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Chapter I: The Ghost Girl

It was another average day in Amity Park. The sun was shining down on the town, the wind blowing a soft cooling breeze through the town. The students had just been released from school, now free to do as they please. There hasn't even been a ghost attack today, Amity Park would have at least one a day; but for some reason no ghost showed up today. Not even Amity Park's most famous ghoul, Danny Phantom.

In fact, unknown to Amity Park, Danny Phantom was none other than Danny Fenton. Danny acquired ghost powers when an accident with his parents Ghost Portal turned him into a Halfa, a half human, half ghost hybrid. He would be defending the town from ghost attacks, not today. Danny was sitting on his couch staring at the television, enjoying the break from being Amity Park's protector. His best friends Tucker and Sam were with him, all board.

Danny however was busy thinking to himself, a though which had been on his mind a lot lately. Danny was thinking about his clone, Danielle "Dani" Phantom. Dani, who liked to be called with an "I" instead of a "Y", was a clone created by his arch-enemy Vlad Plasmius. Vlad created her in an attempt to clone Danny, to make the perfect son he always wanted, however as always, Danny stopped his plans. Now Dani was out in the world on her own, probably struggling to find food and a warm place to sleep.

The last time he saw her was when she came back to Amity Park for help; that was when she was de-stabilizing. Only with the help of Valerie Grey, was Danny able to help her, but she was in rough shape. Danny was going over the thought in his head, if Danny was a clone, then how did she turn out to be a female; did that mean Dani wasn't a true clone?

Danny couldn't get the thought out of his head, if Vlad used his DNA to create her, then Dani would have been an exact clone, a Halfa male, age around 16. Dani was out in the world alone, with no one to look out for her, no one to protect her, no one to help her grow up. Danny started to develop these feelings shortly after first meeting her, for some reason he couldn't explain he felt this urge to look after her, to help her grow up, an urge to be a father.

But he wasn't her father, was he? No, he couldn't be, he didn't create her. That would have been anybody's response, but Danny went deeper into the matter, technically his DNA was used to create her. Danny went through dictionaries and thesaurus, looking up the word Parent and Father no matter what they said, Danny fit the bill. This had been bugging Danny to long, he finally made up his mind, knowing it would change his life.

"Danny, you okay?"

Danny snapped back to reality at the question. He looked around puzzled and confused as he focused; it was Sam who asked the question. Sam and Tucker were both looking at him with concern in their eyes.

"Huh, oh yeah sorry, I spaced out for a moment." Danny said.

"You've been doing that a lot lately, is something wrong?" Sam asked.

"No, nothing's wrong, I was just thinking."

"About what, you can tell us."

"Yeah dude we always have your back." Tucker said.

"It's just…I've been worried about Danielle."

"Well you have been acting a little strange ever since you helped her a month ago."

"It's just that, she's out there in the world, I don't know, alone, she has no one to look after her, no one to keep her company, no one to protect her and help her grow up, I just can't shake this feeling that it's my job to help her."

"Danny you're starting to sound like a parent, like you're her father" Tucker said, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe I am."

"What do you mean?"

"Danielle was created using my DNA, created not cloned, if she was a clone, then she would be my age and male, I've also can't shake this feeling that it's my job to help her, I have no idea where she is, I mean in a way, she is my daughter."

Before anything else could be said, the television froze for a quick second and went static as something else replaced the screen. The three friends looked to see a special bulletin slap across the television as the picture started to show live feed. The three friends started as they read the bulletin across the screen…New Ghost Girl?

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special news bulletin, this is live feed of residential Amity Park, minutes ago we received reports of sightings of the town's elusive spirit Danny Phantom, however it has been revealed that there is a new ghost girl who resembles the town's ghoul, who is, as you can see, currently engaging the government's ghost branch The Guys in White, we shall continue to record this live event as it unfolds…"

The feed showed Dani on the screen, she looked like she was trying to get away, but ended up having to keep dodging and firing at the GIW. Suddenly one of the GIW pulled out one of their Ecto-Blasters and fired at the miniature Phantom. With no time to dodge the blast grazed the side of the girl, she screamed as she fell to the ground, her side in pain. Citizens and witnesses to the fight started to throw things at the GIW in response for them shooting at a small ghost girl.

"Dan-"Sam started to say.

But before Sam could even finish saying his name, Danny had changed into his alter ego, Danny Phantom and went flying out of his house. Sam and Tucker looked behind to see Danny gone; they quickly got up and started to make their way to the site on foot. Danny was flying through the air, faster then he'd ever gone before, his eyes blazing neon green, so bright you could tell they were glowing in bright daylight. How dare they even think about going after her, who did they think they are; Danny thought to himself; how dare they attack Dani, how dare they attack his daughter.

Dani was on the ground, trying to move away from the incoming agent of the GIW, firing Ghost Rays at them. One hand clenched her side as a little patch of Ectoplasm dripped down her hand. The citizens of Amity Park were too caught up in the event to do anything. Why would the GIW attack a small ghost girl, she looked like she's no older then twelve. But then again, maybe the GIW had a good reason to go after her, but why did she look like Danny Phantom. The news reporters and anyone with a camera were glued to the scene, documenting and recording every moment, as new copters hovered in the air above them.

Maddie and Jack Fenton stepped out of the Fenton's Ghost Assault Vehicle and readied their weapons. Being the world's leading ghost experts, and the town's ghost hunters, there was no way they were going to miss a chance to capture a ghost. They grabbed their weapons and headed towards the scene.

