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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin

Naruto opened his eyes, only to find the darkness unchanging. 'Is there where everyone goes when they die?' He wondered.

The last thing he remembered was breathing his last, surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren - having lived to 167 due to his Uzumaki lifeforce and Kurama, his children inheriting his lifeforce, though that meant none of his generation was still around, including his wonderful wife Hyuuga Hinata - and his new friends from the latest generation, the descendants of his own friends. In dying, he reflected on his life, and was content; yes, there were bad moments, but there was plenty of good, balancing it out. From his childhood all the way to becoming the Nanadaime Hokage, Naruto looked over his life and thought it good. He was content to pass on.

'So this is the end?' He looked around, first down at himself to find that he actually opened his eyes in the first place. Yep, there he was in his normal clothes, Hokage cloak over his shoulders, slightly pale right arm flexing experimentally. He had eventually decided to be rid of the bandages, as he was slightly self-confident of the limb made of the Shodaime's cells in the beginning.

Suddenly, shocking him out of his thoughts, a fanfare played, and giant words appeared before Naruto.


You've completed the game! Ending 1 of ?


Final Report:

Level: 193

STR: 150

VIT: 125

DEX: 80

INT: 70

WIS: 80

LUK: ?

Rewards: +25% EXP bonus gain for New Game+

+25% Reputation gain with all factions

Characters unlocked:...

Naruto's vision exploded with the names of... literally everyone he ever met. His friends, his enemies, his mentors, at least two versions of the Konoha 12, age-wise, and... an obnoxious amount of himself and Sasuke. This was just too much!

Would you like to start New Game+?


"What?" Naruto had no idea what was going on. With 167 years of experience under his belt, he could break down what most of this meant: the powers that be had somehow, for one reason or another, or maybe no reason and just because, have turned his life into one of those videogames he remembered Boruto playing as a kid. With it, his various abilities and characteristics have been categorized as these 'stats' and allotted accordingly into a set of numbers. And the metric shitload of names possibly meant a roster to choose from; something he heard about from one of Boruto's fighting games. And this final question could only mean one thing: a do-over. A chance to go back to the very beginning and try again.

While he knew he was content with his life, and everything it entailed, the good and the bad, this was giving him to chance to right those wrongs, to change what he could for the better. The question was would he do it? Could he do it? He knew screwing with the time-space-continuum like this would have drastic consequences, repercussions that he wasn't sure he would be able to cope with, as they would probably be catastrophic in proportion to even the tiniest change.

'Wait a minute...It said this was the second ending I achieved... Does that mean I've done this before?!' The implications of this were perplexing, and downright terrifying. Yes, it meant he's encountered this before, but it also meant he said 'Yes', going back to change the timeline. But then, that could only mean he went back to better the timeline, and thus the Naruto of the now and his world was the result... that was a good thing, right? So that means he could go back again and better it once more, though it's possible his changes will be relatively minor in comparison, but the sentiment remained the same.

With that in mind, he reached a decision. Poking the 'Yes' option, Naruto's world went white and he found himself in... the arms of his mother, noticeably a newborn. 'Okay, I probably should have expected this is what it meant by 'the beginning.'' He mentally commented. All that could come out of his mouth was babbles as he kicked his little feet.

"My sochi…" The ragged Kushina whispered as she held Naruto. Feeling the warmth only a mother could give, Naruto quieted his thoughts for now and enjoyed this moment, hoping it would never end.

Unfortunately, fate had other ideas. "Kushina…" A familiar voice said. Opening his eyes, Naruto saw his father, the Yondaime Hokage, alive. But his eyes looked heavy with sadness and future regret. "It's time…" He said simply, wearing a frown as tears fell from his eyes.

"No… no no! There must be another way! Sealing it back into me! Seal its entire soul! Do something! Just don't take my baby!" Kushina cried hysterically, holding Naruto to her chest, even as her vision blurred from the fatigue and blood loss.

"Kushina, calm down! Your stress is accelerating the blood loss!" Another familiar voice said as Naruto noticed the green glow over his mother's stomach. Following the hands within the glow, Naruto saw Senju Tsunade. 'Baa-chan…' Naruto mentally whispered as tears fell from his eyes, unnoticed by all present.

A noticeable pause in everyone's actions followed, something Naruto felt wasn't natural; possible a facet of the 'game world'? Then a Ting!

"…Okay, that should stop the bleeding. Congratulations, Kushina, you're going to live." Tsunade said, tears falling from eyes at the fact she was so close to losing one of her friends, and right after she gave birth and was going to leave their son, doomed to a horrible fate, growing up alone.

Your high luck has pulled through, and Kushina lives!

A window appeared in front of little Naruto's eyes, the words carrying a great weight that shocked the 'young' blonde, before he cried tears of joy at this generous gimme the universe gave him. He would know the love of a mother, one of the things he always wanted.

"Thank you, Tsunade-chan…" Kushina whispered as she slowly dozed off, the whole situation wearing her down. Regrettably, Minato took this moment to take Naruto from her arms, tears streaming down his face, as he walked to his fate.

That night, Konoha lost a Hokage.

(Eight years later)

Naruto grunted as a slender fist impacted with his stomach, throwing him down onto his back. Rolling to the side to dodge the following curb stomp, Naruto attempted to sweep his opponent's feet from under him, only for them to jump and snap their foot forward, into his chin, stumbling him backwards. Before he could get up, he felt the cold steel of kunai against his throat. "Fine, I yield!" He said, chuckling as Kushina's face went from deadly serious to cheerful and giggling as she helped him up.

"My win again, Naru-kun!" Kushina said in a singsong voice. She captured him in a hug, smothering him in her breasts just to torture him, and skipped into the house to make them lunch.

