Chapter 1: Anything Cold For That Matter

Kai's POV

The ninja's powers had gotten stronger over the past year. They had still gone on missions, even though they had to keep a sharp eye out for themselves and their comrades. When they went to a store, sometimes their powers would ruin something and they would have to pay for the damage, or they could have been talking to a person and accidentally hurt them without knowing. Zane normally froze something by accident, Jay electrocution, Cole was -for the most part- mini earthquakes, and me? Well, we haven't figured out what mine was yet. Since I was the newest member of the ninja, my powers increased slower than the other's, so we had yet to find out my "flaw".

Right now though, we were on our way into the ice-lands, on our boat, in the freezing weather. You can probably guess, but, the winter, snow, or anything cold for that matter was my least favorite out of the seasons and temperature. I shivered uncontrollably, yeah, laugh all you want, I know I'm the fire ninja, but I could be cold in this weather, it was like my weakness. My powers felt sapped, my movement was sluggish, even my speech was slurred together. I felt horrible. I sat on one of the beds in the boat, wrapped in a soft blanket, and stared at the floor, shivering uncontrollably. The other's were all outside, laughing and having fun, without me. You can imagine what effect that had on me.

I sighed and pulled my eyes away from the floor, only to look out the small square window on the door. I saw Nya, my sister, dancing around with Jay, and Zane was talking to Sensei Wu with his falcon perched on his shoulder, cawing loudly. Lloyd was no where in sight. But, who caught my attention was; Cole. He was leaning over the railing of the ship, and what little I could see, was his shoulders shaking, meaning he must be vomiting. Oh yeah, he got sea sick easily these days. Why you ask? I really have know clue. But why he caught my attention the most was because…I liked him. A lot. More than a best friend should.

I frowned at that thought, then glared at the far wall, as if it was the one to blame for the thought. I didn't hear it when the door opened and someone stumbled in, I was lost in my thoughts.

"Kai? Hello, are you alright? You're looking kind of pale…" I heard a worried voice, I blinked several times before I could clearly see Cole looking at me with a small frown.

"What?" I croaked.

"Whoa, Kai, are you okay?" Cole asked again and sat down on my bed, looking at me worriedly.

"Y-yeah." I said hoarsely.

"No, you're crying Kai, what's wrong?" He pointed out.

I reached up to touch my left cheek, and felt the wetness of my tears, "Oh, I-I don't know." I answered honestly.

"God Kai," Cole sighed. "you look horrible."

I chuckled at him, "Thanks for the complement dude."

"Oh," He blushed and ducked his chin, trying to hide it. "sorry."

"No problem Cole," I said, shrugging the small comment off.

"So, what's wrong? Do you feel alright, sick?" He asked and set the back of his hand on my forehead before I could stop him. He yelped and pulled his hand back, "Jesus Christ Kai, you're burning up!"

I lifted my hand and felt my forehead, and the temperature seemed normal to me, "Oh…"

"Yup, that's a scar." He said as he examined his burned hand.

I jumped and grabbed his hand with mine, making sure that the blanket covered my hands, "Shit, Cole I'm so sorry!" I apologized when I saw the bright red mark that was on the back of his hand.

"Kai, it's fine, not your fault, you're sick." Cole said, a small smile gracing his perfected lips.

I held back a moan, but still bit my bottom lip, holding back from kissing him right then and there. Besides, he was straight, I was straight, just not around him. He chuckled and looked down at our hands, a light shade of pink scattering over his nose and cheeks like a wild fire.

"Jeez Kai, you don't need to hide your hands," Cole said, his green eyes flickering back up to my red-gold ones.

"Yeah, I could burn you with them if I don't control my emotions," I said softly, and felt my own blush cover my cheeks when I realized that his face and mine were only inches apart from each other, his warm breath tickling my nose.

"Ha, yeah…" He said quietly, then he raised an eyebrow at me. "You defiantly are sick huh?"

"Why would you say that?" I said, confused.

"Your hair…it's not…spiky." He said, grinning slightly.

I blushed more, "Yup, kept it down because I wasn't coming out for a while so…" I shrugged.

"Well, that's different." He smirked and leaned forwards his lips barely brushing mine.

I smiled cockily, "Don't want to catch my cold do you now?"

"Of course I do…" He said and closed his eyes the same time I did.

"Guys! Get ready we have stopped-" Cole and I jerked away from each other and turned to look at the door, only to see Nya staring at us, her mouth and eyes wide open.

"Yup, y-you're totally and c-completely sick K-K-Kai!" Cole stuttered from the other end of the bed.

I cocked my head to the side, "Thank you Cole, for pointing that out for me-"

"Yes!" Nya exclaimed and ran over to me, embracing me in a tight hug as she squealed in joy.

I pushed my sister away softly and shook my head, "You were saying?"

She grinned and looked over at Cole, who was looking back and forth between us, his face as bright as a tomato, "Get ready you two, we've hit land…kinda." and with that my crazy sister skipped out of the room.

"Well, u-um…" Cole stuttered as he stood and headed over to the door, since he was already dressed in his ninja gear. "Get ready Kai," he said and left me alone. Again.

I sighed and stood up, toppling over and onto my face. I groaned and rose to my weak knees, then did a quick Spinjitzu, then stopped only to be fully dressed in my red ninja suit. All ready to go, all but my heart and stomach. I wobbled out of the room and onto the deck, and joined the group. Sure enough, the boat was stopped, and ahead was a fair stretch of rock, then it turned into fog.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, let's get going!" Jay shouted, always one to jump ahead of time.

