Mystic Falls 10th Century

The little boy with brown hair was walking carelessly and kicking a few rocks on the dirt road, he was so engrossed by the innocent child's play that he didn't realize he was drifting into the main road, where the wagons were making their way to the weekly town market.

"You are on my way boy."

A stern voice startled him and he stopped scared. "I'm sorry father." he said with a low chin and his eyes on the ground.

Mikael hit the horse that pulled the wagon leaving a gush of dust behind him as he rushed away.

"How many times have I told you not to stray away from us Henrik?" Kol pulled him closer to him.

The boy looked up. "I'm sorry… I wasn't paying attention."

Kol ruffled the boy's hair and smiled. "It's all right... don't worry about it. Come on, I'll race you to the market."

Henrik's face lit up and he started running after Kol.

Elijah shook his head watching them. "You cannot break one from the other…"

"I often wonder if your children will be like that." Klaus teased his brother.

Elijah laughed in his usual calm way as he walked side by side with his favorite brother. "My children? I think you forget which one of us the girls are smitten with."

Klaus smiled at two girls that came their way, they blushed and then giggled between themselves completely enchanted with the tall blonde man with long wavy locks.

"You exaggerate, clearly." Klaus said smugly.

"Fake modesty is a poor quality to share with the rest of the world Niklaus." Elijah said a bit stricter than Klaus expected.

The younger Mikaelson tucked his sword hiding the shame of disappointing his role model. "I just know that love is not meant for me Elijah." Klaus said with deep conviction.

Elijah soothed his leather vest closer to his chest. "Why must you think this way Niklaus?"

Klaus smiled and looked at his brother. "Because love is a weakness and utterly unnecessary."

Elijah stopped on his way watching Klaus shamelessly flirt with another girl who nervously giggled in response.

Mystic Falls 2013

Anna stepped out of the car and looked at her new house.
She sighed deeply and turned the volume of her iPod louder, Amy was soothing her today and she had been listening to her favorite Evanescence album on repeat since they left New York.

She looked around the typical small town neighborhood, she hated it already.
Her mother snapped her fingers in front of her eyes so it probably meant that she was trying to talk to her.

Anna reached inside of her leather jacket and turned the music down a little. "What?"

"Do you mind taking that off?" Pearl asked her serious.

The petite girl gave her a look but her mother was determined so she raised her hands in the air and smiled. "Don't stake me."

Pearl fumed upset at her. "Behave Annabelle, I beg you." she whispered.

The Mayor came out of the house with a big smile. "Miss Pearl, you finally made it."

Pearl smiled in that manner that old-fashioned women smile and gave away her hand to be kissed by the attractive tall black man. "Mayor Hopkins, I don't deserve such a warm welcome."

"Please call me Rudy…" he returned the subtle flirt.

Which made Anna roll her eyes disgusted with the two of them, the girl had enough and went inside the house, she looked for her bedroom hating all the pink in it and decided she would have fun setting fire to the offensive doll house.
She sat on the bed, her army boots messed with the hideous quilt and she turned the volume up of her music, she closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall enjoying it.

"That was incredibly rude of you." Pearl said from the door with crossed arms.

Anna smiled at her mother without looking at her. "I'm sorry if I was disgusted by the hand sex you were having with the Mayor."

Pearl tapped her arm with a finger, still very upset. "I'm leaving you at school so please drop the attitude Annabelle. We are supposed to mingle and act normal."

"I am being normal, mamma." she smiled sliding effortlessly from the bed, she trying going around the older vampire but she grabbed her arm.

"I know that you weren't pleased to leave your friends behind but Klaus needs me here."

"And I had to tag along."

Pearl eased on her grip and stroked the girl's face. "Annabelle, you are my daughter and I wouldn't leave you behind... I would never do that."

The girl eased up on her hard features as well. "I just don't like this place, I have a bad feeling this time."

"You didn't like New York at first either because it was too crowded." when Anna smiled she finally showed that sweetness that her mother enjoyed so much. "It's your first day here… try to have fun." Pearl asked her.

Anna turned the music up again and left towards the car, she still had the worst feeling ever but she was going to oblige her mother with this.

