"Mr. Millgan?" Adams hears a soft voice tapping at his eardrums. "uhh...Mr. Milligan?"
'There's that noise again' Adam thinks while shifting around on the stiff grey and yellow pull-out motel couch. The timid angel rubs his smooth, light pink hands together and slides his socks slowly on the carpet while patiently waiting for Adam to wake.
"Umm, ?" he tries again. When he gets no response he rises slightly unsteady and takes a few cautious steps toward the motel couch across the brown-stained carpet
"Maybe he'll wake if I..." Samandriel says to himself as he leans over more toward Adam and lightly taps him on the shoulder a few times.
"Mr. Milligan?" "Mr. Milligan please wake up" Samandriel pleads sounding slightly desprate. Samandriel is still leaning over him when Adam cracks his eyes open and finds himself staring into large blueish-grey eyes.

"Hello-" The smaller angel begins before cut off by the clashing of the larger boys skull to his ownin startled motion.

"Ouch" Samandriel and Adam wailed simultaniously. Samandriel takes a step back allowing Adam room to swing his legs not-so-graciously onto the motel carpet.

"Ah-where-what-who-" Adam stumbles over many questions while rubbing his forehead. The featherweight angel cocks his head to the side a bit, and his face twist into a confused expression at the explosion of the all in one question.

"I mean, well, for starters, who the hell are you?" Adam ask in a slightly darker toned voice than he meant. Adam scrunched up half his face while looking up at the scrawny young man standing before him in what looks like some sort of fast food chain uniform.

"Uh okay. My name is Samandriel. I am an angel. I serve under God." The blonde-ish angel smiles sheepishly at Adam at the end of his introduction. Adam, face still half twisted, replys

"Oh, yeah, right. Okay so Uhh Samandriel, is it? Where am I? and how did I get here?" in a slightly sarcastic tone which Samandriel doesn't detect. Samandriel replys dryly
"We reside in an ovenight sleeping establishment" "I believe its-"
"A motel" Adam cuts him off while observing his surroundings.

"Yes" the angel says back. Adam begins to drag himself off the dingy couch and into a standing position. Samandriel remains in the same spot, but the backs away slightly when Adam gives him a look that he guesses translates to him being too close.

"Uh-huh. And how did I get here?" Adam asks while trailing off towards the window to look outside.
"Well, to be honest, I sort of found you...on a roadside. I've no idea how you got there but as it seems, niether do you. So I attempted to locate your next of kin, but found no one. Not even Sam or Dean Winchester, so I brought you here." Samandriel sits down lightly on the couch.

"And your still here?" Adam states questioningly looking back at Samandriel.
"Yes. I felt the need to watch over you" the angel replys in a tone that sounds genuine.

"Uhh yeah, alright. How'd you know that I was related to Sam and Dean?"
"I AM an angel" Samandriel says.
"Oh yeah, right." Then Adam walks over the bathroom. Adam returns to Samandriel touching everything in sight.
"Are you as hungry as I am?" Adam says a bit louder than necessary and startles Samandriel who nearly drops a ship-in-a-bottle he was intently observing.

"Ah- I don't get hungry" Samandriel says, placing the mini ship back on the table, he continues "But we could go get food if that's what you want?"

"Yeah. Uh where are we...exactly?" questions Adam as he stalks toward the grimy, olive-tinted machine he guesses passes as a refrigerator to the motel manager.
"We are in Newport, Vermont." Samandriel replys adding emphasis on the "we" due to the cheer in his voice.

"Ahh" signs Adam. "I've been to a diner here before. Got a car?"
"Excuse me?" Questions Samandriel looking confused.
"You know, a car?" Adam says while mimicking using a steering wheel.
"Oh. Um. No, sorry."

"AAh" Adam runs a hand through his short blonde hair blowing air through his lips. "That's fine, I'll find one" Adam says hurridly as he's already pulling on his slightly dirty boots. Samandriel follows suit and pulls on his black tennish shoes, laces them up, puts on his hat and follows Adam out the door of the dingy motel to the nearly empty parking lot.

Adam slides next to a dark green mustang and pats his light brown material jacket untill he finds what he's looking for: his lock pick. Adam opens it and makes short work of the door as he smirks and opens the car door to get in, then pauses
'the things people learn from the Winchesters' he says to himself. "You coming? I'm starvin'!" he says loudly to the boy standing by the door to the motel room.

"Yes, I'm coming." Samandriel says absently as he walks toward the dark green Mustang. Adam climbs into the car with Samandriel in the passenger seat. Adam starts the car and begins to drive. Inside the car Samandriel is messing with the glove compartment; removing things, looking over them, the putting them back.

"What are you doing?" Adam ask as he glances over at Samandriel"
"huh? oh nothing." Samandriel says hastely, putting back the engraved flask he was touching.

"Yeah, don't break anything, champ, it's a rental." Adam says sarcasticly.
"But you stole it?" Samandriel posed as if asking a question.
"Well, yeah but I'm gonna give it back".
"Do you remember where this place is?" ask the angel
"Of course!" the blonde one replys enthusiastically.

Then they pull up to the diner Adam remembered the 'Tin Can Diner'. They park and lift themselfs out of the car.
"Uh, where are we Mr. Milligan?" The dirty blonde asks shoving the car door closed. "Call me Adam. Mr. Milligan sounds like I'm someones dad" Adam added with a slight scoff. Samandriel, following Adam repeated the name,

"Adam. Okay Mr. Adam." Adam was about to say something, but left well enough alone. Adam opened the door and a bell chimed. Adam walked in and felt right at home, while Samandriel didn't seem to notice that he stuck out with his bright red Wenie hut uniform, and trailed Adam to a booth. A pretty, young, brunette waitress comes over to their table sporting a name tag that reads 'Cassey'.

