Alright, trying a new fic Idea here. It starts during the Kyuubi incident, but two years before when it happened in Anime/Manga.

The changes will be as follows:

Naruto will obviously be two years older.

rookie nine will be the same age.

Kakashi and his peers, i.e Gai, Asuma and Kurenai are two years older so that Kakashi is old enough to be able to raise Naruto.


Hiruzen Sarutobi wearing his entirely black shinobi gear with black metal wrist and ankle guards aswell as metal protectors for his head, shoulders and chest stood atop the Hokage tower looking across the destroyed section of Konoha. His face was pulled into a scowl as he surveyed the damage that the Kyuubi had caused within moments of appearing in the east districts of Konoha, damage and death that would take years to rebuild if... once they beat the Kyuubi back. An entire district was now missing, in it's place were craters, fires and destruction. All around that district much was the same, although the Kyuubi had yet to advance out of district 19 he could see that things would soon be the same in much of the village if the Bijuu wasn't pushed back.

After some calligraphy practice earlier on he had felt an oppressive aura that seemed to drown the air in a saturation of menacing evil. He had instantly knew what it was and knew something had gone wrong with Kushina's birth, that also meant that his wife, Biwako, was either dead or severely injured along with Kushina herself.

He also knew that the Hokage, Minato, would have already sent word if their was a failure in the seal, which he found highly unlikely as Minato's sealing was the best to have ever existed, and then went on to battle the Kyuubi. But he had received no prior warning to the Kyuubi's arrival or had he felt Minato's presence battling the monster, which meant he was dead or otherwise engaged. He had instantly ordered stage 1, the evacuation of all none Ninja into the Hokage monument, and had ordered Platoons 1 to 10 to combat Kyuubi who were now mostly dead. He was now about to lead stage 2, the counter strike of all able bodied Ninja, and combat the Kyuubi and push him back out of the village.

Hiruzen sighed wearily as he looked over his left shoulder to see the gathered ANBU and Jounin, "Squad Alpha, I want you to help any civilians that are still unable to evacuate and help any injured to medical facilities. Squad Omega, I want you to set a perimeter around Kyuubi of three miles, no one below Jounin are to enter without clearance. Squad Epsilon, I want you to start setting traps within and around the perimeter to halt Kyuubi's advance into Konoha proper. Jounin commanders I want you to start leading guerilla tactic attacks to weaken, restrain and help stop the Kyuubi's advance until me or Yondaime can stop it, Shikaku you're in command. Lisa, I want you to gather all medical-nin and set up an emergency hospital as we'll soon be over flowing with causalities. Also get me Kakashi" Hiruzen ordered to his subordinates. This was time for precise action only garnered from years of leading men into battle and wars, he couldn't spare any thoughts for Kushina or his wife.

"Hai, Sandaime-sama!" they all chorused back before disappearing in their various deviations of Shunsin.

"Never before has death and destruction reached our streets like this before, even during the Great Wars" Hiruzen said gravely to himself before taking one last look down at his beloved village, determination and conviction burning through his body. "But we will prevail, we will rebuild and we will sing joyous songs of today's victory in the not to distant future. Even if it means I have to use that jutsu, Konoha will stand strong and the Will of Fire shall burn brighter than ever" he declared before heading towards the dreaded beast that awaited him.

'Biwako, your death will not be in vain' he thought before preparing himself for battle.



Kakashi Hatake stood with his fists clenched as he heard his, and everyone else's, orders. Whilst some monster was tearing through his village and the people he had sworn to protect, he was ordered to stand and watch. Apparently it wasn't needed of him or his age group to help in this seeing as it was a domestic problem and not war, but this only infuriated him.

Levelling a cool glare at the Jounin in front of him, Kakashi took a step forward. "As a Shinobi our oath was to protect Konoha from any threats, external or internal. I didn't become a shinobi to watch my village burn whilst I'm safely coddled away, my duty is down there, not here" Kakashi said calmly and met the Jounin's cold gaze with an equally cold one, reining in a smirk as he heard shouts of agreement from behind him.