Bonnie felt the sun hitting her skin and moaned resisting the nagging thought that she needed to get up.
She wasn't surprised when her alarm went off, she was supposed to be up already but instead she turned on her side and brought the warm sheets closer to her face, she smiled when her door cracked open and the bubbly blonde stepped inside.

"Seriously? I had to drag my ass out of bed and you are there, just having your morning beauty sleep?"

"I just need a few more minutes Caroline." Bonnie said unwilling to leave her bed and chuckled because her friend pulled the covers and sheets away from her.

"Get up, now!"

Bonnie sat up with much effort. "Do I have to go to school? It's boring and everyone hates us." she pouted.

"So? I hate them all even more." Caroline crossed her arms with a huff.

"Have you talked to him yet?" Bonnie asked cautiously.

"No and I won't talk to him. I don't need his help, I can do this alone." Caroline said determined.

Bonnie smiled, she loved the determination in her friend and admired it but this was worrying her. "Tyler has more experience in this…" Bonnie tried but stopped as soon as Caroline showed her the conversation was over.

"You should wear a bright color today, you look kind of gloomy." Caroline made a funny face and went to Bonnie's closet.

Bonnie came to the foot of her bed and sat there watching Caroline go through her clothes.

"You need new clothes… they all look..." she looked at Bonnie "… special." she said with a judging face.

Bonnie shook her head and stood up, of course that the perfect looking Caroline, in her tight Jeans and red top, the fitted blazer and flawless French braid would judge her care free style.

Bonnie yanked a dress from Caroline's hand. "I like being special, if I wanted to be just like everyone else I wouldn't be your friend."

Caroline laughed at the comment and sat by Bonnie's window ledge waiting for her to get ready.
Long gone were the days when Caroline was popular and Cheerleader Captain, now she was the resident bitch and had very few friends, Bonnie was like the last one standing after her other best friend left town, she still checked for messages but he was keeping his promise.

He was staying away just to keep his creep brother away from Caroline, she shivered remembering the blue-eyed bastard but quickly pushed the image away.
She smiled at Bonnie who looked actually hot in the short tight dress, of course that she hated the shoes but it was better to bite her tongue when it came to the only person still talking to her.

"Miss Pearl has just arrived." Rudy said to the two men standing in his small home office. "Since you are here as well Elijah, I suppose that Klaus will arrive shortly as well?" he addressed the one in a suit.

Elijah nodded. "My brother doesn't answer to anyone so it's hard to know when he will be here but expect him soon."

Rudy nodded. "Can I… offer you anything?"

"Your support is more than enough, Mayor." Elijah assured the man whose heart was giving him away.

Elijah tilted his head, the sound of two young voices set the Mayor's heart on a faster race, he was worried about them. Something natural, Elijah knew he had a daughter and having two Originals in the family den was exposing the man's main concern.

"We won't harm anyone, you have my word. As long as you keep your part of the agreement our stay will be smooth." Elijah assured him once more.

Rudy fixed a drink and took it shaking. "Whatever Klaus wants."

"In return for your wife? That's a lousy bargain if I ever heard of one." the other Original finally spoke annoyed.

Rudy clasped the glass with the rest of his drink. "My daughter doesn't know about this, so can we keep it a secret for now?"

Elijah scolded the rebel Mikaelson who simply smiled, Kol wasn't one to be convinient.

"Hey dad I'm going to school." Bonnie showed up by the door but quickly stopped. "Sorry… I didn't know you were in a meeting…" she seemed really troubled about it.

"Yes... the rest of the Mikaelsons are returning to town..." he spoke hoping she remembered how she had to stay away from them. "Do you need a ride to school?" Rudy came to her like he was trying to shield her from the ancient vampires in the room.

"No… Caroline is here. I'm going with her." she hastily said and glanced over to the hazel-eyed man who looked at her perplexed.

Rudy smiled when she hurriedly kissed his cheek and left, she avoided looking at the vampire again but he looked after her until she was out of sight and the little interaction didn't go unnoticed by Elijah but that was a matter for later.

Anna searched for her classroom avoiding to look at the other students, she was an expert avoiding humans by now and chose the table at the end of the room.
It slowly began to fill, first with the usual popular girls in the ridiculous tiny cheerleader outfits, she had seen too many of these, they felt naked without their popularity shield.

