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Chapter IX: Daddy Phantom to the Rescue

Dani raised her hands and fired twin ghost rays at the ghost in front of her. The ghost smiled and dodged the blasts before firing a few of his own, forcing Dani to take flight to dodge them. She charged towards the ghost and delivered a blow to his face. Dani didn't know why she was fighting this ghost, why didn't she tell her father, he could come beat him up. Dani thought, wait, I'm his daughter if he could beat him so could she, besides Danny was annoyed he didn't want to be troubled even more. Dani continued to fire ghost rays at Skulker before trying some Ectoplasmic disks.

Skulker looked at this new prey, a ghost, a unique signature and yet she seemed familiar. Did he hunt her before, there was something about her costume and features, he just couldn't get a clear look he was either dodging her blasts or she was moving too fast dodging his to get a clear view,

"So, what ghost are you, you seem familiar, have I hunted you before."

"No you confuse me with my father."

Wait father, this ghost had a father, well that made her even more rare. It was rare for ghost children to exist in the Ghost Zone; the only one he knew was Youngblood. This specimen was rare then he thought, it didn't even faze him that he was hunting a child, a small girl, all he cared about was his prize, he raised his hands and started to fire at her again, this was going to be an enjoyable hunt.

Danny was still sitting with his head on his desk; he could not believe that everybody had so much to say or so many questions about Danny Phantom's daughter. It felt like it had been going on for hours, when in reality it was only twenty minutes.

"Well maybe she's his adopted daughter, ever think of that?" someone said.

Danny just wanted it to end, however he got a disturbing feeling, he couldn't explain it but he felt different, protective. Danny looked around, for some reason he felt like something, or someone was missing, somehow he could feel that Dani wasn't in the room. Seconds later a blue wisp of air came out of his mouth, a ghost. Seconds later a green Ectoplasmic ray shot past the window, everyone turned to see Dani fighting Skulker outside.

"Look its Phantom's daughter!"

All the students ran to the windows to get a closer look. Danny looked outside, Dani was fighting Skulker, Skulker was after his daughter, probably to kill her and use her pelt. He was always disgusted by Skulker's pelt thing but when he thought about it being Dani's, Danny felt a rage consume him, not only was Skulker after his daughter, but she left without even notifying him. He phased through the floor, not even Sam or Tucker noticed him do this as all the students ran out of the classroom to get a closer look at the battle.

News reporters and camera crews were already making their way or were already at the scene. Each news station in Amity Park, if not the state of Illinois were ready. Each station, newspaper or journal wanted to get any details on Phantom's daughter as they could, especially after the discovery the previous day. They watched as Dani continued to fight Skulker, firing Ectoplasmic rays at him; however they seemed to have little to no effect on him.

Skulker raised his hand and shot a beam from a laser that extruded from his hand, Dani dodged the first ray but the second nailed her in the side. Dani clenched it, she couldn't give up, she had to fight, if her dad could do this every day then so could she, she was a Phantom. Dani was then filled with dread, what if she couldn't beat this ghost, she knew she wasn't as powerful as her dad, what if she couldn't fight ghosts, would he still accept her, would he reject her like Vlad did. Dani's thought betrayed her as she couldn't concentrate, Skulker fired another beam and blasted he rout of the air. Dani landed on the ground. She groaned and tried to push herself up, only to be pinned by Skulker's boot. Skulker then raised his hand as pulled in and was replaced by a glowing blade.

"Now to claim my prize."

Skulker raised his arm high in the air; his Ectoplasmic blade was glowing green, thirsting for ectoplasm. Dani could only watch her demise approaching, unable to escape from Skulker. The news reporters and students were all murmuring amongst themselves, not knowing what to do, should they help, should they record her demise. Skulker was caught up in the moment of glory as he always was when he did successfully hunt something, failing to notice the danger behind him. Skulker was about to bring his blade down when his chest became unresponsive. Skulker looked down in shock to see a black spike extruding from his chest.

The news reporters, students and Dani gasped in surprise as Skulker was slowly being lifted off his feet, giving Amity a clear view of his back. Skulker had been stabbed through the back with the spike as the rest of it slowly started to become visible; it was like a tail, a ghost tail. Skulker, Dani and Amity Park watched as the tail became visible and went back to its owner, also turning visible, Skulker gasped in fear when he realized he was looking into the blazing green of his enemy. Amity Park gasped and whispered amongst themselves as Danny Phantom, revealed himself.

He was clinging to the side of a building however instead of having legs as he would usually be seen with he had a ghost tail, which was stabbed through Skulker. Skulker looked at his attacker and was about to say something when Danny opened his mouth and gave what was a mix of a hiss and growl, and Skulker found he was looking at two sharp fangs, that was new; he thought to himself. Danny then moved his tail in an action which sent Skulker flying to the side of a building. Skulker went crashing to the ground before being tackled by Danny. They both rolled into an alley, out of sight, however the light was casting their shadows against the building, allowing Amity to see them struggle, what they saw and heard filled each and every one of them with fear.

They watched as the two shadows fought each other, but Phantom was having the upper hand as it constantly delivered blows to Skulker. Then Phantom grabbed Skulker's arm and gave it a twist, even to a mechanical suit, it's the equivalent of breaking it. Danny then bent it the other way and pulled, severing it, Skulker throughout the whole thing was screaming and pleading for Danny to stop, but his pleas fell on death ears. Amity watched as Danny grabbed Skulker and started tearing him apart, punching his chest and pulling stuff out, they were really wires but Amity didn't know that.

