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When Obi-wan woke in the morning, he jumped right out of his seat and reached for his lightsaber, the unfamiliar surroundings startling him. But then his master, Qui-gon Jinn came in the room and he calmed down. As the events of the previous day came back to him, he started to panic.

"Calm down Obi-wan, get any more tense and those lines on your forehead will become permanent!" Qui-gon joked.

Obi-wan sighed and left the cop pit, and headed for his quarters. When he entered, he changed into a fresh pair of Jedi robes, knowing it would be the last time he wore them for a while. After changing, he headed back to the cop pit and saw that Adi and Siri were there with his master. When he entered the room, he bowed to Adi and Siri and took one of the seats in the back with Adi, as Qui-gon and Siri were in the pilot and co-pilot seats.

"Obi-wan, can we talk?" Adi asked him gently.

"Ok? Master Adi" Obi-wan replied, confused.

"It's Just Adi, or master to you Obi-wan" Adi said to him.

She then left the room, Obi-wan following curiously. When they got to Obi-wan's quarters, Obi-wan was even more confused, as he followed her into his room, sitting at the desk provided. Adi turned to him, a sympathetic expression on her face.

"Tell me, how do you feel about your role in this mission Obi-wan?" she asked him softly.

"I feel… conflicted. I mean, why has that old troll given us this mission?! I mean, he knows about what's happened! Why? I mean, it's so unfair! How am I meant to concentrate on the mission with Siri by my side?" Obi-wan asked Adi, confused.

" Obi-wan, first of all, that 'old troll' is master Yoda, second, he wouldn't give you this mission if he didn't believe you could handle it, and third, I think this mission was a means to let go, act on your love and therefor let it go with peace." She replied persuasively, smiling when she mentioned Yoda.

"Did you say the same thing to Siri? How are we going to do this? We gave it up for the order, content with the idea of never being together, knowing we could never be the same I we did, and then the council the next day, no less, goes and dumps on us the mission on which we must break every promise and resolution we just made and be together!? How am I going to handle this?" he was now pacing the room, frantically trying to release his feelings into the force like he had been taught.

Adi watched him curiously. " You need your masters help. Go to him, I will take Siri." She told him wisely.

"Yes master Adi." With that, Obi-wan left the room and headed back to the cop pit. In the main corridor of the ship, Obi-wan bumped into someone, as his head was down as he contemplated his situation and what master Adi said. Stumbling backwards, Obi-wan immediately looked up, and fought down a blush. He had bumped into Siri.

"Hi Obi-wan, have you seen Adi? And Qui-gon wants you." She told him without taking a breath, looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

"Ah, sure, your master is in my quarters and she wants to talk to you, and thanks." He replied, desperately wishing that he could look away from those sapphire eyes.

Moving past her, he made his way into the cop pit. Qui-gon was waiting for him, his grey eyes searching.

"Tell me everything, padawan" he said in a soft tone. And, taking a deep breath, Obi-wan told his master everything that Adi had told him, then his encounter with Siri in the corridor.

"You've been through a lot. Why don't you go rest ing your quarter's padawan? If you can't, why don't you go meditate?"


"No buts, padawan! You need rest, and to clear your head, meditating will help you will with that. Now go!" Qui-gon urged him. With a sigh, Obi-wan left the room and walked to his quarters, deep in thought, stopping by the ships kitchen to grab a glass of Muja juice that he had found earlier when exploring the kitchen, to make sure that there was enough food there for him. Heading into his room, he stopped dead at the sight in front of him. There was Siri, her eyes red from crying, and glaring at him, and Adi, holding the girl, giving him a sympathetic glare.

"Get. Out. Of. Here!" Siri spat, her glare intensifying, but he could see another emotion burning just underneath the surface.

"This is my quarters" he told her slowly. Huffing, she stalked out the room, Adi following.

"I'm sorry Obi-wan" she whispered before shutting the door behind her with the force. Sighing, Obi-wan collapsed on the chair, and rubbed his eyes tiredly, before slipping into his meditation stance.

The next morning, Obi-wan felt as if the whole galaxy was turned upside down, as when he left his room, Siri, whose room was opposite of his, winked at him and wiggled her fingers in a wave before disappearing into Adi's quarters. Blinking, Obi-wan headed over to Qui-gon's quarters and slipped inside.

As he entered, Qui-gon gave him an amused look.

"Why did she do that?" he muttered.

"She's getting into character." His master replied evenly.

"Oh. So I suppose that we are going to land soon?"

Qui-gon nodded his head, before leaving the room.

Sighing, Obi-wan went and got changed into a pair of leather pants and a black leather jacket over a no-descript brown tunic shirt. He then went to the cop pit.

After a few minutes, they were cleared to land, and, after sharing a nervous glance with the others, he stepped of the landing ramp, and onto Borin V.

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