I've wanted to write a story about Ichigo being an Espada for a while now so I thought I may as well do it and see how it turns out. This might seem similar to other stories but I will put my own take on it and hopefully it isn't too similar to other stories. The pairing will either be Ichigo/Harribel, Ichigo/Nel or both and there might be a surprise one later on in the story.



This chapter takes place before the time of where the anime/manga begins, I'm going to have Ichigo come from a different background which you'll find out later in the story and Ichigo has been a hollow for a long time.

The power could be felt all around Hueco Mundo as every hollow no matter what class became aware that someone had just became a powerful Vasto Lorde the strongest hollow type in Hueco Mundo.

"Eventually, after all this time I have become this powerful." Ichigo couldn't help but let out a laugh as he examined his new look.(1) His white body was covered in red lines going from his feet all the way up his body. He had two horns that stuck out both sides of his head and pointed down to the direction he was looking. He also noticed that he had claw like hands that seemed incredibly sharp and his feet also had the similar claws.

He also noticed a Zanpakutō lying next to him which he picked up and examined. The sword was a daitō with a black blade that seemed to reflect off the moon. The cross guard was black circle that also seemed to attract the bright moon to it and a small chain hung off the end of the handle.(2) 'wonder where this came from' Ichigo thought as he admired the sword.

He examined his surroundings deciding what he should do now he had reached the most advanced form a hollow could go. The desert sand of Hueco Mundo stretched as far as the eye could see and the moon illuminated everything in sight, now he had become the most advanced type of hollow he could take the time to appreciate the sight rather than keep watching his back.

'Now I'm this strong I can pay that damn Shinigami a visit,' Ichigo thought to himself as he turned his attention towards the Menos forest where a shinigami had taken refuge and had managed to somehow survive for a long time. Ichigo remembered the first time he had encountered him when Ichigo had just become an Adjuchas and he barely survived the fight and ended up having to retreat. He wanted to get rid of him since Ichigo thought that Shinigami didn't belong here in Hueco Mundo just so they can hunt his own kind.

After a few minutes of traveling Ichigo eventually came to a stop and sticking his claw like finger out towards the sand a huge black ball of energy began to build up and as it reached it a suitable size for Ichigo powered his black cero down towards the sand. "Huh wasn't expecting it to be that strong, guess I've got to work on my new strength," Ichigo said to himself as he admired the huge hole that had been blown into the roof of the Menos forest.

Jumping down into hole he couldn't help but laugh as he saw hollows of all class running in the opposite direction to get away from him. 'Feels nice being this strong' Ichigo thought as he tried to sense where the Shinigami was hiding. 'Great, he's on the other side of the forest.'

It didn't take as long as Ichigo thought it would for him to reach the cave where the Shinigami was hiding but as he reached it he noticed that he was actually waiting for him outside the entrance. He wore a standard Shinigami uniform in ragged condition and without any footwear, with a fur coat draped over him. The coat consisted of several Hollow masks adorned on it which angered Ichigo even more that he had taken trophies of the Hollows he had killed.

"So it was you I sensed earlier reaching Vasto Lorde status, you back to finish our fight. If so then I should give you my name. Ashido Kanō, do you have a name Vasto Lorde?" Ashido said as he faced the demon looking Vasto Lorde.

"My name is Kurosaki Ichigo the hollow that will kill you. After all you shinigami don't belong here in Hueco Mundo hunting my own kind." Ichigo replied back as he looked over the man standing in front of him. "But enough talk it's time you died."

"Tch, don't think to highly of yourself hollow." Ashido answered back as he drew his Zanpakutō just in time to block the sword of Ichigo before it could reach his face. Ashido's eyes widened as he was forced back by the power of Ichigo, 'so this is the power of a Vasto Lorde'.

Ashido used Shunpo to get behind Ichigo and he struck down towards his shoulder only for it to bounce off. 'Impossible he surely can't be this tough.'

