So this is the idea i've been chewing on for months now, again centers around Toshiro, my favorite Captain ^^ Let me know what you think and I'll continue, hopefully.

Tendrils of green rose up wherever his feet touched as he walked. They were testing him, he could tell by the way they pulled at him when he moved, weighing down on him to see how much strain he could handle. After the Winter War, these spirals of energy were nothing. Apparently thinking on the same lines, they pushed harder, though a stray one brushed fondly against the long scar he'd gotten in the war from his enemy's strike.

Toshiro Hitsugaya, the white haired, teal eyed prodigy and Squad Ten Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, made his way through the Lifestream towards his new mission. Briefly he remembered back to the meeting where he was given this mission, only a few months after the Fullbringer episode with Ichigo Kurosaki.

"We have been contacted by an outside world, one known as Gaia." The Head Captain reported.

The thirteen Captains seemed shocked at the prospect of another world attached to their own four already.

"This world asks for the help of our Captains to take out a threat. If what it told is to be believed, it barely survived through one catastrophe already and is still recuperating."

"My, my, what an interesting planet." Mayuri Kurotsuchi beamed wickedly, golden teeth flashing. "Never before has the planet itself made a call for help."

"This planet has a soul of its own. Therefore we must protect its balance just like we do our own. I will be sending one of you Captains to investigate this phenomenon and learn what exactly the planet needs assistance with."

"I would gladly take this mission." Soi Fon bowed.

"Your skill is in secrecy. For this mission, we need to gain the trust of the planet's saviors and work with them, a condition sent by Gaia. Captain Kurotsuchi, you are to keep in contact with the Captain I am sending and gather info on this world. If this is to be a regular occurrence, we need to know more about the planet."

Grumbling, Mayuri nodded. He'd wanted to go himself, but the others knew that would be impossible. Toshiro snorted silently at him, just a little smug at the defeated look on his face.

"Captain Hitsugaya."

"Yes?" The white haired child looked to the old man.

"Since you have experience with fitting into the World of the Living and getting information, as well as assisting Kurosaki there, I will be sending you for this mission. I expect you to keep up with your reports as you always have."

"Understood, Head Captain."

Working with Mayuri wasn't really something he liked, but the thought of being the first to see this new world was exciting.

Finally, the Lifestream saw fit to leave him be, allowing him access to the world of their origin. The tendrils left him in a small town in the midst of celebration. It was here he was supposed to meet with one of the Lifestream's dead, where they would guide him to one of the 'heroes' the planet had asked him to be friendly with.

"Over here." Came a soft voice.

Teal eyes locked onto a female figure leaning against the wall.

"My name is Aerith, and you?" She smiled sweetly, emerald eyes soft. He was just glad she had manners.

"Squad Ten Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, I was the Soul Reaper sent to assist the Jenova War Heroes with this new crisis."

"Yes. Well, the crisis isn't really one yet, but it will escalate, and I fear soon."

"Then I best find one of the others quickly."

"There is one here in this town, Kalm, along with an advisor to them. You might want to find him first, his name is Reeve Tuesti."

"Let's go."

"Wait, one more thing Captain."

He raised a white eyebrow.

"The afterlife is different here, so while no one can see me, they can see you."

Teal eyes blinked, the fact settling in quickly. He looked down at his Japanese clothing, the sword strapped to his back.

"Guess I'll need a disguise then." He said aloud. 'At least I won't need a Gigai now, though I'm sure these 'heroes' would have had enough Spirit Energy to see me.'

"Follow me."