Series: No Destiny
Title: Changing Destiny
Author: sarhea
Fandom(s): Thor (2011), Harry Potter, Marvelverse
Categories: AU, gen, het, Crossover, xover, drama, romance, action
Summary: Loki meets Hermione Granger and it changes everything.
Characters/Pairing: Hermione Granger/Loki
Rated: NC17, MA
Warnings: Explicit violent sex, BDSM themes
Spoilers: Everywhere.
Beta: BT
Disclaimer: Do not own Loki, Thor, Avengers, Marvelverse, et al, Stan Lee and Marvel comics, etc do. Do not own Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, et al, J.K. Rowling does. Not making any money, just playing with the characters.
Summary: Hermione is hiding from the Wizarding World and Loki is bored enough to be intrigued by her defiance. Just as a distraction between his plotting…Until he discovers the truth of his heritage; only now he has someone to go to, someone without prejudice.
For: LJ Community Hermione_smut Round 6
#9 Hermione is an atheist who believes gods/goddesses/myths are part of the collective unconscious. What happens when a real life Loki lands in her world attempting to wreck havoc? Loki on the other hand never knew of the magical world, never expected to reckon with a human as powerful/seductive as Hermione Granger. Kinks: crazy violent sex, power struggle between 2/3 characters
AN: The prompt inspired me to twist events in Thor, not the Avengers. Take it as AU for the movie. Hope you like!
Edited: Oct 6, 2012

~ooO Changing Destiny Ooo~

"I need to sign out advanced textbooks on Quantum Physics."

"I'm writing a critique of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Can you tell me where I can find possible source material?"

"Where are the books on Mary Queen of Scots?"

"I have to do a presentation on grizzly bears."

"I need to print my essay."

"The photocopier is jammed."

It was a typical day in a London district library: very busy with nary a moment to sit down and relax. It suited Hermione. She didn't want time to stop and think and second-guess her decision to withdraw from the Wizarding World. It had not been an easy choice but Hermione had desperately needed a break from the adulation and unvoiced demands. It hadn't made anyone happy Hermione was done putting everyone else ahead of her. Luckily an old friend of her mother's was more than willing to hire her as general help; enough to sub-let a little bed-sit and pay for her day-to-day living expenses.

"Of course Mr. Odinson. The rare manuscripts are in the back. Right this way."

Hermione stiffened hearing the uncharacteristic girlish giggle from her matronly supervisor, and peered around the corner. Mrs Batsen was fluttering, patting her greying hair as she ushered a tall lithe businessman dressed in an expensive looking grey suit into the back. All Hermione could see from this angle was the back of his head covered with slicked-back black hair. Curious she waited until Mrs Batsen emerged from the small scholars reading room.

"Who is that?" she asked idly.

Mrs Batsen blinked confused. "Oh! That's Mr. Odinson."

"Is he a professor?" Hermione asked. "He looks rather wealthy."

"Oh no, I believe he's a businessman." And then she bustled away.

Hermione frowned. It was not policy to allow non-scholars unsupervised access to the rare texts. Few had the training and skill to handle old crumbling volumes. But perhaps Mr. Odinson was a wealthy donor, a bibliophile. Immediately she went to a terminal to do some research.

Ten minutes she stepped away confused and worried. There was no record of any Mr. Odinson, not as a financial patron or even a general library user! How could Mrs Batsen be so irresponsible? It was not like her!

Determined to get to the bottom of this she stalked towards the private reading room. Then she froze sensing something she never expected. Magic. Warily she tested the boundaries. Repelling wards. Deftly she unravelled them and pushed open the door, to step in and close it behind her.


Loki stiffened at the unexpected intruder. His wards should have kept the mortals away. He gently set the page down and peeled off the surgical gloves enchanted to block his personal magic from interacting with the grimoires. Then he looked up into a furious, but not entirely unattractive, face surrounded by a mass of brown curls restrained in a messy knot. The Aesir wondered if he was imagining the sparks in her hair.

"How dare you!" she hissed stalking around the table to stand before him.

"How dare I want?"

"You bespelled Mrs Batsen! There is no Odinson in the library database. I doubt it's your real name!" she accused.

Loki stiffened at the insinuation. Then he stopped. This Midgard was aware of magic? Disdainfully he sniffed. "I assure you my name is Loki Odinson."

