Chapter 4: Gap Between Us Is Gone

Kai's POV

"Hey…Can I a-ask you s-something?" Cole asks suddenly, sitting next to me.

"Sure, anything." I grin.

"Do…" He gulps. "Do you like me?" This was asked sooner than I had thought it would be.

Cole's POV

He just stares at me with a blank expression, I couldn't tell if he was thinking, mentally laughing at me, or…I had no idea what was going through that cluttered mind of his. I gulp nervously, shifting nervously, biting my lip. His red brown eyes look at me, and I saw some sort of feeling that I was never used to seeing while someone looked at me, there.

"Yes." Kai answered finally.

I choked on air, "W-what? R-really?"

He grins, "I thought I was doing a good job of proving it. Guess not," He taps my head, "Or, you're just thick skulled."

I growl, swatting his hand away, "Nah, you just do a horrible job of showing your affection."

Kai laughs, but it's suddenly cut short, and I catch him staring at me, a look of lust covering his features. I smile nervously, then jump when he slips my hands into his own; his thumb running over the back gently. I blink at him, unaware of what he was doing. Kai leans forwards, eyelids drooping, hiding those beautiful iris's that I had learned to love-like- so much. He's leaning forwards, and just as he's a few inches from my lips he stops.

"Is this okay?" Kai whispers softly.

I nod, too afraid to speak, not knowing what would spill out of my mouth. He leans in a little further, enough to where our lips brushed and his warm breath tickled my cheeks, that I knew were as red as a strawberry.

"Positive?" He asks again, eyes nearly closed, just like my own.

"Y-yeah." I stutter.

And the gap between us is gone, just like that. His lips are so warm, while mine must be dry and cold. I had never kissed anyone before, so he was my first. My first. Those two simple words echoed in my head for a second. My first…kiss. My first love. I smile into the deepening kiss, I admit it, I love Kai. My fingers somehow seemed to have a mind of their own and tangled in his hair, that was so soft. I never thought of Kai's hair to be this soft before, because of all the gel he used, I had assumed it was gross, or dry. Nope, it's like a rabbit's fur.

Oh, not too long later did I realize that I was pressed against the bed with Kai on top of me. I squirm, squeaking a little, and now his tongue is roaming in my mouth. Better do what the characters in all those romance books do that I've read; they 'fight' back. I moan, pulling him against me, and Kai gently shoves his hands under my shirt, tracing my stomach.

"Hey guys, how's Kai-" Jay's voice stops mid-sentence with a shriek replacing his next words.

"U-uh…" I stutter, pulling away from Kai, who was now fuming and glaring at the lightning ninja.

Nya appears behind her boyfriend, taking in the sight before them, and with a giggle she covers Jay's eyes with a hand, before ushering him away and coming into the room on her own. Kai's giggling sister presses her back against the door, relaxing, a playful smirk presented on her lips.

"What is it Nya?" Kai growls.

I struggle to get out from under him, but he holds me down, lying his whole body against mine, stupid flame headed idiot using his body weight against me.

Nya grins, "Oh, we just came to check in on you Kai, seems like you're perfectly fine to me."

Her brother snorts, "Huh, funny thing is; I'm a little numb."

Nya chokes and I join her, only me having that wonderful special effect of the 'blushies'.

"Well, Kai, I-I didn't need to know that-" His sister begins.

The fire ninja pales, "N-no, not l-like that…" He leaps off of me, running into the bathroom that was part of the room.

I sit up shakily, thankful he had moved, or else I'd most likely be covered in the fire ninja's lovely breakfast. Nya cringes, walking over to me with an disdainful -no, that's the wrong word, more like…a sorrowful eye on the door her brother had disappeared behind moments ago.

"So, how was it?" She asked.

I blushed, "Good."

"Wait…" Nya looks me over with her lips pursed. "Was he your first kiss?"

I lower my gaze, "Yeah."

She squeals, "Awe! That's adorable! You two are perfect!"

"What? Why do you say that?" I ask, fully curious now.

"That was his first as far as I know of…" She smirks. "Now, I'm gonna go let the world know about this~!" She sings.

All the while, Kai's in the bathroom, most likely puking his guts out, Nya literally skips down the hall singing about how Kai and I just had our first kiss. Well, that's it, I most likely won't be showing my face to anyone except for Kai for the next week, until everyone forgets about that. Jay probably won't forget…great, the biggest mouth of all will most likely tease us both about that later. Hm, maybe Kai will threaten him or I, and he'll shut up, or I'll stay in hiding for an extra week.