Quest Objective Complete!

Bonus Objective Complete!

Objective: Survive five minutes in a taijutsu spar with Uzumaki Kushina!

Bonus objective: Survive eight minutes

Reward: 750 EXP

Bonus reward: 325 EXP

Naruto stared after her with a deadpan expression after dismissing the window; these quests were a common thing, both for spars, and even mundane things like washing the dishes and taking out the trash. "What is wrong with my mother…?" He said, glancing at the words above her; another facet of this game life.

Uzumaki Kushina Lv. ?

Uzumaki Matriarch

Every time he looked at her level, he felt small and inconsequential; looking at himself in a mirror or with the memories of a clone, he found he was level 8.

'She's related to you.' A familiar deep voice answered in his head.

"Nice to see you awake, Kurama-baka." Naruto deadpanned to his tenant.


After the night of the Kyuubi's sealing, time seemed to rush by until he started training with his mother a year ago, and that night, Naruto entered his mindscape to find the Kyuubi, his mind still fogged by 'Tobito's' genjutsu. Taking a chance, Naruto tore the seal in half and 'freed' the Kyuubi. Before it could mock him for such stupidity, he seized it quickly, finding he kept his 16 year old body in his mind, and immediately touched the Kyuubi's forehead, flooding the demon's mind with the memories of Naruto's experience. After the memory sharing, Kyuubi's mind was clear, the genjutsu gone, and he sat on his haunches, his humanoid 'paws' together in his concentration act.

"So… my host has deemed it necessary to grace me with his presence." Kurama joked, repeating the very first words he spoke to Naruto when they first met in his first life.

Both demon and teenager chuckled and Naruto oddly hugged Kurama on his stomach, tears falling from his eyes. "Good to have you back, Kurama-baka…" Naruto said.

"Good to be back, kit." Kurama replied, looking down on Naruto with a soft smile on his muzzle. "Well…" He started, patting himself on his knees. "From those memories, we have a long way to go until you're back at peak condition, then there's this deal with your 'videogame life.'" Kurama commented.

Naruto nodded. "I think so, too. So, I obviously can't control your chakra in my current body, so we're stuck like this until I find some way to do so." Naruto explained.

Kurama nodded. "Indeed. Until then, you'll be training in here to 'regain' your old abilities and perhaps adapt them to your new body. With one major difference: you will be learning more jutsu. Face it, kit, all you know is Kage Bunshin and Rasengan and its wind element version. We need to expand your repertoire or you'll become stagnant." Kurama admonished of Naruto, who blushed in embarrassment.

"…Shut up." Naruto shot back weakly.

"Point for me." Kurama said. "Now, I'll be able to teach you everything I know, which is quite a bit. I've lived within your grandmother and mother, so I know everything they know. Your grandmother, Mito, was the wife of the Shodaime, so she was pretty strong, and your mother was the Red Hot Habanero of Uzu no Kuni, and an ANBU level nin here in Konoha. Together, I can make you as strong as you were in no time flat." Kurama promised.

"Thanks Kurama. So, let's get started." Naruto said, clapping his hands together in anticipation.

Here, Kurama smirked somewhat evilly. "Welcome to Hell, kit." He said ominously.

Naruto gulped audibly. "What have I gotten myself into?" He questioned himself.

(Flashback end)

"Hearing your bitching usually wakes me up, but seeing you get your ass kicked by your mother makes up for it." Kurama commented with a grin.

"I'm feeling the love. Really." Naruto responded, before they both had a laugh. After that, Naruto followed his mother inside; she'd usually make them lunch after sparring. On a whim, he decided to take another look at himself through the game. "Status."

The world seemed to freeze, and a large window appeared before him.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Title: Uzumaki Clan Heir (Title) (+25% EXP gain from [Taijutsu], [Fuinjutsu], and [?] Skills under Mentor: Uzumaki Kushina)

Class: Gamer

Level: 8

Affiliation: Konohagakure

HP: 1,000/1,000

CP: 1,000/1,000

STR: 22

VIT: 25

DEX: 18

INT: 15

WIS: 14

LUK: ?

Perks: Kyuubi Jinchuriki (+50 HP and CP per level up, +50% CP Recovery rate) Prankster (-10% reputation gain, +10% EXP to Sneaking, Trap-making skills) Uzumaki Clan Heir (Perk) (+25% Effectiveness to [Fuinjutsu] Skill and [Ninjutsu] Branch of Skills) New Game+ (+25% EXP bonus gain, +25% Reputation gain with all factions)

Data: Uzumaki Naruto, son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, and jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, has found himself back in the past... for a second time. He will right the wrongs of the past, and forge the Elemental Nations ahead to an age of peace, hopefully sooner than last time!

'Damn straight!'

Money: 2500 Ryo

Next level up: 56.37%

Naruto hummed in thought at everything, finding it to his liking.

About three years ago, he decided to find out more about this new condition of his, and took a shot in the dark, using his knowledge from Boruto's videogames that he heard when he decided to bond with him over them one day. Mercifully, this ability came with a manual, so he was able to learn the ins and outs of it; from EXP and Levels, to Skills and Stats, Naruto soaked it all in.

He decided to move on to the next bit of business. "Inventory." He had never really gotten anything that he would need to hold on to for an extended period of time, so he never used this facet, but it couldn't hurt to see what it exactly entailed.

The window was cut in half; the left having a silhouette of himself, with smaller windows connected to various parts of his body - armor slots - and the right a series of squares that will probably hold future items. Curiously the first was filled; Naruto poked it to see what it was.

