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Chapter XIII: Discoveries

Maddie and Jack had finally arrived back at their home, both of them talking about the exciting day they had. They could not wait to get back to the lab and input the new finding's they found. Jack parked, or at least what he considers parking, the GAV in front of their house and the two of them stepped out.

"Can you believe this Mad's, this disproves almost everything we know about Ghosts, it turns out they can have kids."

"I know it's exciting, I wonder what the kids will think when we tell them?"

"I still don't completely agree on the truce with Phantom."

"I know but it will only remain as long as it's mutuality benefital."

"This is so exciting; I mean it's amazing that ghosts can have kids, hard to believe that Phantom has one."


Maddie then started to think of the small Ghost Girl, then of Phantom, for some reason she thought of her own kids. Maddie felt a pain in her, she and Jack had tried to exterminate Phantom many times, she couldn't help but feel horrible, she wasn't supposed to but she couldn't help but think what would happen if they did kill Phantom, leaving that girl without a father.

"Do you think the girl's mother is still around?"

"I don't know, Phantom never said anything about her?"

"Well let's not dwell on that, let's go to the lab and examine everything we have."

"Right behind you."

With that the two of them dashed for their lab, like children in a toy shop they got right to work.

Agent K and O sat in the middle of their superiors room, both were covered in casts and bandages from their last encounter with Phantom. Both of them were shaking, being called down to their bosses was never good news. Their superior sat at his desk in front of them, his brow forming an angered look, his black eyes staring at the two agents.

"You wanted to see us sir?" Agent O asked.

"Yes, I called you two down because, recently some new information has come to light, and you two can help me with that, but first what happened to you two?"

"Phantom attacked us?"


"We were capturing a ghost girl who seemed to be important to him."

"Did he say why?"

"He said she was his daughter."

"You see a gentleman, that's the problem we have, ghosts can't have children, and we made sure of that."

"We know sir, but from what our scanners were reading their Ectoplasmic signature matches, we can confirm that she is his daughter."

"Then we have a problem, because if Operation: Sterilization has failed then we could have a massive invasion on our hands, the public thinks ghosts having children is new, if only they knew."

"Could you remind us what Operation: Sterilization was sir?"

"It was a top secret project, one of only two operations not to be approved by The President, we discovered early on, about sixty years ago that ghosts can have children, this poses a threat, they can multiply, grow their numbers and one day they will invade us, we took precautions, we came up with Operation: Sterilization and the Necropathic, it a genetic disease that basically renders all ghosts sterile, the fact that Phantom has a daughter worries me, if the Necropathic failed then the ghosts can build their numbers."

"So we just do again."

"No, you idiots, if it failed once it will fail again, we need to find out how Phantom is immune to it, how did he have a daughter."

"So we kill him and dissect his body."

"No we need him alive."

"So we capture him, don't worry boss, we're on it."

"You two are complete idiots, but what makes it worse is your my top men, we need to capture Phantom and find out how he was able to have a daughter, the survival of the human race depends on it."

Jack and Maddie were in their lab, happily examining their new information in many different ways. Maddie walked over to the sample of Ectoplasm she got the day before, it belonged to Phantom's Daughter, and Maddie was eagerly awaiting the results from the scanner it was currently in.

"The results should be here any minute."

"Hey Mad's I'm just going to quickly grab some fudge, I'll be right back."

"Okay hon."

Jack took off to grab more fudge when the results came in; Maddie walked over to the scanner and read the findings. Everything she came to expect, but there was one thing that caught her eye. The scanner was reporting some kind of anti-Ectoplasmic matter. It must have been an error, ghosts are made of Ectoplasm, and every molecule in their body was ectoplasm. But this was bothering her; she walked back to the sample, her mind puzzled.

Maddie took another look at the sample, increasing the magnification to the max. Her eye's widened as she saw little red specs floating in the warm, green, gooey mass. Maddie ran the scanners again, the same result, there was no error, and it was real. Maddie backed away from the sample, her head buzzing with questions, all because of one discovery, Phantom's daughter has human blood.

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