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Word Count: 439

Chapter Description: He speaks, and she listens.

There was the clatter of something falling to the floor, followed by a grumble of something incoherent in a familiar voice as Rex passed one of the training rooms and he paused, glancing in.

It was empty, save for the young Togruta who was glaring at something on the floor before she bent and picked it up, revealing it to be the hilt of an unlit lightsabre. She turned towards him, her expression lighting up. "Rex! Maybe you could help me."

"Help you with what?" he inquired, striding towards her. She lifted up the unlit lightsabre hilt.

"I'm trying to get the hang of weilding two lightsabres," she explained before adding, "It'll certainly help on the battlefield. And I've seen Master weild two before, but it looks easier than it is. And seeing that Master is who-knows-where, I thought maybe you could help me."

It made sense, but Rex frowned. "I'm not sure I'm the person you should be asking—"

Ahsoka snorted. "Who else would I ask? Come on, Rexter. Both you and Master make dual weilding look so easy!"

"It isn't," he countered, and then sighed, relenting. "I can give you pointers."

Ahsoka beamed. "Alright. You teach, and I'll listen."

Rex shot her a look. "That'd be a first."

Ahsoka feigned a look of innocence as she glanced away, mouth betraying her as it curved upward into a smile. "Just because I don't exactly obey Master all the time doesn't mean I don't listen."

Giving it up as a moot point, Rex changed the subject by inquiring, "Where are you having trouble?"

"Everywhere," came her reply before she added, "Maybe it's easier if I show you." Rex nodded in response, and he watched her carefully as she swung forward before he quipped,

"Your stance is off. You're leaning too far to the left. If you keep doing that, it'll become a habit." A habit that would more than likely get her killed in battle. "It should be an equal balance."

"Okay..." Ahsoka shifted and then glanced towards him. "Like that?"

A nod. Finishing a little while later, Ahsoka clipped both hilts onto her belt and fell into step with him as he exited the training room. "You want to know something, Rexter?"


"I think you make a better teacher than Master. Just don't tell him that."