The Injury: Part One

Obi-Wan tapped his finger on his desk as he stared at his Galactic Politics exam scores. He sighed. They were good scores, no doubt about that, but it made him realize just how much he hated politics. Politicians were easily corrupted and they fight for their own agendas and not for their people.

Obi-Wan leaned back in his chair and tossed his scores on the desk. He wanted to show his Master his scores. Qui-Gon would be proud, he hoped. They had only been Master and Padawan for almost half a year now and he really wanted to make his Master proud. They weren't the best scores, but better then Obi-Wan thought he was going to get, a lot better. Qui-Gon, though, was on a short mission to Alderaan. It was a simple, non-threatening mission. He was just standing in as a representative of the Republic in some national holiday of theirs. Because of the non-threatening nature of the mission, he decided to leave Obi-Wan behind in order to take his exam in his Galactic Politics class.

Obi-Wan left his sleeping quarters and headed for the balcony doors. Speeders and ships flew pass his vision, the tall buildings casted shadows and blocked his view from the lowering sun. He stood there watching each ship, as he had been doing for the past few days. Qui-Gon was due home any day now and he couldn't wait to see him. It wasn't just because he missed him, though he did miss him. It was something else. Obi-Wan had been restless all day. He couldn't help but think something happened, something bad. He groaned in frustration as he leaned his forehead against the cool glass of the doors. If only he could figure out what was wrong. The Force was buzzing with some warning, but he couldn't pin point what it telling him.

The chime on the door pulled him from his thoughts. He headed for the door and opened it. He grinned, his bad feeling momentarily leaving him as he grinned at his friend. "Bant! Come in." He moved aside to let his Mon Calamari friend into the apartment.

"Evening, Obi-Wan." She greeted. "I was just wondering how you did on your exam? Garen got a perfect score."

Obi-Wan nodded as he led her to his sleeping quarters. "I know. He didn't even study!" He started to complain as he went to his desk. He picked up the datapad with his scores and handed it over to Bant. "He is not even in the field of politics like I am. His Master has him in the Starfighter Corps. Sith, Bant!" He swore, glad Qui-Gon wasn't there to hear it. "That's flying a freakin' ship! That doesn't have anything to do with politics like negotiating does!"

Bant stared at him, not evening glancing down at the scores. She tilted her head. "You finished?" She asked, sounding highly amused.

Obi-Wan felt his face turn red and he nodded. "Yeah." He muttered.

"Garen didn't help you study, did he? Like he promised he would." Bant observed before glancing down at his scores. Obi-Wan didn't bother answering her, knowing she knew Garen didn't. "Force, Obi-Wan! Why are you complaining? This is a good score!" She said, looking up.

"For an average padawan, maybe, but not for someone going into politics." He pointed out. "I should have done a better job."

Bant shook her head. "You're only fourteen, Obi-Wan. You don't know everything yet." She said, her eyes twinkling with mirth, knowing it was impossible to know everything.

Obi-Wan sighed and nodded. "I know. I'm just frustrated at Garen." He admitted. "And worried for Qui-Gon." And he didn't want to disappoint him. He wanted to be the best padawan he could possibly be and that was getting the best scores he could get on the exams.

Bant looked up in surprise. "What for? I thought he was on a very simple mission to Alderaan."

"He is. It's just a bad feeling I have."

"What sort of…." She was interrupted by the buzz on the door.

Confused who it could be, Obi-Wan excused himself to answer it. Bant followed him out into the main room and to the door.

The door swished open and Obi-Wan stepped back in surprise. "Master Tahl." He narrowed his eyes in concern. She looked concerned, worried. Her dark hair was in disarray and her tunic needed straightened. Her stripped eyes were wide, unseeing. The Force around her even buzzed with distracted concern.

"Master." Bant greeted. "What's wrong?" She asked, detecting the same things Obi-Wan noticed.

Tahl blinked and glanced at her, like she just realized she was there. "Padawan." Bant and Obi-Wan shared a look. "Obi-Wan…" Tahl started to say, bringing his attention back to her. "It's Qui-Gon."

