Above all else, Kiera loved her family. Her separation from them by decades was heart-wringing. She had discovered Liber8's intention of getting back, had tried to tag along, an uneasy standoff had been her bargaining chip. Sadly, their science had been off—way off. The resultant catastrophic explosion at the lab was proof of that. The time jump had failed again. Still stuck here in this time warp, along with them, she despaired. Her absence left her precious son, Sam disoriented. He felt as if his mother had abandoned him. It wounded her, his feeling that way, and it wasn't supposition.

Kiera knew exactly how both of her loved ones felt. She had Alec, who regularly notified her about the goings-on of her family. They were managing, but it was tough. Greg was a responsible, conscientious father, a loving, understanding husband. He had always wanted kids. He wasn't comfortable with being patient, though, but he was trying. Yet, he couldn't camouflage the pique in his voice when Sam asked when Mommy was coming home.'

Or, Sam would stubbornly insist that he needed to tell his Mommy about the things he could always share with her. Things he instinctively knew his father had no time for.

She had seen them talking, courtesy of Alex.

In no way was Sam being difficult, just firm for what he wanted. Why couldn't he bring his spongy magnifier to school? His teacher had made it clear that 'Show, Tell, and Analyze' was the chance to share imaginative new ideas with the class. He'd come up with his versatile gizmo that expanded then contracted solid objects using kinetic energy, all by himself.

Greg wasn't seeing it that way. He had told his son no, he didn't want Sam bringing the intriguing invention to school. It was to be left at home, thus preventing the asking of nosy questions only his mother had the answers for.

Despite her best efforts, Kiera couldn't help feeling depressed. She was fighting as hard as she could, trying to get the gist of how to fit in as well as be Liber8's deterrent . She had been arrested, booked; they were processing her now. She sat, while they deliberated, waiting for them to determine whether she needed permanent locking up and dissecting. They were digging into her past, but it was one that didn't exist. Inevitably, they would come up with nothing, since there was nothing for them to find. She didn't belong here.

She was from the future, as preposterous as that may have seemed. Here, missing so much and living up to Greg's prophetic words about not coming home for Sam, one day.

A steady stream of tears spilled from her eyes as she waited for them to decide her fate.

And then, Alec was whispering in her mind. She had stopped thinking of it as an intrusion, depending on him for so much now. She didn't know what would happen to her. Kiera hugged herself, waiting, waiting, waiting. Whatever these people, who were checking out her background, decided to do, she would have Alec in her mind, helping her get through it.

Although she was alone, having him in her head made the forced exile seem less lonely.

…Don't worry…I've fixed it, he assured her, not too concerned if she failed to believe him right away. He had her back, which, all things considered, was the all-important thing. He rejoiced that she had not died in the blowup.

What do you mean you 'fixed it?' she prodded.

...You'll know soon enough…you'll see

Kiera's eyes meandered over to Carlos; she watched him pretending to busy himself with the clutter upon his desk. She wondered how much longer she would be handcuffed.

Then, the commanding voice of Inspector Dillon disrupted her disquieting thoughts. He announced, to her amazement, that 'Linda' had Section 6 clearance and was to be released at once. He arranged for a task force to pursue the Liber8 terrorists and she must be on the team. He charged Carlos with getting her settled in, oblivious to the detective's misgivings.

Reviving her faith in surviving here, Kiera cerebally murmured to Alec, ...Thank you.

And he intoned in kind, ...Don't mention it. You know...I do what I can...

"Can I drop you off somewhere?" Carlos offered, seeing the 'fish out of water' expression etched on 'Linda's' face.

She declined his offer and as he walked off to leave, Kiera spotted the missing time jump device that had been retrieved as evidence in a see-through pouch. Processing that, she headed for her hotel room, exhausted and disappointed over the day's disgruntling events. As much as she hated to acknowledge it, the sad fact remained that she might never see her family and the future, where she was from, ever again.