Memoirs x4: Spiritual energy keyed specifically to unlocking memories. Use these on people of your choosing to remind them of the past. (Note: Previously used: Kurama)

Naruto's eyes widened at this; while it annoyed him that he already used one and the game didn't bother telling him about this sooner, he could give the memories of people of his choosing! Immediately four people came to mind - Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei, and Hinata - but he had to temper his desire to just run out, confront them, and use them. Sasuke and Hinata were definitive, but Sakura and Kakashi... in changing Sasuke, he could attack how she was on both fronts and bring her up to that kind of woman much faster, which would benefit everyone, and Kakashi-sensei... really wouldn't change much, to be honest. Sure, he'd know he was the Rokudaime Hokage, and maybe start working on a couple new techniques, but his personality and his relationship with Naruto wouldn't really change once he became his sensei. Naruto decided he'd keep at least one Memoir in reserve - using a third for Sakura ultimately depends on Sasuke - but he'd definitely use them on Hinata, to have his wonderful wife back and in his arms much sooner than later, and Sasuke to prevent all the... let's be honest, shit they go through.

'Got it; Hinata next I see her, and Sasuke Monday at the Academy. Sakura depends on him.' Naruto decided, dismissing the window and letting reality continue, sitting at the table as Kushina prepared lunch: her amazing homemade ramen. Having his mother in his life is great, having her be just as zealous about the awesomeness of ramen is just icing on the cake.

While he waited for the ramen, Naruto thought about his skills as of late. With over a year of training under his mother and Kurama, Naruto was, sadly if you really think about it, already at the level he was at just after the Chuunin Exams. His mother taught him the Kage Bunshin to speed up training, and that helped with re-learning the Rasengan, and like Kurama said, that was his entire jutsu arsenal, deviations excluded.

But of course, the training didn't stop there, and after Naruto convinced his mother than the Kyuubi was friendly, both bijuu and former jinchuriki helped him gain control of the corrosive chakra, and so within half a year, he had control over three tails.

Kushina also provided a set of scrolls Minato left Naruto - where they hell were those in the original timeline?! - for some jutsu, thankfully Fuuton, while she herself trained him in Suiton. While Naruto no longer had his fragments of the other bijuu's chakras, he had very faint affinities for the other four primary elements thanks to Isobu, Son Goku, and Gyuuki.

In gaming terms, he had [Artificial {X} Affinity] Skills for them, which the game explained were affinities for elements other than your primary from one source or another, in this case the bijuu from his previous 'playthrough' thanks to the New Game+. Maybe he should have gotten into games when they rolled around; he eventually got very good at handling paperwork, and ended up with a lot of free time...

Ah yes, that brought all his other Skills to mind. Of course, there was his [Primary Wind Affinity], but also [Beginners Taijutsu] which eventually upgraded to [Intermediate Taijutsu] thanks to Kushina's training, the same said for [Intermediate Fuinjutsu], [Kage Bunshin no Jutsu], [Rasengan], [Kaze no Yaiba], [Kyuubi Chakra Control], [Tree Walking], [Water Walking], [Leaf Balancing], [Observe], [Physical Endurance], and [Suiton: Suidan no Jutsu].

He also had more mundane skills like [Dish Washing], [Calligraphy] - which he needed for [Fuinjutsu] - and [Cooking].

Most curiously were two other skills that were obviously completely from the game: [Gamer's Mind] and [Gamer's Body]. The former was a godsend to the blonde, as it provided him immunity to psychological effects, like genjutsu, and the ability to think logically and with a peaceful state of mind. [Gamer's Body], on the other hand, was interesting in its own right, as it precisely let him live life like a videogame; it also let him receive no real injuries, though the pain was still there. So if he were attacked by a move that would, say, stab right through him, he'd feel like it happened, but there would be no actual wound, except maybe a bruise. It also allowed him to replenish HP and CP from sleeping in his bed, though only half in a tent, and a quarter on the cold, hard ground.

His [Gamer] Class was a massive life cheat, since the more he trained his abilities, the better they got on all fronts; at first, due to the 'programming' of this game, he could only create 20 clones at once before he ran out of CP, but in constantly training it over and over and leveling it up, he got it up to 100, and the chakra cost was halved. His mother pouted at the control he had, which she remarked was better than hers.

Before he could think on anymore subjects, Kushina walked over with two large bowls of fresh ramen.

"Itadakimasu!" They intoned cheerfully before digging in, eventually breaking out in another of their eating contests.

Kushina lost. Again.

Gloating in victory, Naruto bade her farewell, saying he was going to walk around the village for a bit and maybe meet with some friends, getting a hug goodbye.

Just like he said, Naruto decided to just walk around the village, waving in return to anyone that said hello to him. That was another thing that changed around this time; Kushina nearly threatened the Sandaime to not tell the Council that Minato sealed the Kyuubi, saying he instead used a seal that, when the Kyuubi reformed itself from 'death', would deter it from coming back to Konoha for revenge. As they didn't know he actually had a technique to seal a bijuu, and that no one in Konoha did, they, even Danzo, accepted it, so Naruto didn't have to live being hated by the villagers. Instead he was praised as the Yondaime's son and heir to the Uzumaki clan. 'Wonder if this is how Sasuke felt... It's definitely weird.'

As Naruto walked, he heard a familiar Ting! and noticed something in the corner of his eye; it was little Hyuuga Hanabi standing rather shyly at the corner of the market district, scanning the ground for something. Curiously, above her head was a bouncing green arrow pointing at her.

Deciding this was another game thing, he walked over to the little Hyuuga, eliciting a surprised squeak when she finally noticed him. "Hey, Hanabi-chan!" Naruto greeted.

Aside from his mother teaching him shinobi arts, she encouraged him to pursue friends in his own age group. Among this group were Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, and Hanabi's sister, who he was now going to seek out to use the Memoir. For each friend, he kept increasing his Reputation with them until he was Honored with them; the Reputation system working from At War, Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, and Exalted. Of course, Hinata was Exalted; bless her heart.