That little sentence seemed to stop Obi-Wan's heart for a moment. He froze and his brained couldn't seem to function. "I…what hap…where is he?" He finally managed to spit out. His heart was pounding in his chest from nerves. His fingers were clinched tightly into fists to stop his hands from shaking.

"He's with Healer Le'Shing."

Obi-Wan didn't hesitate. He rushed out of the apartment, pushing pass Tahl, and running down the corridor. He had no sense of who he was rushing by and who, if anyone, was following him. His feet were pounding against the floor, his heart hammering heavily inside his chest, his mind racing with fear. His mind felt frozen with fear, unable to think coherent thoughts. He rushed as quickly as he could to the Halls of Healing.

He jumped impatiently on his heels as the door to Healer Dash Le'Shing's wing seemed to open a tad slower than usual. He could feel a lump in his throat with fear and worry. He knew it was bad by the way Master Tahl looked and acted. He couldn't lose his Master. He couldn't. Qui-Gon was his mentor, friend, and, most of all, his father. He couldn't leave him now. He needed to train him, see him pass into Knighthood and beyond. Qui-Gon needed to be there when Obi-Wan needed advice and comfort. He couldn't leave him now. He couldn't! Obi-Wan didn't want or need another Master. He would rather go to the Agri Corps then have a different Jedi Master. Qui-Gon had only been his Master less than half a year. How could this have happened? It was no fair.

He rushed into the white room. There was no one there but a young padawan at the desk. Obi-Wan rushed to the human girl, Padawan Lan-Ha, if he could remember correctly. "Where's Qui-Gon? What happened? I need to see him." He demanded franticly.

The padawan glanced up with her bright blue eyes and gave him a pitiful look. "You can't see Master Jinn at this moment, Padawan Kenobi. You…"

"What do you mean I can't see my Master? I need to see him." Obi-Wan stressed. "I need to be there with him."

Padawan Lan-Ha shook her head. "You're going to have to wait for Healer Le'Shing. Why don't you sit down while I let him know you are here?" She said calmly as she nodded her head towards the chairs by the wall behind Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan didn't even glance at the chairs. "Can you tell me anything? What happened? How is he? How serious it is?" He asked, needing answers. He should have gone with him. He shouldn't have stayed behind for a stupid exam. A stupid, stupid exam!


He quickly turned and saw Master Tahl by the doorway with Bant trying to catch her breath next to her.

She led Bant to one of the chairs and waved Obi-wan over. "Come, Padawan Kenobi. We can't do anything but wait. I'll tell you what we know."

Obi-Wan nodded and made his way to the chairs and sat down next to Bant. Now that he was there, he could feel himself become numb with emotion. He stared at the white floor before make his way up to Master Tahl. "He was on Alderaan, Master Tahl. The mission was supposed to be a peaceful, quick, and sounded like a boring one. How…?" He asked.

Master Tahl nodded, giving him a sympathetic look. "It was, Obi-Wan. The mission was a peaceful one. It didn't happen on the mission. The ship was attacked on his way home."

Obi-Wan spun around in his seat to fully face her, not caring, at the moment for common courtesy or rank. "Still, Master Tahl. He was coming home from Alderaan!" He emphasized. "That's…what?…less than a half a day away from here with hyperspace engines? Who attacks public vessels this deep in the Core?" He asked. "This shouldn't have happened. This couldn't have happened this close to home! Who could have been stupid enough to do that? He should have been safe."

Master Tahl reached around Bant and laid a comforting hand on his shoulders. She leaned forward. "I know, Obi-Wan. The pirates were bloodthirsty and looking for revenge on a passenger that betrayed them. They didn't care if they were caught afterwards, as long as revenge was met. Qui-Gon was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He tried to help the passenger, but there were many pirates and one of them managed to inject him with something. He hasn't woken up since." She pulled her hand away. "He was in a bad shape when the ship came in."

