A day with Uncle Spock

Joanna McCoy came to stay on the U.S.S enterprise for a while to be with her dad. One day though he was so busy that he couldn't be with her so he asked if Commander Hob-goblin could watch her for a while and maybe play with her. Joanna was ten and loved to play checkers when she found her Uncle Spock had a set she asked "can we Play uncle Spock please I love checkers" "of course Joanna it's a very logical game come on then" Spock said sitting across from her after about five games spock made her a sandwich and they ate "Uncle spock what's Vulcan like Daddy says it's warm there" Joanna asked "well it's mostly warm and humid very rocky and it never turns night there" Spock replied showing her pictures of his home he was indeed fascinated by the girls questions and decided to teach her a little more showing her other pictures and playing his lyre for her "that was pretty uncle spock can you teach me someday" She asked "of course young one when I'm not busy I'll teach you how bout a little meditation?" Spock said a while later he taught her how to clear her mind and meditate by the time Dr. McCoy came back he saw a sweet sight there on spock's couch he saw Spock and his little Joanna fast asleep they both looked tuckered out "thanks for watching her Spock she wasn't trouble was she?" McCoy asked "oh no she was a polite and perfect young lady I enjoy her company thank you for letting me play with my god-niece today Doctor" Spock said with a yawn he lifted Joanna off the couch and gave her to her father "goodbye little Jo-Jo" Spock said quietly when he heard her say "Goodbye Uncle Spockie!" she waved and they were gone what an amazing day that was he thought as he went to bed