Lost Then Found

Chapter 3: The Devious Plan

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Nellie stared at herself in the vanity mirror on her bathroom wall, amazed at the job she and Toby had done with her hair. Even in the light of the moon, it brightly shone like strands of gold adorning her head. She herself seemed a thing of beauty that night as she wore a thin white nightgown that seemed to stick to her skin, accentuating her perfect curves. The black lace drew attention to silky skin, especially around the chest area.
"Not as beautiful as Lucy, but I think it'll do," she critically remarked, referring to her overall appearance.
It had been hours since she sent Toby off to bed, but she could not seem to sleep. Like a giddy little girl, she was ecstatic, doting on the prospect that soon Mr. T would take one good look at her and melt like butter. Oh, how she pined for that man, and finally, after sixteen years, he would be hers.
Once she had stumbled her way out of the bathroom, tripping over the empty bottle of dye and almost landing headfirst in the chamberpot, she sauntered across the parlor room like a ghost floating through the air. Although the darkness surrounded her, obscuring her vision of any and all objects in the vacinity, she was able to discern her favorite sofa upon which she soon sat.
After waiting what seemed like an eternity for the demon barber to emerge from his lair, she decided to rest her head for but a short moment. She kicked off the shoes that all day had been trapping her feet and curled herself horizontally on the couch. She attempted to fight whatever urge she had to drift off into the land of dreams, but her willpower was all too easily beaten by the call to sleep. The last thing she remembered was feeling her eyes grow heavy and fuse shut.
For whatever reason, probably to find and steal more than a bit of gin, Mr. Todd soon found himself slinking into Mrs. Lovett's pie shop. He tiptoed, as not to disturb anyone and warrant unwanted chatter, from the shop into the parlor. He was in the process of sneaking past the sofa when he noticed something peculiar. 'Yellow hair,' he thought, 'Oh my Lucy, have you returned to me?'
He quietly knelt down until he was level with the sleeping figure. He quickly realized that the woman's face was turned opposite to him, and he would have to take a different course of action if he wanted to identify this slumbering lady. He lightly grasped her left arm and slowly but surely began flipping her to face him. His heart sank as he caught sight of the woman's features. It couldn't be, but it was. Mrs. Lovett.
Sweeney yanked the poor woman from her rather comfortable position and stood her up merely inches away from himself. As he did so, she let out a frightened gasp and was about ready to scream like a banshee, when she recognized the man in front of her, Mr. Todd.
"Mr. T?" she asked with a soft yawn.
"Ah. Mrs Lovett you are a bloody wonder, aren't you?" Mr. Todd declared quizzically.
"W-wot d'ya mean, love?" she stammered, drunk with sleep.
"I mean that I do not take kindly to deceit, my pet."
He sounded furious. Nellie could not tell if it was feigned anger, conveyed to put fear into her heart, or genuine. Either way, she was not prepared for what would happen next.
"I-I wasn't plannin' on trickin' ya," she squeaked, trying not to sound frightened.
"Oh, so you were mocking my poor wife?"
"No! I mean, no. I was just... I just wanted ta make meself look more presentable. Y'know ta bring in more 'igh payin' male customers love."
"I don't believe you," said Sweeney, slightly softening his tone.
"C'mon, love. Would I eva' lie ta you?"
He only returned with a glare, more satisfied to growl than give a proper answer.
"Oi, I know wot'll make ya feel better, love," she stated, giving him a tiny but warm smile.
"What?" he groaned, apparently annoyed.
"I got some news. News I 'ave a feelin' you'll like."
"Well what is it, woman? Spit it out!"
This sudden outburst caused Nellie to jump back a little bit. She was completely taken aback by his current resentment towards her.
"Judge Turpin 'as fallen ill, with tuberculosis no less."
"What in the bloody hell does that have to do with me right now?"

She placed her hand delicately upon his shoulder, eyes glowing like diamonds in the sun as she nearly whispered her reply.

"Ya ain't thinkin' practically 'bout the future love. Ya know the judge 'as trust in sensual women, right?"

"I suppose."

Sweeney's eyebrow was arched as his face expressed a look of pure confusion.

"Well, since 'e trusts my opinions, bein' a woman of that sort meself, I could, assumin' ya 'ave a good enough disguise, introduce ya to 'im as a doctor, one o' the best in London. Later, after you're acquainted an' such, you could offer ta bleed 'im, if ya catch me drift."

"I'm not quite sure I follow, pet."

Nellie let out an exasperated sigh before she continued presenting her point to the clueless barber.

"When ya go up ta bleed 'im, cut a lit'le too deep. Make it look like an accident though. Can't 'ave ya goin' an' getting' yerself 'anged."

Sweeney's eyes were suddenly alighted in pure delight. 'How marvelous! How delectable!' he thought. On impulse, he grabbed Mrs. Lovett by the waist and twirled her in the air.

"Oh my pet!" he laughed gleefully, "You really are a bloody wonder aren't you?"

"I try love I try," she smirked as he somewhat gently set her back upon solid ground.

"When shall we carry out our devious plans?" questioned Mr. Todd like an exuberant child on Christmas morning.

"In due time love," half-said, half-yawned Mrs. Lovett, eyes growing droopy as her arms fell wearily to her side. "I'm rather tired tonight, so I think I'll be off ta sleep. Remember, dear, 'ave patience. Our plans shall be fulfilled in a week's time. I'll set up a meetin' ta discuss… legal matters with our friend, the judge."

She gave Mr. Todd a knowing wink before hoofing it off to her room for some much needed and welcoming sleep.

Once she had gone, Sweeney drew his razor from its holster and stroked it tenderly, as if it were his own sweet child instead of an inanimate object.

"Yes," he breathed, "revenge shall be mine."

Oh, how about that? Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd have made plans soon to be fulfilled. Will they be successful or fall just short of their ultimate goal? All will be revealed next time in Lost Then Found.