Obi-Wan looked away and stared numbly at the ground. His mind kept picturing Qui-Gon, injured, dying and he closed his eyes in hopes to stop it, but it didn't. Instead, it seemed to bring the image into focus. He shook his head, trying to take the image out. He looked up to the sound of a door swishing open. He quickly stood up along with Bant and Master Tahl. He stared expectedly at Healer Le'Shing.

"Dash," Master Tahl greeted. "How is he?" She asked as she took a step forward.

The Epicanthix Healer sighed, his eyes weary and his shoulders slumped. Obi-Wan didn't take that as a good sign. His eyes widened with fear when he saw the spots of blood on the Healer's white tunic and trousers. There was only one person whose blood that could belong too. Qui-Gon's. "I put him in the bacta tank, but…" He shook his head. His eyes flickered over to Obi-Wan's eager face before settling back on Tahl. He stepped aside from the doorway. "You may see him now."

Obi-Wan wasted no time. He rushed pass the healer and Master Tahl, only to pause when he caught sight of the bacta tank. Qui-Gon was floating inside. His eyes were shut, the breathing unit over his month as his hair floated around him. His bare chest showed many wounds he had gotten from the pirates. His face was swollen from the bruises. Obi-Wan felt someone stand next to him in quite support, but he couldn't tear his eyes from his Master. He took a step forward only to pause when he heard Healer Le'Shing address Master Tahl quietly behind him.

"Tahl…" The healers voice was quiet, telling Obi-Wan he had no wish to be overheard.

"What is it, Dash?" Master Tahl asked just as quietly.

Obi-Wan kept remained faced forward to not let on that he could hear them. He knew whatever Healer Le'Shing was about to say, it was about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan needed to know everything. Qui-Gon was his Master. He had the right to know everything, bad and good.

"It's not good, Tahl. The bacta tank is the only thing keeping him alive right now. I don't know how long it would last. The virus the pirates injected him with…" There was a pause. "…do you know where his younger brother is? With his parents dead, his brother is his last chance of survival. Unless you know of any other close family members."

Obi-Wan eyes widened and he felt Bant take hold of his arm. Obviously, she could hear the healer talking to Master Tahl as well.

Master Tahl gasped. "What are you saying, Dash?"

"The blood of a close relative is what Qui-Gon needs. Without it, he will die. The virus is attacking his blood cells and is…"

There was a sudden buzz in his ear and Obi-Wan stared straight ahead, unable to hear the rest. His eyes located his Master's floating form inside the tank. His heart felt like it was falling apart. It was the only thing he could hear, the pounding of his heart, the rush of his blood in his veins. He heard that sentence echoing around in his brain. "He will die", "He will die". No. No, he couldn't be dying. He couldn't die. This couldn't be happening. No, not him. Please not him. No. His heart was shouting 'no' over and over again with each pounding beat it made in his chest. It was almost painful.

"His…his brother…I don't know, Dash." Master Tahl stuttered, her voice sounding very distant to his ears, like she was speaking quietly over a static comm. unit. "Last I heard, he…he moved out to the Outer Rim. I…I don't know where he is. This can't be."

"Then, it's time to say your goodbyes to him, but I can't guarantee he'll hear you." A pause. Obi-Wan could feel eyes on the back of his head. "Someone would have to tell Obi-Wan."

"Obi-Wan!" Master Tahl said to herself in realization.

The buzz disappeared almost as quickly as it came and Obi-Wan snapped his head up, realizing what Master Tahl must have realized. He was Qui-Gon's son. The closest relative he had right now, in both sense. His blood could work….but, no one knew about their connection besides Master Tahl.

Knowing the conversation behind him was done; Obi-Wan began to walk slowly to the bacta tank. He could feel Bant walking with him to continue to offer him her silent support. Although he barely acknowledged her support, he was grateful. He reached up and touched the glass. "Master?" He said through their bond. There was nothing but silence from the other end. "Don't go, Master. Please, Master. Just hold on, Master. Hold on. Everything will be alright, Master. Just hold on." He kept repeating through the silent, cold bond between them.