"Pathetic Shinigami, you can't even cut me," Ichigo said as he grabbed Ashido's sword and flung him over his shoulder only for Ashido to land back on his feet

Ashido charged back towards Ichigo as he put all his effort into trying to break down Ichigo's defences but he was easily able to stop Ashido's Zanpakutō. Breaking apart Ashido was panting heavily and had numerous cuts on his chest and arms from Ichigo's own sword while Ichigo looked like he hadn't even moved from his same spot and showed no sign of even being in a fight.

"You're pretty tough hollow I'll give you that." Ashido said knowing he was fighting a losing battle. 'Looks like I'll have to release my shikai but even then I don't think I stand a chance against this monster.'

"Unveil, Sairento bureizu (Silent Blaze)"(3) Ichigo covered his eyes as a bright light overtook Ashido's sword. As Ichigo opened his eyes he was quite impressed at Ashido's new weapon. It resembled a transparent, heavy war hammer with an elegantly carved handle and the end of the hammer seemed to have fire inside of it.

'I'll try and end this in one attack since I can't take much more if this.' Ashido thought to himself as he started to put as much of his Rieryoku into his final attack. Ashido swung his war hammer towards Ichigo and a huge fireball shot out of the end towards him and exploded when it hit Ichigo.

The huge explosion could be seen throughout the Menos forest as smoke engulfed Ichigo. 'Surely that must of killed him' as he panted heavily from releasing so much spiritual power. Ashido examined the smoke trying to see Ichigo and as it slowly started to clear Ichigo was nowhere to be seen.

'Guess he wasn't as tough as I thought he was, it must have destroyed his body and I can't feel his Reiatsu anymore, but something doesn't feel right." Before Ashido had a chance to move horrible pain shot through his body and as he looked down he noticed the white hand through his chest.

"Pretty pathetic shinigami if that was your strongest attack, thought you were going to give me a challenge at least." Ichigo's voice came from behind Ashido as he removed his hand from his chest and dropped Ashido's body to the floor.

The only mark Ichigo had from the attack was a small burn mark on his chest which would regenerate easily. He had decided to take the attack front on just to test how strong his Hierro was and was pleased at how little damage he took.

"So long Shinigami" was the last thing Ashido heard as he saw Ichigo disappear into the distance as life slowly faded from him and his eyes closed.


A lot of years had passed by since Ichigo had become a Vasto Lorde and he had become one of the most feared hollows in Hueco Mundo that even the self-proclaimed King of Hueco Mundo Baraggan didn't bother him and he had also taken in an Adjuchas-class hollow named Zemi during this time.

He enjoyed the company of the small female hollow. She looked like a wolf with all black fur and yellow and black eyes and she moved around on all fours. Ichigo would let her fight to gain strength and if she was struggling he would jump in and help her and sometimes let her devour the hollows he killed if he didn't need it and it made Ichigo happy having someone to spend time with. He wasn't even sure why he took her in, he just remembered feeling something inside him telling him to protect her.


Ichigo was awoken as he slept in his usual cave by numerous Reiatsu levels outside that seemed to be slowly coming his way. 'Seems like a few Adjuchas-class, not sure why they are heading this way though, may as well see what they are up to' Ichigo thought to himself as he made his way to the entrance of the cave and masked his Reiatsu


"So, little girl Adjuchas not so tough now huh" the leader of the group said as they surrounded the wolf like Adjuchas as she backed up against the cliff face.

Zemi knew it was pointless to fight back or even try and run since she was pretty weak compared to the four Adjuchas that stood in front of her since it hadn't been that long since she had evolved from a Gillian-class.

Zemi knew it was tough for female Adjuchas-class hollows to survive on their own but she was still disappointed that she had only lasted a week as an Adjuchas and she didn't want to die.

"P…Please don't kill me, I'll do anything" Zemi begged hoping they would let her go but she knew she was wasting her time begging to a hollow after all they were all monsters nobody would help her now.

The leader of the group let out a loud laugh as he stepped towards Zemi. She closed her eyes knowing that her life was coming to an end. She felt the Reiatsu of strong hollow in front of her and she struggled to breathe just from the Reiatsu alone.

