Hidow this is fornarniaooh pancakes this is my attempt at a Naruto Soul Eater crossover with secret fem naruto and I own nothing



"Demon speech"

'Jutsu/ Attack'

Naruto's Pov

Today was the worst of my life, and I knew it was coming to. Two days ago I brought back Sasuke-teme and I was so glad that he didn't break my disguise. Today I was called into the council chambers and I knew right away that something was going to happen so I sent a shadow clone in my place. I went to the bank and emptied out all my family accounts, sent letters with blood seals on them to my friends, and ran as fast as I could to get out of there. Unfortunately my wounds were bothering me, and I asked Kurama to heal them a bit faster.

"Sorry kit but your body needs a break, I can't give you any more."

'Nah it's okay Kurama-nee, it's just annoying'

Then I stiffen and feel ANBU coming but there a mile away. I run as fast as I can while some of my wounds start to open and I have to bite back the pain. I then create a shadow clone to keep running and hide to regroup.

'Okay Ku-chan what now'

"We need to use The Devil's Gate Jutsu you should be able to pull it off."

'Kay how do I start'

Kurama and I manage to get the jutsu ready but I feel my clone die and one of my pursuers rushing towards us. I jump into the gate but don't see my pursuer right behind me.

Well I'm starting out really short and please don't hate me this is my first Soul Eater crossover fic see ya