Then there were the geeks that could hardly keep tamed their thrill for the useless homework, she knew it was like porn to them but utterly small in the big scheme of things for someone who had too many lives to endure.
The last couple that came in caught her attention at once, she returned the slight nod with the brunette, it wasn't often that she was allowed to be in the same room than Royalty but that was all about to change now that Klaus was calling in all ranks.

Her mother was working for him and he was planning something big this time around, the beautiful girl smiled at Anna and took the seat in front of her, they would be seeing a lot of each other from now on.
The boyfriend was cute for a big Sports guy, he had dark hair and she could tell that he wasn't loyal, she almost felt sorry for the poor guy who was dating the half-sister of the most powerful creature in the planet because he had his days numbered once Klaus arrived to Mystic Falls.

The girl leaned over to the cute guy and nibbled on his ear, obviously on purpose as it happened exactly at the same time as a tall beautiful blonde arrived to the classroom.

"I thought that this was History…" Another beautiful girl wearing a dress said while taking the table next to the couple.

"No… it's Slut one on one." The blonde said with a vile smile.

Anna licked her lips, someone had a very big death wish if she was going against Hayley Mikaelson like that.

"Jealous Caroline? It's way too early in the morning for that." Hayley teased.

Anna had a name to go with the brave blonde now and attentively watched as she smiled.

"I wouldn't want Tyler even if he came begging to warm my feet again… oh but wait… he did already."

Hayley made an animal sound that left Anna on edge, she wasn't in the mood to watch this fight, in case it ended bad, she would have to serve as witness before Klaus.

Tyler eased the impending fight with a kiss on Hayley's lips. "Ignore her, she's probably having a bad day." he moved his head to say what he couldn't and Hayley softened up in her seat.

She leaned her head to look at the blonde while making circles on the boy's neck. "I hope you find someone to keep you entertained tonight. I know how I will be spending my night…" she touched her lips looking over seductive for a teenager.

Caroline shook her head looking away. "Enjoy the animal sex Hayley, it will be the worst one minute you ever had."

It was the boy's turn to growl upset but the blonde was over the talk already and fondled with her cell phone instead.
Her friend looked sweetly at her but Anna could tell how strong the blonde was or at least she was one hell of an actress and she decided on spot that she liked her.

A handsome man came inside the room ordering everyone to settle down. "... that means we will be using that No phone policy today Forbes." he added with a scowl.

Caroline sighed and put her phone away as requested.

This time Anna's attention was stolen by a boy who came in with a hoody covering his head and a big portion of his face.

He slowly made way to the only chair left next to Anna. "You are in my seat." he removed the hood exposing a hot face.

It took a second for Anna to react properly. "I didn't know…"

He simply shook his head annoyed and roughly sat next to her, he dropped his bag loudly on the table which made Anna frown.

The handsome professor with a weird name that Anna didn't memorize started his class but Anna wasn't listening, she was intrigued by the quiet boy with black nails and by his dark amazing drawings that he spent the hour doing.
She smiled catching his name when he signed his work, Jeremy sounded sweet and yet powerful like she suspected he would be.

Caroline closed her locker dreading that the day was rushing so fast, she wished she could just stop the clock or skip tonight altogether, this was her second time and the first had been so horrible that she spent days crying in bed.
She was too proud to break down entirely but the thought had popped to her mind every night when she looked up at the moon, dreading how it became rounder with every night.

"Hey Caroline, I was wondering if you would like to take part of this year's Prom committee." A girl cheerfully opened the locker next to hers.

"I don't do parties anymore April, unless they include body shots." she smiled at the kid.

The daughter of the reverend blushed and straightened her black hair. "You shouldn't quit just because Hayley took over your place in the Squad and the committee and took your boyfriend..." the girl bit her lip and waited for Caroline to pulverize her.

But Caroline had other things to occupy her mind. "Go pray or something April..."

The girl stayed behind waving at Caroline who ignored her, she sighed, one day they would be friends, she really liked Caroline and her strong personality.

