.

Looking around he saw only darkness and shadows of the items around the room. Grasping at his chest to calm his erratic heart beat. Harry took deep breaths to calm his nerves.

Trying to figure out what he was doing in the infirmary but was met with only a headache. Grasping his head all he could remember was shattering glass and the rest was hazy at best.

As he laid back down onto the bed pieces of the night finally returned to him. The mirror that showed him his parents. The troll, the anger, the sadness that he felt. It all came crashing back with a force that had Harry tightly closing his eyes as beads of tears welled up.

He wiped his tear stricken face but the tears just kept pouring out. Laughing a humorless laugh at the situation he continued to laugh as he kept crying.

He finally had what he's aways wanted and the second he got it, it was taken away from him again. It was just so unfair. It hurt having to keep everything at arms length and having finally let his guard down, even if it was just an illusion, only to have his world shatter before his eyes. He continued to laugh, he continued to cry.

Looking down at his bandaged left hand he remembered that he had kept a shard of his broken hope. Taking the bandages off he saw that the wound was still fairly new as blood still seeped from it staining the once pure white sheets he laid on.

The cut was fairly deep so it looked like he would be sporting a brand new scar to add to his collection. To him this scar was more important to him than the one that made him famous. His hand tightened into a fist causing more droplets of blood to fall onto the already stained sheets.

"I see that you're awake Mr. Potter," a voice said.

Looking towards the doorway Harry saw that it was the headmaster. A bright smile was on his face while the his eyes twinkled even with the no light to cause it.

"Sir.." Harry said not quite sure what the Headmaster was doing here so late at night.

The man walked towards Harry's bedside and put a hand on his bloody fist.

"It seems you've been through a lot this evening, Mr. Potter."

Harry could only nod as he didn't know how to explain how he was even put in that situation.

"I owe you an apology for what has transpired here tonight," The man said with a sad tone of voice "I would never have expected that a mountain troll would be able to enter the school grounds and was unaware of its danger, for that I apologize for the danger you were put in."

Harry was at a loss for words, he didn't blame the man. He only nodded accepting the apology. The headmaster happy that his apology was accepted was about to leave but was stopped.

"Sir," Harry said causing the man to turn back to the injured boy "can I ask you something?"

"Of course my boy, what is it you need?"

Harry opened his mouth but found no words coming out. He didn't know how to ask. He didn't know what to say. They were dead and he knew that but they were there. He didn't know.

"M-my parents.." the only thing that could come out his mouth. "I-i saw them."

Professor Dumbledore didn't say anything and only looked at him, this time without a twinkle or a smile on his face. It was eerie in a way not seeing any emotion on the mans face but Harry, at this point, didn't care too much. He just wanted answers.

Taking out his wand he drew up letters in the air leaving behind 'Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohs'

Harry stared at the floating jumble of words and it hit him. It was the words written on the mirror.

"Sir," Harry asked with a bit of desperation in his voice "what does it mean?"

"I presume that you encountered a mirror during the events that led you to your current situation, am I correct?" To which Harry nodded to.

Sighing wearily the man explained to him everything.

"I show not your face but your heart's desire. The words written on the Mirror of Erised."

Then Harry realized that the words written wasn't just a bunch of random letters put together but that the words were merely backwards.

"The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror that doesn't show just your reflection but what you want most in the world."

Harry understood, but he wasn't happy about it. What was shown in front of him was just a trick, an illusion. The emotions that came with such an image made Harry even more angry. Taking the shard of what was left of the mirror out of his pocket Harry held it in his hands glaring at what it represented. Grasping the shard tighter, causing the wound on his hand to bleed even more, he threw the shard against the wall causing it to shatter into even tinier pieces.

Professor Dumbledore could only watch with sadness as the young boy struggles with the emotions raging within him. It was truly a sad experience to go through. From what he could understand the boy saw his dead parents within the mirror, only to have it be taken away from him once more. Life was surely cruel to Harry Potter.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that," Dumbledore said causing Harry to look at him. Once again taking out his wand Dumbledore wordlessly casted a spell on the shards of glass that laid on the floor causing it to float and come together once again to form as one. The tiny pieces meld together to form a small circular shape no bigger than a galleon. "But sometimes we need those dreams to live."

Plucking the floating round glass from the air he handed it to Harry who held it in his hands.

"Goodnight, Mr. Potter" the Headmaster said as he exited the room.

Harry looked at the piece of glass and his eyes widened. Inside the tiny melded glass was the same image he saw in the mirror. A beautiful woman with clear green eyes and beautiful red locks holding the hand of a man with messy black hair and glasses while waving at him. As fast as the image appeared it disappeared just as quickly.

Letting a few tears fall down his face Harry smiled and allowed the anger that he felt earlier dissipate.

It's been a few months since the events that unfolded during the Halloween feast. The Hogwarts rumor mill was at an all time high the day Harry was allowed to leave the infirmary. The rumors of him slaying the troll might be true but the details that went along with wasn't so much.

Tales of his deeds ranged from him talking the creature into retreating. to something ridiculous like fighting the creature with nothing but his bare hand. Truly the things people would believe from the word of a stranger astounded Harry.

Harry sighed as he walked along the path to the quidditch pitch while Lee talked animately next to him. With the last quidditch match before the up coming Christmas vacation, everyone was in great spirit.

Harry wasn't really that interested in quidditch. The sport relied too heavily on one man to win the game. The game does seem intense and exciting but the whole thing just seemed too simple for Harry's liking.

"Ohh, we're going to destroy Slytherin today!" Lee exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

"They won't know what hit 'em! The team is stacked this year. With the girls offense and Wood's as captain this year, I'm sure we'll win the cup!"

Harry had seen the team practice before, since the majority of his closest friend played for the team anyways. They were pretty good, from what he could deduce. The chemistry was definitely there since pretty much everyone was friends with each other but the trust the players had with one another and talent each player had made the team a strong and fluid machine.

"10 galleon's say that Slytherin win's easily." A voice from behind the two of them said, causing the pair to turn around. Behind them with a smirk on his face was Draco Malfoy and his ever faithful gorilla's standing behind him. What made Harry raise his eyebrow though was the two girls that stood to Draco's left.

The one girl he hadn't met before. She wore the same Slytherin robes like the rest of them. She was slightly taller than Draco but only by hair. She had light hazel eyes that seem to change colors ever so slightly with the way the the sun reflected on them. Her wavy brown hair was pulled back by a green headband that showed off her pretty face. The girl had a cheerful smile on her face, a look that was hardly seen on any Slytherin. The usual Slytherin facial expression usually corresponded with an negative emotion making the grin look more foreign.

The other girl, Harry had already met a couple times before. Her cold blue eyes showed no emotion as she looked to her left as if the confrontation was beneath her.

"I even bet that one lion won't be finishing the game conscious." Draco said as the two boy's behind him laughed.

Lee scowled at the remark, "Move along little Malfoy."

Draco glared at the boy for the 'little' comment causing Lee to smile at how easy it was to anger the young Slytherin.

"Shut your mouth Jordan," the two boys behind him clenching their fists in a threatening manner, "before you say something you'd regret."

Lee was about to respond back but was cut off by the girl with the green headband.

"Now, now little Draco," the girl started with a teasing smile causing Draco to flush with embarrassment, "there's no need for such threatening behavior."

To Harry's surprise Draco mumbled a begrudging sorry causing the girl to pet the boy as if he was a child that did good. Draco swatted at her hand causing the girl to giggle. Turning towards Harry she extended a hand.

"Tracy Davis," she introduced "It's nice to finally meet you Harry Potter."

Harry stared at the hand for a second before hesitantly shaking it.

"It's nice to meet you too." Harry said keeping his eyes locked into hers.

"I believe you've already met my friend here," she said gesturing to Daphne who was still looking away as if anything but the confrontation was more interesting. Harry nodded yes causing the girl to smile even brighter.

"I like your necklace," Tracy said reaching over and grasping the jewelry that hung on Harry's neck.

It was the melded up fragments of what was left of the Mirror of Erised. Since coming out of the infirmary Harry had made it into a necklace and hasn't taken it off since. The tiny mirror had been a source of another set of rumor that had surfaced once everyone noticed it. The infirmary was the last time Harry had seen his parents within the necklace. The only thing it showed now was the reflection of who ever stared into it.

Tracy's eyes widened for barely a second as she looked into the piece of jewelry but it happened so fast Harry thought he was just seeing things.