Dani tried to get up, but felt her leg give way as she fell back to the ground. She was so weak from her lack of proper nutrition and living on her own, her wound was making things worse, she was afraid she would revert back to her human half any moment, then they would experiment on her and learn Danny's secret. Dani kept on blasting the GIW as they got closer to her; however, one dodged her blasts and fired a large weapon at her. Dani had no time to act and was blasted with it, she went flying back as the net fired from the launcher wrapped around her and pinned her to the ground, zapping her power. She could not break free of it or phase through it. The crowd of citizens gasped, Maddie and Jack finally arrived on the scene.

"Oh shoot hon, we were too late, the GIW already caught her."

"Maybe they'll let us help in the dissection."

Dani lay on the ground within the net, she had to get out. She started to struggle against the thing, even trying to blast at it, but to no use. Two agents walked up to her, one was African American, bald and like the rest of GIW wore black shades and white suits, the other one was Caucasian and also bald, they were known as Agents O and K.

"Let me go, I haven't done anything wrong."

"You're a ghost, an Ectoplasmic impurity; therefore you must be dealt with." Agent O stated.

"What do you mean by, d-dealt with?" Dani asked nervously.

"Oh, processing, identification, experimenting, painful experimenting, excruciatingly painful experiments, dissection and then you get to decide how you want to go Extermination, Execution, Electrocution, Vaporization, De-Atomization, De-stabilization or Incineration."

"If you don't let me go, my…" Dani stated to say, she was about to say Danny, but for some strange reason she couldn't explain, something else slipped out, "…Dad is going to be really ticked with you."

The crowd started to mutter to themselves as news reporters and their cameramen did everything they could to get closer to make sure everything that was going on could be recorded, including audio. The Fentons then entered the scene, next to the GIW, also confused. Maddie couldn't help but think to herself. While she knew ghosts can't have children, or could they, why was she feeling something different from this little girl.

"Dad, you can't have a dad, it's impossible for Ghost to have children." Agent K stated.

"Well for being "experts" on Ghosts, you don't seem to know a lot about ghosts." Dani stated.

"Nice try sweetie, but we are experts, Ghost can't have children, and you're coming with us."

With that said, two members of the GIW walked passed Agents O and K. They looked like any other member except for the fact that they resembled swat officers with armor and helmets, they held shock stick in their hands, buzzing with electricity. The two figure neared Dani, she could feel herself losing it, and she felt like she was going to pass out. Ectoplasm contoured to drip form her wound, the net zapping her of her strength, any moment she would revert back to her human half. As the figures were about to grab her, she let out one last scream of help, this one loud enough for everyone in the area to hear. Once again she meant to say Danny, but for some reason, she once again slipped up.


Just as the agents were about to grab her, a loud roar of anger filled the air. Everybody was shocked by the sudden burst and looked up in the direction of the sound. A small black object was being shadowed by the sun in skies overhead. Seconds later it came shooting down to the ground and landed right in front of Dani. The agents recovered as they realized the thing standing in front of them. All news cameras were centered in on the action, and Amity Park, The Fentons and the GIW gasped as they recognized the figure in front of them was none other than Amity Park's very own, Danny Phantom.

One of the agents pulled out a Ecto-blaster and started to fire at Danny, he just ignored the blast he was being pelted with as he walked up to the agent and delivered a powerful punch to his gut, sending the agent flying backwards into the air and crashing down into the crowd. Danny then turned around and blasted the other agent in the chest with a Ghost Ray, sending him flying back as well. As more agents charged towards Danny, Danny just turned around and blasted them all away as if he was flicking flies away with his hand.

Agent O and K charged towards Danny, who ducked out of the way and hit them from behind. The two agents fell flat on their faces as Danny stood over them, they and the rest of Amity Park had never seen Danny Phantom so brutal or angry. His eyes, were blazing green like a raging fire, people could swear they heard growling noises coming from him and that he had what looked like fangs showing every time his mouth was open. Maddie and Jack both grabbed their weapons, never missing an opportunity to take down the ghost boy. Danny just looked behind and waved his arm, sending out a wave of ectoplasm that pinned the two ghost hunters to the ground, bounding their arms and legs with its energy. Danny then bent down and picked the two agents up by their shirts.

"I told you he'd be ticked." Dani said.

The two agents, The Fentons and the rest of Amity Park gasped at the remark, this ghost girl, was the daughter of Danny Phantom. The Ghost Boy, the protector of Amity Park, former Public Enemy number one, the talk of the town, its greatest mystery, had a daughter. Danny pulled the two agents closer.

"If you, or any of your people, ever go after her again, I will make you feel pain beyond your own imagination; I want this crystal clear, STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!" Danny growled as he threw the two towards the crowd.

Danny went over to Dani and in seconds had ripped the net off of her. Dani looked up towards Danny, a smile on her face as the two embraced. Then Dani started to look dizzy, before finally passing out in Danny's arms. Danny picked her up in his arms, looked back at the GIW one last time, his eyes still blazing with anger, and gave a low growl which made all of Amity Park spines shiver before jumping into the air and flying off and incredible speeds. Leaving the shocked spectators and GIW behind, their mouths hung open at the revelation and new information. Lance Thunder, one of the reporters; okay Amity Park's weather man, filling in for a reporter looked to his camera man.

"Please tell me you got that?"

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