The day had been nothing but a daze for Bonnie, she couldn't believe this was happening, she didn't have time to deal with his shocking arrival, she had to get to Caroline, she had to be there for her friend tonight.
Tomorrow she would worry about him.

It was dark in the woods and she couldn't see much but she focused on the little flashlight she was carrying when she heard a noise behind her and turned around on alert. "Hello?"

The silence was scary, she was in the middle of the woods and she should be surrounded by noise, yet all was quiet.
She looked up at the full moon, it was not a good night to be lost in the woods and after a deep breath she rushed forward but the dim light wasn't of much help and she barely saw anything in front of her, Bonnie reached for her phone hoping that the light would be of any help and it actually worked a bit better than the flashlight.

She smiled when she finally saw the cave, she was a bit late because her father had been keen on having one of his father-to-daughter talks again and by the time she managed to get away it was night already.
Her smile vanished when she saw the door open and shredded to pieces, she gulped down.

Bonnie quickly dialed a number, it went straight to voicemail like all other times, she waited for the beeping sound to launch another speech at him. "Ok, this is serious, we have no clue how to do this alone and we really could use some help. I know that you think that you are doing the right thing but you need to come back. We need you, Caroline needs you." her last words came with willpower, she would not give up until he returned.

Then out there, in the middle of nothing but darkness there was a loud snarl and she winced in fear, slowly Bonnie waited to meet the creator of such a menacing sound.
The white wolf bared teeth at her, set on jumping for the kill, Bonnie raised her hand slowly trying to prevent what was coming but as soon as the angry wolf came at her she saw her life flash before her eyes only that she then realized she was actually flashing.

Something was carrying her, blurring through the woods with her until it reached the main road and safety.

She stumbled when she felt the concrete under her feet and looked at her savior. "Thanks..."

"You lied to me." he said sternly. "You said your name was Bonnie Bennett."

She eyed him angrily. "And it is. I have my grandmother's surname and you didn't tell me that you were one of the Mikaelsons either. I almost had a heart attack when I saw you with my father this morning."

"I didn't have time to indulge in my family history, we were a little busy darling, if you remember..." his smile ignited all sorts of feelings inside of her.

How could she forget that weekend with him?
It was the one time she had decided to put aside how she always did the right thing and how cautious and righteous she was and simply gave in to a one-night stand with a stranger that then turned into a steamy weekend with him.

"I can't believe that you are here… I didn't expect to ever see you again Kol." she whispered looking away from his eyes.

Kol's perfect lips twisted into a bigger smile. "If I knew you were here darling, I would have come looking for you sooner."

She laughed hating his flirty ways. "We are not in a Club, I'm not about to do something completely insane so let me stop you right there." Kol came closer to her and she could feel his heat as he stopped inches away from her body, a wave of memories cursed her as he brushed her chin but she didn't want them so she pulled away from him.

"I don't know what you and your family are doing here but nothing of what happened between us that weekend will happen ever again. No one should even know that we ever met so let's just pretend that we don't know each other."

Kol smiled amused as she walked down that road determined to leave him and their brief but intense past behind but he knew better.

This was it, he was back to where it all started and with plans to come full circle, so many centuries ago they had all been turned here, now he was returning home like he always did every 18 years but with a different agenda this time, he had waited too long for this.
He wasn't surprised by the little smile that graced his lips, small towns had their own little charm and his home was always special to him.

Klaus looked outside of his window to admire the big beautiful moon shining on that dark sky, what a perfect night it was.

"Look out Niklaus!" The girl next to him shouted and he hastily returned his attention to the road.

His fast instincts weren't sharp enough to stop the car before it hit the animal standing there with a tremendous impact.
He rushed out of his SUV and felt his heart heavy, he had hit a wolf.

But not just a random wolf, it was a beautiful white wolf with blue eyes and it looked at him in pain, Klaus was astonished that the wolf wasn't howling in pain though, the animal was covered in blood in one side, there was a flinch as Klaus inspected the wound but still no crying howls.

"Aren't you just a brave little thing..." he whispered.

The wolf locked these big sad eyes with him and Klaus had to squint, there was something about the wolf connecting to him in an unexpected way.
Could do this be? A white wolf under a full moon waiting for him.

