"No, no please" Merlynne screamed clutching Arthur to her. "Please! After everything we've been through it can't end like this. Not like this" she begged, looking up at the Great Dragon's scale ridden face. The magical beast looked down at the little witch, blood most likely Arthur's clung to her cheeks, along with tears, sweat and dirt. It was a pitiful sight. "I beg you" the raven head pleaded, "I won't ask for anything else" she was desperate, she couldn't let him go. Not like this.

Merlynne sniffed and her body shook with sobs. She held Arthur's head to her chest, so that her tears dampened his blond hair. She pressed her lips against his temple, his skin was still warm, if there wasn't a lack of rise and fall of his chest, and she would have assumed he was merely taking a nap. "Please" she whispered.

"It is not that simple little witch, destiny has been written, I foretold you that this would happen. It was Arthur's destiny to die by Mordred's hand alas it has happened. But do not despair. Arthur will rise again" Kilgharrah announced, his deep voice penetrating Merlynne's grief ridden mind.

"NO" Merlynne screamed her eyes burned gold. The Great Dragon could feel the magic coming off of her in waves. "I've done everything that was ask of me, I made sure he was safe and now…"she brought one grimy hand up to her thick curls, that had escaped her braid "No…I'll take his place…."she said abruptly, remembering not long ago she had put herself in death's path to save her king. She would do it again. Tears streamed down her porcelain face.


"Screw destiny" Merlynne bellowed "Destiny? I have no destiny, not if Arthur doesn't live. Destinies can be changed I am-no I will take Arthur's place Kilgharrah and I don't care about what all these prophecies have said. I've been told them so I am going to try and change them." Merlynne breathed as she gently placed Arthur's head on the grassy grounds.

"Arthur has come so far, please. I want to take his place and I know that you know what I need to do to make it happened." Merlynne peered up at the magical creature. "I saved you once…can you just do something for me…for a friend" she asked earnestly, her big blue eyes boring into his large gold orbs.

The Great Dragon huffed and sighed "You are a stubborn little sorceress…with a great and strong heart, something that I had hardly seen-"it was true, he knew everything about Merlynne, how she was forced to put on a brave face after mere moments of her long lost father's death. How she was forced bid goodbye to her two closest friends. "If you wish to save Arthur these is a way…"hope lit up in her blue eyes.

"There is?" she whispered, not daring to believe that Arthur could come back to her. To Gwen and to everyone who loved him.

"But it comes at a price, fore a life to be give one must be taken to balance nature. Are you ready to die for your king?" the Great Dragon's voice boomed across the silent hills.

"Yes" Merlynne said without hesitation unknowingly showing the ancient and powerful creature how far she had come along, from being the nervous young girl he had met at the beginning of their long journey. "I am ready to die…-I want –no I need to do this" she nodded vehemently.

Kilgharrah gazed down at her and then explained to her what she needed to do. She would have to cross over to Avalon, and pierce her heart with a sword that was forged with a Dragon's breath. Arthur was to remain here under Kilgharrah's watchful eye.

After one last kiss on Arthur's head, and a silent pray, Merlynne settled herself in the small row boat and picked up the oar. She looked over to Arthur's still form and licked her lips.

"One day sweet sorceress we will meet again" the Great Dragon's warm breath washed over her, causing her raven locks to flay in the breeze. He bowed his head and knew that

Merlynne was right, you can change destiny and she was going to change it unknowingly. Fore Kilgharrah knew that a great sorceress like Merlynne she will rise again. She would travel to a world where only darkness will be prevailing, like it had once done here. She will bring light and hope onto her new path. "Good luck little witch" he gently blew a gust of wind towards her, helping her small boat onto the right path.

Merlynne nodded and licked her plump and cracked lips, she squared her shoulders and rowed towards the lands of Avalon. Her eyes never wavered off of Arthur's dead form, till he got smaller and smaller until she couldn't see him. She was jolted forward when her boat hit the shoreline.

Merlynne dropped the oar into the boat, and scrambled out of it. She stumbled for a moment and took in a deep breath. She felt the twigs breaking beneath her boots; she spotted a beacon of light and headed towards it. Merlynne arrived at a stone platform and frowned seeing a woman leaning over a fountain.

The lanterns brought out the contours of her face, Merlynne was startled at the sight, the tall woman was beautiful, a tiny part of her felt self-conscious of her own appearance, but she immediately shook it off. She took a hasty step back when the unknown woman took a step towards her.

"Fear not Emrys, I wish you no harm." The woman hummed and spun around, causing her white beaded dress to swish around her ankles, Merlynne saw her face and her eyes widened. She had seen a drawing of this very woman, in one of Gaius's many books. She knew who this was.

"You're Avalon's keeper" she breathed.

"That I am, I have been looking most forward to meeting you. I knew you would come" the woman smiled.

Merlynne swallowed anxiously, "Then you know why I am here"

The silver haired woman nodded "You wish to take Arthur Pendragon's place. I can do that. You have to drive that very sword-"she pointed to the one that Merlynne was holding onto. The raven head woman was so entranced by the woman in front of her; she completely forgot that she had taken Arthur's blade with her. "And pierce it through your heart, and through this your friends will be saved"

The young sorceress frowned in confusion, friends? She only knew of Arthur's death, so that must mean…"Sir Gwaine" the woman answered her unasked question. Merlynne felt her heart sink, Gwaine? The fun loving knight was gone? "So when you are ready step upon the dais"

Merlynne cleared her throat, "Are you going to do…-"

The woman shook her head and cut her off "No you need to do this. When you are ready my child"

Merlynne's grip tightened on the sword, her resolve fumbled, she realised that if she went through with this, she will never see Gaius again, she would never get a telling of from him, she would never be subjected to his foul dinners. And then Sir Percival and Sir Leon entered her mind. They were like brothers to her; she would never be teased by them. Without realising it tears began to fall from her eyes and they streaked down her face. She was giving everything up.

