Lost Then Found

Hello all fans of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I am an author here today to bring you a story full of love, death, and insanity. I am also fairly new to writing fanfic material, so please try not to be too critical of my work. I plan to write and post at least one new chapter every week. Alright, I won't bore you any longer with my introduction. Please stay tuned to get your fix of Sweeney Todd.

Disclaimer note: Sorry everyone, but I am not the genius behind our favorite demon barber, his friends, or enemies. I am just borrowing them.

Chapter 1: A Family Portrait

Nellie Lovett had loved photographs from the moment they had been introduced to her. The thought of how a little device could capture a person's exact likeness sparked a sense of fascination in her. However, there was one photograph she despised she despised, and currently, it was lying in her tiny hands. It was a rather simple portrait of a normal-looking family, but she knew it was no ordinary picture. It was the Barker's family portrait, taken a few months before Benjamin's arrest.
The reason for her disdain of the photograph stemmed from one thing and one thing only, Lucy. That vile woman had ruined Nellie's chances with her tenant Mr. Todd (formerly Mr. Barker) and had even left a poor child without a mother when she drank arsenic after her husband's arrest. Yet, Nellie still had a puzzling urge to be like her. 'Why do I want to be anythin' like that wench?' she thought to herself.
Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew the answer. It was because of him. He was the reason she wanted to change. He was the reason she did (or thought for that matter) most things. 'Yeah, and 'e's the bloody reason I bake people inta pies!' she thought. She didn't give a rat's backside though. She knew she'd love Mr. T until she breathed her last and was now sure she loves him more than she ever loved Benny. She vowed to herself that day that she would become the very thing she hated to become the very thing he loved.
She began studying the features of the "wench" in the picture closely. Staring at the photograph, she concentrated with such vigor that for a moment she herself figured she'd spontaneously combust. Suddenly, Nellie heard feet climbing the staircase just outside Mr. Todd's shop. She was so startled that she almost dropped the photograph, shattering the glass surrounding it. Catching herself, she quickly but carefully placed the picture back in its proper place.
Thankfully, she had anticipated that Mr. Todd would return from his trip to the market early, and she had prepared for it accordingly. She pulled a dusty rag from her left sleeve and dipped it into the bucket that had been sitting by her foot for the past half hour. Water dripped profusely from the gray rag as she squeezed out the excess droplets. Soon, she was scrubbing away at the floor boards humming the tune to Greensleeves as she worked.
Mr. Todd entered his shop slowly and quietly. He had figured Mrs. Lovett would be down in the bakehouse making her famous meat pies, and he did not want to alert her of his return as to avoid needless chatter. He had not expected what he saw when he walked inside. Mrs. Lovett was down on her hands and knees in his shop wiping muck off the floor.

"Mrs. Lovett," he said, his gruff voice causing her to cease humming and jump a bit in surprise, "might I inquire as to what you are doing exactly?"
"Oh! Mistah T! I was just givin' yer floor a good scrubbin'. Gotta keep this place clean ya know if ya wanna 'tract 'igh payin' customers like ol' Judge Turpin," she exclaimed, giving him a friendly smile with a wink.
"That won't be necessary right now, my pet. I'd actually enjoy some time alone at the moment," he said glaring at her to leave.
"O' course, Mistah T. I'll be goin' now," she said softly, picking herself up of the floor and grabbing her bucket.
"If ya need anythin' just 'oller," said Mrs. Lovett, stopping in the doorway before trodding
down the stairs. 'O' course Mistah T, I now 'ave a plan to make ya fall in love with me,' Nellie thought as she smiled maliciously. 'Let's see if you can resist yellow 'air.'

The plot thickens. What does Mrs. Lovett mean? Will Sweeney Todd ever fall in love with her? Stay tuned to find out! Please read and review for more chapters! Thanks guys!