The girl from the car ran in her really high thin heels. "Is he dead?" she asked hopeful.

The wolf made a dragged sound, a snarl of disapproval that made Klaus chuckle. "She has a broken arm."

"She?" The girl was definitely not amused which only got worse when Klaus scooped the wolf in his arms.

This time the wolf whimpered in pain but he made a sweet shushing sound and gently carried the wolf to his car.

"Excuse me, but what are you doing now?" The girl asked appalled.

Klaus didn't bother answering her and she quickly realized she had to hurry back to the car before he left her stranded there.

Caroline woke up slowly, feeling the smoothness of fresh soft sheets against her skin.
She sighed feeling the comfort of it all soothing her but then moved in bed pulling her eyebrows together concerned, she was in a strange large bedroom and her arm was hurting, she moaned as she tried to check how bad it was and trying to recall anything of her night.

"You will be all right, you heal quite fast actually."

She startled as the deep accented voice came from the window, instantly she pulled the sheet closer to her very naked body.

"I haven't looked, I covered you before you started shifting back." he smiled answering her unspoken burning question.

"What happened?" Caroline asked averting her eyes from the man leaning casually against the window.

She forced herself to look at him again when he didn't reply, he was just looking at her.
He had such a fascinated look that it made her blush but maybe she should blame his looks, Caroline had never met anyone like him and she was conflicted between looking at his intense blue eyes or at his chest outlined by the tight long-sleeved purple Henley.

"I hit you with my car last night." he finally answered as if he finally snapped out of a little wonder moment.

Her eyes decided that his eyes were more interesting for now and she searched for them.
For the longest minute they didn't speak to each other.

But werewolves don't talk, they just feel, they latch on to senses like sight or smell.

And his scent was intense, strong, even commanding and Caroline felt drawn to that like never before.
Physically he was big but his features stole all attention, she found his dirty-blonde scruff searing and his lips were full and visibly soft from where she was admiring them.

On his side he was struck with how naturally beautiful she was, her hair was golden yellow and her complexion was ivory white like the awe-striking fur that she carried majestically as a wolf.
Her face was delicate yet her eyes were incredibly telling of a fire he had not seen in many, the sadness she carried in her wolf form was somewhat dimmer this morning but he smiled knowing it could be caused by her fascination with him.

Caroline smiled, he had dimples.

Her smile was powerful as her smell, God, it was hitting him as strongly as if he was sniffing her neck, every pore in his body was reacting to it, wanting her odor to be part of his skin.

There was an undeniable connection between them, instant and almost so strong that it was even uncomfortable to sustain.

When the door was slammed open by a very mad woman, they finally looked away from each other.

Caroline grimaced with the presence of a brunette with long wavy dark-brown hair.

"There is a woman in your bed Niklaus." the fuming woman said.

"I'm well aware of it, sweetheart." Klaus simply replied.

"She is naked in your bed." The woman insisted, obviously set on proving her point.

Klaus sighed. "If you could get her something to dress, that would settle things, would it not?"

The woman went to one of the drawers and took a dress throwing it at the bed. "Get dressed and then leave."

"Tatia…" Klaus' voice came swiftly with a warning.

Caroline reached for the dress, now she realized where and with whom she was.

Niklaus and Tatia…
Or rather, Klaus Mikaelson and Tatia Petrova, his long time girlfriend.

From what she heard, they had been together for at least 500 years or something, some said even more.
Their fights were epic and they destroyed cities because of it but then always got back together.

Tatia looked at Klaus defying him. "Are you sticking around for the show?"

"Enough with the drama Tatia." he callously dropped.

She responded to the threat by storming out of the room and Klaus quietly gave Caroline some privacy by going after Tatia.
Caroline had a deep sad breath, so this ended before it even took off.

She shouldn't be so surprised and got dressed fast while listening to the fight happening not far from this bedroom.

When he came back to the bedroom, she was gone and he found the bed empty.
The enchanting woman vanished but her scent lingered inside the room and he smiled bringing a sheet closer to his nose, he closed his eyes breathing in.

"What an exquisite being." he murmured enchanted.


Good enough - Evanescence

Drive by - Train

Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode