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When she came to she was acutely conscious of the heavy weight pressed against her groin, the still wet shaft pressed against the crease of her thigh. She opened her eyes and blinked surprised. At some point in time he had shifted into his more human appearance: pale skin, black hair, green eyes. She frowned and touched her skin.


It was his turn to look confused. "Why what?"

"Why did you shift? Isn't this unnatural for you? I don't want to make you feel you must shift to make me comfortable." She said a babbling rush.

He looked very taken aback and then pleased. "I spent eons in this shape. I believed I was Aesir, that Odin and Frigg were my parents," his lips turned down at the corners. "This is easier to hold than the other."

"Then when you shift to Jotun form, it's because your control is disrupted?"

"In a sense. A foreign energy interferes. Or I consciously think it. Or loose control," he admitted with some after thought.

She touched his cheek filled with admiration and it showed. "You must have great control. To have lived so long and never shifted to Jotun form in all that time."

"I began my lessons in sorcery when I was a very young child," he admitted. "I showed great aptitude and mother, Frigg, insisted. Sorcery in Asgard is considered a woman's art."

Hermione made a scoffing sound. "Ha! Magic is magic. If you have talent and ability it would be criminal to not hone it! Besides you would have caused more trouble with uncontrolled accidental magic."

"That was Frigg's reasoning."

She gave him a look. "You should call her Mother. She probably still loves you. Mothers do, even the adoptive ones. Sometimes more so."

He looked ready to argue when he caught himself and changed the subject. "You said you would bind yourself to me and only me."

"Yes. But not now."

His expression turned thunderous before he regained control. "Then when?"

She shifted closer and rested her cheek against his shoulder. "Tell me Loki, once I bind myself to you, what will happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would you expect me to live with you? Leave the magical world? To stand back and watch while you fight the establishment and cause chaos?"

From the minute stiffness she knew he got the point. "I am a God Hermione. I have too many opponents to stay on Midgard without stronghold, allies, fighters, and defences. And your mortal governments will not play nice and let me do as I will. I do not wish to go back to Asgard and most of the other realms are strongholds of my own enemies or in treaty with Asgard. Midgard is the only one without a united government, one where I have opportunity to create my own stronghold and alliances."

She lifted her head enough to meet his defensive look with a gentle understanding one. "I know. And I would support you in most of your endeavours. I know humanity tends to be its own worst enemy, that powerful examples are needed to lead the rest. I want you to be one of them." She pressed her finger over his lips to still his protest. "As much as you say otherwise I know you are a good person, change can be hard and cruel but so is growing up. I want you to think about that in any future plans you make."

He gave her a sharp nod. "Very well. And your vows?"

"I want you to give me time - a year at least - to try to change things in the Magical enclaves. And if not, time to wrap up my affairs and say my goodbyes."

He gave her a sardonic look. "You know, they will never change."

"I know. But I have to try. Else I will always wonder and second-guess myself."

He sat up and crossed his legs before drawing her onto his lap. "I cannot change your mind."

"Not unless you want me to always fret and throw this in your face when we fight."

He thought hard and gave a sharp nod.

"When you fail you will bind yourself to me."


"And if I plan to conquer the world?" he asked studying her with bright intense green eyes.

"I will stand by you. I will give you my honest opinion and advice. I will push you towards more peaceful options that benefit the most, not a few elite."

"And if I go maddened?"

Pale brown eyes did not look away. "I will walk into the abyss to guide you out. If you are broken I will stand by you, I will listen when you are ready to speak and help you heal. If you are enraged I will stand before you to stop you, trusting you will honour your vows to me."

"You will forever stand by me? Even when Ragnarok is upon us?"

"If I am alive yes."

"And for your eternal loyalty, what do you wish?"

"You must listen with an open mind. You must not dismiss my advice and ideas without good reason. And explain them to me. I will freely swear a vow to never reveal to anyone what you confide to me. Do not sabotage my efforts and plans or arrange for others to do so."

He made a soft indistinct sound. "Very well Hermione Granger, daughter of Daniel. I grant you three full turnings of Midgard seasons to settle your affairs. During this time period I expect you to remain chaste, sexually untouched by other males or females. I will not initiate any contact with you unless you choose to interact with players in my primary spheres of interest. At the end of the three years you will freely bind yourself to me. In return I will grant you the position of Record Keeper; I will not sabotage or arrange for my opponents or allies to sabotage your efforts; I will respect you and try to explain some of my choices and actions, not all are easily comprehendible. Is this agreeable?"