She stood there for a few minutes unable to move due to the heavy Reiatsu but it felt like an eternity waiting for her life to end but the killing blow never came. She slowly opened her eyes not sure what she was expecting to see in front of her but what she did see amazed her as she saw the source of the heavy Reiatsu and what it had done.


Ichigo stood atop the cliff overlooking the scene. Four Adjuchas had another Adjuchas backed up against the wall of the cliff. Normally Ichigo wouldn't have done anything to help but he felt something inside of him telling him to move and help the wolf-like Adjuchas. 'May as well go and help then, it's been a while since I've killed anything.'

Ichigo jumped of the cliff behind the Adjuchas and walked towards them and before they the three hollows in the back could even realize someone was behind them a hole was punched through their chest seemingly at the same time by Ichigo.

The leader realized something was wrong and turned only to come face to face with Ichigo who looked a menacing sight with blood dripping from his hand. Ichigo decided to raise his Reiatsu a little just to show the Adjuchas how strong he was.

The Reiatsu forced the hollow to its knees in front of Ichigo who only smiled and seemed to disappear and reappear behind the hollow as his body was sliced in half by Ichigo's Zanpakutō

Ichigo stood in front of the wolf-like Adjuchas as she slowly opened her eyes and stared in wonder at the Vasto Lorde in front of her.

"Are you going to kill me?" Zemi finally managed to get out as the Vasto Lorde in front of her lowered his Reiatsu so she was comfortable.

"If I was going to kill you why would I have saved you in the first place" Ichigo replied letting out a small laugh. "You should eat by the way, it'll help you get stronger" Ichigo added pointing over his shoulder.

"Don't you need to eat, it was you that killed them after all and why are you even helping me" Zemi replied trying to figure out why this powerful Vasto Lorde was wasting his time on a weak Adjuchas like her.

"Honestly I'm not sure, something was just telling me to so I did that's all. Do you have a name by the way little Adjuchas?" Ichigo answered back truthfully. He knew what she must have been thinking since why would someone of his power help someone like her, after all it's not like hollows to help one another unless it's to take down a stronger enemy.

"Zemi Vecrima" Zemi answered still unsure of the Vasto Lorde in front of her but as long as he was going to kill her she was fine with him. She also noticed something else about the Reiatsu from him. It felt like it was surrounding her but it made her feel warm and safe.

"Kurosaki Ichigo but just call me Ichigo. You can come with if you like and I can help you get stronger. After all it's hard for a female Adjuchas to survive on her own." He still wasn't sure why he was asking her to come with her but he just had an inside feeling to protect her for some reason.

"S…sure I'll come" Zemi stuttered back surprised at the offer that had just been made but she was delighted being taken in by one of the most powerful hollows in Hueco Mundo.

"Good, now you should eat those hollows I just killed before we head back to our cave."

End Flashback

Zemi was awoken from her sleep feeling a heavy Reiatsu press down on her pushing her against the floor but it didn't last long as the familiar and safe Reiatsu of Ichigo pushed it back.

"Get up Zem, there's a Vasto Lorde fighting nearby" Ichigo's nickname for Zemi broke her out of her sleepiness as she quickly joined him at the entrance to their cave.

"Why would a Vasto Lorde come anywhere near here and I thought you didn't mind over hollows being nearby as long as they don't come here Ichigo." Zemi asked Ichigo who stood with at the entrance to their home. She could tell he was on edge even though he was probably the strongest hollow in Hueco Mundo at this point.

"I normally don't but something doesn't feel right, I had this same feeling when I first sensed you being attacked." Ichigo answered turning his head to the direction the Reiatsu was coming from.

"Oh, we should check it out then" Zemi asked looking up at Ichigo.

"Let's go then Zem" Ichigo replied as he grabbed her paw and started making his way to where the other Vasto Lorde was fighting with Sonído. 'It feels like two Vasto Lordes fighting but the Reiatsu of one feels more like an Adjuchas-class. Guess I'll have to wait and see when I get there.' Ichigo thought to himself as he made his way to the fight.