"Interesting," Tracy said letting go of the necklace "I like you Harry!" The girl exclaimed.

Throwing her arm over his shoulder she led him towards the quidditch pitch with Daphne following shortly behind. Harry struggled but found his efforts to be futile so he just allowed the girl to lead him leaving behind a gawking Lee and Draco.

As they walked students gave them weird looks, not used to a Gryffindor with a Slytherin. Harry just scowled at the situation and kept his mouth shut.

The girl continued to grin widely as she led the boy around.

Once they were in front of the stadium Tracy finally released Harry causing the boy to take a step back and glare at her, which only serve to make her smile more if that was even possible.

"Well thank you for the company Harry," Tracy said brightly "I'm sure we'll see you around!"

Taking Daphne's hand Tracy and her made their way towards the Slytherin stands while Harry just shook his head and waited for Lee to catch up.

Harry sat in a sea of red and gold with his fellow peers in the Gryffindor section of the Quidditch pitch stands. The pitch sported three fifty foot poles with hoops on them at each end of the five hundred foot pitch. The Stadium was also elevated so that the spectators could have better views of the game from an elevated position.

Suddenly, the crowd began to cheer wildly as seven players - each wearing mainly red colored Quidditch robes - came walking out of the changing rooms. The one in the lead - obviously their captain - was Oliver Wood. Leading his team out to the pitch as they lined up with their brooms in hand near the referee, Madam Hooch, awaiting their opponents.

The cheers almost instantly changed to jeers and sounds of disapproval, completely drowning the cheers given by the Slytherin house. The captain, a boy Harry didn't recognize, led his team out to face the Gryffindors.

The two captains shook hands before Hooch released the golden snitch into the sky before releasing the bludgers. Finally, she picked up the Quaffle and flew up into the air with it under her arm, only to release it and start the game.

Like rockets, the Slytherin Chasers shot towards the Quaffle, taking it as their own and began their advance on the Gryffindor goal. One of the Slytherin chasers performed an impressive feint and allowed the Quaffle to pass him straight into the Slytherin captain's hands. He flew at the goal that was being guarded by Wood and pulled his arm back to make a shot only to fake it and pass to his completely open Chaser team mate who had no opposition and put the Quaffle through the hoop.

10 - 0 to Slytherin.

Harry saw Tristan Smith, the Seventh year seeker for Gryffindor, circling the pitch from above, probably looking for the golden Snitch.

The match didn't get much better for the Gryffindors from there with the Slytherin chasers flying rings around the Gryffindor teams. Smith had spotted the snitch four times already, but with clever usage of the bludgers from the Slytherin beaters and careful maneuvering on Flint's, Slytherin's captain, part, they were able to cut off all of his attempts to capture or even come close to the snitch while continuously scoring more and more goals.

The score was now 80 - 30 to Slytherin, the Gryffindor keeper seemed to be inexperienced, but not exactly bad.

"Wood's doing pretty well out there," Harry said to Lee, not taking his eyes off of the game, "considering Slytherin could be up almost 250 already had he not made those saves."

Lee shrugged, "Who cares? I'm just watching the girls fly - OOOH! WHAT A NICE AS-!" the boy was cut off by Professor McGonogall with a cry of 'Mr. Jordan!" that had the whole stand laughing as Harry shook his head.

Harry continued to watch as Slytherin's zone defense kept the Gryffindor chaser's at bay. It was clear that the girls were much more talented on the broom and should the game be a fair one on one then the score wouldn't be in Slytherin's favor. Unfortunately the rough play of the Slytherin players and the quick coverages had the Gryffindor chasers rattled.

"Why do you care about the Seekers so much?" Harry asked his friend, watching as Slytherin defended their goals with a perfect zone defense, not allowing the Gryffindors a clear shot at the goal. "Sure, they can win the match if they catch the Snitch, but Flint is making sure that doesn't happen while he tallies up the score for Slytherin. If things go the way they are, even if Smith catches the snitch, they still won't win."

Lee stopped his commentating and covered the mic to answer Harry's question. "That's true, in school games the game is most likely decided by the seeker." He began ""on the professional and international levels, it's more of a tactical game and while the seekers are in a position to lead each other around, players like Flint have a much greater impact on the game because they can interact with all of the players on the field and still do their job," he explained, as if reciting from a book.