"That may all be true, but the Sandaime has ordered you to placed here. You are Konoha's future generation who will be leading us into future, we are the past generation who are meant to die so that you can protect and lead us when the time is right. Not the other way around." the Jounin said coldly before locking eyes with his daughter, Kurenai Yuhi. Letting up the cold glare he smiled, "It's not that we don't trust you, it's that we believe in your ability to lead and protect Konoha when we are gone. We are leaving you the reins of Konoha, you will lead it after we are gone, whether that is today or not, but you must be there to achieve that goal. Now be quiet and wait".

Kakashi sighed after hearing that, he could understand it to some degree after all, and it was an order from his superior. Taking a step back he acquiesced to his fellow Jounin knowing that there was nothing the man could do about there situation, even if he wanted to. He knew today would be a long day as he waited for the fighting to end, the wait would kill him and everyone else. Especially a certain green jump-suit wearing Jounin beside him.

Everyone waited in silence as a they watched the battle from a distance, watching and listening to the horrific scene unfolding before them. Some were openly crying as they watched people they probably knew get torn to shreds by Kyuubi, others looked away no longer able to watch and some like Kakashi just remained silent as they watched. This was the first time they had ever seen their home being attacked and destroyed from the inside, never before had they witnessed something so heart breaking as seeing the things they'd sworn to protect get reduced to nothing before them knowing they could do nothing.

Today was truly a dark day.

Feeling a presence approaching them, Kakashi turned to see an ANBU appear at his side, making all the others turn to look.

"Sandaime-sama has requested your presence at the outer perimeter of the battle, Kakashi" The ANBU said before disappearing in a swirl of leaves, leaving a questioning group.

Raising an eyebrow he turned to Gai. "I wonder why he wants me after ordering us to remain here, it's obviously not to fight or he would have called all of us" He asked his companion.

"I do not know my youthful rival, but whatever you do you will do it to the best of your abilities for all of us that can't" Gai said as he struck the nice guy pose with his thumb up, green jump-suit squeaking and teeth glistening, gaining a loud cheer from the group behind him.

Kakashi just sighed, he didn't know what was worse, the Kyuubi killing and eating half his village or Gai's awful dress sense. Unable to come to a conclusion he decided to leave that question for another day.

"You better protect our village for us, Kakashi" Asuma said as he took a drag on his cigarette.

"Do it with everything you've got, if I hear about any laziness I'll put you in a permanent Genjutsu. Afterwards you'll never be late again and you'll never be able to look a woman in the eyes" Kurenai shouted next to him, her red eyes glowing in the moonlight with the rage of a woman wanting to protect her home.

"Will do, I'll have this all wrapped up by the morning" Kakashi said before setting out for his destination.

Hopping through over the buildings and rubble he looked down at the destruction all around him lamenting of his inability to protect his village, but swore to do what he could. He would not allow his village to fall today, no matter the cost he would make sure Konoha survived this catastrophe. Plus he would like to get back to reading that new book series that came out, Icha Icha Paradise or something like that.


(District 19 perimeter)

Bracing himself against the shock-wave of Kyuubi's roar, Hiruzen dug his heels into the floor and used his crossed arms to guard his face from stray rubble.

"Platoon 23, attack" he ordered as the Kyuubi's roar stopped.

27 men and woman quickly ran forward and threw chained weapons around Kyuubi's tails, quickly attempting to pin them to the floor as they caught two, but were batted away by the beasts other tails as they were sent crashing to the floor. Hiruzen winced as he saw their landing, but ordered the next assault.

"Platoons 24 through to 30, keep him pinned until I can summon Enma" Hiruzen shouted as 200 to 250 men and woman charged the great fox, many being thrown back by it's tails and claws on the first charge. Wasting no time though, Hiruzen had went through the appropriate hand signs before slamming his hand onto the floor. "Summoning Jutsu, Come forth Monkey King Enma" he shouted as a puff of smoke appeared around the form of the large Monkey King.

"So the Kyuubi broke free, Hiruzen" Enma said as he looked at the destruction around him with a grave and contemplative gaze. Konoha was a place he had sworn to help Hiruzen protect and it hurt to see it burning, but not as much as it probably hurt his summoner.

Looking up he saw the Kyuubi battling a line of hardened war veterans who all gave it the best as they battled around their fallen comrades, fighting to the bitter end to save their home. Frowning, he pointed to the Kyuubi "Hiruzen, the Kyuubi is under the effect of Sharingan! Look at it's eyes!" Enma said, this was indeed a bad turn of events.

