"Fa Yuiry" was the name on the tag pinned to her breast. She completed her daily rounds at the hospital that had been so kind to her in her time of need and prepared the special patient's food. It wasn't much, a very thin broth and a piece of fresh bread. Designed to be eaten by anyone. She placed the bowl on the tray and wheeled it into his room. Kamille was still unresponsive but he seemed aware, especially after meeting that strange boy in red a few weeks ago.

He was sitting up in his bed, back propped up against a few pillows, staring out the window. There wasn't much of a view, they were on the third floor, but Kamille seemed particularly content to watch the blue sky and the clouds, one of the perks of Earth. The weather was genuine, unlike the simulated clouds and rain in the colonies. As Fa entered he seemed to react, slowly turning his head and giving her a serene otherworldly smile.

Fa smiled back, and brought the food over to him. "Sorry Kamille." She said apologetically, stirring the soup with her spoon. "It's the same today." Kamille glanced down to the bowl, just in time to see Fa lift a small spoonful to his lips. "Eat up," she said softly, pressing it against his lips in a beckoning motion. He ate it slowly, and Fa forced herself to not focus on his current state. It had taken so many hours of convincing herself to not feel guilty for this. But she tried to think on the bright side. Kamille seemed to much happier and calmer after the accident, Fa had never seem him so quiet and serene. Fa dipped the spoon into the broth again, and the cycle of feeding continued. Occasionally Kamille would miss some, and Fa would gently dab away at the drops of broth that hung from his chin. He looked so apologetic every time she did. As he did it again, and she reached for the napkin, Kamille stopped her. She was startled from her state as her best friend and the man she loved grasped her wrist, giving her a concerned look. She stared into his eyes, eyes as pure and blue as the oceans covering the tiny planet they currently lived on, as Kamille whispered the first word he'd said in weeks.

"Fa." he said softly, the drop of liquid falling from his chin and staining his collar. "Fa." He said again, his voice soft almost as though waking out of a dream. "Fa, Fa!" She fought back tears but in the end she couldn't hold them, and they spilled out of her eyes like a tidal wave, cascading down her face and into the both of soup still in her lap. "Oh Kamille..." she whimpered, rubbing at her eyes with her free hand. "I-I'm so sorry, I've gone and made your dinner all salty..." But make no mistake, Fa Yuiry was smiling. She had on her face a smile as wide as the day was long, for Fa Yuiry was happy.