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"Talking telepathiclly"

"Anchint Powers/Beings"

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Naruto sighed and shook his head as he sat on Saphira's back, watching as the twins walked towards Eragon, the dwarf Orik and the Vardens weapon master Fredric.

"Oh great, just what we need, a headache," Naruto muttered with only Saphira hearing him, causing her to chuckle.

"Why can't someone else test him?" the two dragons turned back to group of people at the sound of Orik's voice.

"Because no one else is powerful enough," one of the twins said getting a deadpanned look from the three before they all turned to face Naruto.

"Don't look at me," he said looking up at the sky ignoring their stares. "While it's true I'm a lot more powerful than both of them and every magic user in Beor Mountains put together, I'm just too lazy to test you, and the other three are busy with their own training."

"Wait you mean there are more of you here?" the young dragon rider asked surprised.

"Of course, there's Sasuki, who's our best sword fighter, Amaru, our healer/medic, and Kurotsuchi, our local hot head," he smirked before a cold chill ran down his spine.

"Who's a local hot head?" everyone turned to see a woman with long black hair and pupil-less pink eyes, which were narrowed at Naruto. She was wearing a pair of black pants and a black sleeveless shirt, both of which hugged her form, with a katana strapped to her back.

"Kuro, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked chuckling nervously looking at the Iwa kunoichi, while glancing around him looking for an escape route.

"I was on my way to get you," she stormed up to him, a twitch in her eye. "We got word from Mei, and Ajihad want's us all there for this meeting."

"Uh, right, lead the way," he let out a sigh as he followed behind the dragonian woman.

"So Islanzadi will start sending her support only after Arya returns to Du Weldenvarden?" Naruto asked reading over the letter that had arrived earlier that day.

"Yes, however we have bigger problems," he said pulling out a charred letter with part's missing. "We recovered this letter from the body of one of the kull that was killed when you arrived."

As Naruto scanned the letter, a scowl spread across his face and his eyes began glowing red.

"What are we going to do about this?" he asked looking at Ajihad, the dwarf king Hrothgar, and his three mate's.

"I say we head to where the Urgal's are hiding and whip them all out," Sasuki said flashing her Sharingan; even though she had cooled her head over the past hundred years, her desire for battle had yet to be tamed.

"*Sigh* while I would like to do that, we need to prepare the brat for the future, and there's no better way to prepare for a larger scale war then fighting in a smaller controlled war," Naruto glanced at the Uchiha heiress.

"Fine, then what do you suppose we do about them?" Sasuki asked wondering what her mate was planning, even though she had known him for over a hundred years he was still as much of an enigma as he was when they we kids.

"This is the Varden and Dwarves problem and we shall only intervene should they ask for our help or should they be on the verge of being wiped out," Hrothgar and Ajihad gave him blank looks while the three dragonesses nodded their heads in agreement. "So what are you going to do about this problem?"

"*Sigh* honestly, I don't know, I like Sasuki's idea of you four wiping them all out, but I also agree with you that a small scaled war in an environment like this would be good, not just for Eragon, but for all of the men of the Varden,"

"I agree with Ajihad," they all turned to the Dwarf king. "This is a problem for the Varden and the Dwarves to sort out," he stood up and headed towards the door before stopping. "Ajihad, once you have come to a decision we will discuss tactics, until then I will prepare the Ingeitum for battle," with that he left the room.

"Well I guess I'll be going to, need to check on the gaki," Naruto smiled before vanishing in a swirl of flames.

Naruto raised an eyebrow as he hovered over the training field, watching as Arya tested Eragon with the sword, it was rather impressive, and he was keeping up with Arya, who was still rather weak from the Skilna Bragh, which meant that he was actually improving.

After about an hour of watching them fight Sasuki appeared in the air next to him, glancing at the field before glancing at him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, which Naruto knew and mimicked.

"Alright Gaki that's enough," the fight between the two riders stopped and everyone turned to see Naruto and Sasuki land on the field. "You passed the trial by blades, now it's our turn to use the field," Arya's eyes widened and she grabbed Eragon and dragged him away, while yelling for everyone else to get back; she had seen what happened to a field, and anyone within a mile radius of the two when they fought, suffice to say that the people of Ellesmera were still looking for the pieces of the man that tried to stop one of their spares.

"So you ready to show these humans what a real fight looks like?" Naruto asked once everyone on the field had gotten a good distance from them and they had placed a barrier around them.

"Of course, anything goes right?" Naruto nodded and both of them got into a fighting position, both drawing out their katana's as they faced each other, Sasuki activating her Sharingan while Naruto's eyes became purple with a ripple like pattern surrounding the pupil; he had gained the Rinnegan a week after they had returned from gathering supplies in the elemental nations, thought he hardly ever used it.

The field was silent as word had spread that Naruto and Sasuki were going to spar and every member of the Varden and almost every Dwarf, including Hrothgar and Ajihad, had come to the field to watch the fight.

"What are they doing?" Eragon asked curiously as the crowd watched with baited breath as the two stood facing each other, neither moving a muscle.

"Their analyzing each other," Eragon jumped and turned to see Amaru standing next to Arya, who was now holding a small green dragon.