Tier Harribel was struggling against the Adjuchas-class hollow since his Reiatsu seemed to be that of a Vasto Lorde. Her three comrades had already been defeated after they came back to help her after she originally told them to run.

"Your sacrifices… will not be in vain" Harribel said as she rose to her feet and faced the hammerhead hollow coming towards her.

"What can you do?" The hollow replied back

The familiar sound of Sonído filled the air as she reappeared behind hammerhead and swung her weapon towards him hoping to catch him off guard. "What!" A large shock-wave was created as her weapon was blocked by Hammerhead's arm and large cut appeared.

"With this I'll win" Harribel then charged towards Hammerhead putting everything she had into one final attack as she jumped and brought her weapon down onto the hollow.

The ground below them smashed and a large crater formed as dust and sand covered the area around the fighters. As it cleared Harribel realized she hadn't done enough as her weapon was now stuck in the shoulder of her enemy who just smiled at her. "Don't underestimate me; your sword cannot penetrate my Hierro!" Hammerhead shouted at Harribel as he picked her up by her weapon.

Harribel's eyes widened as she realized she had failed in her attack and she was cut down her front by her enemy who then smacked her away. She slowly dragged herself up to her knees and turned to face the hollow in front of her. 'I guess this it, if only I was stronger' Harribel thought angry at herself for being so weak.


Ichigo stood on a nearby tree branch watching over the fight that was happening in the distance, "It seems she wants to protect those three Adjuchas that are behind her" Ichigo said as Zemi sat next to him.

Zemi was amazed that there was a female Vasto Lorde since she knew that females were often easy prey for other hollows. "We should help her it looks like she's gonna die." Zemi replied back hoping Ichigo was going to help.

The hammerhead hollow was stood over Harribel with some sort of blue weapon as Ichigo decided to finally make his move. The sound of Sonído ripped through the air as Ichigo appeared in between Harribel and the other hollow as he blocked the weapon with just his bare hand.

Both Harribel's and the other hollows eyes widened as the new comer was able to block the weapon with his bare hand.

With a swing of his Zanpakutō Ichigo easily sliced through the other hollows Hierro that Harribel failed to cut moments before and he turned around to face Harribel as the hollow behind him split into two halves down the middle showering Ichigo and Harribel in blood.

"W…who are you?" Harribel spoke first amazed that there was another Vasto Lorde nearby since she hadn't felt any reiatsu nearby that was strong enough to be one. However she was also apprehensive, it is Hueco Mundo after all why would someone want to help her.

"The name is Ichigo, Kurosaki Ichigo and yours?" Ichigo replied taking in the sight of the humanoid shark-like Vasto Lorde in front of him.

"Tier Harribel, I appreciate the help." Harribel answered.

Harribel eventually tried to get to her feet but her legs gave way under her and she fell forward expecting to land face first on the ground but instead she felt warm arms wrap around her to catch her. The first thing Harribel thought was how he could be so warm, he is a hollow after all but her thoughts were interrupted by Ichigo's voice.

"You should head back to your hideout; it seems you need some rest. I'll take your three friends up and let them rest up there." Ichigo said bringing Harribel out of her day dream.

"S…sure thank you" Harribel replied. She wasn't sure why she was so trusting of this powerful hollow that had just appeared before her eyes but she felt safe when she fell into his arms and his Reiatsu seemed more comforting then a normal hollows.

10 minutes later and Harribel was sitting next to her three comrades, she was glad they were safe and that Ichigo didn't seem to have anything other motives for helping her. Her fears were put to rest even more when he introduced her to Zemi Vecrima and she found out he took her in and protected her.

"You should get some rest Harribel, you were in a tough fight, and I can watch the entrance until you are awake again. You should also get some rest Zem" Ichigo said as he sat near the entrance to the home if you could call it that.

Normally Harribel would have told him to leave but for some reason she felt comfortable being in Ichigo's presence and before she knew it she was asleep.

A few hours had passed since Harribel had fallen asleep and Ichigo was pleased that Harribel took him up on his advice of getting some sleep. He knew she needed to rest after she got cut badly in her fight and he was pleased that she trusted him.