But then Arthur's face flashed through her mind, he was the best friend she ever had. Her heart ached for poor Gwen knowing her, Merlynne could imagine the gracious queen waiting for her husband's return.

Merlynne's hazy blue orbs dropped down to swords in her hands. Could she do this? But then she remembered that Gwaine was also gone. Merlynne loved him with all her hearth. They all deserve their happy ever afters. She did vow to protect them. She gripped the blade and licked her lips nervously.

"I'm ready" Merlynne announced. The Lady of Avalon appeared in front of her

"Well you are a brave sorceress fore someone so young. May Valar look down upon you"

Merlynne had no clue what she meant, but stepped up upon the dais, her attention was drawn onto the sword, her hands trembled as she raised the sword to her chest. She steeled herself and without further ado she pierced her heart.

Merlynne cried out and stumble and collapsed onto the ground. Her vision was already dimming, blood was pouring out of her, and it was happening quickly much to her relief. Merlynne's eyes were beginning to droop; she looked up at the starry sky.

This would be the last sight that she ever saw. She was growing numb and could make out the sound of quiet chanting, that was beginning to sound muffled. Her breaths were stuttering she closed her eyes. The dais that she laid upon was stained with blood.

Merlynne took in one last ragged breath and knew no more. The Lady of Avalon strode over the dead sorceress and knelt down beside her. "Good luck Emrys." She whispered, and tied a leather strip around her wrist. "I hope you find true happiness wherever you end up."

She stood up and her gown billowing around her, she chanted a few more words before Merlynne's body erupted into flames, before there was a bright white light.

Across the still waters, Kilgharrah watched on, a lone tear ran down his scale ridden face. "Goodbye little witch" he murmured.

Gandalf the Grey sighed, and smoked his long stemmed pipe. The elderly man hummed under his breath. He was utterly bored; he'd been on countless of travels, and at times like everyone else he needed a break to recharge himself.

But it was only nearing the end of his second week and he was already feeling antsy. The wizard contemplated visiting Bilbo who was residing in the Shire; he hadn't seen his good friend for some time.

"What to do?" he muttered under his breath. Gandalf stood up in his spacious cottage and moved over to the small fire place to make it burn brighter. The cottage in which the great man resided in was littered with knick-knacks that he picked up from his travels.

"So bored…nothing ever happens" Gandalf muttered and placed his pipe on the table. He was about to sit back down on his stuffed armchair but before he could there was a sudden white light coming from his windows. Gandalf's brows furrowed in confusion "What the-? He muttered under his breath.

He went to investigate where the white light had come from, so he grabbed his staff and pointy hat and exited his cottage. He squinted through the darkness and could make out what appeared to be a bundle at the end of the narrow path.

He slowly approached the wriggling bundle. He heard a gurgling sound and unhurriedly pulled down the cloth and was confused with the sight that greeted him. Fore out of the bundle of blankets peered out wide blue eyes.

"A babe?" Gandalf breathed and looked around and saw no sight of another breathing being. So without further ado he scooped the wriggling infant up and headed back to his cottage. When he entered his home, he set the raven head baby down on the centre of the table.

"Now this is different" he could see that the infant was poorly trying to get out of the cocoon of blankets that she was trapped in. he eyed the infant, and could already tell that the baby was already a resilient little thing. "Whoa" he exclaimed when the infant nearly rolled off of the table. He freed the baby and could tell that the little being was over a year old. "Now what are you known as?" a brief glanced down informed him that the infant was a female.

"Gah" the little girl giggled and much to Gandalf's amusement she raised a chubby hand and pulled his beard and then proceeded to chew it.

"Nay, don't do that" he freed himself and noted a leather strip around her tiny wrist and inspected it whilst trying to avoid the exuberant little girl's hand as she tried to grab his pointy hat. "So you're known as Emrys."

The raven haired infant gave him a sloppy smile; her cheeks were flush and rosy. She once again tried to grab his hat; she seemed to have an odd fascination with it. Gandalf set infant again and decided to place his hat on the hook by the door, hoping that the infant would no longer be distracted by his hat.

"Now to find you a home-"he immediately stopped talking when his hat flew off of the hook and straight across the room apparently on its own accord. But that wasn't the case; he was in awe when he saw the infant's bright blue orbs morphed into a pair of brilliant golden ones. She was exhibiting what he could only describe as magic.

The infant clapped, when she got her chubby hands on the hat. She chewed the top of it covering it in drool. As soon as she got the hat her eyes turned into their usual cobalt blue ones.

"Ok perhaps things aren't going to so boring around here" Gandalf picked up the toddler, the little girl giggled and much to the old man's surprise she laid a very wet kiss on his crinkly cheek. He could tell there was something special about the precious cargo in his arms. "I believe you have something special coming your way Emrys" Gandalf said aloud.

Emrys yawned and snuggled her face into his grey robes. Her bright blue orbs were drooping and soon closed. Gandalf could see that the toddler was lost to the world of dreams.

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So a new fic-I wanted to have a go at LOTR fics. There was a slight crossover, but this will be more of a LOTR fic than 'Merlin'

Prologue-We see Merlynne taking Arthur's place and she dies instead of him. But she gets sent to a different world. Where Gandalf finds her.