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... Dreams of Silver ...

4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England; July 30th, five minutes till midnight

It was nearing midnight when Harry Potter looked at the little digital clock with cracked glass he had on his similarly damaged bed-side table. He has looked at it repeatedly throughout the day, counting every minute till the midnight. He was just so close to his sixteenth birthday.

July 31st has always been a date he looked forward to during the whole first half of summer, but only two days ago the date has gained an importance of a whole new level.

Harry has been overjoyed when a letter was brought by an owl on July 29th in which he was told Remus and Sirius had actually won the custody of him. Something all three of them had prayed for since the very bottom of their hearts and set their minds on since the bonding ceremony of the two Marauders in late June.

It was a beautiful event and also something Sirius and Remus had to overcome long years of pain and betrayal from unexpected people for, however once it was finally happening they couldn't have been happier for being given the chance.

It was by a stroke of luck that one of the Death Eaters which were captured after the victorious Battle of the Department of Mysteries had been Peter Pettigrew... The fact that Voldemort has been pushed into the Veil was a very pleasant detail to the day also and thanks to it no one really thought of punishing the group of students which broke into the Ministry and shouldn't have been there.

Since then everything has gone quite well. The Ministry has been reconstructed and since the capture of Wormtail the new officials went out of their way to try to lessen the damage done on Lord Black and put his trial on the top of their "to do" list.

The Battle and the final defeat of Voldemort happened on 18th od June.

Sirius was freed on June 21st after finally being given a trial and proved innocent... it was also a day he proposed to Remus, doing so immediately after he got to his vaults for a ring he had prepared to use for the same opportunity over a decade ago, before the plan fell through.

The only other trial of that day has been as surprising to the wizarding community as the full pardon and refunding of the damage to Sirius was. For it was one Lucius Malfoy who was also freed that day, having been found to have been under a spell which has ended when the one to keep him under it - his wife - was killed by her Master accidentally when a curse meant for one of the Aurors hit her. An accident which no one really minded. After that the Malfoy patriarch took to start his connections all over again with a clean slate.

For Sirius who spent first two days freed thinking whether to run around in the open space or start making up for his absence due to hiding with his fiancé - the latter had won - the Head of a rivalling pure-blooded family was as interesting as his mother's screaming portrait though.

After getting the initial happiness overload off his system Sirius took to plan the bonding ceremony which the animagus and the werewolf wanted to have as soon as possible and which happened on June 27th.

The request for taking over Harry's custody was filled on the very same day, the process starting immediately.

What however no one - or maybe nearly no one - expected has been an interference by Albus Dumbledore "thanks" to which instead of staying in the renovated Grimmauld place with the newlyweds Harry had to go back to Dursleys until the process was finalized. The main argument for that was that there were rogue Death Eaters still. A statement Sirius pronounced was "an utter bull-shit" for there would still be Death Eaters the Ministry would not be able to catch... and who would be better to protect Harry than his almost family? The people the Potters actually stated in their wills for Harry to be taken to in case of their deaths?

However neither Harry nor his godfather with his husband could do anything and so they had to wait until the custody has been either denied or granted. They really hoped for the latter of the two to become reality.

And on the morning of July 29th a letter came.

The custody has been indeed granted, making Remus and Sirius Harry's parents in the eyes of law as of July 31st. Harry could move to Grimmauld place 12 to his new parents. There was nothing he wanted more than that. He finally wanted peace and to get out of the hell the Dursley's house was to him... to free himself of the cage he was forced to live in, was a good start for that.

Along with the official letter from Ministry a joint letter from the Marauders came also, stating that they would come for him as soon after Harry's turning sixteen as they could. Harry expected it to be sometime during the night. One never knew with the two Marauders. Their plans were thought through to a point and usually a bit confusing. It was true all the more if Sirius was the one to make the plans as they tended to be a bit disorganized, thus unpredictable completely. It however mattered to Harry only a little as he loved both of his adoptive fathers and was looking forward to his life with them, the possible pranks included.

Lost in his thoughts Harry nearly missed the switch of the digital clock, only turning his attention to them few seconds before midnight. What however came on midnight was more than a beeping sound he set to go off once the exact time passed.

As the clock happily continued advancing in time doing so in red numbers Harry was overcome by a wave of pain followed by another... and another... and another. It felt as if his body was turning itself from inside out and then back and it was no wonder that even Harry with his enforced high tolerance for pain was soon screaming in agony.

He only vaguely heard the banging on the door and his uncle screaming something at him.

He only vaguely heard the many locks be opened and heard the door creak as they opened.

He almost did not even see the light which came into the room from the opened door. It was more than his little lamp by his bed could ever hope to produce.

He did not take in his surroundings. He only felt his body convulsing in the waves of pure pain as he coughed blood on the carpet-less floor, more and more of it coming with each breath he took.

Then however, all of sudden the pain subsided and Harry could hear, see and feel again, the first of sensations being magic returning into his body which he never knew has been released during the strange, agonizing experience.

However it was at that moment that new pain started also. A more of a familiar one, for it was delivered more than often and more than a few times during each of his summers.

"You freak!" Vernon Dursley screamed as he kicked into the body half-curled on the floor in a puddle of blood with vigour one would not expect from a man his size.

"Why can you not let us sleep? Do you think we want to be infected with your freakishness?"

Harry however switched off, not listening to his uncle's ramble which always accompanied his "rightful punishments". He only took all the kicks and punches thrown at him, not having the strength to run... as it happened all the time, unfortunately.

"I wish I could throw you out of the window, but that has been forbidden. I..." it went on and on, the words sometimes repeating itself. Until a sudden stop had been put to it as a new voice rang through the room.


The kicks stopped out of surprise and the fat man turned to the entrance to the excuse of a room, only to come face to face with a man who pointed his wand at him.

"Get out of my house you freaks!" Vernon screamed, seeing another man in the door who went past the fat man to check Harry for extent of damage done.

It was not difficult for a werewolf like Remus to recognise there were more stages of the abuse, some of the bruises taking on a yellowish tint, some of the welts on the boy's back - which he noticed only because Harry hissed slightly once touched - seeming to had become infected... Oh, yes, one Remus Lupin would be tempted to let Moony out to play, it was only few days till full moon after all, but...

It was in all that damage that the werewolf could recognise something which was not induced by a human, not to mention a muggle. And it was that damage that made him the most uneasy, for he could not place its source in his anxiety over the other wounds... It would not be wise to make Harry suffer from it for much longer.

"Let's go Siri." Remus sighed as he waved his wand over Harry to heal as much as he could. He knew they would need an aid of a medi-witch or wizard anyway, but it still made the werewolf more at ease if he felt his cub's life was not threatened by blood loss.

"But this man..." the Head of the Black family started as he pressed his wand at the pulse point of the whale of a man.

"I know what he did Siri... but Harry needs us." Remus said sadly as he gathered the boy - who has finally given in to the pain and let himself sink into the black of unconsciousness - into his arms. "Gather Harry's things and we can go."

As much as Sirius wanted to punish the man for what he has done, his son's safety had a higher priority in his list. And so he did a basic summoning charm and Harry's belongings started to fly from around the house and into the Hogwarts trunk Remus has literally sniffed out in the cupboard under the stairs when they came. Sirius hated to think about how small that thing was... for he could easily guess from the little bed in there what was its previous purpose... that someone actually slept there... and it sure as hell hadn't been Dudley.

Once the little amount of Harry's possessions stored itself in the trunk the two men and their newly acquired son left the house.

If Harry was still awake then he would have thought the same thing his dads did as they looked at Privet Drive 4 for the last time before they apparated away.

'Never again.'

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