"Then I so swear." He pressed his lips against her forehead, an unexpectedly chaste kiss.

She felt the burn in the middle of her forehead. She reached up to touch the general area. "What was that?"

"A sigil, a visible mark of our contract. Do not worry, it is only visible to you and me. It shows as green, when it starts fading or turns white it is being broken on my end."

She started. "Do you want a similar mark?" she asked hesitantly. "To show in case I'm breaking my end of the deal?"

He smiled faintly and shook his head. "You are far more honourable than myself. Besides I can easily scry you without making contact."


He studied her intently. "Do you want the contract to start immediately?"

She was suddenly very conscious of his hardening cock under her bum. "Oh no." She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. "I think I'll need lots of memories to get through the coming years."

He growled and lifted her hips high enough to allow his cock to spring free. Reflexively her legs moved to wrap around his waist.

"Then why don't we make such memories."

He impaled her upon the thick now marble smooth shaft. She inhaled sharply. Thank Merlin she was still wet from before. She groaned as he pressed her hips down until he hit the end of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and panted softly. She felt so full, so tight. Reflexively she clenched her lower muscles around him.

He growled and leaned forward sharply enough to make her tumble flat on her back, with him still inside her, her thighs clamped about his waist. The action forced him just a little bit more inside her, driving all sensible thought out of her head.

Oh yes, this was exactly what she needed.


Hermione woke slowly, shifting even slower in reaction to the ache between her thighs, the sticky soreness in her groin. Her body felt empty, yearning, clenching on itself, seeking a hard thickness that was no longer there. She was sore and hurting in other places, her knees, and shins, the heels of her hands, her forearms and elbows, her mouth, her arms where he had gripped her wrists and forced them behind her back. But underneath it all her body was soft and replete, sated and warm. Her magic sang beneath her skin almost in anticipation of a future round. She frowned when she remembered it would be long in coming.

They would be parted for months if not years. He had sworn an oath to her, to give her time to try to change the world in a peaceful non-violent way. In that time he would not contact her and taint her reputation. She needed them to trust her, to co-operate with her. Consorting with the Norse God of Mischief and Lies, one who had wrecked so much havoc, it would not generate any trust.

She brushed back tears furious at her weakness, her yearning for him. The darker part of her whispered it would not be long before they were rejoined. The Wizarding World was too resistant to change, ingrained in their own ways. They would not listen to a Mudblood witch. But Hermione knew she had to try otherwise she'd always wonder 'what if' and it would taint her relationship with Loki. She only hoped he did not get bored and embroiled in mad epic schemes. Or if, no when he did, he'd survive and escape in one piece. Oh yes, he would survive and escape to return to her. The thought calmed Hermione's racing mind.

She settled back against the pillows making mental notes of things to do. First she needed to talk to Severus. He had plenty of experience fighting the allure of the Dark. Then something crossed her mind. Was the Dark truly bad? The old Hermione would have answered instantly 'yes', but the new Hermione had seen and done too much to answer so promptly. Loki made her feel good. He was Dark and Right, not Bad, though many would feel otherwise. She wondered if this was why the Purebloods were so resistant to giving up their ways and Traditions. If it made them feel like this she could completely understand and sympathise. A thoughtful look crossed her face. She really needed to talk to Severus, to get a different perspective. If what she suspected was right she really needed to develop a different strategy to leverage for the change she wanted.

She tossed her head back and laughed out loud, revitalized and raring to go, eager to reconnect with the Wizarding World. Yes, perhaps the backdoor approach would succeed where the frontal assault had always failed.


His first-tier plans were falling apart. He had gambled and lost. Thor had returned and the All-Father had awakened from Odinsleep. Loki was surprised he was not more enraged and crazed by the failure. It probably was because he had almost expected and planned for it.

Loki knew he could talk circles around Thor, to persuade his adoptive brother to defend him before Odin, to be let go with a minor slap on the hand. But he didn't even try. He wanted to be free, to be with Hermione, not trapped in a golden cage surrounded by judgmental beings. So he smiled up at Thor and let go.

He was going to Midgard, to Hermione. He promised to wait for her answer and he could do that in her Realm.


The End.


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