In the fog she stood waiting, waiting for the world's last hope. Normally she wouldn't mind since she had been at her post guarding the Time Gates for a very, very long time. But no, this time she was nervous. All she could do was wait in anticipation and hope that this person would come soon. For several months now, they had been planning and had to time it perfectly so that when a jump to the past was made, it would be almost undetectable.


She finally heard it. Without hesitation, she raised her staff and the red orb on the top shone brightly. When the light faded, a black figure with bright yellow eyes stood before her. Its decaying skin was gray and black, twisting and stretching at places and its mouth was open and hollow. Then, it glowed a faint white light and in an instant, it became a small child. A girl no older than 10 years of age. She was pale and small; her clothes were tattered and bloody although she did not seem to have any evident injuries. Her eyes, however, were those of a soldier that have seen too many battles, too many deaths.

"I almost thought I made a mistake and brought a wraith here." Pluto continued, "It's been a while. Have you got everything you need?"


"Ok, here's the address of where you can stay when you get there. I'll remind you once again – you'll have a week to get familiar with the past before the lights return. You HAVE to be subtle about this otherwise HE might sense something wrong and your mission won't turn out the way we want it. I can communicate with you on your minicomputer to help however I can but otherwise, I have to stay here to guard the gates in case they come through this way. Are you ready?"

The girl hesitated for a fraction of a second and sighed, "As ready as I guess I'll be. B..but I still think SHE would be a better choice since everyone already trusts her."

"I know. But her energy is too easily recognized even when she's disguised." A small smile graced Pluto's lips, "I have faith in you, little one. We all do. You'll rescue us all from this future because you are a great senshi… just like your parents"

The girl smiled slightly upon hearing this – it has been a while since she smiled at all. And with tears glistening in her eyes, she whispered, "Thank you, Pluto-baasan"

After a quick hug, Pluto once again raised her staff and the red light from her orb encased the girl. It vanished soon after, leaving Pluto alone by the Time Gates once again.

"Good luck… Miya"

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FYI: baasan means auntie or old lady in Japanese... In this case, its Auntie