Harry nodded at the logic. He figured Lee was just a big Quidditch fan he didn't think that the boy knew so much knowledge about the inner workings of the game. "If that's the case then wouldn't that suggest that a professional chaser is more important that a professional seeker?" Harry asked. "Then why are they valued and fawned over when they aren't necessarily the most important players?"

"No one said they weren't," Lee responded, "The game ends when the Seeker catches the snitch, so, obviously, they would be the star attraction," he lectured. "Also, in doing so they score the equivalent of fifteen goals in points which is usually only equaled by a combination of three players working together," he said. "Then there's the battles between the two Seekers and how they can disrupt plays, which is much more common on a professional level."

As if reading his thoughts, Smith swooped down and swatted away a pass that would have had Flint in the open to score another goal towards his own team mate before returning to circle the pitch.

"Okay, but given all of that, what do you think would be more valuable to a professional team, a world-class Chaser with good teamwork with his fellow chasers or a world-class Seeker?"

Lee stopped watching and commentating the game all together and turned to his friend in interest. "Why do I get the feeling that my answer to this question will have serious repercussions for the Wizarding World and the world of Quidditch?" he asked causing Harry to grin.

Lee seemed to think for a bit with a calculative gleam in his eyes before answering. "A world-class Seeker will always be more fun to watch, mainly because of their aerial acrobatics and fast paced battles, but a world-class chaser can control a game much more easily with the assistance of his two other chasers and seeing as how Quidditch games on professional levels are played in a series of who scored most points, the Chasers would probably be more important," he answered, "and hypothetically, if say, someone I knew wanted to play Quidditch, and that someone was really good at football, they would make more then a decent Chaser, especially if, hypothetically again, that person was a good centerfielder and was used to controlling the tempo of a game...hypothetically of course" he finished with a grin.

Harry chuckled, "It's midfielder you git," he said, but he didn't correct his friend.

The game ended with the score of 210 - 200 with Slytherin barely winning. Even with Smith catching the snitch the defense and offense the Slytherin chasers exhibited was too much for the less experiences Gryffindor chasers.

The days passed by with Christmas just around the corner. Students who were leaving to return home for the yule break had just left while Harry and opted to stay along with the Weasley Twins. Lee, Alicia, Katie, and Angelina had left to go spend the holiday with their family but not before wishing the boys a merry Christmas.

The holiday flew by with Harry and the twins mostly pranking the remaining professors that stayed and flying around the quidditch pitch. It was the happiest Christmas break Harry had ever had.

On Christmas morning the twins dragged Harry out of bed at the crack of dawn so they could open up their presents. This was the first time Harry received presents on Christmas so naturally he too was very excited.

Harry started out with opening a present from the girls and was very pleased when he recieved an assortment of candies and other sweets. Lee had given him a new book called 'Quidditch through the Ages' which he liked very much.

The next present was a box from the twins. He looked at the two with apprehension, not quite sure if he should expect to be covered in paint should he open the present. The two merely smiled at him innocently to which he just snorted and uncovered the box.

Thankfully nothing exploded and covered him with anything. Peering into the box he found a picture of him and his friends having breakfast and just laughing. Giving both guys a hug and a thanks he was met with full blown laughter.

Puzzled at the boys reaction the looked down and saw that his skin had turned pink. Grumbling at the prank, he should have expected that something like that would have happened.

Returning to his gifts once he turned back to his orginial skin color he was met with surprise that he had received a sweater made by the twin's mother as well.

The last present however was what Harry liked the most, it was wrapped up in a thick brown paper with only a small note attached to it. He opened it and found a very big cloak, but when he put it on Harry had found that he had turned invisible. They quickly figured out that this was an invisibility cloak which were very rare and priceless, Harry looked for a name on the present but only found the small note with a sentence written on it. It read:

This was given to me by your father just before his death. It's time I returned it to its rightful owner. Use it well.

Harry couldn't be more happy, for the first time he had something that belong to his parents. For years he had dreamed of something that would tie him with them and now he had a fantastic invisibility cloak.

Harry then spend a lovely day with the rest of the people who stayed at Hogwarts and they even had dinner at the teachers table with the professors. Harry asked several questions to Prof. McGonagall and Flitwick about Transfiguration and Charms, he even asked a few questions about his parents which they happily answered.

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