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Maker felt her own fingers touching her palm when Miya's hand disappeared and Mercury fell into her own arms, heartbroken and crying. Maker quickly reached over and pulled her into her embrace and cried silently on Mercury's shoulder. Mercury weaved her arms around her lover's waist, pulling their bodies closer as they continued to kneel on the ground. Everyone stood around them, crying as they tried to comfort each other.

After a while, Maker pulled back and rested her forehead on Mercury's forehead as she whispered into the other's lips, "We'll see her again." Maker felt her nod and brought their lips together, kissing softly.

"Get a room!" They looked up at Healer in disbelief at her tactlessness. Yaten wiped a tear from her eye and continued sheepishly, "So she can be born again." She winked at the couple who was now blushing furiously and they suddenly jumped away from each other. It earned them a few giggles from everyone else. Although crude, Maker nevertheless appreciated Healer's effort to cheer everyone up.

"How touching." Everyone whipped around to see who had spoken. Endymion was hobbling up towards them, clutching his chest in pain with one hand and his sword in the other. He no longer wore his charming smile, but instead his face was twisted in anger.

All eyes were bulging in shock at Endymion's appearance. Neptune started to voice her shock, "How are you still…?"

Rolling his eyes, he interrupted her, "Please, I can't be defeated by my own power. But you will all pay for what you've done!" The evil has finally taken complete control of him. Endymion had lost the small piece of compassion he still had in his heart when the senshi left him to die by Rime Star's energy. And now he was angry, practically shaking with rage. He lifted his sword as he rushed at the senshi but before any of them could attack, someone jumped in front of him to block the oncoming sword.

For the briefest moment, shock registered on his face. But Endymion's face returned to its twisted state… Endymion was angrier than before when he faced his opponent. "Why are you helping them? They're the ones who hurt US!" Tuxedo Kame had jumped out and blocked Endymion's sword with his cane. Endymion's heart was so corrupt that he could no longer understand why his younger self would protect the others, nor did he care anymore. All he wanted was to destroy everyone and everything, including the planet if necessary. But to keep himself alive, he couldn't hurt his younger self so he tried to push him away as the other attempted to block his path.

"Sailor Moon! Hurry and use the Crystal!" Tuxedo Kame continued to block Endymion's path to the senshi. Although a part of him was furious knowing how his beloved Usako had destroyed their future together, his heart was still devoted to the girl. And he had vowed to always protect her, even if it meant giving up his life.
Endymion was a visual remainder since Tuxedo Kame saw how his heart and mind would slowly be consumed by darkness but he hoped that he could help the senshi in whatever way he could… at least for now.

Getting frustrated, Endymion continued to yell at his younger self, "WHY!?" and swung his sword forcefully down at him… repeatedly.

Blocking the attacks, Tuxedo Kame only smiled at replied kindly, "Because I love her."

Endymion's expression softened slightly… as if he was surprised by the reminder of his true feelings. But he quickly composed himself and his face changed into one of disgust as he struck again. Infuriated, he snarled at his younger self, "She doesn't love you."

"It doesn't matter." Tuxedo Kame smiled gently and looked away, lamenting the loss of his love. Endymion saw his chance and pushed him aside as he walked towards the senshi who had gathered around Sailor Moon.

Upon hearing Tuxedo Kame tell her to use the crystal, the Sol senshi wasted no time and formed a circle around Sailor Moon. They all stood with their eyes closed in deep meditation as the crystal on their tiara began to shine, gathering their energy for the Silver Crystal. The Starlights stood aside in awe as they saw the lotus-shaped Silver Crystal appear. The white light of the crystal washed over Sailor Moon, transforming her into Neo-Queen Serenity. She lifted the crystal high above her head and it shone brightly.

A wave of warmth swept over everyone and they felt the energy Serenity held. It was something far stronger than any of the Sol senshi had felt before, but it didn't worry them. They felt… they knew… Serenity would be safe even after using this energy. The Starlights smiled as they remembered this same gentle warmth from a year ago. It was the same one that gave them hope in the darkest hour against Galaxia.

But they all frowned slightly as they felt the light dim - Serenity had just heard Tuxedo Kame say that he still loves her and she felt guilty. Guilty for condemning Chibi-Usa, guilty for discarding their history and future, guilty for loving another man, guilty for breaking his heart… just guilty.

A tear trickled down her face from beneath her closed eyes. She felt her energy drain from her as she tried to keep the light shining, but it started to dim. But before she fell into darkness, she felt a familiar warmth spreading from her shoulder. Serenity turned to look. It was Fighter – she had placed a hand on Serenity's shoulder for encouragement. Serenity felt the intense love that radiated from the Starlight's smiling face. It was a strong, deep, unwavering love… and it was all for her. She continued to gaze deep into the pool of midnight blue eyes and it was then that she knew without a shadow of a doubt… 'She's the one. Fighter is the one who gives me that gentle warm energy that fuels the Silver Crystal… because… because she is the one my heart yearns for. She's the one.' The light grew stronger as Serenity's eyes wandered to her friends. 'I can't give up. I have so many people who love me and whom I love in return. I need to stay strong to protect them.'

"I will never give up!"

The light from the Silver Energy grew so bright that it was blinding. It spread rapidly through the sky and engulfed the whole planet.

"Odango," Serenity looked at Fighter beaming at her. The light had engulfed everything, leaving the two of them surrounded by the light, "I love you." Fighter lifted her hands to brush against Serenity's soft cheeks.

Serenity leaned in to the warm fingertips as the two moved closer together. Tears of joy formed on her face as their lips finally met in a sensual kiss. It was everything she imagined and more... she had never felt such intense love, such passion, and energy from a kiss. 'No matter what may happen, I just need you by my side. Seiya's love for me... our love... will protect everything and everyone. With our love... the Earth, the future, the universe... everything... everything will be perfect.'

The light faded as their lips parted. Midnight blue eyes and cerulean eyes lingered on each other for a moment longer before reluctantly turned away to face the others. Fighter and Sailor Moon both knew that they would have time alone later… they would have all the time in the universe now. They looked at everyone still standing around them. Some were wiping tears from their eyes but all were happy as they looked at Serenity and Fighter... together, at last.

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