"I realised the Sharingan but didn't know what to make of it, how do you know that it's under Uchiha control?" Hiruzen asked seriously, he knew what his old friend was insinuating but had to know how.

Turning a cool gaze to Hiruzen the monkey king grunted, "It's eyes were the same when Hashirama summoned me to do battle with Kyuubi, when it was under his control" he said making Hiruzen's scowl deepen.

'This could mean many things, but only a few make sense. It wouldn't be any Uchiha in Konoha because the Kyuubi attacked their district first, no this is an enemy ninja. But that could only mean Madara... or even a child of his looking for revenge.' he thought with a deepened scowl, this would be a troublesome endeavour indeed.

"That is all well and good after we have defeated Kyuubi, but I need your help to push him out of the village to minimise damage Now!" Hiruzen said just as gravely.

"Very well. Transform, Adamantine staff" Enma shouted before turning into a large black staff with gold tips that was caught by Hiruzen.

Turning to the hundreds of shinobi behind him, he pointed to the great fox, "I need a clear shot at him, all of you attack with everything you've got" he shouted out his order.

Shortly afterwards a large volley attacks shot towards the Kyuubi, ranging from large and destructive Jutsu to Kunai attached with explosive notes. The effect was a large explosion as hundreds of attacks hit Kyuubi square in the face, making it stand on it's hind legs as it let out a deafening roar that caused a huge shock-wave effectively sending the shinobi forces.

Seeing his chance Hiruzen aimed his staff straight at it's chest, "Now Enma!Extend" he shouted and watched as Enma suddenly grew outwards and shot towards it's target, the Kyuubi. Hiruzen grunted as he felt the staff make contact with Kyuubi's chest and started forcing it outside of the village walls and with a last push of effort sent him a few more miles outside of the village area.

Turning towards his shinobi Hiruzen raised his hand flicked it towards the enemy. "Platoons 21 to 30 switch back with platoons 11 to 20 and help any injured to hospital. Platoons 11 to 20, attack the Kyuubi and hold him of." he shouted as the current hundreds of shinobi present retreated with the wounded to be replaced with hundreds of fresh shinobi whom went to attack the Kyuubi.

Hiruzen was about to follow but felt an approaching presence, turning he saw Kakashi approach in his grey and black ANBU uniform without a mask.

"Sandaime-sama" Kakashi said as he bowed.

"Kakashi, I need you to do something" Hiruzen said as he saw the young man look at him calmly, "The Yondaime hasn't appeared in battle yet, which leads me to believe he is currently being held up by a powerful adversary." seeing the shock on Kakashi's face he pushed on. "This means that we are under attack, but there are no more enemies which leads me to believe this man is alone and is an Uchiha. I believe this because no one else can control the Kyuubi and the Kyuubi's eyes are also red with three tomoe ….. a Sharingan. Due to this I have an inclination to who is attacking us and pray I'm wrong, but I need you to locate the Hokage and aid him however possible" He ordered gravely, but got a nod from Kakashi.

"Hai, Sandaime-sama" He said before disappearing to go after his sensei.

Looking back over the battle field Hiruzen closed his eyes in contemplation. 'I truly pray I'm wrong, if Uchiha Madara really is here all hope of victory has greatly diminished' Hiruzen thought gravely before turning to the Kyuubi.

"I will have to settle this with that jutsu if I can't do something soon" Hiruzen said before running to do battle with the Kyuubi. This battle was a lot larger than any ninja knew, and far more deadly. Konoha was now seriously in danger of being destroyed if he and the Yondaime did not prevail.


Kakashi ran through the trees as fast as he could, he needed to reach his sensei and soon. He couldn't and wouldn't let another member of his team down, he had to keep at least part of his promise to Obito. He couldn't fail him again.

He also needed to hurry as he was one of the few privy to the fourths secrets, such as the fact his wife was currently giving birth and the fact that said wife was the Jinchuuriki of the nine tails, meaning she was most likely dead along with his sensei's child. The thought made his eyes water as he thought of the grief his sensei was or would soon be going through, he knew this would be hard for him as his wife and child were everything to him. This would hit him hard indeed.