"Hey there handsome may I take your order?" She says directed toward Adam.

"You most certainly can" Adams replys with a smile. "I'd like a bacon cheese burger and fries."

"sure thing darlin', anything to drink?" She says in a southern accent.
"Um, a beer. Thanks" The young man adds. The brunette waitress turns her attention toward Samandriel who was picking at the menus.
"And for you?" The waitress asks.

"I have no need for food" Samandriel states to Cassey, who looks confused.
"Ah-he's not hungry" Adam adds in.
"Oh, um, okay. I'll be back with your food in a bit" she winks at Adam and turns on her heel toward the kitchen.

"So do you know anything about what happened to Sam & Dean?"
"Yes" Samandriel begins "I talked with Dean while he and Sam were following the word of God. They Were accompanied by the prophet Kevin Tran and his mother." "And what about you? what happened to you?" the older boy questions Samandriel but then see's his food on a tray headed for him. Making sure to lean over the table when placing the food infront of Adam,

"here you are, sir" Cassey says smiling.
"Thanks, uh, Cassey" Adam glances at her name tag and back to her face and smiles. "Will that be all?" Cassey asks
"Yeah. I think so, thanks" Adam smiles as politely as possible.
"No problem, give me a holler if you need anything at all." She says sounding completely won-over by Adams charm.
"Will do" Adam adds with a wink, and she smiles and walks away.

"She seems nice" Samandriel inqures sounding up beat. Adam smiles lightly then takes a bite of his burger.

"So um" He chews a bit to clear room in his mouth for words and continues "as I was saying, what happened to you?" Samandriel looks a bit hesitant, but tells Adam
" As I was saying Goodbye to Mrs. Tran, Crowley came looking for me. He started asking questions about the other prophets. I refused to tell him so he started tourturing me. After what seems like forever I told him the names."

Samandriel removes his hat and starts picking at the brim.
"That sucks, man" the concerned blonde states. "What did he plan on doing with the prophets?"
"I don't know, he didn't say. But he didn't let me go after I told him. I didn't know what more he wanted from me, but then he asked about the words of God. I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about and that angels can't read the tablets. After a while he let me go back to heaven to heal. That's when I heard some angels talking about the third Winchester boy, you. I haven't heard anything from Castiel, Sam or Dean, so I decided to find you. And I did and-"
"Here we are" Adam cuts in adding another frie to his mouth.
"Yes" "here we are" the angel reiterates.

Adam finishes his burger and fries then drinks the last of his beer, and goes to the cashier to pay. Samandriel goes out the door toward the car they drove there in.

"$7.32 is your total" Cassey says as she's ringing him up. Adam searches his pockets and pulls a crumpled $10 out of his back jean pocket. He places it on the laminate wood countertop.
"Keep the change" he says tapping his hand twice on the counter.
"Wait." cassey says to him and grabs his hand palm-down, pulls out a sharpie, and writes her name and number on his hand
"Cassey. 802-555-9673" he repeats as she writes it down. She smiles and Adam smiles back at her then she lets go of his hand and Adam walks out of the diner to the Mustang where Samandriel has his face against the glass.

Adam walks closer to the car with an amused face and asks
"you know car windows can't see into the future right?"
"Oh. Mr. Adam" Samandriel turns around abruptly.
"I was listening."
"Listening to?" Adam inquires with an amused tone.
"Well I thought I heard angels talking about the Winchesters" Samandriel notes backing away from the car window.

"And? They say anything note-worthy?" Adam spikes up an eyebrow curiously.
"No. I'm afraid not. They have gone quiet again." The angel states sounding slightly dejected. Adam Walks over to the drives side of the green muscle car and opens the door to get in, Samandriel opens the passenger side door and gets in closing his door lightly, while Adam closes his with a slam.
"Where are we going now, Mr. Adam?" Adam starts the car and adjust the mirror before answering
"Back to the motel, I've got some stuff to look up."
"Do you need to look up that code on your hand?" The wenie hut worker ask pointing to the numbers on Adams hand. Adam laughs

"Is the code a form of entertainment?" Samandriel adds sounding confused.
"No, dude, its a number, like from the waitress at the diner, uh-cassey was her name." The older boy Responds
"oh" is all Samandriel says in reply.

The rest of the ride is quiet except for Electric feel playing on the radio. Once they get back to the hotel, Adam "borrows" a laptop from another guest and brings it back to the room he and Samandriel are staying in. Adam removes his shoes and sits at a table, while Samandriel sits in silence, staring at Adam. After a few minutes of Adam trying to ignore the angels staring he stops typing and says
"You know there IS television here, don't you?" Samandriel gives Adam a puzzled look and Adam walks over toward the couch where the angel is sitting, picks up the remote and turns on the television. A spanish novela is on about a woman and her dog.
"there, see?" Adam hands the remote to Samandriel who takes it cautiously and glues his eyes to the television screen. Adam walks back over to the table where the laptop is and turns it toward Samandriel,
"Hey, is this the prophet kid?"
"Yes that is Kevin Tran" the blue eyed angel turns toward the screen to confirm.
"Do you know where he is?" asks Adam.
"No I believe the Winchesters are looking for him." he replys. Adam blows air through his lips and asks

"so I've got no leads to where Sam and Dean are, have you seen Castiel in heaven or something?"
"No. I have not seen him since purgatory" Samandriel says with a bit of sorrow in his voice.
"Well I've got nothing" Adam closes the laptop and pushes it back.
"So what now?" the angel asks.
"I guess we wait" Adam replys.