A hand touched his shoulders. "Come, Obi-Wan." Master Tahl said softly. "There is something I need to tell you in private."

Obi-Wan took his hand of the glass and nodded. "Yes, Master Tahl."

Master Tahl led him to a private room off the bacta tank room. It was one of the resting room, with a sleeping couch for victims who just got out of tank. She closed the door behind her and as soon as the door swished shut, Obi-Wan turned to her, quickly pulling his sleeve up and held out his arm. "Take my blood." He demanded. "Qui-Gon can't die. So, take as much as he needs. You could tell the healer anything you want, but just make sure Qui-Gon lives. Please." He begged.

Tahl paused and blinked as she stared at him. Her eyes were wide with surprise. "You overheard." She whispered in realization.

Obi-Wan didn't know if she meant overheard her and the healer or overheard her conversation with Qui-Gon. However, since he had eavesdropped on both, he nodded his head without asking for clarification. "Yes."

Tahl stared at him for another minute before nodding. "Okay, Obi-Wan. Get on the sleeper. We'll have to make this quick before Healer Le'Shing comes looking for us."

He quickly sat on the sleep couch and watched as Tahl moved a chair closer to him before going through the room, looking for the device she needed. "You won't tell him that I know, will you?" He asked.

She paused at a cupboard and turned to him. "Tell Qui-Gon you know? Why ever not? Don't you wish to have that type of relationship with him, Obi-Wan?" She asked as she turned back to the cupboard. She glanced at him from over her shoulders. "He would." She said simply before turning back to the cupboard.

Obi-Wan paused as his heart warmed at the two worded sentence. The fact that Qui-Gon would like a father/son relationship filled him with happiness. It felt good to know he was wanted by his father and that his father wanted a relationship with him. He shook himself out of his thoughts, pushing down the temptation to let her tell Qui-Gon he knew. "I heard what he said that night, Master Tahl. I see that it is for the best if the truth is not acknowledged. It will change things if he knew that I know. It will cause a shift, a strong attachment we should not have. If he knew that I knew we would be more open to each other and our relationship as Jedi Master and Padawan will change. There is a reason the no attachment rule is in the Codes."

She turned back to him and nodded. "You are a good young man, Padawan Kenobi." She gave him a small, proud smile. "You will make a fine Jedi Knight someday and such an answer would have made your father proud. Selflessness is a trait all Jedi need to posses. You clearly have it. You have my word. I shall not tell Qui-Gon of your knowledge." Obi-Wan felt his face flush with embarrassment. She held up a large device with a needle attached to it. "I found what I need. Hold your arm out again."

Half an hour later, Healer Le'Shing had ushered them back to the waiting room to pull Qui-Gon out of the tank and give him the blood. And an hour after that, Obi-Wan was still pacing the length of the room, waiting. Tahl sat on one of the chair, looking patient, having had sent Bant out of the Halls of Healing for…actually, Obi-Wan hadn't been paying attention. He didn't know why Tahl ordered Bant out of the room.

He stopped the moment Healer Le'Shing entered the room, his eyes staring expectedly at him. He felt Tahl walk up from behind him. "Dash? How is he?" She asked, her voice coming from just above him.

"I don't know where you got that blood, Tahl, and I did promise no questions ask. So, I'm not expecting an answer, but it did work wonders. He is healing real well already." The healer said, much to Obi-Wan's relief. "He is resting now. His body is correcting itself. I don't expect him to wake up anytime soon."

A breath was let out and his pounding heart slowed down to a normal beat. He looked up at him. "May I see him now?" He mentally cringed, hating the way he sounded so young and hopeful.

The healer gave him a gentle look and nodded his head. "Yes, Padawan Kenobi. You may see him now." He stepped aside from the doorway. "He's in the private room off the rejuvenation room. Don't disturb him too much. He needs his rest." His words fell on deaf ears.