"Liar!" she growled. "You're a bigot who's too used to getting his own way. I'm going to report you to the Aurors for Confounding a Muggle."

He was taken aback, confused by her words before he caught himself and regained his poise. "You are interfering in matters that do not concern you," he growled back.

"And you are breaking the law!" she countered.

He laughed a short derisive sound. "I am above petty mortal laws."

She shrank back for an instant and looked at him with wide hurt brown eyes. Then she seemed to pull herself together. "You're just like every other pureblood bigot."

Loki knew he was being insulted and he was not in any mood to tolerate it. He reached out to grab her arm and recoiled when his magic was repelled by something flowing beneath her skin. It was potent yet soothing, cool and tangy like peppermint essence used in healing brews. He had never experienced anything like it before.

He tried again and failed to weave his magic against her. Reflexively he stepped out of time and away. He had come too far to be caught by pretty bait.


Hermione watched as the wizard vanished soundlessly, with no betraying pop. He had to be really powerful and skilled to have such control. She waited for a few minutes, in case he decided to return, but he didn't. Huffing she carefully examined the volume, an ancient tome on Nordic mythos, before repacking it in its protective cover.

He was just an ass.

The thought lingered as she went about her usual duties until the end of her shift. On the way home she stopped at a grocery shop to pick up a few fresh vegetables.


Loki watched the mortal woman in a scrying mirror as she went about shopping and travelling on the filthy crowded public transit. She had to have magic, and some training and skill, to have penetrated his wards, repelled his spells, but she wasn't using it! She looked and acted just like any other mortal. He would never have suspected her of having magic if she had not breached his protections and confronted him.

Part of him wanted to ignore the distraction, but the greater part of him that loved puzzles and secrets was not dissuaded. So instead of returning to Asgard he made plans to return to the library where she worked.

A broad grin spread across his face. Perhaps Midgard was not as useless and unmagical as he had always thought.


Hermione saw the green-eyed black-haired man sweet-talking Mrs Batsen the moment she stepped through the glass doors. As soon as he saw her he appeared at her side holding out a waxed paper cup from the café around the corner. The aroma was distinctive. An Extra Spicy Chai Latte. Her favourite. She did not say anything but neither did she refuse the beverage. She ignored his obnoxious expression in favour of consuming the still hot drink.

It had become a routine. He'd show up every day before her shift, sweet-talk Mrs Batsen into giving her extended breaks and allowing her to leave early, before he hung around and generally made her life difficult. He had Harry's colouring but he reminded her of a young Draco Malfoy – bratty and out to draw everyone's attention. He never had to really work, to risk his life in battle. Loki Odinson was just another spoilt rich pureblood. Probably from the continent since she didn't recognize his looks or name. Probably Norway given his name. Vaguely she wondered what kind of Nordic pureblood family chose to use the name Odinson and named a son after the Norse God of Mischief and Liars.

"What do you want?" she asked tiredly. Because it was better to hear it up front from him, than from an enamoured Mrs Batsen.

"I need some help finding alternate translations."

"You know you'd be better off hiring a linguist, or someone skilled at translation charms, like a curse breaker."

"Why would I do that when I have you?"

She wanted to jump on him, pull his hair out, screeching all the while like a demented banshee. His smirk practically dared her to do just that. She just managed to keep from reacting violently.


He had not planned on staying near her as long as he had, but he had been unable to resist. Hermione Granger was most definitely magical and from a magical society but she had chosen to live apart in the non-magical, the Muggle world. Loki desperately wanted to know but he was limited to what she chose to share with him in her off-hand manner. She clearly believed he was one of her kind, a magical from her society. And he could not influence her. Her mind was protected by a powerful but natural dense mental barrier, and very resistant to his magic. So he contended himself with pretending to know what she was talking about, making extrapolations to fill in the blanks. He was good at that.

Hermione made off-hand references to local militia called Aurors, goblin treasure keepers, curse breakers, apothecaries, runic arrays, but Loki had rarely seen her actively use her magic, mostly to repair serious damage to older volumes. She was never showy with her magic, using the magical equivalent of thread and needle instead of swords and hammers. She treated magic with a respect he rarely saw, only in superstitions mortals centuries ago, however she was anything but superstitious. She was skilled but mortal, weak, lesser. Loki was attracted to her but he refused to be ensnared. He had grand plans that did not include a mortal woman, no matter how magical or attractive she might be.