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"Hi."- Person Talking

"Hi"- Person Talking in foreign language

'I should think of something more original'- Person Thinking

"I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL"- Demon or greater being speaking

'I SHALL HAVE IT WITH A LEMONY SAUCE'- Demon or greater being thinking

/Transformation Technique/- Techniques (Obviously)

:Line Break:- Line breaks (Again, obvious)


They can be described as things made from fact, rules that cannot be ignored in any scenario. They can also be necessary part of any society, often invariably extending from the moral code that dominates that society. Or they can be the laws of wisdom passed down to children from their elders.

An example of the first would be the force of gravity exerted on an object is equivalent to the gravitational constant multiplied by the multiplied mass of both objects involved in this scenario over the square of the distance between the centers of mass of both objects.

An example of the second is the law forbidding murder in most modern or self-described civilized societies.

For the third, the best example is the common lesson learned by children the world over. Don't try to touch fire.

For breaking each of these laws different situations arise as the consequences differ as much as the definitions.

Breaking the first law results in a changing of that law to fit or incorporate the scenario that violated it.

Punishment is the reward for breaking the second example of law, involving paying a wergild, spending from 20 years to the rest of your life in jail, or even being put to death based on the society and time period where one finds oneself.

The punishment for violating the third law is wisdom. The wisdom that can only come from pain and hard learned lessons. As an author and great man once said, "The burned hand teaches best". With this type of law, children often learn very quickly to obey these rules of wisdom, as they only invite their own pain and suffering.

Well… most children do.

There is also the type to stick their hand in the fire again just to prove that they weren't afraid of the fire, and they would show it.

The troublesome type.

In a reality much different from our own, one such troublesome individual is about to learn why not to use a technique that some of the most powerful men in existence, men who had made a habit of regularly mucking with the laws of space and time, thought deserved to be labeled forbidden, to any and all.

:Line Break:

In a clearing outside of Konohagakure no Sato, there stood three men. Well, two men sat, the man named Iruka Umino dying of blood loss, and the other man, named Mizuki, recovering from a heavy blow dealt by the third man. One man, or really child, stood between the two, holding a scroll declared forbidden to read, that he was commanded to learn a single technique from not hours before. A particularly troublesome child, named Naruto Uzumaki. This child, in fact, will become the protagonist of our story.

"You surprised me there freak." Begrudgingly said the silver haired man, picking himself up off the ground

"If you ever lay a hand on Iruka-sensei again," ground out a short, blond child in a blindingly orange suit. "I'll kill you!"

"SHUT UP!" I can take care of a kid like you in one blow!" Riposted the aforementioned silver haired fellow, completely ignoring the fact that he had nearly 12 years on the kid in question, and that such a feat shouldn't really merit special accreditation.

"You'll never get the chance, Mizuki-teme!" The blond haired child ground back, before contorting his hands into an unusual sign. Not a cross shape, or indeed any of the signs that he had learned at his academy. This one was special. Unique, in that it went to the only high level technique of its kind, and to the only high level technique that the blonde knew.

Further enraged by this continued show of defiance, the now identified Mizuki screamed back at the blond protagonist. "Show me what you can do, Demon Fox!"

It is at this point in our tale that our blonde haired hero, goes from cautiously feeling the air around the fire, to leaping into it headfirst.

/Space Time Technique: Great Abyss/

A great pressure was felt as wind whipped through the small clearing where the three men were standing.

Light flashed and thunder cracked as the pressure grew greater. A mighty vortex opened directly above Naruto, who had his hands over his ears in a futile attempt to stave off the pressure he was feeling.

To the child it seemed as if the whole night sky started to glow a brilliant white, which he would've enjoyed had he not had blood coming out of his ears.

On the cusp of not being able to take any-more pain Naruto let out a final scream. In that moment, the vortex above Naruto descended, swallowing him whole.

Approximately a minute and a half later, nine members of the Hokage's personal ANBU taskforce arrived on the scene to discover two unconscious men on either side of a perfectly formed semi spherical hole in the ground, with a small pile of dust sitting directly on the edge of the circle.

The team leader shook his head in disbelief.

'I do NOT want to explain this to Hokage-sama.'

:Line Break:

The first thing that Naruto could hear was the sound of crickets chirping.

Rubbing his eyes in a decidedly childlike fashion, Naruto opened his eyes and began to look around. Staring at the odd grass, the strange trees, and the even stranger leaves, only one thought came to his mind.

"Where the heck am I?"

Pushing off the ground, Naruto began to have a gander around, trying to see if there were any remnants of either Mizuki-teme or Iruka-sensei.

After ten minutes or so of searching his immediate vicinity and calling out to anyone that can hear him, Naruto gave up on this fruitless exercise. Picking a direction, Naruto began his barefooted run towards what he hoped was civilization.

'Wait,' Thought Naruto slowly. 'Barefooted?'

Glancing down at his feet, Naruto gave a not quite so manly shriek before tripping over his bare feet, sending his completely nude body tumbling head over heels.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL?" Sputtered the very confused twelve-year old, "Where did my clothes go?!"

Racing back to the area where he was before, Naruto saw no trace of his beloved orange one piece. Just that same large pile of ash where he had been… laying… down…

"Noooo…" Moaned Naruto as he realized the fate of his orange suit, "It's not fair… he was so young..."

Quickly stopping himself before he started bellowing at the cruelty of the world, he made a few hand signs.

/Transformation Technique/

A small poof of smoke revealed an orange clad Naruto.

'Now I don't have to be worried when I run into people.' Thought Naruto, relieved that at least one thing seemed to be going right.

'Now I have to find someone, and find out where I am.'

Resuming his heading from earlier, Naruto was rather surprised when after only three minutes of tree jumping to hear the sounds of civilization. In fact, there were more than noises, there was a great host of noise and light coming from beyond the edge of the wood.

Hopping out of his tree, Naruto went to inspect the great cacophony steeling himself for the cold words of an ANBU party, or the disapproving scowl of Sarutobi-jiji. He was even prepared for the death threats that he often received from drunken men in the village, and shinobi like Mizuki-teme. But never in a million years would he have been ready for what awaited him.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands of people in strange dress, with pasty complexions racing back and forth on either side of what seemed to be a street. They were either talking or yelling or eating or just minding their own business and doing their best not to notice anyone around them. But the people, even the insane number of them, weren't the most astonishing part.

On either side of the street there were buildings, MASSIVE buildings. Each of which would have dwarfed the Hokage tower by themselves, and they were all clustered around him now. Some of these buildings even had great flashing signs advertising things in some indecipherable foreign language. Yet even those were no the most astonishing thing Naruto saw.

His eyes were on the horseless carriages that were moving up and down the street at a pace he would be hard-pressed to match.

On top off all of this was the constant sound of people talking, and laughing and shouting, the sound of some odd music coming from multiple sources, and weird honking sounds coming from the horseless carriages.

Standing on what he would learn was called a sidewalk, Naruto stood feeling guilty for not being at Iruka's side, feeling homesick in this strange and foreign land, feeling inadequate surrounded by the imposing majesty of these mighty buildings, most of all though, Naruto felt hopelessly confused at this most radical development. As best he could, Naruto summarized all of his feelings at that moment in a single statement

"What the hell?"

:Line Break:

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