Obi-Wan rushed into the room with the bacta tanks and straight into the private room. He came to a sudden stop at the doorway. His heart was pounding loudly in his chest. Qui-Gon looked like he was just taking a nap, like he hadn't just come from a life threatening situation. If it wasn't for the white room, white blankets, and his pale complexion, he would have thought he was just resting peacefully after a long day of teaching him new things. Obi-Wan didn't want to focus on that. Instead, he stared at the chest slowly rising and falling as Qui-Gon took each breath, the way his eyelids moved as he watched some inner dream, and the sound of his breath being released through his soft, quite snores.

Obi-Wan slowly approached the broad figure on the sleeper. The bruises were almost nonexistent now from being in the bacta tank. There was, however, a small faint scar still on Qui-Gon's cheek. Obi-Wan reached out, as if to touch it, but quickly pulled his hand back as Qui-Gon's head shifted away. He couldn't tear his eyes away from his Master. He was so glad he was alive. So very glad. He didn't know what he would have done if Qui-Gon had died. What would have happened to him? He shook his head, not wanting to think like that. Qui-Gon was alive now. That was all that matter. Wasn't that what Qui-Gon had been trying to teach him? Living in the moment and focusing on the here and now. It was time to pull that into practice, but was harder then it sounded. What if he had died?

"Master?" He said softly, wanting his Master to acknowledge him. Tell him himself that he was going to be just fine. There was a strong urge to see his Master's familiar blue eyes.

"You should let him rest, Obi-Wan." Obi-Wan turned to the door where Master Tahl was leaning against the frame. "He'll wake up when he's ready. There is no danger of losing him tonight."

He nodded in understanding and turned back to Qui-Gon. He stood there for a few seconds before he sensed Master Tahl walk towards him. "You should rest as well, Obi-Wan." She said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder.

He shook his head. "I have to be here for him, Master Tahl. I can't go now. I should be here when he wakes up. I won't go." He said firmly, reaching out to take Qui-Gon's hands into his. Qui-Gon's hands were rough with wear and very large compared to his small, slender hands. They were callused with old scars and dry skin, but they were also warm and strong.

Master Tahl sighed as she took her hand off his shoulder. "You certainly get your stubbornness from him." Obi-Wan smiled faintly at the comparison. "He would have wanted you to at least take a seat." He heard a scraping sound as Master Tahl pulled a chair closer to the sleep couch. "He'll be out of it for quite awhile."

Obi-Wan turned his head and saw the white chair waiting for him. "Thank you, Master Tahl." He murmured as he sat down, his hand still holding Qui-Gon's. He leaned forward with his head resting in his arms on the sleeper. He stared up at Qui-Gon's face, waiting, just waiting. He barely noticed Tahl stepping out of the room.

Several times, he had to fight for his rights to be there with his Master. Eventually, the healers stopped asking him to get some proper rest. There were a few times when the medic droids had to work on Qui-Gon and forced him out of the room for a few moments, but he dared not go any farther in the waiting room. He would quickly return to his Masters side when they were done and return to his comfortable position on the chair. He stayed by his Master's side with his head on the sleeper. He was unaware how long it took for him to fall asleep.

Qui-Gon's eyes fluttered opened, but he immediately shut them as the light was too strong. He groaned. He felt so lightheaded and drained. He raked his mind to find out why. Screams. He was on a ship heading back home. A frightened passenger. Pirates forcing their way on board the ship. He was outnumbered and there was a slight pinch on his arm as a pirate stabbed a needle into him. Qui-Gon sighed, remembering the dizziness that had followed. He wasn't able to stand for much longer after that. Where was he now? He slowly opened his eyes this time, giving him time to adjust. His blurred vision slowly faded away and became clear. He was in the Halls of Healing in the Jedi Temple. He knew as soon as his vision cleared. He recognized the white ceiling, the soft comforting buzz of the Force in the air, and the white walls.

He tried to move his hand, but something warm was holding it in place. Confused, Qui-Gon looked over. He blinked. Obi-Wan's head was next to his side, his eyes were closed and he breathed deeply in sleep. His hand was holding his. "Obi…Obi-Wan?" He started coughing, his voice hoarse with disuse. "Padawan."