Ironically, he also became friends with Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi, whose reputation was also at Honored.

"O-Oh! H-Hi, Naruto-kun. Where'd you come from?" She questioned.

Naruto merely brought his hands together into the Tora seal. "Nin nin." He joked, eliciting a cute giggle from the tiny Hyuuga. "So, what's the problem, Hanabi-chan?" He asked.

"Ano… Did my father send you?" She asked, wondering if he was here because Hiashi somehow knew her blunder.

"No." He answered confused, noticing she seemed relieved at his answer.

"Good. Tou-san gave me some money so I can buy lunch, but I lost it…" She explained, downtrodden.

Naruto hummed, rubbing his chin. Snapping his fingers, he came up with an idea. "I got an idea! I'll take you to lunch! Then I can help you find the money you lost!" He offered.

Hanabi blushed at his chivalrous offer. "A-Are you sure, Naruto-kun?" She asked. At his nod, she smiled and nodded. "Okay." She said.

Your chivalry and kind nature has netted you 100 reputation points with Hyuuga Hanabi!

The world faded to white and Naruto and Hanabi somehow appeared in Ichiraku's, the former having no idea how this happened but shrugged; saved him time walking, the lazy shit. "So, whaddya think of the ramen here?" He asked the brunette to his right.

She looked to him, a single noodle hanging from the corner of her mouth, making for an adorable scene. Slurping it up rather Naruto-like, she giggled. "It's good!" She piped.

"Damn right it is! Best ramen in the world!" Naruto praised.

Hanabi giggled as he held the ramen bowl to the air to some unseen heavenly light like it was a gift from Kami.

The scene faded to white again, and both children appeared at the location Naruto found Hanabi. Looking around, he saw a small tinkle of light on the ground. Walking over to it, he found it was about 500 ryo. "Hey Hanabi-chan, is this the money you lost?" Naruto offered the bills.

Hanabi cheered, jumping up and kicking her legs back and waving her arms in the air. "Yes! Yes it is! Thank you, Naruto-kun!" She said, retrieving the money and hugging Naruto around the waist.

Naruto chuckled and patted her on her head.

(Two days later, Shinobi Academy)

It was finally Monday, so Naruto would see Sasuke. Unfortunately, Hinata was absent, as she had apparently hurt herself training and come down with chakra poisoning, so she'd be out of it for a little over a week. Lamentable, but Naruto would take what he could get, and that meant getting his best friend back after... shit, 90-some-odd years after Sasuke died in his late 70's.

Unfortunately, Naruto couldn't go right up to Sasuke and shove a ball of light in his face and have him... probably break down as the future collided with the past in public, so he'd wait until after class.

Ugh, that meant paying attention to Iruka-sensei's lecture. The things you did for your friends...

For wisely deciding to pay attention to lectures instead of letting your mind wander, your WIS goes up by 1!

Gotta love the little touches...

(Six hours later, Uchiha Compound)

"Sasuke!" Naruto ran after the survivor, Itachi having already done the deed earlier in the year. Unfortunately, that meant Sasuke was the broody asshat he vaguely remembered him being when they were kids.

"What the hell do you want, dobe? Why did you follow me all the way here? Have you finally decided to beg for forgiveness for your behavior towards me?" Sasuke wondered haughtily.

Brushing his behavior off, as Naruto knew it was half just who Sasuke was, and half a coping mechanism for losing his entire family in one night, Naruto merely smiled. "No. I'm here to get my friend back." He said, a ball of light forming in his hands.

"What the hell are you talking about? And what's tha-" Sasuke was interrupted as Naruto shoved the orb into his face, letting it be absorbed into his mind. Sasuke fell to his knees as 60+ years filled his mind, and all the memories flowed together.

Both children were silent for the longest time, Naruto staring as the Uchiha's eyes flitted this way and that as he followed invisible images.

"Sasuke? Did it work?" Naruto asked tentatively.

Sasuke blinked, and he met Naruto's eyes, freezing him in place as he saw something; he wasn't sure if it meant the transfer worked, but it was definitely something. Then Sasuke's eyes looked down at his left arm. "Give me a kunai." He asked of him.

Naruto's brow twitched; it worked. "I'm not letting you chop your arm off! We don't need you raining hell when everyone see's the Uchiha suddenly missing a limb!" He argued.

"This was the diseased arm I tried to kill you with! I need to cleanse myself of it or I can never be forgiven!" Sasuke yelled back, even as tears formed in the corners of his eyes for a completely different reason.

"I already told you; I forgive you!" Naruto yelled, much in the same state.

"But I haven't forgiven myself!"

Both of them stared each other down, scowls on their faces, before they curled up into smiles, and they bumped fists with the very arms they both lost.

"Okay fine... I won't chop my arm off. Now, can you please explain to me how we're here?" Sasuke asked, moving over to sit on a porch, the blonde sitting next to him.

"Well... that's a long story. I guess I'll start from the beginning... So, I died..." Naruto started, knowing that would get a reaction out of Sasuke.

"What?! Then how are you back here again? Why are you back again?" Sasuke asked with wide eyes.

"You think that's trippy? Apparently this is my second time back here again." Naruto pointed out, finding amusement in screwing with Sasuke's mind.

"...Explain." Sasuke demanded.

Nodding, Naruto began with dying at 167, ignoring his aghast look at the blonde living for so long, then he dove into this videogame business that flew right over Sasuke's head until he explained it in the same terms Boruto had to use to explain it to Naruto. That did the trick, and Sasuke was back on track. He explained how dying of old age was apparently the second ending he got, meaning he's been through this before, but they both questioned why he forgot. Finding no real answers, they moved on, getting to explaining how Naruto's mother was alive when Sasuke's previous memory showed Naruto grew up without parents, causing Naruto to delve into the whole Stats system. Deciding to try something else he remembered from Boruto's games, Naruto suddenly said. "Invite Uchiha Sasuke?"