'Please be alright, sensei. I can't fail again' he thought as a feeling of dread slowly crept into his stomach.

Putting on a burst of speed he cleared the forest and started heading for the Hokage's home hoping he wasn't to late, but was shocked by what he saw when he arrived.


Turning in surprise Minato looked at his student. "Kakashi, what are you doing here" He asked as he got ready to fight the Kyuubi. He didn't want Kakashi around for what was about to happen as he knew how badly it could effect him if it all went wrong.

"Sandaime-sama sent me to help you in your battle with whoever you fought" Kakashi replied evenly, but was clearly shaken by what he saw if the shaking was anything to go by.

"He knew?" Minato asked in shock, how did the old man know that he had been in the middle of battle? It had been three fairly short battles that no one was around to witness, so how could he possibly know.

"He knew you were held up, sensei. He guessed that for you to hold off fighting Kyuubi meant that someone else was holding you up, by your reaction I'll presume he was right" Kakashi informed his sensei, before looking around to see Kushina on her knees, sweating heavily and panting as though she had run a marathon. Which was shocking on it's own as she should have been dead. Slightly behind her was a crying baby with blonde hair and whisker marks on his cheeks laying on the soft grass, who Kakashi instantly recognised in shock.

Turning back to Kushina they saw her start to move. "Kakashi, protect my son with Minato, I'll be relying on you two to raise my him as I won't be there myself" Kushina said in ragged breaths as she slowly stood up, shocking both men.

'How can she even stand' thought a shocked Kakashi. He had always known that due to Kushina having Uzumaki blood and being a Jinchuuriki made her have a vast amount of stamina and endurance, as he had witnessed first hand in some training sessions, but this was extreme.

"What do you mean, Kushina!" Minato said his eyes wide in disbelief as his wife pushed herself, if she carried on she'd surely die. "Stop, you'll die if you carry on" he said worriedly as he watched his wife turn to him with a bloody smile.

"I know Minato, but I'll be taking him with me to the next life with what little chakra I have left" Kushina said as she pointed at great fox a few hundred meters away from them. "I won't let my son be hurt by that" she said with a snarl as she wobbled forward, eyes burning with conviction.

Minato moved to stop her, but multiple golden chains suddenly sprouted from her back and shot into the ground, tearing it up as they shot towards the Kyuubi underground before shooting out of the ground and entangling it from all sides and tightly binding it.

"Kushina, stop this! Why are you pushing so hard" Minato shouted on the verge of panic as he ran to his wife's side, and held her up as she shakily slipped into his arms.

Turning in his arms she looked at her husband with a bloody smile, "Because I will save you and my son with my last breath." she said shakily as tears started to fall down her face as she looked into her husbands face. Reaching up a hand she stroked his face as tears fell down his cheeks, "Thank you for everything, Minato".

Looking into his wife's eyes, Minato shook as the tears fell down his face. "Kushina, you made me the Yondaime Hokage. You made me a man. But most of all you made me this boy's father" he said as he turned to look at the crying child with a sad smile on his face. "And yet...".

Smiling she looked at her husband, "Minato, Don't give me that look. I'm happy that you loved me. And today... is our child's birthday. If I were to imagine us alive together, and our future together, I couldn't see anything but a happy one." Kushina said as she looked at her child with a warm smile, "But if I were allowed just one regret... it'd be that I couldn't see Naruto grow up. How I would have liked to see that".

Minato looked down at his crying wife and knew what he had to do, he new what he wanted to do. He would not deny his love the opportunity to see her son grown up, she wanted it as much as he did and knew he couldn't live with himself denying her this chance. Strengthening his resolve, Minato looked back to his wife, "Kushina, there is no need for you to die with the nine tails" he stated as he stood up and picked up his son. "Preserve what little chakra you have left for a reunion with Naruto".

Kushina looked up to Minato in shock and surprise, as did Kakashi. What did he mean?

"I'll seal your remaining chakra into Naruto" he said as he wiped a stray tear away, "It will be part of the eight signed seal. Then I'll take Kyuubi with me, with the only sealing Jutsu I know as I'm not a Jinchuuriki. The reaper death seal Jutsu!"he said with as much conviction as he could muster, but almost faltered at the shocked reaction of his wife and Kakashi.