"You should let him sleep."

Qui-Gon glanced up and saw Tahl standing in the doorway. "Ta…Tahl." He greeted softly.

She moved forward and smiled. "It is nice to see you awake, Qui-Gon. We almost lost you." She said, quietly. She glanced down at Obi-Wan. "He wouldn't leave your side and when he had no choice but to leave…" She gave him a fond smile and shook her head. "He wouldn't dare step out of the waiting room. He couldn't sit still, much like a certain someone I know." She teased giving Qui-Gon a meaningful glance.

"What happened?" He asked.

"What do you remember?"

Qui-Gon closed his eyes in thought. "I was on my way back from Alderaan." He opened his eyes as flashes of memory came to him. The screams, the flashing lights of the corridors and the blasters, the fear in the air, a frightened man. "The ship was attacked. Pirates. They were looking for someone. I fought off their advances, but…" Pirate after pirate boarding the ship as he tried to fight them. "…there were too many of them. One of them managed to get behind me." A sharp pinch on his arm and the feeling of being drowsy. "He injected me with something. It moved quickly into my system." He shook his head. "That's the last thing I remember."

"You almost died." Tahl started to explain. "The virus they injected you with started attacking your insides. At first, Dash thought all you needed was an injection of blood of the same blood type, but that didn't work. He somehow discovered that you needed the blood of a close relative, a parent, siblings, niece or nephew, daughter or son."

"My brother?" He guessed.

Tahl shook her head. "We have no idea where he is, Qui-Gon. We didn't have the time to look and we have no idea if he had any children we could use. So, I had too…" She ran off her sentence as she looked down at Obi-Wan's sleeping form.

Qui-Gon quickly followed her train of thought. He sat up in alarm. He paused as his head began to spin from sitting up to fast. "Who all knows?" He asked.

Tahl hesitated before shaking her head. "I have told no one." She answered truthfully. Qui-Gon immediately relaxed back down against his pillow. "Dash doesn't know where I got the blood from and he doesn't care, as long as it worked. And it did. You were lucky you've told me or…" She didn't finish her sentence, but Qui-Gon knew what she wasn't willing to say.

Qui-Gon glanced down at his son. "What does he believe?" He asked quietly.

Tahl hesitated again. "No one told him that you needed the blood of a relative. I pulled him aside and told him his blood might work. He didn't ask me to explain farther. I didn't offer up any information."

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow. "He just accepted it?" He questioned.

Tahl nodded. "He cares for you, Qui-Gon. Don't be surprise he was willing to give you his blood for your life so quickly."

Qui-Gon felt torn over this. On one hand, he was honored his son was able to do that without a moment thought, but, on the other hand…He shook his head. "I am honored and blessed to have him and very thankful, Tahl, but for him to give without an explanation is dangerous. The reason I cannot tell him of our connection is so he doesn't come so attached, risking his life or the life of others for mine. What if it wasn't Jedi asking this of him? What if it was an enemy tricking him to willingly hand over a sample of his blood? Or handing over something much worst for my life?" He looked down at his slumbering son. "That is something I have to teach him to be cautious of." He said quietly to himself, making a mental note.

Tahl reached over and placed a calming hand on his shoulders. She waited for him to glance at her before speaking. "Perhaps, Obi-Wan felt safe to hand over his blood without thought because he knew he could trust us. He knew we were Jedi and friends. If it was an enemy he may have been more hesitant." She said calmly.

"He believed Xanatos was a Jedi with good intentions as well, Tahl. I need to teach him to be careful and find a way to keep him from becoming too attached to me." Qui-Gon sighed feeling his energy decrease the longer he was awake and speaking.

Tahl shook her head. "Do what the Force tells you to do, Qui-Gon, not your fears."

"Fear is not what drives me, Tahl." He argued.