"What do you mean, and who are you exactly?" he asked, looking at her in confusion.

"My name is Amaru, I'm the medic for our kind," her eyes glowed green before returning to normal. "As for what I mean, it's exactly as I said, their analyzing each other's movement, waiting for the other to make a mistake," Eragon still had a confused look on his face.

"*Sigh* it's like this, they both fight using speed, not strength, because of this they have both learnt to read their opponents movement by the smallest twitch," Eragon's mouth fell open, he had no clue that people could do something like that. "Because both of them are able to move like this, and read the others movement, they have to wait and watch, since even the tiniest twitch of the muscle in their arm could mean the difference between victory and defeat," Eragon stared at her in shock, the thought of people doing that was mind blowing.

Suddenly he jumped and turned to face the field, as the sound of metal striking metal reverberated though out the field, only to see sparks flying as the two clashed.

Sparks and the sound of metal clashing were the only things that the people of the Varden could see, with the only people being able to keep up with the speed of the two fighters being Amaru, Kurotsuchi, who had arrived just before they moved, Arya, Saphira, Firnen, and to an extent Eragon.

"Well that was fun, shall we step it up a bit?" Naruto asked as the two appeared on opposite sides of the field, matching smirks on their faces.

"Wait what does he mean step it up?" Eragon asked glancing over at the Dragonian women and Arya.

"Just watch and you'll see," Eragon turned back to the fight and his eyes widened a little as Sasuki's eyes morphed until they were the same as Naruto's.

"Fine, but when you lose, you owe me a bottle of sake," Naruto nodded his head before a cloud of smoke covered the area that both of them were standing on; when the smoke cleared, Eragon, and everyone else gasped in surprise, standing on the field were six Naruto's and six Sasuki's, each with the same eyes and all tensing for a fight.

"What's going on, is this some form of magic that?" Eragon along with everyone around the new rider and dragonians looked at the three women waiting for an answer.

"*Sigh* looks like they're really going all out in this fight," Kurotsuchi said ignoring the stares from the people around her.

"You don't think they'd really go that far, do you?" Arya asked glancing at the two Dragonians.

Suddenly the ground began to shake causing everyone to look back towards the field, where a giant crater sat and five blurs, of Naruto and Sasuki fighting, shot across the ground while a final pair fought in the sky above without their wings.

"This is… unreal," Eragon stuttered out in shock as everyone watched the two fight in ways that seemed impossible.

"This is nothing," Kurotsuchi said getting everyone's attention, thought their eyes were still glued to the fight. "While it may be hard to believe, those two are the strongest people in the world, not even Galbatorix would be able to match them."

"What do you mean, are you saying that they could beat Galbatorix if they wanted to?" the three woman nodded their heads. "Then why haven't they gone to Uru'baen and stopped him then?"

"Simple this war doesn't interest us," Everyone turned to face Amaru in disbelief they didn't end the war simply because it didn't interest them. "Don't get us wrong, it's not simply this war that doesn't interest us, it's all humans, the only reason we're even fighting in this war is because we promised the Queen of the elves that we would, but in reality we simply don't care."

"What do you mean you don't care, you don't care that…" Eragon fell silent at the look that the three women were giving him.

"No we don't care, and it's not because we're heartless, but because over the last hundred years we've come to accept that we're no longer human, those two especially," Amaru said with a cold glare before turning back to watch the two fighters. "Those two are stopped being human before we even came here."

"What exactly do you mean?" choked out Morgana who had arrived before they started fighting the way they were.

"*Sigh* you'll find out later," Arya said turning back to watch the fight; she didn't hate humans but she understood where they were coming from and what they meant; over the past one hundred years they had taught and trained her and she learnt as much as she could about them, and the most important thing that she learnt was that as Dragonians, they were not human but pure energy just like the Bijuu that were used to create them, meaning that if they died, they would simply reform somewhere else in one years' time, five years for both Naruto and Sasuki, seeing as they were stronger than the others combined.

When she was younger she would always dream about becoming a Dragonian, which Naruto had agreed to during the next Agate Blodhren, though as she grew older she began to understand just how different the Dragonians were and how different she would be when she became one, and that fact was cemented into her mind when Naruto and Sasuki first killed each other over ninety years ago, and reforming five years after that.

Arya was suddenly pulled out of her thought as a loud explosion shook the field they were standing on, throwing up a huge cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared the crowd fell silent at the sight of Naruto standing over an unconscious Sasuki a blank look on his face.

Silence filled the battleground as Naruto surveyed the area and all of the stunned looks of the crowd, before his eyes landed on Amaru.

"Sorry about that Amaru, she got a little battle crazy, do you mind taking care of her?" everyone face faulted at the cheerful and carefree way Naruto was acting after having destroyed the training field.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'll take care of everything, she said as her eyes glowed before everyone in the field, minus Ajihad, Hrothgar, Eragon, Saphira, Morgana, Arya and Firnen fell to the ground unconscious, as Amaru erased the memory of what she had said.

"Good, I'm goanna pass out now, using the Six Path of Pain like that is really tiring, and fighting Sasuki like that is a real pain in the ass," he said with a smile before passing out right into arms of Arya, who had a small smile on her face.

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