He turned his attention to her three companions who she had told him about. Sung-sun took the form of a snake, Mila-rose took the form of a Lion and Apache looked like a deer. All three were in pretty bad condition and they would be out for a while which would give him time to think about what the incoming captain level Shinigami could want.


An explosion rang through the cave where Harribel had been resting and she was instantly awoken. She immediately feared the worst and thought that Ichigo had tricked her however that feeling was soon appeased as she noticed that Zemi was sitting near the entrance to the cave looking out along with Sung-sun, Mila-rose and Apache.

"What's going on?" Harribel asked as she used Sonído to appear next to the four females.

"Harribel-sama!" the three Adjuchas shouted turning their heads towards their leader.

All four were startled at the sudden appearance of Harribel since Ichigo had told them not to wake her up since she need to rest. "Ichigo's been fighting a shinigami outside and he told us to stay here, it looks like they are just talking now though" Zemi answered in a shaky voice hoping Ichigo wasn't going to get hurt.

"Stay here I'll go and see what's going on" Harribel replied and disappeared from the cave using Sonído.

"Now she's here and you've proven your strength you can tell her what you're planning and then we'll decide what to do." Ichigo directed towards one of the shinigami as Harribel appeared next to Ichigo.

Harribel took note of the appearance of the two fighters, Ichigo had a few cuts on his chest and a big cut up his back and his arm was heavily burned while the Shinigami's white haori had been cut up and was now on the floor covered in blood and a deep cut ran through his shoulder and his arm was covered in blood presumably from that cut. She also noticed his hand was burned the same as Ichigo's which looked like it was probably from a cero.

"Allow me to reintroduce myself for our new friend. My name is Aizen Sōsuke and my associate here is called Ichimaru Gin." Aizen said nodding towards Harribel.

"Tier Harribel" Harribel answered back still unsure what to make of the situation.

"I have already discussed my plans with Ichigo who seemed to approve of them but he told me to talk to you first. I am planning to build an army of Arrancar to fight against Soul Society and to overthrow the Spirit King so we can give hollows a fair world to live and not be hunted down by Shinigami." Aizen began, repeating what he had told Ichigo before they began fighting.

Ichigo only narrowed his eyes at this, he knew Aizen didn't care about hollows but he would deal with him when the time came. It was the next part of Aizen's plan that intrigued him the most part; it meant gaining more power which Ichigo always wanted.

Aizen pulled a small object out of his pocket and held it up so Harribel could see what it was. "This is the Hōgyoku, it is not at its full power at the minute which is why we need to return to Soul Society for the next few weeks while my plan falls into motion but it still has that ability to turn you into Arrancar which will grant you even more power then you already have. You two will join what is known as the Espada, the ten strongest Arrancar in my army. I already have a few members and you two will be joining them. Your friends can also become Arrancar and join you in Los Noches." Aizen continued nodding his head towards the four Adjuchas that now stood behind Ichigo and Harribel.

Harribel was intrigued by this she had rumours of Arrancar being built up somewhere but it never bothered her till now and she wanted more power to protect Sung-sun, Mila-rose and Apache and this shinigami was offering it to her. However she was still unsure and was waiting for Ichigo to answer first.

"Well I'm in I like the sound of gaining even more power and as long as Zemi is allowed to stay with me. What about you Harribel?" Ichigo said breaking the silence and turning his head towards Harribel.

"I agree as well, it seems like a good offer." Harribel answered. She was glad she was going to become more powerful so she could protect her three followers. She was also glad that Ichigo would be going as well since she felt that she could trust him.

"Very good then if you would like to follow us to Los Noches and once we are there you can become Arrancar." Aizen said turning around and started to head towards the huge structure that had seemingly appeared out of thin air in the distance as Ichigo and Harribel followed.

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Similar to what Ichigo looks like when he fights Ulquiorra.

It's his Bankai blade with a different Guard - you will see more of Ichigo's past in future chapters and see his background and also learn more about why he has a Zanpakutō in the first place.

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