She nodded in disagreement. "Yes, it is. You fear Obi-Wan would become too attached to you to make wise decisions in the future, that he wouldn't be able to remain focus on the mission if your life was in danger." She suddenly paused and narrowed her stripped eyes at him in thought. "Or do you fear that will happen to you? Do you fear you wouldn't be able to make the right decisions if Obi-Wan's life was in danger? Don't you dare push him away because of that, Qui-Gon Jinn." She threatened. "If you haven't noticed, it is already too late to stop your attachment to the boy and too late to stop his attachment to you. Pushing him away, I feel, will not change his affection for you. It would be less hurtful to the both of you if you just accept it then trying to push him away."

"I cannot argue that you have a point, Tahl, but it is dangerous. I would still need to teach him to be careful." Qui-Gon said firmly. He sighed tiredly and his friend noticed.

"Sleep some more. You need it. I'm sure Obi-Wan would be here when you awake." Tahl reassured as he lost his resolve to keep his eyes opened.

When he opened his eyes again, it was darker outside and he was alone in the room, but the space by his side was still warm. Obi-Wan must have just left. Qui-Gon sat up, feeling much more rested now that he had slept. He felt perfectly fine, actually. Awake, strong, and ready to leave.

The door swished opened and he looked up, sensing the familiar presence of his young padawan.

"Master! You're awake!" Obi-Wan rushed to him and pulled the chair he had used back to the bedside. He knelt on the chair and leaned forward. His eyes examined him like he was a professional healer looking for any sign of injuries.

"I am fine, Padawan." He reassured. His voice pulled Obi-Wan's eager eyes to his. Qui-Gon gave him a soft smile. "And I hear that I have you to thank for my recovery."

The cheeks turned slightly red in pleased embarrassment and Obi-Wan ducked his head. "I just did what anyone would do, Master, especially a padawan for his Master."

"And the Master is proud." He said, holding off the lecture for another time.

Obi-Wan looked down. "I was worried, Master." He whispered, glancing up. His blue eyes, which looked so much like his, pierced him with guilt and concern. "I should have been there with you, Master."

Qui-Gon reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. "No one could have known what would happen, Padawan. It was an unusual and isolated occurrence and you had something more important and much less boring to attend to." He said with a grin. "How did you do on your exam, Padawan?" He asked.

Obi-Wan sighed. "I did fine, Master. An alright score."

Qui-Gon nodded before pulling back the sheets. "I am feeling much better. Why don't we head back to our apartment and fix a nice warm glass of tea and I can take a proper look at your score?" He asked.

Obi-Wan eyes widened. "Master, you can't just walk out of here without healer's permission. What if something happens? What if you aren't well enough?"

Qui-Gon gave his padawan a look as he dangled his legs off the side of the sleeper. "Am I hearing this right? You want to stay longer in the Halls of Healing, Obi-Wan?" He teased, knowing Obi-Wan wouldn't leave without him. He made a move to lay back against the pillows. "I guess I should stay here a bit longer." He held back a grin as Obi-Wan's mouth flew open in surprise.

Obi-Wan snapped his mouth shut quickly and glared at him. "That is not fair, Master, but you are right. If you're feeling well enough, there is no reason for you to stay." He said as if it was his decision if Qui-Gon was well enough to leave.

Qui-Gon nodded as his mouth quirked into a faint smile. "Yes, Padawan. I am fine. There is no need to worry." He pushed back to the edge of the sleeper. "I just need help getting up. The muscles of my legs are underused." Obi-Wan quickly jumped to his assistance, helping him stand up by holding onto his arm.

He gave his Master a worried glance. "Are you sure you are well enough, Master? I truly don't want you to over exhaust yourself. I don't mind staying here with you if you aren't up to leaving. Truly, Master."

Qui-Gon placed a hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder. "Padawan, I am fine. Walking will do my legs some good."

Obi-Wan nodded. "Yes, Master." Worry still heard in his tone.

Despite Obi-Wan's worry and the Healer's argument, Qui-Gon made his way back to his living quarters in one piece. Qui-Gon was mighty pleased at Obi-Wan's test scores, much to Obi-Wan's hidden pleasure. He mentally forgave Garen for not helping him study.

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