Amity watched as Danny brutally started dismembering Skulker before finally wrapping his arm around his neck and snapping it, turning it and pulling it off, severing it from the rest of the body. The reporters screamed as seconds later Skulker's head came rolling out of the ally. Some people even through up, thinking that the mechanical ghost was real, but they were even more confused when the head opened up and a small green glob fell out, panic and fear clearly seen on its face. A growl of anger filled the air and they all looked up to see Danny emerging from the ally, his ferocious glowing eyes focused on the small creature. Before it could scurry away, Danny lunged and grabbed the thing. Skulker gave a small, high-pitched yell of pain as Danny started squeezing.

"Please, mercy, have mercy, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done it."

Danny looked at Skulker, the ghost zone's greatest hunter was him his hands, he could end him for all. With one strong squeeze he could rid himself of Skulker's annoying hunt that interfered with his life. Danny's mind was yelling out to him, do it, kill him. Danny blinked, that wasn't his voice; that was his. Danny looked at Skulker, he did just attack his daughter, but he wasn't a murder, and he just proved he would go this far to keep Danielle safe. Danny reeled Skulker in so that he was almost directly in front of his face. Skulker had never been so terrified before in his life or afterlife, as he looked into the blazing furnace of Phantom's eyes in front of him.

"You have some nerve attacking her Skulker, you can hunt me, you can call me whelp, you can try to kill me, but when you go after my daughter; all bets are off."

"You're daughter?"

Skulker looked at the incredibly raged Phantom in front of him and the small girl he was hunting. He blinked twice and his eyes widened, as he realized why this girl looked familiar, they were almost exactly the same. They both had hair as white as snow, they both neon-green eyes, and wore similar costumes, genetics definitely came into play, but even after this Skulker was still trying to wrap his head around the fact; Phantom had a daughter?

"Oh…she's your daughter, I didn't know, I'm sorry; it won't happen again, please don't kill me."

"All I have to do is squeeze and you will fade into oblivion like every other ghost when there core is extinguished, fortunately for you I do not kill, but Skulker, if you ever go near or harm my daughter again…" Danny looked around, the news reporters were once again getting all this and picking up every word, they looked terrified at him, so did Skulker, as long as he had their attention, he might as well make sure he got one thing clear, he would protect his daughter no matter what, "…well I don't want to go into the details in front of the cameras."

Danny then let go of Skulker as the small ghost fell to the ground, before anything else could happen he scurried away like an insect. The reporters were still looking at Phantom, waiting to see what happens next, he turned around and looked at his daughter. His daughter shrugged down and gave a look all kids gave when they knew they were in trouble.

"Look Dad, I know tha-"she started to say.

"Danielle Phantom, you are in so much trouble, you deliberately disobeyed me and what's worse you put your own life in danger, I told you that you could go off an explore as long as you told me before hand and you stayed within reasonable proximity to me, instead you went off on your own and instead of calling out to me or trying to find me you engaged Skulker head on."

"So you do that every day, I just wanted to be brave and cool like you, you know saving the day." Dani started to say tearing up a bit, shocked by her dad's anger, it reminded her of Vlad.

Danny looked at Dani, the tears in her eyes, he knew there were reporters around him, he didn't want to give the impression that he was a bad parent, or do something that would start rumors, the last thing he wanted was people thinking he was an evil ghost and abusive to his daughter. Danny crouched down so he was Dani's height and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Danielle, your heart was right by wanting to help and protect people, but Skulker isn't a threat, he's a hunter who hunt's rare and unique things, that includes me and you, when he shows up he's not after world domination, he's not after money or power, he's after me, and unless he has a death wish, you too, but I want to know, why did you take on Skulker instead of coming to me or calling for help?"

"You fight ghost every day, I was afraid that you wouldn't love me if I couldn't fight ghost like you, I just wanted to be brave like you."

"I'm only brave when I have to be, Danielle, why would you think I wouldn't love you if you couldn't fight ghosts, Danielle, you're my daughter and I will love you no matter what, it's okay to be scared sometimes."

"But you always fight ghosts, you're never scared."

"That's not true, I was today; I thought I would be too late and Skulker would have got you, everyone has fears, including me."

"Really, so are you still mad at me?"

"Yeah, Danielle I am still mad that you didn't listen to me, but I'm glad you're safe, let's go home."


Danny turned around to see his parents coming towards him. His dad had a giant bazooka like weapon over his shoulders and he aimed it at them. Danny would have flown off and teased his parents about not being able to catch him, but he remembered Dani was with him. Danny quickly acted and lunged at Danielle, pushing her out of the way as his dad fired the weapon, sending an Ectoplasmic net at him and wrapping him up. He fell to the ground with a thud as Dani landed next to him. Seeing his parents approaching, the crowd not helping, just watching, Danny turned to Dani.

"Danielle, get out of here, go back home."

"But what ab-"

"I'll be fine, I meet you there!"

Dani not wanting to disobey her father again, or endanger his secret my fighting his parents, actually her grandparents, she took off into the air and flew off in the direction of Fenton Works. The reporters watched as the smaller phantom left and they focused back on Danny, who was now sitting against the wall of a building, a net wrapped around his body pinning his arms to his sides.

"Alright Fenton's what's the big idea!"

"Phantom, we need to have a talk."

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