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James was sobbing.

Kendall could hear him, but couldn't quite get to him. In fact, he couldn't even see his distraught friend. The room was just dim lights and shadows.

"Kendall, help me," James whispered. Kendall's stomach clenched as he glanced desperately around the room.

"James, where are you? Come on buddy, I don't see you!"

James whimpered and begged once again for help. Kendall turned towards the sound and saw his friend in the corner, cowering back and crying. He looked terrified and sick.

"Oh, James…"


Kendall lurched forward to save his friend, gather him into his arms and take him home and hold him for a while.

But before he could make a move, something stepped out of the shadows. Something dark and unhuman and ugly. The shadow grabbed James, who made no sudden reaction. The brunet just continued to sob. Another shadow came and grabbed him, and then another one.

"James! No! Fight them off, buddy! You have to fight them! Why aren't you fighting? James!" Kendall was screaming now, begging for James to listen, but the sick boy just sniffled, his brown eyes burning into Kendall, silently pleading for help.

"I can't help you. I can't help you James," Kendall sobbed, tears rolling down his own cheeks now as he realized he was paralyzed. "Just fight back. Please…"

Slowly, James disappeared into the walls along with the eerie shadows, leaving the room quiet and still as Kendall silently cried.

"Aaaaggghhhh!" Kendall yelled out, forcing his eyes to open. Immediately, anxious sweat stung at his eyes as well as the fluorescent lighting of the hospital.

"Son, son, it's alright!"

Kendall panted, eyes searching for the source of the voice speaking to him. He blinked furiously and looked up to find James' doctor staring down at him. He jumped to his feet, startled.

"S-sorry, bad dream," Kendall said in a hoarse voice, rubbing his forehead, a headache already seeping in. Truthfully he hadn't even realized he fell asleep. Glancing at the clock, he found he was only asleep for 30 minutes at the most.

"Where are your friends, son?" The doctor asked him in a soft voice, as if he was talking to a child, which confused Kendall.

"At home, Doctor. It was getting late so I sent them to get some sleep."

"You should have taken your own advice. You need to go home and rest. But I figured you were still here and thought I would let you know that James' fever has lowered so that it's no longer life-threatening, but he isn't in the clear yet. His temperature is still quite high and the infection is still raging. He's just not…"

"He's not fighting," Kendall finished for him, confirming the fears of his nightmare. "Why isn't he fighting, doc? H-he's a healthy boy, hardly ever sick. When he gets hurt, he gets back up right away. He's performed 2-hour long concerts on a broken ankle before. I've never seen anybody get through as much as he has and now he chooses to just lie there and die? After everything, he's going to give up now?"

The doctor gripped Kendall's shoulders sympathetically. "He will fight. The boy is just exhausted right now. But he'll find it in him. Don't give up hope on him. He needs you right now."

Kendall nodded, feeling ashamed for thinking James was just giving up, but what else could he think?

"I-I want to see him," Kendall pleaded, his voice cracking a bit. He didn't even notice the way he swayed on his feet, but the doctor did. "I need to see him."

"You need to go home and sleep. Your health depends on it. Is there anybody I can call for you to take you home? You shouldn't be driving in your state."

"No, I'm fine," Kendall argued, and he wasn't quite sure why James' doctor was staring at him as if he was a hurt animal or something. He turned a bit too quickly to sit down and his knees shook violently, his legs threatening to give out on him. Luckily, he caught his balance on a chair and slowly lowered himself down into a sitting position. The man watched him thoughtfully a few moments longer, but Kendall was too lost in thought to care.

"I will let you know as soon as it is safe for you to see James. Right now it is still too dangerous. We need to keep him quarantined for just a little bit longer. Hold tight, kid."

Kendall nodded a reply, his face in his hands. He didn't even notice when the doctor turned away, and he didn't notice another figure approach him 15 minutes later.

"Kendall," A familiar, deep voice said. A warm hand touched his shoulder, making him jump. Kendall unshielded his teary eyes to see Gustavo, a worried expression written on his face.

"Jesus, you look terrible," the music producer mumbled. Kendall decided to ignore that comment, though he felt a little guilty.

"Please don't make me leave."

Gustavo pulled Kendall to his feet in one surprising, swift movement.

"No, you're going back to the crib and resting so you can actually function for your friend when he does wake up. The kid ain't going anywhere."

Kendall looked at Gustavo with shining eyes, and the older man silently understood.

"I'm scared too, Kendall. James doesn't deserve this. But right now, not only does he need you but Logan and Carlos do too. They can't handle this on their own. You're their leader and big brother. I know you feel like nothing else matters but being there for James, but you can't let yourself deteriorate in the process. You're no good if you don't care of yourself, too. Let's go home."

Kendall finally nodded, letting Gustavo guide him out of the hospital and to his Porsche. Kendall had never felt so helpless in his entire life.

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