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Pink shit and Ponies. That was all Genkaku saw swarming across the flat screen TV. Genkaku thought about just killing the little girl and not having to put up with this, but remembering how much trouble he would get in for it stopped his hand from doing the murderous deed.

"I think Fluttershy is the best pony! Don't you Geny?"

"This shit blows. Why the fuck do you watch this asinine show?

Hibana turned to glare at him from atop her perch of pillows on the floor. She thought the show was funny and nice; she wondered why The Uber Monk didn't.

"Genkaku this show is nice! Don't be mean!" Hibana whined loudly, her huge grey eyes finding his. The red head glared back her.

He swore under his breath, cursing the show My little pony: friendship is magic all the way to hell. A cigarette dangled between his lips which were set into a firm frown. If friendship was so fucking magical, then why the hell didn't he have any friends, Genkaku thought to himself.

"Geny! Look! Look it's a marathon!" The little brunette squealed in happiness. She turned at stare at the monk. He was leaning forward head resting on his knees, the cigarette had fallen to the floor forgotten as it burned the plush carpet.

"I'm going to kill myself, see ya in hell." His deadpan voice stated before he stood up and started walking away.

"Genkaku stop being so dramatic!" Hibana screamed her eyes filled with worry, while running after him.

The show still playing the background.