"Whoa!" Sasuke jumped as a little window asking if he wanted to join Naruto's party Tentatively pressing 'Yes', Sasuke watched as everything flashed for a second, then he noticed blue words over Naruto's head.

Uzumaki Naruto Lv. 8

The Gamer

"Okay... this is kinda weird." Sasuke commented slowly.

"How do you think I felt? But at the same time, it's kinda cool, but totally a cheat; I can learn better and faster than even the best prodigies, and I think I can learn everything." Naruto explained with a wide grin.

"...That's some bullshit; we both got strong enough to blow up the planet by the end of everything, now you can get stronger?!" Sasuke complained. "Well there's really nothing I can do about it, and I doubt you'll stop. So, how exactly were you able to make me remember, anyway?" He asked curiously.

"These." Naruto answered, pulling a memoir out of thin air. "This is an item called a Memoir; it's apparently spiritual energy that's used specifically to unlock memories. After using one on you, I have three left, and I plan to use one on Hinata-chan, but I keep missing her!" He pouted, putting the contained energy away.

"Huh... guess that's the game being generous. Who are you going to use the other two on?" Sasuke asked, crossing his arms.

"I originally planned to use them on Sakura and Kakashi-sensei." Naruto answered, gesturing towards Sasuke since, if Naruto was going to have his wife, Sasuke should too. "But I decided against at least Kakashi since he wouldn't really change and it wouldn't benefit us in the long run as much as maybe someone else. Though I want your opinion on Sakura since she's your wife; it's only fair, right?" He offered.

"...I'd like that." Sasuke said after a while.

Naruto smiled; he would've been okay either way, so this was fine. "Okay then. If you'd like, you can do it yourself when we team up again." He offered, receiving a nod. "Then that leaves one left; got any ideas who I should use it for?" He asked, drawing a blank.

"...I got nothing. Let's leave it for when someone pops up that would most benefit us being on our side. You gotta admit, all but the most asshole-ish of people come on our side or die; Madara, Kaguya, Black Zetsu, and those three Otsutsuki guys were the only ones that stayed evil. Shit, even people like Pein and Obito came to our side. Oh! What about Obito?! We could prevent the whole Fourth War!" Sasuke was on a roll.

"...Kami-dammit, it sucks living 167 years and having my shitty memory; I completely forgot him! But then the question remains how do we get him to take it? I doubt he'll just it just because we ask nicely. Besides, even if we stop Obito, there's still Black Zetsu, that slippery asshole... it could still happen. Look, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it; first things first, Hinata and Sakura." Naruto decided for now.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Though, we can't really get to Hinata, since the Hyuuga are right assholes; you'll have to wait until she gets the okay for her injuries. Chakra poisoning, though... that's a weird thing for a Hyuuga to get. That only happens when foreign chakra enters and stays in the system, and if she got it from training... Neji?" Sasuke asked with a conflicted expression; curiously, the Hyuuga-Kumo Incident didn't happen this time around, thus Hizashi didn't sacrifice himself, so Neji didn't get hellbent on fate.

"Neji." Naruto parroted in agreement, thinking the same thing, hoping it was a legitimate accident since Neji shouldn't be an ass around this time. "Anyway, I think you're right about Obito. We'll see what happens in the future; come on let's go to Sakura." Naruto gave up, getting to his feet, the Uchiha following him towards Sakura's house, the pinkette living with her parents.

Sighing and shrugging, Sasuke followed Naruto out of the Uchiha District, both of them taking to the rooftops towards their future teammates house.

(Haruno household)

A knock at the door brought Sakura's father, Kizashi, to the door. Naruto had to stifle his laughter at the man's admittedly ridiculous hair - a dull-pink star/cherry blossom shaped... thing with the sideburns connected to his angular moustache. His grey-blue eyes were filled with a slightly youthful mirth, before they widened in surprise. "Oh! Hello Sasuke-san, Naruto-san! Is there something I can do for you two? Are you here to see Sakura-chan, perhaps?" He asked curiously; while normally intense in his jovial personality, he was also pretty laidback as a parent, and didn't really over-think the prospect of two boys coming to see his daughter.

Plus, they're fucking eight.

"Yes, Kizashi-san, we wish to talk to Sakura; may we see her?" Sasuke asked, always the more tactful of the two.

"That'll be just fine. Sakura-chan! You have some friends here to see you!" Kizashi yelled up the stairs.

"Friends?! Is it Ino-pig and Ami?!" Sakura asked, her quick footsteps negating any necessary answer, before the pinkette appeared around the corner, at the top of the stairs. Her eyes widened in shock and glee at who she saw. "Sasuke-kun! You've finally realized I'm the only one for you, haven't you?!" She said, nearly rocketing down the stairs to appear in front of him.

Sasuke merely chuckled. "Can we talk in your room? We need some help understanding what Iruka-sensei went over today." He explained with a reasonable enough lie for Kizashi.

"We?" Sakura asked with a tilt of the head.

At the moment, Naruto poked his head from behind Sasuke. "Hi Sakura!" He greeted.

Sakura jumped in surprise. "O-oh! Hey Naruto; you both need help?" She asked, slightly downtrodden since she wouldn't be alone with Sasuke, but she would take what she could get.

"Yeah, and we went to the smartest girl we know!" Naruto explained with a grin, Sakura blushing from his praise, as well as Sasuke nodding in agreement.