"But you'll/ that Jutsu will" were the twin shouts that followed his declaration.

"And one more thing" he said calmly as he carried on, heedless of their cries. "I will only seal half of the Kyuubi with me as sealing something as immense as the Kyuubi is impossible, and also strategically unwise" he said as he looked down at his son, taking a calming breath he looked Kushina in the eye, he had to tell her. "If you take the Kyuubi with you, when it re-emerges there will be no Jinchuuriki to host it and the balance of power between Bijuu will be displaced. So when I seal half of the Kyuubi I will seal the other half... into Naruto!" he said his voice full of emotion and conviction as he looked at his shocked wife and student.

Kakashi looked at his sensei in shock. He couldn't bare to lose his last sanctuary, the one person he hadn't failed. Why did everyone have to die and leave him behind when he was the one who couldn't do anything right, it should be him not them! Why was life so cruel and unfair. 'I...I can't fail them again, I'll at least try and help sensei's son' Kakashi thought shakily.

"You can't do that, sensei!" Kakashi shouted as he came out of his shock, "You can't seal it away into your own son! If you have to seal, seal it into..." Kakashi gulped as he looked at his sensei, "S-Seal into me. If I have to lose you aswell I won't let you do this to your son, I'll do whatever I can to help you and him".

Minato was shocked by his students declaration and smiled at his willingness to help, it showed Minato he had truly succeeded with at least one of his students and hadn't completely failed as a teacher, which was the worst part of his life as he looked back at the failures he'd lead them into. "Thank you Kakashi, but no. You're to old to host a Bijuu now, it would kill you and we'd still have the same problem. No, it must be my son, but can I ask you something?" Minato said with a smile as he looked at his student.

"Anything, sensei." Kakashi said straight away as a stray tear fell down his face.

"When I'm gone, I'm sure that Naruto will be subjected to a lot of hate and will most likely be blamed for what has happened today and added to the people who will seek to harm him due to me being his father. So can I ask you to raise Naruto and protect him from those who would seek to harm him, I beg you to make sure he lives a happy life, Kakashi." Minato asked as he looked his student in the eye.

Shocked beyond words, Kakashi nodded his head as he looked at Naruto. "I will do everything I can, sensei".

"Good, and thank you. You are truly a great student, I couldn't have even wished for a better one than you." He said with a smile as he looked down at his child, sleeping blissfully in his arms as his golden blonde hair draped over the side of his head. He smiled warmly as he handed him to Kakashi, who took him into his arms gently.

Turning to Kushina he looked her in the eyes. "I know what you want to say, but I believe our son can do it. And when I look at him, a child who's father is a Hokage, his grandfather is Jiraiya of the Sannin, his brother is Sharingan no Kakashi and is born a Jinchuuriki, I can't help but to see that he will be the child of prophecy who Jiraiya talked about. He will save the world from upheaval and protect it in it's greatest time of need, I believe this whole heartedly when I look at him" He said putting every ounce of emotion behind it he could, every ounce of trust, love and truth. He knew his son was capable of it.

Standing up he ran through some hand seals and clapped his hands together, "Shiki Fujin!" he cried out as he activated the technique. He looked behind him and saw the demon that only he could see, a huge spectral ghost that had a blade in one hand and prayer beads in the other. Turning back to his wife and student he smiled, "Let us believe in our child, he is our son after all. When I seal the Kyuubi into Naruto I'm also going to seal your chakra into him. When our son tries to control Kyuubi's power, I want you to help him out" Minato said resolutely.

"Our son... why must we sacrifice our son!" Kushina cried as she looked at Minato with tears in her eyes once again. "I never wanted to put such a terrible burden like this on our son, I never wanted to sacrifice him. Also, why must you use the Reaper Death Seal! So that I can see a grown up Naruto even if it's only for a short while, why must you die! I wanted you stay by his side to watch Naruto grow up and protect him. I don't get it! To keep the balance of Bijuu, to save a nation, a village, why must we sacrifice Naruto!? Why must you sacrifice yourself for me!?" she screamed at him as he stood looking down at her, tears now flowing down her face.

