Siri ran from the room of a thousand fountains, struggling to contain her tears. She could not believe that she and Obi-wan would not be allowed their love. But then again, she never really had. It had always been a far away dream. Maybe it was the fact that that unlike before, she now knew that he felt the same way. ' That will make it harder to hide my feelings' she thought to herself. When she got back to her quarters, she resolved that she would hide her feelings deep in her heart, away from prying minds.

As she collapsed on her bed, she heard the door slam and the sound of her master Adi rushing to her room.

" Padawan, are you alright?" She asked her frantically.

" I'm fine master" she replied. But her defiant response was ruined by the tears streaming down her face and the echoes of her misery resounding through the force.

" No, no you not! I can feel your pain in our bond Siri! So you may as well tell me what happened? Was it a master? A padawan? What did they do?" Adi replied stubbornly, but her tone softened at the end.

Siri could sense her concern through their bond. Taking a deep breath, she turned to face her master.

" Its about Obi-wan-" she started, but her master cut her off.

" what did he do?" she whispered menacingly.

" Its not what he did, rather its what he didn't do! What WE didn't do!" Siri sniffled out.

" what didn't you two do?" Adi asked hesitantly. Taking another deep breath, Siri then proceeded to tell her master everything that had happen on the ship, then what happened afterwards back at the temple.

" Oh Siriā€¦" Adi held the young girl as she cried on her shoulder. " it will be alright." She promised her padawan.

' I'll make sure of it' she thought confidently.

" now, why don't we go do some meditation?" She asked her daughter in all but blood.

"ok" She whispered quietly. And with that the master/padawan team went to one of the many meditation rooms the temple provided, to meditate on the conflicting mess that was Siri's emotions.