"O-okay then. Is that alright, Tou-san?" Sakura asked her father, who nodded. She smiled in return. "Okay, follow me and I'll do what I can!" She said, leading them upstairs.

Following her, with Sasuke throwing up a genjutsu at her doorframe so they appeared to be studying. While he didn't have his Sharingan yet, his family still helped him train in genjutsu.

"S-so, what do you need help with first?" Sakura asked, sitting on her bed.

"Actually, I want to show you something." Sasuke countered, holding up a ball of light from Naruto giving it to him behind his back. Seeing she was transfixed by it, Sasuke let it float towards her and let it be absorbed into her mind.

Much like Sasuke, she went slack and wide-eyed as her past life flashed before her eyes and entered her mind. Unlike Sasuke, however, her mind coped much sooner, and her eyes focused again. "Ugh, my head... you could've warned me next time." She complained, rubbing her forehead. Her eyes shifted around until they met Sasuke's, and she suddenly felt her eyes well up, before throwing herself at him, the both of them wrapping their arms around each other, the pinkette crying silently. "How... how are we here?" She asked quietly. Looking at Sasuke, she saw him pointing towards Naruto, who was sitting there and smiling that dumb grin he was famous for. "Naruto!" She threw herself at him next and nearly crushed him with her newfound strength.

"Hrk! G-good to see you again, Sakura... c-can you let go so I can actually explain?" Naruto asked after the hugging began cutting off his oxygen supply, tapping her shoulder as if to say 'Uncle.'

Sakura giggled lightly and let him go.

"Invite Haruno Sakura." Naruto said simply, watching as she yipped in surprise at the window appearing before her.

"The hell is this?" She asked.

"I died at 167, and a thing happened, and now I came back to the past for a second time, my life suddenly something out of a videogame." Naruto summarized.

"...167?" Sakura asked flatly.


"Oh yeah..." She poked 'Yes', and words appeared over the boys' heads.

Uzumaki Naruto Lv. 8

The Gamer

Uchiha Sasuke Lv. 8

Uchiha Survivor

She looked over at her vanity, seeing her reflection.

Haruno Sakura Lv. 5

There were no second set of words.

"...Why is my level lower than yours?" She asked with a pout.

"Sakura, you gotta admit... you kinda sucked when we were this young." Naruto pointed out good-naturedly.

Sakura was about to loudly rebuke that, before she realized the truth. "Yeah..." She slumped forward in mock-sorrow. She perked up when Sasuke went to her side and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"But hey, now that Team 7 is back together, even if unofficially, we can fix that!" Naruto announced with a grin.

They both chuckled at his exuberance, and nodded in agreement.

After that, Naruto spent the next half-hour or so explaining the finer details of his new 'gamer life' to Sakura, with some input here and there from Sasuke.

It just felt wonderful to have his friends back again.

(One week later)

Naruto had managed to hang out with all his other friends one way or another, Kiba, Choji, Shikamaru, Shino, Sasuke, and Sakura, though Hinata kept eluding him. He had also trained with his mother and Kurama, the former deeming him ready to try to learn some other techniques; she taught him the Fuuton: Renkuudan and Suiton: Suiben, while Kurama was able to teach him one technique for the other three elements; Doton: Doryuuheki, Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu, and Raiton: Raijinheki. They also started on working towards the fourth tail, but it was slow goings. It was interesting when the game immediately created Skills of them, though.

However, what stood out during this week was what happened when he increased his reputation with Hanabi.


After his fifth meeting with Hanabi and lunch, she kind of tricked him into bending down and she stole a kiss on his cheek, running away with a red face and giggling.

+100 reputation points for Hyuuga Hanabi! Reputation level up; Hanabi is now Exalted!

Due to reaching Exalted with the Hyuuga sisters, you have unlocked a new character: Hyuuga Naruto!

Naruto chuckled at her behavior, having run into more than one kunoichi's little sister with a crush on him after the war; though he didn't expect the same thing now. However, this new character business was interesting.

Floating in front of him was a tiny statue of himself wearing white robes and bearing the tell-tale white eyes of the Byakugan. This was probably another character for his roster whenever he got into a serious fight, or when he entered a dungeon... however he could do that. He still hadn't run into one yet. With a shrug, Naruto dismissed the window, before another popped up.

Alert: You will not be able to change characters until you reach level 15.

Dismissing that with a disheartened frown, Naruto lamented that fact; he was still level 8 even after a week of training with his mother and Kurama. That would take a while...

(The next night)

The Hyuuga estate was in chaos; the heiress had disappeared, her room in shambles as sign of a struggle, she had been kidnapped! Fearing that as time passed, the chance of finding Hinata dwindled, the Hyuuga's swarmed the entire village.

Naruto was walking through the forest, training his enhanced senses channeled with chakra, when his ears picked up the heavy breathing of a man running and the muffled squeals of someone, a girl it sounded like. Skulking through the forest, Naruto spied the Kumo-nin, a rustling satchel over his shoulder, and he growled, unconsciously calling on Kurama's chakra. Though it was tempered by confusion; didn't the Hyuuga Incident happen earlier last time? Now it happened when they were at the Academy; why?

Quest Alert!

Objective: Save Hinata from the Kumo-nin!

Bonus Objective: ?

Reward: 1000 EXP, +100 Reputation for Hyuuga Hinata

Bonus Reward: 500 EXP, ?

Automatically pressing 'Yes', as it was really no question, Naruto jumped down from the canopy, scaring the Kumo-nin who thought an ANBU found him, only to find it was a five year old boy, and laughed at him.

"What makes you think you can do anything to me, gaki?" He taunted.

"This." He answered, his crimson slit eyes shining in the darkness, shocking the Kumo 'ambassador' as he formed a Rasengan in each hand.