"To forsake one's village and one's nation is the same as to forsake your child. You should of all people know as your homeland was destroyed... the harsh life that awaits a child without home." Minato said solemnly as he looked at his wife. "besides, our family is...shinobi. And besides, even if I live I can't compare to you." he said shocking Kushina as she looked at hi with wide eyes. Smiling he said "There's some things that only you as his mother can tell him, even if you only have a short amount of time. Things I can't tell him, that's a mothers role."

Kushina stayed silent as she looked at Minato, no doubt making herself come to terms with what was about to happen. Minato knew she would mainly be against it as she had gone through the hardships of a jinchuuriki when she was younger and would not want to submit her new born son to that life. She would do everything she could to avoid it, but she had to see that leaving her son without parents and with Kakashi was better than with one of them and no country. Minato could understand her pain as he was going through the exact same thing, but he just hoped she'd agree with what he was about to do. Prayed even.

"Fine" She finally said choking back a sob, "What choice do I have, to sacrifice or damn my son, either one just as bad." Turning to look at Kakashi she gave him a steely look that made the younger man freeze. "Kakashi, I expect you to bring my child up properly. Raise him not to be picky, eat lots and grow strong. Make sure he bathes every day and stays warm. Make sure he doesn't stay up late, he'll need plenty of sleep. Make sure he makes friends, not lots, just some that he can really, really trust. Make sure he studies hard – unlike his mother- " she said allowing a small smile to herself. " and practises all of his Ninjutsu. Teach him that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. So he shouldn't get to depressed if he can't do something well. He also needs to learn to respect his upperclassmen and instructors at the academy. And importantly, the three inhibitions of a shinobi. He needs to know to be extra careful borrowing and lending money. Put all of his mission pay into his savings. No alcohol until he's twenty as to much could ruin his health, so only in moderation. Lastly, teach him to be extra careful around Jiraiya-sensei, ya know. And tell him... tell him we love him" she finished with a chuckle that was met by Kakashi and Minato.

Turning to look at her husband she smiled, "I'm ready, you've talked me into this so lets do it."

Nodding, Minato placed his hand on the ground and in a puff of smoke a small stone altar with a red bed and surrounded candles. "Place my son here" He said to Kakashi who did so.

Taking a deep breath he looked at his wife with one last smile before tuning his attention to the Kyuubi. "Kakashi" he said gaining their attention, "Me and Kushina would like to thank you for what you're doing for us, we're sure that under your guidance he'll become an excellent shinobi and person. Thank you" he said before clapping his hands together.

As soon as he did he felt the spectral hand of the Death Reaper shooting through his stomach, blowing a hole in his clothes, and shot straight into Kyuubi. "Fuin!" he shouted and the Shinigami instantly pulled out a part of Kyuubi's soul in a spectral blue image, it then proceeded to use it's large knife to cut it away from Kyuubi and devoured it, forever sealing it with it's stomach. Smiling, he then turn to his wife "I love you Kushina" he said before placing his hand on Naruto stomach and twisting a black seal into place. "Eight signed seal, complete!" he shouted before everything slowly went black.

As he fell he looked at the smiling form of his wife as she fell with him. 'I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you Naruto, but I hope my student can fill my shoes. Goodbye my son... my love... my student... and my home. Be well, be safe.'


Kakashi let the tears fall down his face as he watched the Kyuubi slowly get sucked into Naruto, after which the black swirl on his stomach seemed to twist itself and lock into place, sealing away the Kyuubi. He let the tears fall as he watched his last team member, beloved sensei, magnanimous Hokage and father figure fall to the floor a lifeless husk beside his equally dead wife. He let the tears fall down his face as he failed those closest to him once again, braking his promise to Obito once again. He let the tears fall down his face as he thought about the smile he'd never see again, the advice he'd never hear, the friendship he'd lost, the cost of today at such little gain.

'It appears I have failed you again, sensei, Obito, Rin, Kushina. I'm sorry, all of you put so much faith in me and I couldn't live up to it' Kakashi thought with a sad smile as he looked down his fallen teacher. 'But I swear this on your blood, I will not fail Naruto until the day I die. I do everything I can to succeed for you all, for him and for me. I will not fail again' he thought resolutely, knowing this time round he would do everything in his power to make Naruto the person his parents wanted him to be, he would make it no matter what.