"Jay, let master Sensei say what he needs to." Zane said, patting his friend on the back.

"Yes, now as we all know, Lloyd, Nya, and I will stay on the boat. While you four head out onto the ice, and find the golden weapons. After this, we may all have some tea." The old trainer said and took a sip of the small cup he held as he said this.

"Aw man! Why do I always have to stay behind and do boring stuff?" Lloyd whined and ran over to me with a pleading look, "Make him let me come Kai?"

I rolled my eyes and patted his head quickly with my black gloved hand, "I can't make him do something like that Lloyd, listen to him. He's our boss you know,"

"Yeah but," He sighed and hugged me tightly.

I groaned and pushed him away, "Sorry kid, gotta go. Have fun!"

Cole was watching us carefully, his eyes were narrowed at Lloyd and he looked like he was ready to kill, "Well, Jay, would you?" He said calmly.

"All right! Let's head out!" Jay shouted as we all headed to the side of the boat. He whipped around and kissed Nya on the cheek, "Bye Nya!"

She giggled, "Bye Jay,"

I rolled my eyes and jumped off the boat with the other ninja, landing on the hard ground with a thump. At first, my knees buckled beneath me, but Zane helped me to my feet with ease. I thanked him and sniffled, I then started to walk out to the foggy area. The other's followed me, like they usually did, but this time it was almost complete silence. I was shaking violently and could feel the other's eyes on my back, and their worried murmurs to each other, otherwise it was, utterly silent. I marched ahead, but was stopped by someone's hand on my shoulder.

"Kai, hold on, let's let Cole lead, then Zane-" Jay said.

Being my hot-headed self, I snarled back, "Why can't I lead?"

He grinned, "Because it'd make more sense for the earth ninja to lead us through the rocks, and the ice one through the ice. Duh."

I rolled my eyes and let Cole and Zane walk ahead of us. I was stuck by the strangely quiet Jay, who looked like he was in his own world. I sighed and turned my attention back onto Cole, who was in the very front of our square we formed; Cole in the left front corner, Zane on the right, Jay on the back right corner, and me on the back left corner. Right behind my crush, who happened to have a very nice ass. Yup, I was checking him out when his back was turned, and to keep my mind off of the bitter coldness I was suffering.

I watched the way he scouted the area and leading us like he normally would (being te leader and all) on earth based areas, and his small figure made it that much more interesting to watch. I frowned, he and I were about to kiss -I think- but we were interrupted, by my sister, and he ignored that, as if it never even happened. I shook my head and growled in frustration as my long hair fell in my face. Because I had forgotten to put my usual hair gel in, it was soft and really, really annoying, flopping in my face and all. I pushed it aside with a blow of air, and looked around in the fog when Zane spoke up.

"My turn to lead?" He asked and we all stopped in our places, all but me.

"Ow!" I heard Cole yelp as I ran into him from behind, nearly knocking him over.

I winced, "Sorry Cole, not paying attention…"

He straightened up and brushed himself off, "It's fine Kai."

"Yep, you lead my friend!" Jay said gleefully.

"Alright, now, before any of us start moving. This area we are about to head onto is pretty thin ice covering a large lake, so be careful. Underneath that, is freezing water. Watch your step, and follow me." Zane warned, once everybody nodded he moved forwards.

Jay had jumped up behind the ice ninja, leaving Cole to follow and me in the rear.

"Keep at least a foot or two apart from one another guys," Zane said as we heard the cracking of the ice as he stepped on it, then Jay a foot or so later.

Cole stepped on and shot a grin my way as he followed Jay onto the frozen lake with ease. I waited then stepped onto the ice, almost immediately it melted under my touch. I sucked in a breath and jumped back onto the rocks. I stared at the ice, worry filling my guts. I gulped and stepped back onto the ice, and again, it melted. Cole was a good five or seven feet away from me, when he called back, noticing my absence.

"Kai? What are you doing? Get over here." He hissed quietly, though he didn't sound too annoyed, more confused than anything.

I had retreated to the rock when the cold water touched my foot, seeping in through my shoes. "I can't go…" I said to him.

He frowned, "Why not?" He looked back at the other's nervously.

"I…" I looked back down to my feet, ashamed of my weakness.

"Kai, come on." He said softly.

"Cole I can't, it melts." I said stiffly.

He frowned, "It melts?" He shot another nervous glance at the other's before walking over to me.

I backed up and pointed at the ice, were it had melted from my touch. "See?"

He nodded, "Show me."

I sighed and stepped forwards, and the ice melted beneath me, "Well,"

He frowned, "All of you, let's see how fast it melts then."

I moved to a new spot before setting my weight on it, when it didn't melt I grinned at him, "It worked!" I exclaimed in a hushed tone.

"Great, let's catch up then…" Cole said and stepped back onto the ice and walked over to me.

"Okay-" I yelped when the ice beneath me melted faster than the other and I fell into the -surprisingly deep- freezing water.

I heard Cole's startled cry for the others as I kicked at the cold water, but that was the problem. You can probably guess, but, the winter, snow, or anything cold for that matter was my least favorite out of the seasons and temperature. My powers felt sapped, my movement was sluggish, even my speech was slurred together. My kicks became weak, and my breath was coming to it's end. I didn't know which way was up or down, but I prayed I would live. I needed to.