Suddenly disappearing in a poof of smoke, Naruto appeared behind the intruder and thrust both his spherical hurricanes into the small of his back. "Rasenrengan!" He yelled, watching as the nin was blown forward, colliding with a tree, as he coughed up blood, and caught the falling satchel, opening it and finding a frightened Hinata within. "It'll be alright, hime..." Naruto consoled her, smiling as she blushed at his nickname. Sneering at the recovering nin, he sent a legion of Kage Bunshin, all armed with dual Rasengans, and ordered them to attack.

Surprising the nin again with his use of a Konoha kinjutsu and using another A rank technique so liberally, the clones attacked. The frontmost five clones that didn't use Rasengan slid into his guard on their hands, shooting their feet up into his stomach, sides, and small of his back, throwing him into the air. "Uzumaki-!" The remaining clones that hid in the forest canopy jumped, attacking from all directions with Rasengan. "Naruto Shihohappo Rasenrengan! (Uzumaki Naruto All-Directions Rasengan Barrage)" The nin let out a yell as the grinding orbs attacked from all sides. Naruto distinctly heard the breaking of some ribs as the nin fell in a heap to the ground.

He was surprised when a window popped up.

Combining [Kage Bunshin no Jutsu], [Rasengan], and [Intermediate Taijutsu], you've created a new technique: [Uzumaki Naruto Shihohappo Rasenrengan]!

[Uzumaki Naruto Shihohappo Rasenrengan] Lv. 1

EXP: 0%

Armed with a legion of clones, half bearing a [Rasengan], you attack the opponent with a coordinated attack to launch them into the air, finishing with the legacy of the Yondaime midair.

CP cost: Current cost for [Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] and [Rasengan] combined per usage

Dismissing it, though surprised that the game covered new techniques, Naruto was relieved to see the ragged rise and fall of his chest, showing he was alive, but not getting back up. "It's over now..." Turning to Hinata, who was wide-eyed in awe of his display. "Hinata-chan." Naruto got her attention. "I've been looking for you for over a week, and I've missed you for so much more." He was nearly in tears, a ball of light forming in his hand.

"Wh-what?" Hinata asked, turning the brightest crimson she never thought she was capable of, though she was confused.

"Just let it flow... please." Naruto begged, letting the light float towards her and the memories be absorbed into her mind.

Like Sakura, she coped much faster, and realization dawned on her features as their eyes met, both of them breaking into tears as she scrambled out of the bag and they embraced with a ferocity that would've hurt each other if they were so enthralled in relief and love.

"72 years... 72 years without you in my life. I mourned your death, I celebrated your life, and I moved on. But I never found someone else like you. You were pure, and I loved you. And you were gone. Then I came back, and I saw you, and I realized I never moved on. My Hinata-chan..." Naruto just let the emotions flow when he realized she was back in his arms.

"How... are we back? How are you here?" Hinata asked tentatively while they stayed like that for a while.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that you're here. That I'm here. That we're together again. And I'm never letting you go..." He answered.

Acquiescing, Hinata stayed like that with him for another two minutes, before they pulled away.

"When I died..." Naruto started, finally getting to the explanation. "...some stuff appeared in front of me, my life was turned into a videogame, like Boruto played?" He reminded her, sharing a smile in remembrance. "Anyway, it asked me if I wanted to 'play again.' But the thing was, it was saying I had beat it for a second time... Apparently, our last lives were the first time doing it over. I went for a second, to change things. Make things better. The game also gave me things to give 5 peoples' memories back, and I used them on Kurama, Sasuke, Sakura, and you. I have one left, and me and Sasuke have been talking about using it on Obito, to try and prevent the war. Maybe we can take down Zetsu before it happens. But then we heard about your chakra poisoning, and we guessed it was Neji; is he a jerk this time around?" Her shake of the head was a blessing of an answer; that meant it was an accident. "Then I don't have to use it on him, since he isn't, but I'm sure there'll be more than one person I wished I could use them on." He sighed. "I don't know what to do. I wish I could find more, make more, so we could have our friends back. This game things already done good; I'm sure you noticed I have a mother, and the villagers don't hate me? But then there's the weird; you being kidnapped... it was supposed to happen sooner..." Naruto explained.

Question Objective Complete: Save Hinata from the Kumo-nin!

Bonus Objective Complete: Use Memoir on Hinata

Reward: 1000 EXP, +100 Reputation for Hyuuga Hinata

Bonus Reward: 500 EXP, The Love of Your Life

Naruto dismissed the window, not even caring at the moment.

Hinata nodded at the whole explanation, taking it in. She was confused at this 'videogame life' business, but if it meant she could be with the one she loved, she'd go along with almost anything. While she was sure he'd like her input on the Memoir situation, she also didn't know who exactly to use it on; just having one is a problem in its own right. They'd have to cross that bridge when they got to it. "So what exactly does this entail?" She asked for a demonstration.

Nodding, Naruto said the words he had been wanting to say for so long. "Invite Hyuuga Hinata." He said with a bright smile.

Hinata 'ooh'd' in curiosity as the window popped up, pressing 'Yes', and watched as words appeared above Naruto's head. "I assume 'The Gamer' has to do with this condition of yours?" She asked, receiving a nod. "What will you do now, then, since you having this ability?"

"Well, assuming that my first time coming back did the same thing, I want to better the world. We brought peace to the Elemental Nations, but I want to try to attain it faster, and better. I just realized that the Alliance was just the main five villages, but what about the minor villages? We didn't bring them into the treaty, and they raised hell with the war finished, questioning what the fuck happened with giant gaps in the landscape of the entire continent, and the damage the Shinjuu's roots caused ensnaring everyone in the Mugen Tsukuyomi. I want to fix that. And there are some people who didn't deserve to die, so I will do all I can to fix that." Naruto explained determinedly.