"Goodbye, Minato-sensei, Kushina-sensei. Rest in piece knowing I'll do everything I can to live up to my promise." he whispered as looked down at the smiling forms of his two sensei.

Slowly pulling his eyes away from them he turned to the crying Naruto and smiled as he went to pick him up. Looking into the crying baby's blue eyes he smiled warmly as he rubbed his hair, "Shh, shh, no need to cry" Kakashi said softly. To his surprise Naruto instantly stopped crying and looked back at Kakashi with his wide blue eyes and even smiled, making Kakashi's smile grow. "Hello, I'm Kakashi. I guess you can call me Onisan from now on." he said just as softly. After a few seconds, Naruto curled up into Kakashi's chest and fell asleep.

"They died as they lived, with a smile on their face and protecting those they loved".

Kakashi quickly turned round in surprise not hearing anyone move up on him, but calmed when he saw the Sandaime Hokage standing there with a pained frown.

"Yes, they died like the heroes they were" Kakashi said, but it felt hollow. They deserved more than heroic deaths, they deserved to praised as living heroes. It just wasn't what they deserved.

"Yes, that they did" the old Hokage said, starting to look a lot more his age than normal. "Is that their child?" He asked as he turned to look at Kakashi.

Kakashi looked down at Naruto and smiled softly, "Yes, he is. Sensei placed him in my care before he...died" he said, choking up a little at the end.

"Are you sure you can handle looking after a child, you are only 15 Kakashi." the old Kage asked with a frown as he looked at them but was surprised when Kakashi's head snapped back to look him in the eyes with a cold glare.

"I promised them as they died that I would raise their child properly and protect him from the less than understanding people of Konoha" Kakashi said back in low growl, he would not lose custody of Naruto due to his age. He promised he would protect Naruto and so he would.

Hiruzen sighed after holding Kakashi's glare for a while and then smiled, "Very well, my boy. If you feel that strongly about it I'm sure you'll raise him well, and I can definitely understand your reasons to." he said as he smiled, but looked back over the village and sighed tiredly. "He won't be easily be accepted by the civilians, I believe the Shinobi forces will understand the difference between him and the Kyuubi, but the civilians will blame him and call for his death".

Kakashi held Naruto a little closer at that and glared straight at Hiruzen. "Then ignore them, tell them no. Better yet, don't tell them." Kakashi said, his voice hard as steel. He'd be damned if he let some idiot kill his sensei's legacy, he'd kill them first, but he didn't say that.

Hiruzen snorted when he heard that. "I wish it were that simple. But due to him being a Jinchuuriki I have to tell the council what he is, the civilian council will instantly spread the word even if I swear them to secrecy. No, the best thing to do would be to swear the village to secrecy so that Naruto has a chance with the younger generation." he said contemplatively, " I would also like to keep his heritage a secret, Kakashi." he finished, shocking Kakashi.

"W-Why? That will only make them hate him more, his heritage would have shielded most of the damage. Now there will only be hate." Kakashi stuttered, not quite sure why this was happening. He found it an affront to his sensei's name that his son couldn't bare his name.

"Because Iwa will send assassins if they ever hear his name, putting him in needless danger. I will tell him his heritage when he's older and strong enough to protect himself, when he reaches Jounin I think. Do you understand?" he asked Kakashi.

Kakashi mulled it over and found that he was mainly right in what he said, but still didn't like it. 'I need to do it, for Naruto's safety. They'll understand, either that or Kushina-sensei will skin me alive' he thought with a sad smile.

"Very well, he'll use my name until he's ready" Kakashi said with a sigh.

"Good, good" Hiruzen said with a nod of his head. "Come, there are some things we must sort out now" he said as he turned to leave.

As Kakashi followed his Hokage he watched the sleeping form of Naruto in his arms, holding him close in fear of waking him as they walked to the Hokage tower.'I'll do everything I can for you, Naruto, just you wait. I'll make you the greatest shinobi to ever grace Konoha's forces, I'll make your parents proud of you' he thought as he went to solidify his guardianship of Naruto.

As he went he had one last thought, 'Oh hell, how will Gai react to this'.

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