Hinata smiled warmly, seeing Naruto was still the same after all these years, and, you know... dying. That'd usually change a man. Not Naruto.

At that moment, a cat-masked ANBU came down from the trees. It took only a split-second to survey the area, finding the intruder felled by what appeared to be spiral-shaped wounds. The son of the Yondaime and Uzumaki Kushina obviously defeated him with the famed Rasengan. "Thank you for dealing with the enemy, Naruto-san; I'll take him to Ibiki. Can you take Hinata-sama back home?" She asked of him.

"Of course." Naruto answered. The ANBU hefted the Kumo-nin up and disappeared in a Shunshin, leaving the two children to walk home, the blonde having an arm around her possessively, not wanting this moment to end. "Have I mentioned how much I missed you?" He asked somewhat rhetorically, holding her close as they walked through the forest.

"You've mentioned it once or twice." Hinata giggled airily.

"Well I did. And I'm not letting go." Naruto repeated, resting his cheek on her head, breathing in her lavender scent.

"Naruto-kun, I think you'll need to let me go once we return; even if tou-san likes you around this time, I doubt he'd let you sleep over or something to that extent." Hinata pointed out.

"I'll think about it." Naruto joked, sharing a chuckle with her.

"So do you know why exactly you have this ability?" Hinata asked after a while, the both of them taking a slow pace to make the most of it.

"Nothing concrete, but Sasuke had a theory. I helped him activate his Sharingan early by kicking his ass in a spar." He took a moment to smile at that. "He looked at me with it and he noticed I was covered in and exuding chakra, but it wasn't my own, and Sasuke detected something else at the core of it: natural energy. I haven't even touched Sage training - well I can't, but you get the point - so I'm certainly not doing it. He saw it wasn't being drawn in, but was just coming to me. Not enough to empower me like Senjutsu does, but enough to power this... whatever it is." Naruto explained, scratching his head inquisitively.

Humming in thought, Hinata used her Byakugan and glanced at his chakra system, getting nearly blinded when she found he was indeed letting off chakra like a visual beacon; through doujutsu, it was more of an eyesore than his orange jumpsuit from the previous time around, but it thankfully wasn't an actual beacon, so he could still be stealthy if he wanted. Looking deeper, she found the hint of greenish-yellow that signified natural energy at its very core, about the size of her palm. Deactivating her doujutsu to get rid of the strain, Hinata re-leaned her head against Naruto's chest as they walked.

Thankfully, just to avoid questions, the guards weren't at the gate, so they, regrettably, separated, and opened the doors, a pair of Hyuuga appeared from... nowhere and took up aggressive stances, only to relax upon seeing Naruto and Hinata.

"Hinata-sama! You're safe!" The Main House - lacking the juinjutsu, unlike his comrade - Hyuuga on the left, Hinata's caretaker Kou, exclaimed with a smile.

'That's right, we also didn't do anything about the Hyuuga segregation...' Naruto remembered/lamented.

"Yes Kou-san, Naruto-kun saved me from my captor. An ANBU has taken him into custody, so he shall receive due punishment. Can you please get my father while telling everyone you see that the situation is handled?" She asked of him, receiving a nod.

"Naruto-san, can you please remain here for Hiashi-sama?" The Branch House Hyuuga - Hoheto, the top-knot reminded him from the war - asked of the blonde, seeing he was about to walk away.

"Sure." Naruto shrugged, walking through the gate and taking a seat on one of the benches in the garden, Hinata sitting beside him, uncaring of Hoheto's gobsmacked expression at their sudden - to him - closeness.

Hoheto merely shrugged it off and went about alerting the other clansmen Kou wouldn't be able to get to, leaving the two alone.

"So, you mentioned you gave Sasuke-san his memories back; did he try to chop his arm off?" Hinata asked with a small smile, remembering all the times they tried to give him a prosthetic and he rejected it, usually violently.

Naruto pouted. "Yeah, but I talked him out of it." He explained.

Chuckling at his face, Hinata just leaned against him and enjoyed their time together.

Hiashi appeared sprinting down the hallway, completely forgoing the illusion of a calm and collected clan head. The relief on his face was apparent when he spied his daughter was, indeed, safe and sound in the compound. Then he noticed her closeness to the Uzumaki boy, and... he was happy. Happy the boy finally noticed her feelings, and clearly reciprocated them. He approached the both of them, getting their attention. "Naruto-san, thank you a million times over for saving my daughter; I am indebted to you." He said, bowing lowly to Naruto.

Chuckling again at being showed respect from a clan head, Naruto waved him off. "No need for such things, Hiashi-sama; I merely did my duty as her friend and future Hokage." Naruto said.

"Be that as it may, thank you still." Hiashi insisted.

"If you say so. I'm sure Kou-san informed you that the kidnapper has been taken to Ibiki?" Naruto asked for clarification, receiving a nod. "Okay then, just making sure. I'll be on my way then. See you tomorrow at the Academy, Hinata-chan." Naruto bade everyone farewell, heading home.

(Namikaze estate)

Naruto stepped inside, only to be tackled by a hysterical Kushina. "Oh, Naru-kun, I heard you went up against that Kumo-nin, I was so frightened for you!" She cried hysterically, holding him so tightly that he couldn't breathe.

"Kaa-san... need... air... Precious... air..." He wheezed out, falling into a limp noodle in her arms when she finally let go, sniffling. She then bopped him on the head.

"You baka! I was so worried you would get hurt!" Kushina yelled.

After a couple more minutes of her hysteric, Naruto managed to calm her down, then headed for bed.

'I might be in over my head with everything I want to change. Oh well, doesn't mean I won't try!'

End Ch. 1

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